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  1. oni urge rising... great convo. thnx 4 the tips! i felt like I was fixing to flip it on and start playing, i really did the super simple design.
  2. getting to page 3-4 and it seems the topics are all locked, they should be separated from this thread.
  3. they could try. The equivalent of a ten speed bicycle for heavens sake. Do something, anything. I(and others) have asked for this exact stuff 2-3yrs ago.
  4. or at least a version that could. oh, no sorry it's slime farts this week, we haven't made the med machine work yet but we'll get it soon*! So we can ship it in the next update, in a couple months. undoubtedly modern engineering has overcome that, likely as well entities capable of teleportation, and advanced genomics.
  5. a slider for this would be great. If we request 5 new negative trait to be tied with it, they could have it all ready in like 3 weeks?
  6. sounds great, tell them to add fireworks, and glitter. And it will be in next week.
  7. yeah then have the dupes endlessly disinfecting, ignoring all else until they starve. The best thing I ever found was turning it off. You aren't wrong in that they will clean more, but using that as a workaround just leaves you open to issues that didn't need to happen in the first place. One of my hard gripes is lighting, they simply refuse to indulge any new type of light, directional, intensity, hell colored lights would be cool af, esp if they were unified as a wall paper that maybe resembled a lava lamp, so where ever you built one, or a window? you could see that part of the optics beneath it. But lighting overall, we had that lamp and the ceiling light. I mean, we get 30 happy funtime things, and practically no logical, reasonable, useable, desired things. But water coolers, but saunas, but colored projection panels... Nope batteries come in only two sizes forever. Must have exact same storage, forever. And for the longest time, ridiculously ONE pump, forever! There is only one pump type that will ever be needed! Whatever.... Honestly I am surprised they are not on the tenth generation massage table, now only needs three times the power! But not a better power generating cycle machine... OOOOhhh! But ballons! But sparkles!!!! Whheeeee! Can we shake hands every time we pass? How about we hug??!?!?! WHHHEHEHHHEHEHeeee! AAAAwww but thats right, we're all gonna die in ten due to lack of oxygen, stay close everyone! #SPARKLES!!!
  8. Well done! You have a future as a diplomat quite deft handling there. My chin won't smart for long with the precision kids gloves you applied. I'd want you on my side. Way to swat someone with a q-tip, gg. While I appreciate that it may have definite complexities. And they themselves have suggested previously it is so, to that degree. But, why not attempt to adjust or recreate segments or some portion, as opposed to running wholeheartedly towards even more systems laid down on that?(Spaced-Out) It doesn't necessarily make sense too me. Yet, I have been around long enough, and worked in the industry myself that I know how invested people become in the safe known rigidity. I'm saying take a step back, is it possible that it's time to redo it? With the foresight and technical skill they've acquired. They have depth of feedback, tons of analysis, etc They know a lot about what makes us tick, and how to make ONI tick. Whats the issue with saying enough is enough? Is it actually antiquated and time to start anew? ONI as is can stand to float for some number of years 3-5?(Conditionally with some support and mild maintenance & updating) and still provide revenue. And in that time they could lay the groundwork for a more applied contextual version. With the improvements that can be made with modern digital performance and power. They have a much clearer, and firmer spot from which to produce a deeply considered, fully fleshed-out. A pleasingly intricate summation of thought and comparison, that ONI now would look like some thing being played by a dupe on a tablet in-hand. I'm saying they can try to improve this one, and it can work for awhile. Or they can lay the groundwork for the next decade of ONI, in the new decade. By then VR will be king, and this thing I'm typing on will be dust in the wind. And really how hard is it to give us some more conditional controls? Where is the harm, how is the brand hurt by allowing to have some say in density, layout, quantity, quality, in a more granular sense than, this world is happy joy time +3 decor. I want to discern for myself quantity, and quality and caliber of the functional aspects of the asteroids, the size, the temp, comparative land type volumes, for example, the last being how much sandstone do I want appearing vs slime. If it were a terra map for example. How much iron, avg temp, localized temps. Values in gravity, hell light hues just jumped to mind. Or the plainly practical lunch pails? That keeps stuff at temp, even though I suppose refrigerators may still be having issues? But no new fridge. Check out that hot tub. Light fixtures(?), now radioactive lightbugs! Semi-helpful and/or intuitive method of control gas/liquid movements. Half sized pump guys! Still water locks, for those that dislike the work-around. I myself kind of like the water/air/gas lock, it's a a neat puzzle. But mechanical doors I think until recently had issues with wire behind it .i could go on, but old hands typing. at my limit I'd rather they spend two weeks figuring out how to let me just change the overall hue of light on the map, than one more comfort item. They actually made musical hammers..... but not a 'better' game. explain to me that. ^ rhetorical
  9. I have asked for this in the past. And many similar things. Just some variety around the edges. Utterly and completely ignored, oft times derided and/or ridiculed. Some consciously better generalistically. Like the more informative charts, the better save method, and a few others have wiggled their way in. But the 'tailor it how you want stuff' seems to be a total no go at Klei.(for ONI, AFAIK). Whoever the IP person is has an iron grip on that system. I really hope they do it. I don't know why they are so retentive about the specific form of the game. That it has to be griefy and nonmalleable. Only in this one tiny arc will the content be allowed too be enjoyed, possibly. Any deviation from this narrow scope will not be considered. Requests for simplistic additions, or logical reasoning will be ignored. Unless they are decor or entertainment objects, that and only that suggestion type will be entertained. Concerted effort by the AI(Dupes) to accomplish tasks will be secondary to fulfilling ceaseless petty entertainment, rest, appetite, hygiene, emotional and more, demands. Practical things are largely ignored by the studio, IMHO. So I agree, and I am not informed or intelligent enough for the voronoi pattern stuff, I had to copy pasta that cause I never heard of it. Likely shud do like the other and follow-up, but nah. Maybe later I'm too old.... I like that manhattan style map looks cool