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  1. I still hope they include it in an update. I've hoped for a while.
  2. In the past I've mentioned that Muckroot stacking was sometimes an issue. I've recently found a situation where a MR behind another is covered in Food Poisoning. It would be nice if MR stayed separate when they collide on map. AFAIK there is no way to look at the properties of the stacked items.
  3. Are the dupes still doing a double foot shake after being in water, or what ever the triggers are? They seem to still kick the feet twice, the animation cycles twice that is. Is that a known issue, or WAI?
  4. havent seen it a while, but glad it's being addressed.
  5. No more than 50kg of ore, 100kg is as much as a ladder. Half as dense, or massive, imho. Please reconsider it.
  6. i've read some Pohl, good writer. Thanks!
  7. it's a bug... but balloons, and mechanical surfboards, and musical hammers....
  8. this insight may help. the rest, meh.... And inadvertently the best likely work-around, ty! Went back to CY55 and will try to disable and reduce priority before hand. Perfect work-around so far.. :)!
  9. I'm telling you, they won't stop, unless I turn off farming period.
  10. short of turning off farming, as a priority. I've tried manually adjusting each natural crop, for priority. I've turned off the auto harvest feature, yet they persist in harvesting the plants. Something is broken. The harvesting tool, de-selector doesn't seem to work either. Can't remember how well this function worked prior, but I don't remember it ever not working entirely. But since Flipping Compost is still attached to Farming, I can't make it stop.
  11. any indication when the next seed reset will be? Any tools for locking out further re-randomizations of seeds, and maps?
  12. any word on POI seed generation? Any time frame for another seed gen reset?