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  1. An Arthread 2.0

    Let's see if I can keep this up this time. ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑ Here's the don't starve related art I've been doing recently
  2. It doesn't need to be at the EXACT same time, but you both need to press it within the same 5~ seconds at least. Then, wait for it to update. There isn't really that clear of a visual clue but after some tries you get the hang of it. Also, don't retaliate the button, every press is pretty much one try lost. It is sensitive (。•́︿•̀。)
  3. The Queen's Trader

    tfw you and your friends are too lazy to make chests so the entire base is the "dump area" ( ;`ヘ´)
  4. I was thinking of making them invisible, so it would work for worlds that are already generated and for clients.
  5. Hi y'all. Do y'all know if it is possible to make roads/trails invisible? If yes, could someone direct me on how to do it? I truly hate them with all of my little heart (●∀●)
  6. Hi y'all. Do y'all know if it is possible to make roads/trails invisible? atm I hate them with all of my little heart dunno if this is the right place to ask this but was the closest that I could find
  7. Be it removing from the server itself or hiding them as a client. Does someone knows a mod or command to do this?
  8. Yeah buoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  9. I made a video explaining how to do the strat, I hope it isn't too annoying to watch
  10. Stop stabbing my child Maxwell Memes with your discussion (๑◕︵◕๑) DON'T TOUCH THE CHILD Credits: Sr Pelo ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
  11. You can use the sketchs the statues dropped to make new ones in the Potter's Wheel, they won't look the exact same but they serve the same purpose.
  12. You could've mentioned that if you transform using an idol before full moon you can choose the transformation and you'll still get the moon's bonus, and that while inside the cave the moon doesn't affect you. But nonetheless great video ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)
  13. Where is my lore?

    The opposite is also a possibility. What if his lore is way too valuable and they decided to not show it just yet? ( ꒪Д꒪)
  14. I feel like you have a higher chance of getting you post seen by someone at Klei than not, they are very present here on the forums. ( ´ ▽ ` ) I would love to have skins for pickaxe, dark sword and shadow manipulator.
  15. Here's what I have: - Wickerbottom needs to have the sanity the book requires before being able to use it. (So that also means that she cannot use books while at 0 sanity, may need some changes to how much sanity each book drains) - The books have unlimited durability but are more expensive to craft and Wickerbottom also has to complete some prerequisites before unlocking the recipes: Birds of the World: Examine every/almost every type of bird. On Tentacles: Kill a big tentacle and examine the item "Tentacle Spots" (too easy). Sleepytime Stories: Examine X different mobs while they are asleep. The End is Nigh!: Don't die after getting struck by lightning (may be too easy with something like the Telelocator Staff, but those are just ideas). Applied Horticulture: Be nearby X different plants during their "growing" animation. - Without removing the previous uses the books had, they have new effects: Birds of the World: Cast a spell in an area, birds come to the players in the area and make them fly (the duration of the buff could be seen by the amount of birds left carrying the player around), this make so said player gets a walking cane speed boost and can go over water (maybe over the cave void too?). While in this state the affected players cannot do actions such as chopping, mining, etc. Players may dismiss the birds so the buff ends sooner. This buff does not works with Woodie. The amount of sanity lost could be based in how many players were affected. On Tentacles: Cast a spell in an area to temporarily pacify tentacles, if a big tentacle is in the area it will retreat into its hole (without dropping the loot?). Sleepytime Stories: Cast a spell in an area, mobs in the area will fall asleep for an "undetermined" amount of time (mobs that are attacked will be immune to the spell effect for a short period of time and wake up to attack whatever may have attacked them), Wickerbottom will be stuck in the book casting animation for the duration of the spell, the spell is canceled if Wickerbottom is attacked, moves or gets to 0 sanity. Wicker's sanity is drained for as long as the spell is being cast.(So Wicker can keep asleep mobs that would wake up if one of its horde is attacked such as beefalos, hounds, etc. At the cost of herself not being able to move for the duration. This is more of a multiplayer use but she could also take advantage of this by using bunnies or pigs for example) The End is Nigh!: Cast a spell in an area to make a concentrated meteor shower. The spell would last for as long as she does not move, get attacked or gets to 0 sanity (so just like Sleepytime Stories, the sanity drain could be greater though). (I could see this being useful early on as a way to get some moon rocks and overall as a ranged area attack) Applied Horticulture: Cast a spell in an area to make plants grow instantly (add lureplants to the pool) even during winter, plants in the area will be healed from disease and become immune to it. If Wormwood is in the area he gets the bloom effect for X days. (Maybe make so this needs full sanity to be used and drains the whole sanity?) One of the ways I could think of to differentiate the uses would be having to equip the book to use it just like in the forge, to use the new effects you have to select an area (again, just like in the forge) and to use the old ones you have to right click Wickerbottom. (Make so Maxwell cannot equip books so he can only use the old effects?) - If you change off Wickerbottom through the upgraded portal you will have to complete the prerequisites all over again to be able to use the new book effects. Depending on how hard it is to make the books, Wickerbottom could have some other perks to use while she doesn't has access to the books such as: - Warning a day before hounds or giants attack. - Warning one minute before a rain/earthquake happens (in the case of rain, warning one minute before it stops too). - If Wickerbottom examines a lava pool, the AG chest, the remaining of the bee queen hive, the atrium portal, etc. She could say exactly how much time is left before those bosses are available to be attacked again. The idea here is making her more of a late game character. Personally, I don't mind her being powerful, but I'd like having to "conquer" those powers before being able to use them. Also, I think it would be cool having new books that you need to go to the Ancient Pseudoscience Station or the Celestial Altar to craft.