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  1. She has so much potential, but feels so dull to play as. The thing I feel most excited about while playing as her is to finish building what I want, to switch to another character. Which is a big shame since I like her quotes, skins and voice a lot. More tools (preferably mostly ones only she, and maybe WX with greatly lowered efficiency, can use) would be nice. Some ideas (Mix and match any, I think all of these at the same time would be too much though): - A way for her to tweak a generator, making it, and things in it's range more effective. Some things it could do: Generators energy last longer. Generators affect a greater range, allowing for it to reach structures further away. Catapults within a tweaked generator range have greater range, and attack rate. Spotlights affect a greater range, greater "movespeed", and have better AI (such as players that won't be attacked by Charlie have lower priority). - A tool (maybe made with a green gem?) that allows her to repair broken things (maybe this tool can be fixed with her tape?). Things it could affect: Burnt structures (which includes her character specific builds). Moon stone. Broken clockwork piles. Boats. - Changes to her spotlights would also be appreciated. Maybe a change in the recipe? Fireflies are a bit expensive for what it does currently. Maybe it doesn't need a generator to function? And it has its own battery that lasts a good while (10? 20? 40? days). Allow Winona to socket gems into the spotlight, giving different hues, and special effects to players in the light (Red gives heat? Blue cools players down? Yellow greatly increases the light range? Orange grants a movespeed buff? Purple deals electric damage? Green increases crafting speed?), spotlight socketed with gems malfunction after a while (a day?) and fall off it, making so Winona has to go socket it again. Point is, there's so much she could do. But instead she does very little, and of course, her presence isn't needed after everything is already built.
  2. Just happened to me, very annoying. Making so bees follow Wickerbottom into the caves would also be greatly apreciatted.
  3. It usually spawns by the corner of the map, but yeah it can be really annoying if you end up missing it because you made a slight curve or something. Some better way to find it than just sailing around would be very much appreciated.
  4. I think he should get improved AI in his current minions (if they there are more than X lumberjacks going for the same tree, one of them splits from the group and goes for a different tree to make sure they don't body block each other, etc), no sanity loss from using magic gear (possibly even double damage with the dark sword? maybe only when insane? maybe damage with it increases based on the amount of sanity locked?), and new spells. Spitballing (Duration, amount of sanity locked, and ingredient cost could be balancing factors for these): - Buffs such as increased strength (like in the Wolfgang trailer) or movespeed. - A buff that makes so shadow creatures don't target affected players, unless provoked. - A shadow blast that causes trees to be uproot (cuts it down and removes the stump all in one), mines rocks, and deals (gunpowder?) damage in an AoE. - A way to "exorcise" shadow creatures, instakilling them. This gives the sanity to the closest player to the creature.
  5. The Bookstack looks amazing, but could the grass under it be removed?
  6. Make so Polly Roger doesn't run away from tentacles, pretty sure it has the innocent tag so tentacles don't attack it anyway (if it doesn't have the tag then give the it the tag). This would synergize with Wicker's On Tentacles book, making so she has another way of safely collecting loot she got via tentacles.
  7. Make so the boss respawn timer goes by 2x ~ 4x as faster, and a way to have everyone in the server agree to the effects (maybe casting creates a ritual circle, everyone/majority needs to be inside it for the book to take effect?).
  8. No need for the prstihatitator, a science machine is enough.
  9. I think the Fish Scale-O-Matic looks ugly, maybe it's the stagnant water (that I find it's colored weirdly)? Or maybe it's the format of the bowl? I can't really say what exactly it is, but I really don't like looking at it. Other than that, I'm fine with everything
  10. You can leave a sign at the archives saying "If you want to power the archives, feel free to go to my bookcase at (insert your base location here) and deconstruct my Lunar Grimoires". Someone else could have messed up and destroyed the books one way or another, but at that point it's mostly this someone's fault.
  11. If it works on the Celestial Champion when it spins, then there's at least one use
  12. Making a tentacle trap be like Just Wickerbottom things
  13. Right? I like how teammates can directly take advantage of most of her new perks, but also help her with her new downside. Lore wise and gameplay wise it makes a lot of sense.