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Wes's Refreshing Character is Still Available

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Today we have our next character refresh! We don't have any new skins available, but we do have a new short and some new streaming drops. Enjoy!

Don't Starve Together: A 1st For Everything

A perfectly real, imaginative little featurette of our lovable silent WES!

We know that Wes is largely considered the most overpowered of all the survivors, but with this refresh we've challenged ourselves to bring out even more of his potential. Now, our most beloved character is finally getting the attention he deserves, and has been polished to perfection. We hope that players enjoy just how much these radical changes affect his gameplay!

Here are some of the details:

  • Fixed several typos in Weses strings
  • Resolved conflicts in Wes's internal dialogue
  • Increased height and width of invisible walls by 9%
  • Decreased max weight of Wes's bicycle
  • Further decreased experience required to unlock
  • Replaced sense of existential dread with acceptance of the inevitable
  • Increased durability of pile o' balloons
  • Increased size of balloon while at 0 sanity
  • Adjusted sense of reality to include that which inherently cannot be understood
  • Applied fresh coat of facepaint
  • Increased length of pantomimed rope by 25%  

Skin Sale!

No new skin sets are available for this refresh. However, for this week only Wes skins are 50% off. 

New Streaming Drops!

We are adding the Salt Box Shaker to the Crystalline collection. For more information on streaming drops and how to get them, check out our support topic here


More info coming soon!

Hope you enjoyed this fun little diversion today. We don't usually do "surprises" like this, but we came up with the idea a couple weeks back and it just sounded like a fun thing to do while we try to keep ourselves sane. The team produced that short from start to finish in just under 2 weeks!  

Don't worry - this didn't slow down our content plan, we will have more info about the next update very soon.


Update Notes #402187

  • Improved the framerate drop and lag while playing as Wendy on a server using the mod Display Food Values.



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For a April Fool's joke, this is impressive. Woke up being pressured to fix something last minute and the next thing I know you guys do a Aliens inspired joke cheering me up. Thanks for the effort during this troubling time.:wilson_smile:

Did you have to spoil the new update with She Sells SeaShells? I was kind of hoping for a joke image for the upcoming update to add to the joke. Welp, thanks for giving us a idea what the new thing looks.:wilson_goodjob:



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I love everything about this update. Thanks Klei!

9 minutes ago, Jason said:

Update Notes #402187

  • Improved the framerate drop and lag while playing as Wendy on a server using the mod Display Food Values.

lmao. love this especially :love_heart:

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You guys had one job for Wes' rework. Give him more balloon design and nerf him. Highly disappointing. ;)


23 minutes ago, Jason said:



Also, I knew it was a giant crab!




Also also, this is an awesome skin (assuming it's real)!

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