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Oxygen Not Included Has Launched!! - [356355]

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Today is the day!

The fridges are full and the toilets are empty, the pipes are plumbed and the power’s been generated… plus there's hardly any pee on the floor at all! That can only mean one thing; the time has finally come to open the bunker doors and invite everyone in to see the glorious machine we’ve created!

Oxygen Not Included has officially left Early Access, and we're ready to let everyone come see what we've been working on these last 5 years! 

So what have we been working on all this time, anyway? 

Oxygen Not Included is a space colony simulation game where you oversee your Duplicants (aka, lovable 3D printed clones) as they attempt to overcome the harsh conditions of deep space. Master advanced science and technology, capture and tame strange new lifeforms, and plan your base with expert efficiency so that you and your colony may survive… and even, possibly, thrive.

The game has come a long way since it went into Alpha in February 2017. We started with a game that had little more than a few Duplicants and some pipes full of cold water. Since then we’ve added oil biomes and automation, Duplicant skill progression and tubes to zip around in, critter ranching and breeding, and more features than could possibly be named. Now Duplicants can even break through the surface of their rocky home and escape away into space… with your guidance, of course.

The adventure’s not over yet, either. We'll continue fixing bugs and balance after launch, so please keep sending your feedback and reports! We also have more we want to do with the game in the future, so keep an eye out for announcements. 

It's been an intense but delightful ride and we couldn't have gotten here without the support of all of you from this awesome community. The whole team would like to thank you for your comments and support, your bug reports and your discussions, your insane machines and your beautiful stories.

Please, enjoy Oxygen Not Included! This Mushbar's on me.


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