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  1. [Game Update] - 364722

    yay! :shinebug:
  2. they also land on top of ruins. destroying some of the building beneath it. I have it on my current seed, and 4 geysers that are all in extreme close proximity. 10 tiles or so. One destroyed some of the lockers in a ruins POI.
  3. there is a big problem with jobs getting 'lost', I'm not sure if it's the new food poisoning routine, or what. I have been trying to catch the trigger. Not only will they drop things, they will leave job uncompleted forever. And none of the other dupes pick up the task. There is some inconsistency with animation sequences, reactions, etc.. and the 'work' que. I am gonna try to narrow down what the possible culprits are. As I am, again, restarting Luxury Cosmos, because the pathing is terrible, and the decision making. I am going to have to go back to militantly controlling their every movement. They still run from one side of the base to the other to deliver 200kg of stone, then race all the way back to build a single tile. Then it's off across the map, to do a single dig task in a stack of twenty, then all the way back to disinfect the storage container that no one is using.
  4. Food priorities

    One tip. The default schedule will work a bit better if you change bathtime in the AM, to Downtime...By having it set to simply Bathtime, they do get to work faster, but they will starve. Esp. if they have long commutes. Changing the bathroom time to downtime, they get the option to eat in the morning. Not just the option to use the bathroom. That has made starvation stop completely, for me. They still are pressed for time, and don't always get enough sleep. The default schedule is not that good.
  5. Pretty sure it's a minor bug, as it's a new game item. Possibly strings not flagged correctly. Pacu Fillets, so far as I have noticed, seem to be the only food item that does not lose it's germ count when immersed in CH gas. It simply stays the same.... Not sure if thats as expected..
  6. [Game Update] - 361684

    Research screen is incredibly tough to navigate. Were we able to move the screen with a left click and hold? Or is it me...The boundaries of the menu are too large, imho. There is to much padding on the left side, and the top row is unnecessarily thick. Also the dig tool says abys is a 150 hardness, and when you click on it, the dialog menu says it's 200 hardness. I didn't have a picture to post yet in bug reports... At CY200 doing anything else than the game, i.e, if I minimize it, it locks up.
  7. [Game Update] - 361684

    all the sound work is beautiful. :shinebug:
  8. Would it be possible to add the Muckroot to the compostables list in the storage containers menu list?
  9. ok, so thanks for the encouragement, aka kick to pants... I got it...! it really is a great tool... So i noticed the geyser production number just keeps going up....Is the number in relation to the total production, or the individual geyser, which is what i assumed. But, the common factor in these is that they all have 5 cold slush, so is the 7kg/sec for what they will all produce on avg? Or one of them actually produces 7kg/sec while erupting? BTW some of these are pretty incredible. I am not trying to break your tool.
  10. hmm, i recall being able to search for/by geysers specifically. It's how I found a wonderful seed to play when i bought the game, a few weeks ago. I may not be using it correctly, or some of it migrated over to the mod, like your update/change log mentioned. I'm not sure what may be different. I thought I found it by searching for geysers(a cool slush), then widening it by selecting a few more preferred types. As opposed to searching by world gen traits, metal rich, geodormant, etc. It seems i can only search by traits now...
  11. Is there a way to search for geysers, like before. It changed, correct?
  12. I could not help but notice that that asteroid has 6, six!, How on earthy-asteroid, why?, uhh, blergh??!? You are going to play that map? And now at second glance 3 cop vol's what on earth will you do with that bad, bad, bad, very bad, so very bad seed? I mean 15 oil thingies is kinda neat, i guess? I am so confused.
  13. The game still has significant issues with placing, and placement of the objects. And while I realize efforts have been made to reign in the worst offenders. We still have errant geysers, overlapping objects, inconsistencies that I hope will be further addressed. When possible, in the future at some point.
  14. me 3. i love more inspiration....
  15. A good seed is a lovely thing. As a note to this, and as someone who has not experienced endgame material, a good seed goes a long way. Practicing the opening moves and deciding what should be the next task is key to me. Deciding where to commit, and to what extent. I have played the same map now so many times, testing different ways to exploit my surroundings without needing high science. I'm at CY 130, with more than enuff algae, water, and dirt to last for easily hundreds more. Since they increased the density of the tiles, especially in the starter biome, I have had no problems with maintaining the initial 3 dupes. Currently I feel you have almost all the time in the world to step slowly towards the upper ends of the game. You should not feel rushed to get there, not as much as it was when I played LC before. My older version of LC had me running out of materials around CY200 if I did not attempt to develop quicker. I was kinda doomed. The updated seeds are resource heavy, thankfully. Use cariths seed browser, it's great. Or if you want a few very good seeds to choose from hollar at me!