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  1. Ocean fishing chart!

    So neat! The background is really nice too.
  2. Not dropping is more quality of life than anything, if they did it would be annoying.
  3. Shadow Pieces trinkets

    You'll have to use console commands, the same thing happened to me without any mods active. Not sure if it is possible to find the chesspieces through tumbleweeds when this happens, even if it is possible, it's kinda unfair having to cry for the tumbleweed gods when the world generation robbed you anyway.
  4. The heirloom rarity is only for the skins that were previously marketable and now have a copy of elegant rarity that can't be sold in the market nor traded. I think it's the best Klei could do, the people who paid for the skin now have a skin that will probably attain value as time passes and people who couldn't/didn't want to buy the skin from the market can buy the exact same skin (just with a different rarity) with a fair price, giving the money to who actually matters (Klei ofc). Which also gives the possibility of getting the skin for free using spools which is even better and makes so no one is excluded from getting the swag. All the recent character skins are being released non marketable nor tradable which pretty much confirms they will never get a heirloom version, the skins that are marketable and tradable from characters that will receive reworks are pretty much confirmed to receive this treatment, an example is the Elegant GoH from Wendy, after her rework all the currently existing ones will get the heirloom rarity (thus probably getting more expensive since it won't be attainable from means outside the market/trades) and will get a copy that can't be put in the market or traded but can be weaved or bought from Klei with a fair price. I think I just repeated myself, sorry for that. I'm explaining this the best that I can in my current state
  5. The devs can't give your refund because that would mean they would have to refund the items of every single person who asks for one, even the liars. Buy a skin, get bored of it, lie saying you made a mistake and then get a refund. It's unfortunate but it's reality.
  6. I'd like to have something that I could use to change the skin of already built structures too, something that I can carry around would be nice so I don't have to build/go to a wardrobe every time I want to change skins.
  7. There's the carrat, maybe some bunnyman related stuff?
  8. You can use it for cheesing hounds too, it's better than resetting traps for 10 minutes.
  9. I very much enjoy being able to use every character perk, what I don't like about the portal is that it refills all your stats, you get the character's starting items and the idol recipe is too cheap. I feel like there should be a debuff for changing such as lowering your max health for X days, and if you keep changing in a short period of time your health keeps getting lower and lower till it gets to 1.
  10. Winter vs. Summer

    I want a item like the Howling Conch for dst, maybe some of the components would have to be aquired from summer-exclusive mobs?
  11. I think it was suggested somewhere here before, but I like the concept of giving her more characters to perform as.
  12. Is waffles worth it?

    I consider Waffles, Ice cream and Pumpkin cookies "wholesome" foods. You give them to someone when they are not expecting it. (❛▿❛✿) They probably won't even notice the gesture but it's the thought that counts. ¯\_( ´∀` )_/¯
  13. An Arthread 2.0

    Let's see if I can keep this up this time. ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑ Here's the don't starve related art I've been doing recently
  14. Hi y'all. Do y'all know if it is possible to make roads/trails invisible? atm I hate them with all of my little heart dunno if this is the right place to ask this but was the closest that I could find
  15. Stop stabbing my child Maxwell Memes with your discussion (๑◕︵◕๑) DON'T TOUCH THE CHILD Credits: Sr Pelo ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_