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Would you like Klei to joke around more?

Would you like Klei to joke around more  

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  1. 1. Would you like Klei to joke around more

    • Yes (when they feel like it)
    • Yes (only on April Fools)
    • No

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So almost everyone know about the "Beefalo Song"- a silly song made by the devs. What if Klei felt like joking around more?

For example, on April 1st Klei'd post a "game update #-1" and it'd be something like

  • Wx-78 now permanently dies if they drown
  • Pigman will now call the police if you murder one of them
  • Rose deals 99999 dmg
  • Deleted Wickerbottom
  • Nerfed Wes

What yall think?

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It would be nice if they joked around with stuff that didn't affect gameplay, or something so minor that it's a "ha, that happened" and moved on with it.

Also, keep in mind that DST is *supposed* to be a gritty survival game with humor sprinkled throughout in the case of quotes. Making humor be front and center, as great as it is, would take away some aspects that I'm not willing to part with.


For example, a comical BTS of what goes on in the Klei offices would be absurdly fun, especially given Klei's humor.

An upfront joke that demands your attention during gameplay would not be absurdly fun.



BUT, April First is no-mans-land, and they can do whatever they want.

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4 minutes ago, Ezaroth said:

Yes for jokes, no for false information like the examples given.

The "game update" had a numer of -1 and it'd be posted on 1st of April. I think it'd be pretty obvious that it ain't a real update, but whatever

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2 minutes ago, watermelen671 said:

I mean...we have @nome. Is he not enough for you people? :wilson_curious:

aaand he immediatelly /thanks/'d you

also i read the ''is he not enough'' as:

3 minutes ago, watermelen671 said:

Is he not hot enough for you people?

Silly things happen when you dont sleep because you have crazy nightmares

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Players can no longer craft or perform other actions while hopping on and off boat. Fixed a rare issue when a ship was destroyed in a collision when flying to a new location aboard a vessel.

Fixed an issue where players could get stuck when they were in a fight. We hope it should make PvP a little more exciting.

Fixed an issue where some players were unable to log on after losing the game.

Fixed an issue where the player would hear sounds when they were flying the ship or boarding the ship.


Updated for Patch 4.1

Ship: Can now be purchased for silver on the Black Lion Claim Ticket vendor in Lion's Arch. Silver will now be given back for your first purchase of a Ship.

Ships' ability cooldown time is now displayed.

Players no longer see a white message when choosing "Buy Ship". In some rare cases, you may still see it if a player hasn't acquired the ship yet.

All of the ships are now available in the Market.

Players may now buy Ship Parts from the Ship's shop.



Wortox will no longer drown when acquiring too many souls while hopping on or off of a boat.

Fixed: The death animation for the final boss in the Crimson Tower will now continue without the player falling through the floor in the final boss room.

Fixed: Players that get "ghosted" by a corpse after killing a revenant will no longer be teleported back to their starting spot when trying to resurrect them at the altar. (You will still be sent back to the spot where the corpse was.)

Fixed: The "dont enter building" message for the game over screen is no longer displayed in the game lobby, if you tried to start a game without a save.

Fixed: An entity that was spawned inside the "kill all" sign when you die during the fight against the boss in the Upper Town now displays its name properly in the chat window with players of your level.

Fixed: An entity that was killed in the final boss fight with the Crimson Ring boss before it despawned could cause the game to freeze at an unexpected point. This issue will now be fixed.

Fixed: An issue with zombies


Fixed a flicker when opening the map for the first time (and after using the Pitchfork) for a number of clients.

Fixed a rare crash that could occur on a client that had never seen the map first.

Fixed an issue where the "Add To Inventory" button would only appear after being spawned by a mob.

Fixed a rare display issue with the number of monsters in the level up text.

Fixed an issue where a client was unable to start a new game when the server has crashed or is offline.

Fixed a rare case where two corpses could show up in the loading screen. Their bodies were swapped, but the "ghost" corpses were still in game.

Fixed an issue with the "Spawn Mobs" button sometimes changing the default location and leaving the target location blank.

Fixed an issue where using the mouse wheel while in inventory would allow the item back to the player's inventory.

Fixed a rare case with the "Move To Previous Slot" button.

Fixed a rare case where opening the map for the first time could result in a client being unable to select a world (they would


One more save/load fix for masts built on land.

I also made the default ships more customizable by adding some ship mods to the craft menu.

Also I updated the default game setting for the ships to have a smaller display screen.

Also I added in the option of having the player choose which ship to be used. I think this is a bit too much. So you now get the ability to choose both, for easier comparison. And some players may feel the 'right' ship is always the smaller one.

Also I updated the way that the player moves around the map. Now he stays in-position if he stops moving, but instead moves around the map using his mouse and arrow keys.

This way is more convenient for people with big keyboard. So in the future I'll include an option to get this functionality through the config menu.

The mod now supports a wide variety of types of ships as long as they can travel by air. This includes all of the air craft we have in the game.

Ship Types:

The latest version of the mod makes


The Suspicious Marble will no longer be trapped inside the Sculpture’s physics when mined. For worlds where this was a problem, the Suspicious Marble piece will be moved beside the Marble Sculpture.

Removed the chance for the Suspicious Marble to disappear.

Fixed an issue where the Suspicious Marble Sculpture was not properly being placed next to the marble sculpture.

The Suspicious Marble will now correctly disappear when the Sculpture’ is dropped on the ground. It will also now be properly removed from the ground when the Sculpture’ is thrown into the air.

The Sculpture’ will now properly disappear when the Suspicious Marble is thrown into the air.

Fixed an issue where the Suspicious Marble ’ would not drop on the Ground.

Fixed an issue where the Suspicious Marble Sculpture would not drop on the Floor.

It will now be removed from the ground when thrown to ground, and it will not disappear when placed next to a marble sculpture, or placed next to another Marble Sculpture.

Added a 2 second (5 second max


Added sounds for the Flare Gun, but the "Locked on target" sound effects aren't working.

Fix for bug where the "Locked on target" sound was always played when you were inside the gun, the "Locked on target" sound effects are now always played when inside this gun.

Fix for "Falling Through Objects" bug where the player would occasionally crash.

Fix for bug where players in "Ride or die" state would get stuck in the "Ride or die" state.

When in the player hide, you can no longer attack the player or interact with them.

The "Invisible" option is now disabled when the game is paused.

Fix for bug where only one gun had a fully-visible laser.

Fix for bug where the laser sight was in a different place than the normal sights in the laser gun.

Fix some rare cases with the laser gun that could freeze the player.

Fix for one-time crash (or game crash) on the player entering/exiting a



Added Anchor art for to represent how deep the Anchor was dropped.

Added Lava color to the Anchor to represent how deep the lava was dropped.

Added Anchor visual effects that play when the Anchor was successfully removed from the ground. This visual effect is only played when the Anchor is on Fire. This visual effect is only on Fire Anchor when fire is applied to the Anchor, or not if the Anchor is on Air.

Added a text animation to indicate how many times the Anchor was removed from the ground.

Added a text animation to indicate how many times the Anchor was removed from the ground after it has been hit by water.

Added a text animation to indicate how many times the Anchor was removed from the ground after it has been hit by an explosive.

Added text animations to indicate how often an Activator was triggered by the Anchor.

Updated the name of the Activator when the Anchor is on Fire to be the same name it would have been on the ground when first applied, including the "Fire" and "Nether Portal


Fixed a rowing controller bug that would cause a "no paddle" message at the start of each row.

Fixed various camera issues such as having cameras too close to a player while in a boat, or camera placement in corners.

Fixed several misbehavior issues with the first person camera for boats.

Fixed camera zooming with players in boats being able to move in the exact direction they are sitting/swimming.

Fixed an issue causing the player to break through certain walls on the second floor of the station where they have a spawn point.

Fixed an issue preventing the player from grabbing the water bottle while in the water.

Fixed an issue causing players not to move to an appropriate area on the map after exiting the loading screen.

Fixed an issue where the player sometimes gets stuck on the loading screen after loading into the menu.

Fixed an issue with jumping off a higher platform on level 7 when attempting to land on another level.

Fixed an issue preventing the player from spawning into the loading screen after saving the game.

Fixed an exploit

53 minutes ago, GetNerfedOn said:

or they could do as we have and have their next patch notes generated by talktotransformer

Here is the latest update expanded upon with talktransformer.


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