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  1. poor wormwood, i can already smell the farm
  2. you can also use this mod (i'm too lazy to think rn sorry your research looks really cool, ok?)
  3. Most of my deaths are caused by a laziness-induced snowball effect. An example is when the thermal stone is going to lose durability and I know that if I burn that tree over there I can bring it back to orange, but, I also know that If I stay still to get heat from the fire I'll get lazy and probably forget what I was doing and then stay like 5 minutes trying to remember, so I just tank the freezing damage with jellybeans until I finish what I am doing, then, of course, the hounds start baying and my brain just shuts down with the laziness of having to deal with it then I tank one to many hits killing them because I'm too lazy to kite and die to the last one or to the hunger+freezing damage (because I was too lazy to make food). Because of this I created a bad habit of dropping my items in a organized fashion and then letting the hunger/freezing/both kill me so I can ress using an amulet and get some of that hunger/heat back (rinse and repeat until I finish what I was doing). I don't die to the heat because I am too lazy to create a base with flingos and having to refuel them or to create a base in the antlion desert and having to micro manage hats, so I just make a summer base in the caves and do stuff there until the summer is gone. I think I might have a problem.
  4. LOL that works too Lag, the most deadly thing in this game... It could be stuck behind a pillar for eternity for all I care.
  5. Yeah, that's probably a better idea Probably killed something near him so he could tp back
  6. With imp power comes imp responsibility. Don't blink irresponsibly, always have like 5 backup souls. (Klei probably could thin those pillar hitboxes)
  7. @PeterA People who got the highscore should have received 2 icons (1 for participation and 1 for being in the highscore) or just one from the rank they got?
  8. When the Wigfrid says "I have to go"
  9. Thanks for caring about ur werebeavers Klei.
  11. My The Gorge matches in a nutshell
  12. Let's take a moment to recognize the kill beefalo prompt Thanks for letting us kill the beefalo with love (and some stabs) Klei xD