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[Game Update] - 356355

Release Date: 07/30/19

Update Information:

Today is the day!

The fridges are full and the toilets are empty, the pipes are plumbed and the power’s been generated… plus there's hardly any pee on the floor at all! That can only mean one thing; the time has finally come to open the bunker doors and invite everyone in to see the glorious machine we’ve created!

Oxygen Not Included has officially left Early Access, and we're ready to let everyone come see what we've been working on these last 5 years! 

So what have we been working on all this time, anyway? 

Oxygen Not Included is a space colony simulation game where you oversee your Duplicants (aka, lovable 3D printed clones) as they attempt to overcome the harsh conditions of deep space. Master advanced science and technology, capture and tame strange new lifeforms, and plan your base with expert efficiency so that you and your colony may survive… and even, possibly, thrive.

The game has come a long way since it went into Alpha in February 2017. We started with a game that had little more than a few Duplicants and some pipes full of cold water. Since then we’ve added oil biomes and automation, Duplicant skill progression and tubes to zip around in, critter ranching and breeding, and more features than could possibly be named. Now Duplicants can even break through the surface of their rocky home and escape away into space… with your guidance, of course.

The adventure’s not over yet, either. We'll continue fixing bugs and balance after launch, so please keep sending your feedback and reports! We also have more we want to do with the game in the future, so keep an eye out for announcements. 

It's been an intense but delightful ride and we couldn't have gotten here without the support of all of you from this awesome community. The whole team would like to thank you for your comments and support, your bug reports and your discussions, your insane machines and your beautiful stories.

Please, enjoy Oxygen Not Included! This Mushbar's on me.

Change List:

New Things

New Buildings

  • Gas Range
  • Desalinator
  • Ethanol Distiller
  • Rust Deoxidizer
  • Wood Burner
  • Airborne Critter Bait
  • Great Monument Base, Midsection, and Top
  • Duplicant Motion Sensor
  • Park Sign

New Critters

  • Pokeshell
  • Pip

New Plants

  • Arbor Tree
  • Dasha Saltvine
  • Oxyfern
  • Waterweed
  • Hexalent

New Locomotion, Power, Morale, Insulation, and Digging Tutorial animations

New asteroids to colonize

  • Asteroid select screen
  • 9 asteroid variants
  • Additional start type: Forest
  • World "Traits" to add variety to each world
  • New Game Options screen

New foods

  • Tofu
  • Spicy Tofu
  • Pacu Fillet
  • Cooked Fish
  • Mushroom Wrap
  • Surf’n’Turf
  • Frost Burger
  • Table Salt for improving foods

New Biomes

  • Tide Pools
  • Rust
  • Forest

New Colony Initiatives and Imperatives

  • Imperatives are "big goals" for the colony
  • Initiatives are optional goals and checkpoints
  • Colony Summary Screen

New Space Destinations

New Salt Water Geyser

New Park and Nature Reserve room types

Fixes and Changes


  • Increased mass of  the Ice Maker.
  • Ice Maker now deletes 20% of the heat from water instead of almost all of it.
  • Ice Maker now holds up to 5 loads of ice in storage & shows that on the ice meter in the bottom.
  • Increased mass of Ice-E Fan.
  • Ice-E Fan now cools down itself and the surrounding area.
  • Fixed newly produced ice not being fetchable from the Ice Maker.
  • Insulate the Pitcher Pump's storage to prevent the elements from incorrectly cooling or heating the area around the pump.
  • Auto bottle setting for Bottle Emptier can now be copied.
  • Updated animations for the Disease Clinic.
  • Add sounds for Ice Maker.
  • Fixed obsolete recipes not being removed on load.
  • Fixed Steam Turbine rapidly multiplying any germs it consumes.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur when switching construction materials.
  • Conveyor Loaders will dispense items in a round-robin manner, to ensure they dispense all materials they contain and not just the first one.
  • Fixed Conveyor Rails repositioning items after they have exited the conveyor system.
  • Update Sick Bay sounds.
  • Update Wash Basin sounds.
  • Critter trap is no longer flooded underwater.
  • Add recipe to the Rock Granulator to crush Crab Molt into Lime.
  • Fixed a Rocket crash because of a missing scaffolding or Gantry.
  • Fixed Egg Incubator always resetting to continuous on load.
  • Softened Lead and Abyssalite elements.
  • Hardened Obsidian element.
  • Buildings once again show effects for taking damage or being broken.
  • Petroleum Generator no longer requires Plastic to build.
  • Fabrication building order queuing has been overhauled, they should no longer become stuck or stop processing orders.
  • Fabrication buildings will now only display a "next order" once all ingredients for the next recipe have been delivered.
  • Fabrication buildings will automatically drop any materials that are not required for currently queued recipes.
  • Fabrication buildings should grant the correct experience type.
  • Optimize updates for the Auto Sweeper.
  • Fixed disabled or unpowered tube entrances being usable after loading a save game.
  • Mechanized Airlocks no longer complain about being flooded when open underwater.
  • Solid doors allow liquid to flow in first when opened underwater.
  • Add sounds to new Incubator animation states.
  • Updated Hydrogen, Petroleum and Steam Rocket Engines launch animations.
  • Fixed gaps when dragging to build a long row of tiles, wire, pipes.
  • Planets now have limited/renewing resource mass. Space Missions to Planets will only return the available resources.
  • Space Missions to Planets with insufficient available resources will warn before launching.
  • Deprecated the Jobs Board.
  • Fixed a bug where canceling a building didn’t clear the dig orders it created.
  • Atmosuits can now be made out of more metals (Copper, Aluminum, or Iron) -- but it must be refined (as suits their tech level).
  • Icemaker no longer attempts to freeze amounts of water under 100g.
  • Fixed crash when cancelling a fabrication order at the same time that it is completed by a Duplicant.
  • Fabricator buildings now have a status item if they have no queued recipes.
  • Table Salt can be delivered to the Mess Table.
  • Fixed for crash in the farm plot seed selection screen.
  • Balance and consistency pass on many buildings’ material output temperatures.
  • Allow manual dumping of ice from Ice Maker.
  • Fabricator buildings will resume progress if interrupted, or after a save/load.
  • Fabrication buildings start their next order immediately on finishing the last one, which will help avoid Dupes switching tasks unnecessarily.
  • Visible salt shaker added to the Mess Table.
  • Fixed a bug where Planter Boxes being destroyed for certain reasons wouldn’t properly destroy the plants in them.
  • The Airborne Critter Lure has been deprecated.
  • Fixed crash when fabricator buildings completed a recipe at the same time the building became inoperational.
  • Automation gate artwork updated to reflect green/red signals.
  • Fixed crash when modding the Algae Terrarium.
  • Aero Pot now has positive decor.
  • Element Logic Sensors and Conduit Filters save/load correctly. The last selection on a filter doesn't get applied to newly built sensors.
  • Filters can be set to "none" and that is their default setting.
  • Partial improvements to the filter sidescreen when the filter outputs "logic" instead of outputting a filtered element.
  • Virtual Planetarium sounds added.
  • Changed the way replacement tiles are drawn so they’re easier to see on top of other tiles.


  • Fixed hats not displaying when using the Sick Bay.
  • Equipped items no longer get burned up in the lower left corner of the map.
  • Removed dead Duplicants from the Skills screen.
  • Fixed Duplicants passing through deconstructed doors.
  • Song no longer plays when a Duplicant gains a new skill point.
  • Removed grimy status effect. Duplicants will still try to shower each day to gain the Morale benefits.
  • Add sounds for Ice Maker.
  • Duplicants work 15% faster when working in a lit space.
  • Fixed Dupes eating or sleeping underwater.
  • Dupes will try to avoid lit areas when sleeping on the floor.
  • Add Skill upgrade fx.
  • Fixed Dupes eating or sleeping on the same tile as another Dupe.
  • Loud Sleepers sleep too deeply to be bothered by light while they sleep.
  • Hunger status item now shows the food the creature is looking for.
  • Duplicants' sleep is disturbed by sleeping it a lit space.
  • Fixed Duplicants being able to pass through horizontally placed doors if there is an empty space between the door and the tile/ladder/pole below.
  • Fixed Dupes getting stuck rapidly switching between destinations when trying to recover breath.
  • Switch position of Traits and Interests boxes in the Duplicant Bio.
  • Fixed underwater Dupes preferring to slowly climb up a pole instead of taking a ladder right next to that pole.
  • Underwater path cost penalty is now a multiplier instead of a fixed value. Keeps underwater pathing costs proportionally correct to each other.
  • Interests now provide +1, +3, or +7 to the relevant attribute based on whether a Duplicant has 3, 2, or 1 Interest.
  • Filter rolled Duplicants by attribute types.
  • MedicalAid skill group now has Caring as a relevant attribute.
  • Interests in Hauling, Tidying, and Supplying now provide Strength boost rather than Athletics boost.
  • Modify conditions on when Dupes will flee after getting attacked.
  • Duplicants more aggressively teleport out of entombment situations.
  • Learning an Interested Skill gives a Duplicant +1 Morale rather than -1 Morale Expectation.
  • Improve Skills screen tooltips. Now gives a specific reasons why Duplicants can not learn skills.
  • Morale and morale expectation tooltip is now sorted.
  • Add Super Hard Dig Skill to mine Diamond and Obsidian.
  • Dupes now upgrade their skills at the HQ.
  • Add compound and medical supply chore types in the care prioritization category.
  • Using the Apothecary is now a compound chore.
  • Supplying the Apothecary, or the Sick Bay is now a medical supply chore.
  • Remove unused chore tags.
  • Egg Cracker operation and fetch are now cooking chores.
  • Optimize check for top priority chore.
  • Rename the tier 3 digging skill and description
  • Remove Dupe germ status item on death
  • Fixed Dupes can get stuck in a falling loop if they are inside of a door
  • Fixed oil floaters can get stuck in a falling loop if they are inside of a door
  • Jet Suits now store all of the Duplicant’s waste and release it at the dock, just like Atmo Suits
  • Duplicants will put on a Jet/Atmo suit even if it’s only 95% charged
  • Fixed issue where nearby chores of different types could keep each other from being completed


  • Balance pass of most foods
  • Added new foods: Fish Meat, Cooked Fish Meat, Surf n Turf, Burger
  • Barbeque no longer requires Spicenut
  • “Soul Food’ effect moved to Frost Burger


  • Extensive revisions and updates to the Log files etc. in the Database
  • Renamed one of the characters in the Log files
  • Added a new space destination to discover


  • Colony requires a food source tutorial message opens the Food build menu when clicked.
  • Flip the Care Packages custom game setting so that checked is Duplicants and Care Packages.
  • New video widget with automatic thumbnail and video playback. Used in notifications.
  • Delay HUD click sounds replaying within 50ms.
  • Reduce volume of some UI sounds.
  • Change Research Screen layout to be more tree-focused, with larger images.
  • Move Power Shutoff to Advanced Power Regulation research entry.
  • Update Audio, Graphics and Metrics options screen.
  • Remove references to defunct Job titles.
  • Update Confirmation dialog, Credits screen, Info Dialog, and Pause screen.
  • Update Custom Game Settings screen.
  • Agriculture type ores now show up in the materials overlay under cultivatable soil.
  • Add Rockerty research tree branch.
  • Fixed no selected hat on Skills screen.
  • New Skill Badges for the Skill tree.
  • Update Duplicant Select screen.
  • Clearable status items refresh while paused, and more frequently.
  • The Priorities screen uses Strength to determine skill level in Hauling, Tidying, and Supply chore groups.
  • Optimize Power, Plumbing and Ventilation overlay rendering.
  • Fixed Building lists not scrolling correctly.
  • Building cancel user menu button now has an icon.
  • Add missing Cook errand icon.
  • Player can modify the Duplicant Shuffle button to shuffle specific archetypes of Dupes, specifically locking in one interest at a time while rerolling all other stats.
  • Update World Generation screen.
  • Mode Select screen Duplicants are the same now.
  • Add tooltip for "Cannot do task" short description on Dupe Select screen, explaining what that task is.
  • Iron Gut no longer references Diarrhea.
  • Update Codex unlocks.
  • Items marked for sweep now have different colors depending on whether there is an available storage container to store them.
  • Neutral status items are now a neutral color instead of the warning red.
  • Various tooltip improvements.
  • Various string updates.
  • Care Package will show multiple entities if you're getting multiple entities.
  • Reset the camera position back to the portal when loading a saved game that had the camera panned outside the discovered visible area of the base.
  • Care Package shows amount you currently have in your colony.
  • Turned Cinema Cam back on. Press C in screenshot mode to enable.
  • Screenshot Mode now display the camera mode.
  • Remove references to Ranchers.
  • Further changes to the work/life balance UI.
  • Research screen hides details screen while open to improve performance.
  • Don't display a blank tiny box when trying to display a blank tooltip.
  • Changed "Development Build" to just "Build" in the version watermark.
  • Navigation keys can be used to scroll research screen
  • Kelvin is no longer displayed as °K, just K
  • Rooms requirements and effects are separated in the overlay legend
  • Ambient audio fixed on the crew selection screen
  • Removing all references to building "meltdowns" as this mechanic hasn’t existed for a looooong time
  • Added colony summary button to reports screen
  • Added zoom buttons to the research screen
  • Fixed some ambient sounds in the main menu
  • Sink/sanitizer/ore scrubber outputs display in the "Effects" not "Requirements" info.
  • More accurate tooltips for energy generators.
  • Fixed issue causing missing tooltips and incorrect cursors on build menu buttons.
  • Make the formatting of building heat output more consistent.
  • Details window will try to keep the previous tab open if it applies to the newly selected object. It will reset when no object is selected.
  • Reorganization of the management menu buttons at the top of the screen. Schedule is now part of those buttons.
  • Building errand panel correctly shows Duplicant task ordering
  • Added new Database entries for many of the high-level concepts in the game, such as temperature or power.
  • Many previously-untranslatable strings have been fixed
  • Added a space to a string somewhere
  • Added the broken planet to the starmap screen
  • Tootip for things in the game world has been made darker to make it easier to read when the background is busy  Automation signals have been renamed from Active and Standby to Green and Red, gates and sensor descriptions have been rewritten to be more clear in this new system.  Fixed Requires Gas Output tooltip
  • Category pages in the Database now display options in a grid
  • Automation circuits that trigger large amounts of changes simultaneously are much less loud now. 
  • Room types show in the correct order in the Rooms overlay legend
  • Fixed an issue where the "No Sick Bays" message would appear when the base clearly had sick bays built.
  • Status items don’t play a click noise unless there’s actually something clickable about them
  • Added icons representing the Errand Type to the Duplicant Todo list and the building errands tab
  • UI Scale slider now doesn’t apply until the mouse is released

Critters and Plants

  • Fixed crash if Shove Vole attempts to poop off the edge of the world.
  • Add Sporechid sounds.
  • Improve the way the decor plants config and apply their decor.
  • Decrease Buddy Bud decor because it has pollen.
  • Increase Sporechid decor.
  • Fixed Hatch wakeup and sleep sounds playing multiple times.
  • Add trapped animation to baby Hatch.
  • Fixed Pacu's flopping through closed vertical pneumatic doors.
  • Wheezewort is no longer a decor plant and requires fertilizer.
  • Fixed Pacu crossing gaps by flopping across open air.
  • Add Tamed tag to Shov Vole and baby Shov Vole.
  • Add Tamed tag and Grooming animations to Gassy Moo.
  • Add trussed and escape animations to Shov Vole and baby Shov Vole.
  • Fixed climbing critters being rotated in traps.
  • Bean plants now require cooler temperatures.
  • Bean plants now require Carbon Dioxide atmospheres.
  • Minor optimization in Creature Calorie Monitor.
  • Irrigation requirements no longer show as complete when a plant is wild.
  • Requirements panel now shows for all plants with wilt conditions.
  • Wild and Domestic requirements now show for all plants.
  • Wheezewort and Oxy Fern message that they are more efficient when planted domestically.
  • Decor plants no longer show detailed stats.
  • Add drowning state to baby critters.
  • Flying and Hovering critters will try to navigate out of drowning.
  • Add swim animations to Gassy Moo, Puft and Slickster.
  • Flying and hovering critters use swim animation while moving underwater.
  • Drowning makes critters unhappy.
  • Pacus drop Pacu Fillet instead of regular meat
  • Fixed crash when Shinebugs are lured
  • Increased the food->poop efficiency of the 3 main pufts to 95%
  • Increased the eating rate of all pufts
  • Puft Princes can now eat all 3 puft atmosphere types.
  • Fixed for crash when Dupe attempts to wrangle a creature at the same time it dies
  • All flying critters diets are represented on the lure now
  • Tooltips for Dreckos and other critters that eat plants directly are more clear
  • Balm Lily flower is now compostable

Ore and World

  • Compostables can now be stored
  • Updated element descriptions
  • Water, Saltwater, and Brine now have different densities so they will sort out
  • Balance pass on geysers to boost the minimal geysers somewhat, and reducing the rate of the Slush geyser
  • Min/max ranges of all geysers have been tightened to reduce variability between instances of the same geyser.
  • Added a saltwater geyser


  • Update Duplicants spores expression face.
  • Add Pollen expression face.
  • After recovering from Food Sickness, Slime Sickness, or Zombie Sickness Dupes will not catch the same sickness again for a short time.
  • Dupes won't become exposed to a given germ more than once per cycle.
  • Add fx when Dupe is cured of a sickness.
  • Exposure to digested germs now ramp with the number of germs on the food eaten.
  • Germ exposure status items can now be clicked to jump to the last exposure position.
  • Allergies cause less stress.
  • Rename "The Spores" to Allergies.
  • Antihistamines are produced 10x per recipe.
  • Pollen germs spread a little less well in normal base situations.
  • Germ dieoff actually displays as germ death, instead of growth.
  • Duplicants should no longer be exposed to Slimelung merely by passing through a wandering pocket of germs.
  • Duplicants must inhale germs for several consecutive seconds before becoming exposed.
  • Add sickness cured effect.
  • Germ exposure allows for multiple tiers of exposure.
  • Stretched Germ Resistance range for readability.
  • Fixed how the exposure tiers work in germ exposure monitor.
  • Improve messaging of the germ exposure tooltip.
  • Add Germ Resistance modifier string to describe how large of an effect it is.
  • Germs panel on a Duplicant shows more information about what a Duplicant's germ resistance attribute means.
  • Add a contact with germs status item that simply alerts you if a Duplicant has had contact with a germ type, even if they're not at risk of becoming ill.


  • Fixed crash in Mix Manager.
  • Fixed crash on Debug Paint screen in Korean.
  • Add Steam achievement support.
  • Minisongs are a bit quieter so they are less focused during minisong days.
  • Add crash reporting during world generation.
  • Fixed a bug with the power diagram that was incorrectly computing the neighbours of a cell.
  • When a new language is selected, offer the user the option to Restart, displayed in the new language, or Cancel, displayed in the former language.
  • Switch to fixed geyser count per world.
  • Fixed Pressure vulnerable safe cells.
  • Optimize Lights.
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally try to set element temperatures to below 0K.
  • Fixed crash caused by out-of-date custom game settings
  • Liquid and Gas conduit flow algorithm performance improved.
  • Liquid and Gas conduit flow is more stable and consistent – no more bouncing packets
  • Conduit network recalculation and updating is now multithreaded
  • Items dropped from a storage from the list of stored items can now be picked up
  • Add Swamp Lily seeds to the care packages
  • Fixed bug where one kind of gas could be converted into another when moving towards an empty cell
  • Fixed bug where melting ores could double in mass


  • Significant Mod changes, please refer to our upcoming post on the Mod forum.
  • OniUploader now supports Linux and OSX.
  • High-rez mod uploader icons.
  • Make game resilient against missing food types. Mods that introduce a new food type to save games gracefully handle the missing food type when loaded without the mod.
  • Rename 'pkg' directory to 'mod'.
  • Added post-build copies to move files into mods folder.
  • Oni mod project now correctly lands in the dev folder without configuration.
  • Allow mods to write out their strings template file.
  • Fixed a bug where a mod that was unsubscribed without the game running would not get uninstalled.
  • Removed tooltips from the Done and Workshop buttons.
  • Language will properly revert to the default language if the selected language pack gets uninstalled when the game is not running.
  • Fixed translation mods to properly report their subscription status.
  • Stop trying to load preview images for Steam mods once the retry threshold is exceeded.

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