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  1. Exactly this. Whenever I get this bug, it seems like something that is in the grill storage is preventing delivery of other ingredients. Composting everything currently in the grill fixes it for sure. Rebuilding/reloading/emptying *sometimes* fixes it, but the problem food is still there, so sometimes it comes back. Emptying and changing all recipes to 0, then picking just 1 recipe for forever for a few cycles, and adding back one recipe at a time almost always fixes it, it forces through the problem food that way. I usually end up with different grills dedicated to different recipes in late game bases; this seems to solve it entirely.
  2. Not 100% positive cause im not at home atm but if I recall in the dupe status menu it will state 'exposed to slimelung.'
  3. I should clarify. If enough dupes were exposed, then at least 1 of those 3 that were exposed will be randomly selected, when they wake, to be infected. You are correct, they must be exposed first. I worded it that way because there are a few other things this also implies: * If enough dupes are exposed, you get sick, period. The random roll is on who gets sick, not whether or not there will be an illness. * You can still prevent this pre-infection. If the current patch says 3 normal dupes need to be exposed for the check to be made on slimelung, and only 3 are exposed during the day, then 1 dupe taking a booster right before bed will up the bar to 3.5 dupes. Meaning if only those 3 were exposed, no one gets sick. If 4 were exposed, then 1 of those 4 will be.
  4. Ironically, the sun nymph egg is the one part I think they did perfect lol. They wanted zombie spores to be something hard that would catch you unawares late game. Like deerclops in Don't Starve. Let players die and restart 50 times and finally feel like they have a handle on the game and then throw them a curve ball. Sun nymphs being something that most players won't have ever ranched makes them a perfect prereq.
  5. So a few different things going on (and please note devs have said that current version is not final version, they still want to adjust the balance a little more so I'm going to try to avoid using numbers that are subject to change): 1) It doesn't really matter if its 1 germ or 1 million, just that the dupe is exposed. 2) Food poisoning must be consumed (did you wash your hands?), slimelung must be inhaled 3) Each night, the game sees how many dupes were exposed to a germ the night before, then makes a calculation. If enough dupes were exposed, then at least 1 will be randomly selected when they wake to be infected. The exact number of dupes that have to be exposed before you get an infection is based on both the dupe's immunity (traits and boosters affect this) as well as the contagious level of the disease. For example, in the current patch, if 3 dupes are exposed in one day to slimelung all of which have normal health and haven't taken boosters then tomorrow one of them will be sick. 4) A dupe sick with slimelung sneezes. Which can continue the spread inside your base. This is how your inside only dupes are getting sick. You're going to want to make a bunch of medicine packs and try to kill it off entirely. 5) The broken counter-play in the current build: Buddy bud plants. Floral scents and slimelung don't exist in the same tile. Hanging plants by your airlocks and in the medbay since they might be sneezing there and you're good. You just have to not take any allergic dupes, since current patch allergies are worse than slimelung.
  6. This seems intentional for early game balance. The more material you have in one tile, the more insulating it is from heat transfer. Un-dug tiles act as insulators to help protect your early base from the extreme heat or cold that surrounding biomes can have. They only wanted you to have 300-500kg worth of material per tile, but wanted to gift your early base 500-1000kg worth of insulation on all sides until you forage outwards.
  7. Since it sounds like you are trying to optimize your tuner, you might also want to be aware that it will use the same amount of power regardless of what fluid is going through the pipes as well. It always drops the fluid by 14 degrees. Which means though petroleum might seem like a good coolant due to it's wide liquid state temperature range, it has half the specific heat capacity of water/polluted water, meaning you get half the heat transfer for the same amount of power.
  8. Sorry, but this is incorrect. Updates have always been Tuesdays (hence the activity on this thread yesterday). Which only makes sense - with a few rare exceptions, video games, dvds, and music albums always come out on Tuesdays. It's an industry standard. Industry standard is for releases to be on Tuesdays, so perhaps the last two updates being on Tuesday was a move towards syncing up with the release?
  9. On behalf of the Geriatric Irate Technicians and Generally Useless Dupes (GIT GUD), players need to be taken out of the equation. If you don't want to use duplicant labor, there is a vast array of automation that can flip the switch for you. The need for manual operation of switch is clearly poor base design, the fault of management, not the duplicant union. Poor duplicants should not have their jobs taken from them by a a group of player scrub labor. You don't want a strike on your hands.
  10. I was thinking about this when I mentioned extreme fog of war - I'm wondering if there is a way to mod the fog of war to where if there are no buildings in an area *and* no dupe has been there in say, 40 cycles, fog of war returns to that area and the game just stores the info on what was there but no longer calculates temps/gas exchanges/dupe errand list/pathfinding
  11. Difficulty options: Vents/geysers that are idle periodically and randomly Extreme fog of war - Instead of being able to 'see' the whole map so long as a dupe has been within 15 tiles (or whatever it currently is) you can only see the wall. You *have* to dig to see what lies ahead. You won't know if you are about to hit slimelung or a volcano until you actually do. New radar building or metal detecting skill lets you see a little farther. Dupes die of old age Plants in conditions that are good enough to grow but not ideal have a chance of just dying off, forcing you to use a new seed. Possible to lose your whole crop if you have extended non-ideal farming. Building upkeep; similar to the current repair due to overheating/wrong element feature, have some buildings that simply always need upkeep. Oxidation? Make damaged buildings dangerous to dupes operating them, rather than just eventually broken. No starting biome - add a dirt and copper biome, but get rid of the early game hand-holding. Make it more like don't starve where you explore a while before deciding where to set up camp. Diseases for critters Additional features not related to difficulty that are mainly just useful QoL buildings: Differential automation. Inputs are two sensors (temp, pressure, etc). Output is active if A is greater than B Storage action based checkpoints. A door that is connected to a storage bin. To go through this door, you have to X (have an immunity boost or if you don't, take a pill from storage. Be wearing a cool vest or if you don't, put one on from storage). Pipe sizes. A smaller pipe taking the same 1 tile space (for simplicity's sake) but only allows 2.5 kg/s liquid or 250g/s gas. A large pipe taking 2 tiles (or same 1 tile but requires high level materials) that allows 40kg/s / 4kg/s. Outpost room. A room type with a max of 4 cots, that also requires a fridge, decor item, and toilet all in the same room. Home away from home. (shamlessly stolen from steam forums) Plant evolution. Same way critters can change to have different needs and outputs, crops should as well. (also from steam) Vent inputs. NOT something that just allows gas to come into a pipe due to high pressure - that isn't the way game packets work. But the option to have an input vent in a room that leads to a pump that vacuums the gas/liquid into the pipe, pulling it to where the pump is located. This way you can have a centralized distribution network where your pumps use automation to decide where to pull from.
  12. It was changed in a recent patch. Gold used to be +75C overheat modifier. Iron had no bonus. Current patch, iron and gold are both +50C
  13. Benchmark Thread

    9 times out of 10 I agree with all of this. Last night was busy with Friday night things, hence the silly mod/scroll/zoom benchmarking (though I do think the zoom and scroll issue, showing that performance of what is being calculated by the game vs what the graphics card is displaying is a separate issue that we should also look into) . Should be able to get more standard numbers with my AMD setup tomorrow.
  14. Benchmark Thread

    AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.20 GHz 8 GB DDR4 2400 1 TB 7200 RPM am I the only old fart not using solid state? AMD Radeon RX 560 4 GB GDDR5 Win 10 64 bt 1920x1080 @59Hz, Fullscreen Chrome and Windows running in background eating half my ram. Loading time: 1 min 52 seconds yay not solid state! FPS: paused and 1x: Zoomed all the way in, 41-45 depending on what was on screen Zoomed all the way out: 22 (modded; entire asteroid on screen and running) 3x: zoom in: 26-29 zoom out: 17 10x: zoom in: 19-21 zoom out: 11-12 Was using bigger camera zoom out and speed control mods (sorry, didn't take the time to test at 2x as well). Saw huge fps differences based on not only how much was on screen, but whether it was active with animations. But even at 10x speed, zoomed out enough that I was at 13fps, never saw any of the extreme lag when scrolling that the game had pre-pathfinding multithreading. Felt sluggish when scrolling or zooming, but fps always jumped back up when not moving around. What this game needs is a minimap. Playing with this base and the whole map revealed it really felt like half of the lag could be eliminated with a click map to move camera instead of processing every little thing on the way to it.
  15. A Puft's Story

    The problem with base building games is we tend to care more about how much exists as a static constant, not how much has existed from now to eternity. So ultimately, 1kg of slime tiles results in 0 kg of slime. But it also gets converted to infinite meat.