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  1. I never understood this argument. Yes, logically you would follow a big-endian format instead of middle-endian, but not *all* aspects of life need to be dictated by logic. Middle-endian, at the top left of a page, is a formal announcement. It's all about style. Personally I think we should go back to Nones and Ides ~ And we aren't completely alone! Alongside we yanks, South Africans, Kenyans, Ghanaians, Filipinos, Malaysians, Somalians, Togolese, Panamanians, Cayman Islanders, Greenlanders (Kalaallits?), and as the fine folks at Klei demonstrated, Canadians, while all officially using the ISO format, also think that middle endian is perfectly fine Edit: But on a serious note, if we are fixing achievements, red/green is still sub-optimal. It is counting automation ports on POIs as automation made by the colony.
  2. A single automation wire 4 long + 62 mechanical doors is counted as 66 automation wires in the buildings list of the colony summary screen.
  3. 99% sure this is working as intended. If I have a high priority storage, I want it to fill up first. This can most quickly be achieved by taking max carrying capacity from a nearby lower priority bin then by picking up one piece at a time from a sweep errand on the other side of the map. If you wanted to force the dups to pick up off the floor, you could set the bins to 'sweep only' and then mark the items on the ground that you want them to sweep
  4. Hahah, best patch note: Fixed crash if Shove Vole attempts to poop off the edge of the world.
  5. Congratulations! I'm shocked to see Meep survived all the way to launch
  6. For 2 years we have had very limited tool tips and tutorials and for good reason - why spend the man hours making a perfect manual if it might all change in 2 weeks? This one little line tucked away in yesterday's update, more than any other update or announcement from the team in the last 6 months, makes me suspect that full release is right around the corner.
  7. So what you are saying is, a 200-250 dupe sustained base could be possible with the right seed....
  8. Was given 'Outdoor Renovations' on cycle 1; at first I thought it was becuase the asteroid I chose doesn't have the classic starting biome. But then it also gave me 'Totally Tubular' on cycle 15 . Outrageous Dwelling.sav
  9. Fabrication buildings should grant the correct experience type.
  10. Insulate the Pitcher Pump's storage to prevent the elements from incorrectly cooling or heating the area around the pump. Ice Maker now deletes 20% of the heat from water instead of almost all of it. Conveyor loaders will dispense items in a round-robin manner, to ensure they dispense all materials they contain and not just the first one. Fix egg incubator always resetting to continuous on load. Fabrication building order queuing has been overhauled, they should no longer become stuck or stop processing orders. Mechanized Airlocks no longer complain about being flooded when open underwater. Fix gaps when dragging to build a long row of tiles, wire, pipes. Fix hats not displaying when using the Sick Bay. Add Super Hard Dig Skill to mine Diamond and Obsidian. Egg Cracker operation and fetch are now cooking chores. Add compound and medical supply chore types in the care prioritization category. Allergies cause less stress. Fix Building lists not scrolling correctly. Fabrication buildings should grant the correct experience type. Did they literally fix everything? I think ghost pipes are the only thing missed?
  11. This seems intentional for early game balance. The more material you have in one tile, the more insulating it is from heat transfer. Un-dug tiles act as insulators to help protect your early base from the extreme heat or cold that surrounding biomes can have. They only wanted you to have 300-500kg worth of material per tile, but wanted to gift your early base 500-1000kg worth of insulation on all sides until you forage outwards.
  12. As of Qol III, slime without exosuits is to be avoided at all costs unless you have boosters ready (or just don't care that they are all sick, since penalties are lessened). A dupe sick with slimelung now sneezes, spreading it throughout your base. And it might be a few days before an exposed dupe actually catches it. Quarantine the little bastard. The issue might have nothing to do with their exploration