How do you feel about Winona now?

How's Winona after all this time?  

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  1. 1. Does Winona need a re-rework?

    • Yes, rework her entirely
    • Sort of, give her perks a rebalance (think Woodie's post-rework rebalance)
    • No, she's fine as she is

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So... Winona. Haven't heard much about her in a while.
It's been nearly 9 months since her rework was released. She was infamous for being the most bland and pointless character in the game, but had a turnaround that would begin an entire SERIES of reworks.

Now... what do you guys think of her rework? Do you think she truly is a swap character?
Did the rework hit the spot, or does she need some sort of new rebalance like Woodie got?
Do you think that she suffers from "The First" syndrome*, and needs another total rework?

My opinion? She just needs some way to make her perks more exclusive, so that she's not a total swap character. But I've been wondering about this for a bit now.
No really, I lay awake at night.

What do you guys think?

*The First syndrome: When game developers do a series of things, and get more experienced as they do them. The only issue, is that the first one(s) can be seen as less good than the others. Due to it being the first, and therefore made when the developers had the least experience making that series of things.

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33 minutes ago, NormalPinkerton said:

Gotta say, she needs more buildings, she seems kinda of... incomplete

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Also buff spotlight





Hah. Yeah, spotlight kinda sucks

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Mike23Ua    996
1 hour ago, Bluegeist said:

This is a current feature

Wow really? now that is nice!

I’ve not played Winona since the boat update but it’s good tape can be used to fix boats, that only makes logical sense.

She defiantly needs more though.. A lot of people have suggested an Anti-Griefers Role such as a welders torch that can repair structures other players have burned down.

I think That would actually fit her character persona TBH.. but I don’t know if it’ll be enough.

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Queron81    345

My ideas for additions to Winona:

  • She could be able to "tune" structures - I mean changing the skin of a placed structure. I know, it's only a cosmetic thing, but there are many people who like to design nice bases or make the bases more consistent or change something from time to time (even on public servers, where people building with different skins). She also could be able to copy the skin of a built structure and use it on another structure, even if the player don't own the skin (but just for this server).
  • She also could be able to upgrade some structures, like Ice Flingomatic (larger range, energy extraction from sun at day or not extinguishing fire pits etc.) or Ice Box (+3 inventory slots or 3 freezer slots slowing down spoilage very strong).
  • New machines:
    • Automatic Cooker: Filling a stack of food and fueling the cooker will result in the cooked version of the food item within seconds.
    • Automatic Refiner: Similar to cooker, but for items from the refinement tab.
    • Drying Machine: Drying a stack of food (should require some more harder to get ressources, as you don't have to build that much drying racks)
    • Alarm sensor: Can be placed somewhere and filled with a flare. When an agressive mob entering it's range, the flare will be shot. Could be programmable (like selecting a specific mob).
  • Her machines could get out of order after a while, so Winona have to repair them from time to time.
  • New Winona-exclusive item: Lifeform Scanner. When using it, a map opens and shows near lifeforms and players and their movements within a certain radius. Doesn't reveal map. Does have a durability, but can be crafted (with a green gem, a volt goat horn and electrical doodads).
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Bee2017    215

I agree with everyone.  I like Winona, but catapults are her only real value.  Once those are made for the hound trap and/or the bunnymen farm I switch to a different character.

Suggestions to enhance her:

1. She can craft things using 1/2 the material without the construction amulet.

2.  She should be able to produce clockwork on the surface using the energy from the full moon. wires + moon rocks + gears 

3. Portal robot  Shootis horn+eye+opal gem+wires   It is portal and can be moved  but only she can use it. It will protect others but only she can operate it.  It  can be used for Klaus but can be damaged by Klaus.  

4. Craft something that repairs Wx only she can repair him  wires + gears + gold

5. Armor that repels Nightmare Creatures. (Moon Armor) She can not use the armor if fighting the rook, bishop or knight or they will not appear.  The armor can lower the % of Nightmare Creatures for her and those close to her. The armor could raise her sanity during the Nightmare phase in the caves. It could have protection similar to log armor.  stone fruit + bath bomb + moon rock.


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