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  1. Badlands. It's not that it is difficult, but it's so boring I don't have the stamina to care enough to get a base to survive
  2. I do think this is part of it. Put another way, its not that the dupe did a digging task, sees a nearby object, and decides to take it to a convenient bin. It's that the dupe finished his digging task, moved on to storage tasks. The game scans for the first bin that needs items put in it. That happens to be the one very far away. And luckily, there is a nearby item that can go there, so he picks it up and then makes the journey. The main thing is the bin is what the storage task is based on, not the item on the ground. Which is why a high priority bin fixes the issue.
  3. Going to do my best to not make a joke
  4. [Game Update] - 358267

    I never understood this argument. Yes, logically you would follow a big-endian format instead of middle-endian, but not *all* aspects of life need to be dictated by logic. Middle-endian, at the top left of a page, is a formal announcement. It's all about style. Personally I think we should go back to Nones and Ides ~ And we aren't completely alone! Alongside we yanks, South Africans, Kenyans, Ghanaians, Filipinos, Malaysians, Somalians, Togolese, Panamanians, Cayman Islanders, Greenlanders (Kalaallits?), and as the fine folks at Klei demonstrated, Canadians, while all officially using the ISO format, also think that middle endian is perfectly fine Edit: But on a serious note, if we are fixing achievements, red/green is still sub-optimal. It is counting automation ports on POIs as automation made by the colony.
  5. This might be less than you think. 30 tonnes algae = 27.272 tonnes of O2 (assuming deodorizers). A normal dupe breathes 60kg of O2 per cycle. You're looking at 45 days of breathing (algae is always deceptive in the early game since you keep digging more of it. But once it's gone...) Edit: though i just reread and saw you do have electrolizers for your suits. So it isn't a drastic concern, but in the next hundred cycles you will need to transition to these for your base as well, which then means needing to regulate heat
  6. I prefer them where they are; the higher tier vents can lead to popped ear drums and a host of other gas problems. Things someone who already has plastic can probably handle, but someone just starting out probably can't.
  7. A single automation wire 4 long + 62 mechanical doors is counted as 66 automation wires in the buildings list of the colony summary screen.
  8. InB4 it turns out to be a massive IPSquiggle troll and meteors are completely disabled on Arboria
  9. Storage priority

    99% sure this is working as intended. If I have a high priority storage, I want it to fill up first. This can most quickly be achieved by taking max carrying capacity from a nearby lower priority bin then by picking up one piece at a time from a sweep errand on the other side of the map. If you wanted to force the dups to pick up off the floor, you could set the bins to 'sweep only' and then mark the items on the ground that you want them to sweep
  10. Didn't Klei give a free copy of any other Klei game to EA players a Christmas or two ago?
  11. Hahah, best patch note: Fixed crash if Shove Vole attempts to poop off the edge of the world.
  12. LAUNCH!!!

    Lol, of course you posted while poor @Ipsquiggle was busy typing
  13. Congratulations! I'm shocked to see Meep survived all the way to launch
  14. All biomes?

    Fuleria is a mod on steam that has a user designed asteroid with all biomes. It's alot of fun.