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Found 9 results

  1. This is a bunch of maybe unecessary ideas. Manual Generators A Winona exclusive structure that as the name implies, would generate power by running on a wheel, there would be 2 sizes, small for rabbits and carrats and large, for players, pigmen, merms and bunnymen. The YOTC carrat perks would apply, the speed stat would generate more power and the endurance stat would make it run for longer. For players,and followers, they would lose 1 hunger point every 1 second working on the generator. *cough cough ONI manual generator cough cough* Batteries The batteries would have 3 types Basic Battery: This battery could be crafted by all and could only be powered by lightning rods, it would power winona's machinery and could charge WX-78s. Winona's Battery: Nearly Identical to the Basic battery, just that it can be charged by her generators. Winona's advanced battery: would hold 50% more power and would allow for WX-78s to discharge. Portable Battery: A battery that would occupy the back slot, giving you 25% speed reduction, but could hold energy while moving and charge buildings in the battery's range, it could be also placed on the ground, when equiped, it would only charge 1 building in it's range, it would be the same as winona's battery but would have less range. The battery could be turned on and off, when on and not beeing used it wouldn't waste energy. The battery could expand the range of generators, since they'd transfer power between batteries, they'll have a power range, similar to the generators. A fully charged advanced battery could charge a WX-78 for 3 days. Siren It's a siren that alerts, when it has power incoming hounds, giants and fire in it's range, when fire is detected, all flingos in it's range would turn on. it would be also incredibly loud, you'd be able to see it on the map when it's on. I don't know how exactly it would be crafted, but it would need a Screaming Bird a rare bird that can be found on [dangerous/hard-to-get-to place] The way that the siren would work is that the bird would get electrified and scream!(this is Don't Starve, don't tell me that that is cruel!) Mud Would be obtained by fishing mud fish or sea debris. the mud could be cooked in a fire to make mud brick, mud brick would work as a replacement for nearly all cut stone recipes and could be used to make a Mud Oven, the mud oven would be a way to mass produce ash and coal, logs, boards, etc would be turned into 3 coal each, and twigs, grass, foods, etc would be turned to 3 ash each. Mud could also be used to make muddy floor, that would slow anything in it(with a few execptions, perhaps) Tell me what you guys think!
  2. While my Original Idea Of using it as A boat light was okay at best.. That is NOT AT ALL what I feel it should do anymore. #1- Klei should fix the Spotlight so that it Prioritizes the player who is Furtherest away from the Spotlight and without a light source. I say this because I had Wurt Rushing back towards base with no light at dark who nearly died because my Dumb Useless Light was too busy focusing on the Maxwell who was right beside the light with his own lantern equipped. (That was Dumb right?!?) #2- The Spotlight should frighten away Batilisk! I tend to base near closed off Cave Entrances often and the number one thing that happens is random under experienced players join my session and Yup you guessed it Open the dang thing up!! Which causes the Base to become overrun with Batilisk every night, So using the Spotlight to Scare them all away (since Bats are Nocturnal Creatures Anyway) Only makes Sense! #3- Allow Winona to Operate the Spotlight herself moving it a full 360 degree rotation and shining it where she wants it to be. This would be the way to scare of Batilisk because the light only Priorities players who are furthest away from camp and shines on them unless operated MANUALLY.. This also Makes Winona an Excellent Support role to assist her team in Night time Battles. And Finally... Change the Spotlight so that it can ONLY be powered by the upgraded Generator the Gem-er-rator. Some people won’t be happy with this idea but it’s to keep the last two suggestions from being Overpowered. #4-The Spotlight running on a GEM-Er-Rator should either Automatically turn itself off during the day or can be powered off by Winona, to save the expensive gem source source you use. #5- The More GEMS in the Gem slots of the Gem-er-rator the larger the radius of the Spotlight will be and the further away it can be shined before losing its connection. (If they want to make this complex to Avoid Becoming the most Overpowered thing EVER it could require a Blue, a Red, and a Purple Gem Stone Respectively..)
  3. So... Winona. Haven't heard much about her in a while. It's been nearly 9 months since her rework was released. She was infamous for being the most bland and pointless character in the game, but had a turnaround that would begin an entire SERIES of reworks. Now... what do you guys think of her rework? Do you think she truly is a swap character? Did the rework hit the spot, or does she need some sort of new rebalance like Woodie got? Do you think that she suffers from "The First" syndrome*, and needs another total rework? My opinion? She just needs some way to make her perks more exclusive, so that she's not a total swap character. But I've been wondering about this for a bit now. No really, I lay awake at night. What do you guys think? *The First syndrome: When game developers do a series of things, and get more experienced as they do them. The only issue, is that the first one(s) can be seen as less good than the others. Due to it being the first, and therefore made when the developers had the least experience making that series of things.
  4. So I am playing the new Update this is my first time getting to experience the Winters Feast Event So EVERYTHING is brand new for me. However playing as Winona is quite sad- When she examines the item Holiday Cheer- “This season always makes me think of Charlie” And Eating the Holiday Cheer- “I remember the last Holiday we spent as a family.” How very Sad...
  5. Their mate ventured out to sea a while ago and hasn't returned. They're just sitting on the dock now, pining for their dear one. There have been longer expeditions before, longer times apart... just not any that they can recall.
  6. Winona[RoG|SW]

    Version SW-7


    Most recent update [SW-7]: Made tape show "Patch" when being used to repair an item (thanks w00tydude, now she's perfect functionally, onto aesthetics & strings!) Known bugs: Her select-screen portrait is very slightly off-centered. [SW-7-FIX, I hope] IIRC, one of her hand symbols is wrong & her face is dumb when using a sail. [SW-8 - The final update, likely.] Planned features: SW quotes - Should be in SW-8 New Don't Starve-style Bigportrait (halfway there - no redrawing) - In theory, should be finished for SW-8 Armed with her indomitable spirit and trusty mending tape, Winona appears to have been plucked straight from the factory line. There may be more to her arrival than it appears, however, as more than a few eyes will be watching the next move of the newest survivor ... Winona is originally exclusive to Do not Starve Together, however I decided to port her after the members of a Discord I am in expressed interest in her. Credits: w00tydude - Helped immensely with the "Patch" action & fast-building. Wouldn't be the same without em! Chris1448 - Quotes for Wolly-related items, and possibly SW quotes in future. Webber [Discord] - Edited Winona's bigportrait from DST into the current one (cut away the DST border & whatnot) & made the name banner. Klei Entertainment - Made Winona in DST, made every asset (with bigportrait/selectscreen portrait/SW faces & hands being edits, especially minor in the case of selectscreen) Sudura other mods: From the Ground Up - SW / Release - Winona in Steam - RoG / SW - Link, the Hero - DST / Alpha - By Sudura
  7. Fanart by DeludedDaybreak

    Per the advice of some forum members, now that i'm doing art a lot more frequently, I've decided to have a common post for my work. I'll be adding tags as the subject matter of my work expands. For starters, have a blacksmith merm Winona
  8. My take on the the fact how fans are disliking Winona. I think that all she needs is just.. a clockwork MECH! I have implemented different clockworks parts in the design to make it as much in-game looking as possible. If you like the art please like and comment. That will help a lot
  9. Ohey! You found my art thread! Well, I'm sure you know what goes on here- ART of course! Doodles and assorted pieces of digital art I make related to the Game Don't Starve. Granted I'm not bloody brilliant at art but I do the best I can at it and enjoy any smile it either gives or receives. I am very keen on Illustrations and fantasy so that is what inspires my drawings mainly. Portraits are nice too! In any case, glad you came and feel free to have a look around. There's snacks in the kitchen, all the art stuff is in the gallery. I'm open to critiques and comments. In any case, thanks for popping in! Here's a sample of something I made.