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  1. Not necessarily at all. A lot of newly introduced content in this game is introduced with copy/pasted details from pre-existing buildings. In the past we've had many occurrences of this - maybe in this instance the "Engies tune up" automatically changes the output wattage by 50%, however the wattage calcs aren't being applied. Maybe all #Generators are tuneable.
  2. Sounds like you need a MMMMMMMMMM (patent pending).
  3. 20kg. Been like this for as long as I can recall.
  4. SPOM questions

    Nothing to do with a SPOM, just an ancient bugged mechanic for outputting erroneous ratios.
  5. Longhair Slickster - I'd start by telling it how worthless it is, then i'd make a scarf out of it - then i'd burn the scarf.
  6. Anyone done any testing with pipe element sensors/shutoffs? they seem to be completely broken for me - i.e. randomly letting the wrong packets through. Also it doesn't seem to allow you to roll your save back to the previous build : @Ipsquiggle / @fatheroctopus / @klei.ruby
  7. Beautiful thank you. Will do some more tinkering and see how it plays out. Honestly though, for the last 10 cycles I've ran in my old colony, it feels no different performance wise. *Edit* for context - here are a couple of saves to play with, I loaded and played them briefly on both launch release and testing release - i'd argue the testing release actively feels worse. Brassy Blue Balls With FastSave.sav Stream Base for Ipsquiggle.sav
  8. Load times feel worse than using the Fast Save mod. Maybe a slight improvement over the game without mods, however things definitely loaded faster with the mod. @Ipsquiggle / @fatheroctopus Were any changes made re: the excessive logging entries detailed here :
  9. Hate to say it, but I feel I may have a case of performance patch anxiety.... Good to know you're working on things though, much love!
  10. I think you're missing my point. In your scenario, with your gas pressures outside, it may be fine - however, it will cook the external materials over time. Especially if those external gasses aren't being replenished/dispersed into other nearby gasses, i.e. an adjoining build - maybe a turbine build below, something like that etc. Imagine if somebody has a liquid lock below their version of your build filled with a small amount of water for example. For that reason, I feel that if you were aware of this "feature" of your build when making the video, then you should have mentioned it in case somebody slaps one of these in their base and winds up cooking a load of stuff and not understanding why. Cycle count is irrelevant - the 700 cycles you've mentioned is misleading, it'd happen in less than 10. The external temperature of anything in contact with those tiles would then begin to change accordingly. I'm only saying this because people will see your video and literally copy/paste it into their base. When they do that, and there's a mistake/flaw, it leads to people wasting their time building it, flaming you, spamming the forums, etc etc. It's just not helpful I saw that glaring mistake straight away, others might not. That's what I think about it, and I hope you take it on board as feedback rather than an attack.
  11. This is entirely untrue You should have mentioned it in the video regardless if you were aware of it. This is how accidents happen
  12. I just used the neutronium to explain where I meant. If you had ran the build for long enough before making the video, those insulated tiles would have started reaching the solid gold temps, which in turn will start cooking things outside the build. You're also wasting energy in the cooling/diamond window area for the same reason. The easiest solution is a 1 tile high vacuum below the lowest conveyor line. Something I experienced in my last playthrough when handling 1400c igneous.
  13. By running rails above neutronium/insulated tiles at the bottom, you're technically bleeding lots of heat into those tiles. Conveyor rails interact with any tiles below them.
  14. rapid ice melter

    ^^^ this. Cheap iron rails, any mass of material, and run your ice through it on a loop. Just make sure you leave space for the water to find a home