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  1. How dare you! That is Nisbet! And they are called "duplicants" for a reason.
  2. I got a huuuuuge performance drop from this update. Edit: After reloading the map it is smooth again, for some reason the first load was really chunky from the start but it is much better now. Edit 2: After only about a cycle we are back to single digit framerates, has anyone else had this issue?
  3. I also had a hard time seeing that one. We are literally getting water for free from geysers and vents, I didn't understand how it was gamebreaking to work for it. You said yourself that you'd get roughly the same level from a cool slush geyser, why isn't that a problem? I also wouldn't call it a simple setup, dealing with the CO2 and heat requires a decent amount of engineering for the average player. All of these are just my subjective opinion and I appreciate hearing yours.
  4. My opinion is that ethanol power isn't/wasn't OP. I don't understand why "infinite power" is a concern when there is a hard limit imposed by how many acorns you have. You can get more from the printer but they won't come at a rate that puts it in danger of becoming unbalancing. In 1200 cycles I've gotten 8, and I selected them every time they came up. From that I could *almost* get a net 1000 W, which is still much less than the potential from natural gas, solar, and steam, even coal from hatches. In Arboria you'll start out with 15-20 acorns which makes ethanol a more interesting power strategy there, but you will still have that hard limit.
  5. I got a huge performance boost from this patch, I suppose those crabs were to blame!
  6. I'm on cycle 53 and my dupes are still using outhouses! I'm worried they are going to stage a (smelly) coup
  7. I was just playing a game on Volcanea and doing my best to fend off the encroaching heat. It was looking doubtful that I'd be able to react in time and I was loving every second of it. Then I hooked up my sieve for the first time and BAM! Black hole! Kudos to the devs for making such a fun game, and I hope very much that "crunch time" is balanced for them.