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  1. I think they meant "If you are willing to rollback until you get it, might as well just spawn it" in a way that sees both rollbacking and spawning as cheating.
  2. You mean you've been playing Don't Starve single player adventure mode, right? That's a important distinction because the Don't Starve world outside of the adventure mode is very similar to the Don't Starve Together world, excluding the new content. You mean these? We have guardian pigs in DST, just not in choke points. Overall, I don't like the Idea of having annoyances just to walk from one biome to another. I think those choke points they added to the adventure mode should not come to the "normal" world, it might be fun the first or second time you have to go through, but I can see it quickly becoming boring. In long term worlds, people would still go "from one biome to another without a care in the world" after they took care of the hazards in the way, the difference would be that before the update they didn't had to zig zag through an empty maze every time they want to get some reeds from the swamp in the other side. After the addition of the ocean, all of your suggestions now need a bunch of workarounds to work, which is less than ideal. Sure, you can close off an entire part of the map with walls to prevent access through boats, but, suprise! A wormhole spawned right in the middle of the place with its other side in the start of the hazard-riddled bridge! Then you tell me "make so wormholes can't spawn there", sure, that would work, but you just removed another option people would have to get access to there, and that was just one example. After removing all the options a player had to get to the place, just to make it go there the way you want it to, said player now thinks that going to the place is boring because there's only one way to get there and it's through an annoying bridge. I think those adventure mode specific set pieces should stay there, because they are much more suited as a once in a while," when I want to have the challenges of the adventure mode laid upon me" thing, than an "every new world I create" occasion.
  3. People stop, this is a misunderstanding xD A funny one at that
  4. There's no newhome in Ba Sing Se this name highkey reminds me of Alpharad's minecraft; the way home lmaooo
  5. As said by JosePapp you need to right click the flower now. You can visit the wiki page for a more detailed explanation about her rework:'t%20Starve%20Together Don't forget to mark the "Don't Starve Together" section.
  6. When I play with friends we just rush bee queen in the first autumn, killing deerclops is really easy with her crown. Edit: I understand that this can be unrealistic for new players, but if someone wants to use this method to kill deerclops, they don't really need to have thousands of hours to use one of the many strategies available to kill her. They just need to find what is suitable for them. Besides, normally, people don't kill bee queen with the sole objective to kill deerclops after, it's mostly a side effect.
  7. I don't think disease is a good challenge as it is, the ways of combating it are easy and really boring. I view it as an annoyance at most. You can live with monster meat and ice just as well as you would with 100 berry bushes, mid-late game you can even live only eating honey. If the purpose is to avoid the relocation of resources it should be reworked in a way to, at the very least, not affect other aspects of the games, such as base decoration.
  8. The problem never was not knowing how to deal with it, the problem is that the ways of dealing with it are boring. The ways of dealing with disease involve never getting a diseased plant in the first place, so I don't get what point you're trying to make here. If you argue that twiggy trees and grass geckos are better ways of collecting said resources, then why have disease make the worse ones even worse? Mass collecting grass and twigs isn't a issue in a world where applied horticulture + lureplants exists, it's just that disease turns an otherwise enjoyable process into an unenjoyable one.
  9. Sorry about that, I don't even know myself why I decided to create another topic. Looking back to when I was creating this one I searched for "disease" in the forum's search bar, then I saw your topic and just thought "nope" and then created my own pretty much. I think it would be better to just keep the discussion in your topic. Here for the ones interested: If a mod could lock this one I would be glad. Just one more thing: Do you know what disease reminds me of? (눈_눈) Terraria's bad torch luck mechanic. From what I've seen a dev didn't like people using the """wrong""" torches to light up certain biomes (lmao) so they made torches affect some RNG aspects, after community backlash they changed it so torches would only affect positively, otherwise they're neutral.
  10. Ok, so: Darkness - torches, firepits, lamps (both hand and toadstool), moggles, wx, abigail, full moon, fireflies, magiluminescence and probably way more ways to deal with that I can't think off the top of my head. Cold - fire, clothes, thermal stones, sunfish, wx, jellybeans and probably some more. Shutting Off Food - bundling wrap, spiders, ice, beefalo, stuff that grew and you didn't pick yet, jellybeans and more. Lightning - flingos, lightning rod, rain, willow, wx, ice staff, water balloons and maybe more. Wild Fire - flingos, basing at cave, basing at oasis, water ballons, ice staff, willow, moslings, purple staff and not likely many more. Meanwhile, we have: Disease - do everything you already did again, don't do it in the first place or use alternative ways to get the resource. For everything you mentioned there are many different ways you can fight against, some ways are intuitive (cold = you need to warm yourself up), some are a thing you have to do once and then do a little maintenance from time to time or just do once and never again (in the case of the lightning rod, for example). In the case of disease, you can only avoid the problem, you can't directly combat it. Redig everything every X days - Boring and time consuming, if you want to use some for decoration you are going to redig those too, don't forget. Don't dig anything in the first place - So I am unable to enjoy part of the game because of a boring mechanic, got it. Alternative ways to get the resource - Sure, but twiggy trees aren't really efficient, berries don't even have one and you still won't be able to use twigs, grass and berries for decoration. I didn't say it is hard work. Anyway, getting all the stuff to plant doesn't take more than 2 days, and the fertilizer can be made with lightbulbs + werepig, which in of itself isn't something hard to do and can be done in as little as the first 6 days, possibly less, after a little training, but it is still something you don't get for free, you have to work for it. Only for you to have to redig everything during winter to plant again during spring, rinse and repeat many, many, many times. And as said before, you still can't use the stuff to decorate your base, it's something that takes away your options.
  11. I mean, it doesn't make sense to me. I had to put on the work to get all those plants there and then fertilize them (in case of grass and berries ofc), they didn't just walk there by themselves. Shouldn't I be able to reap the rewards?
  12. Like, give me 1 good reason please. Thanks. Edit: I might sound like I am trying to be funny, but I really want to hear why people think disease should exist as it is right now.
  13. Tier list for long term worlds Not Pick and Switch Characters that you will always have a benefit from playing as. Wolfgang: 2x damage and good enough movespeed. Wortox: Jellybeans do his job well, but the blink is useful and the heal only gets better the more players you're playing with. WX-78: He's kinda pick and switch if you use him for ruins rush and map exploring only, but is good as a "turn my brain off" pick for many tasks. Pick and Switch: Wickerbottom: Mass make books then switch. Wigfrid: Mass make helms then switch. Maxwell: Get all the rocks from surface/caves, use Wicker's books then switch. Good for farming wood and living logs at the same time if with Winona's catapults nearby. Winona: Make catapults and mass make tape then switch. Warly: Mass make Powdercakes with spices + Volt Goat Chaud-Froid and Grim Gallete then switch. His other foods are okay I guess, would be better if their effects didn't last a day and needed effort heavy ingredients. Wormwood: Mass farm veggies and living logs then switch. Wendy: Kill all the bees and spiders on the map then switch. Good for farming NM fuel and Beard hair with splumonkeys. Wurt: Make merm houses then switch. Woodie: Find the Lunar Island / explore the ocean then switch. Good for farming wood if you only want wood and not living logs. Willow: Make bernies then switch. Good for farming NM fuel with big bernie + bone helm + help from other players. Too much effort: Webber: I mean, he can mass farm spiders, but bunnymen/Wendy/Wolfgang/Wigfrid can do his job good enough without the annoying downsides. Wilson: He has nothing going on for him. Wes: Having less damage and more hunger is not hard, it's annoying. I don't think it's possible to make a S to F tier list in this game that is true at all stages of the game, the value of all the characters change based on what you need at said moment. After you have everything you want at the game your character is pretty much just the skin you want to use. I'm still going to play Wickerbottom all the time cuz she is too precious. AKA the celestial portal is stupid but I kinda like it I guess?