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  1. All info can be found above, including the old bug report from 2018 that may be relevant to the issue.
  2. Picture should say it all - not sure what needs to change, but this is a frequent occurrence, here it happened twice on the same save within 30 tiles of each other. Most commonly occurs on the left side of the map in my experience - if geysers spawn on the right side of the map within the neutronium border they often overwrite the neutronium, never on the left side though. This is a very old bug, needs fixing please.
  3. As already posted above, some of these bugs have been around for over 2 years and still havn't been fixed - keeping them on the devs respective radars is surely how to get them resolved? I'm sure they don't need the pitchfork brigade to breakout as soon as someone tries to highlight certain issues. I know lots of people that have stopped playing entirely due to bugs within the game - these people often drop the game for a while with a view to return in a few months when things are hopefully fixed. The problem is a lot of these issues are not being resolved, and so players return - start a fresh playthrough, encounter the same crap, uninstall. Overly dramatic? No. Concerned about the future of the game? Yes. Your opinion of game breaking may differ from mine, however let's try and meet in the middle - theres an entire bug tracker thread of "realistic feedback" - go check how many of them have been fixed. Go check how many have been "acknowledged" a very long time ago and yet to be fixed. Should we just continue to post recycled bug reports to add to the archive? Surely it'd be smarter to ask the devs genuine questions directly when the opportunity arises.
  4. Any news on the off-screen temperature bugs? @Ipsquiggle I know a lot of players, myself included, have sort of given up on the game until you work through the plethora of game breaking bugs we have currently. Conveyor rail interactions, 1kg pipe packets, thermal rounding errors, etc etc. The major bugs that actually balls up the simulation. Not worth running fresh playthroughs when you know you're going to be confronted by age-old bugs that still havn't been remedied.
  5. Anyone done any testing with pipe element sensors/shutoffs? they seem to be completely broken for me - i.e. randomly letting the wrong packets through. Also it doesn't seem to allow you to roll your save back to the previous build : @Ipsquiggle / @fatheroctopus / @klei.ruby
  6. Beautiful thank you. Will do some more tinkering and see how it plays out. Honestly though, for the last 10 cycles I've ran in my old colony, it feels no different performance wise. *Edit* for context - here are a couple of saves to play with, I loaded and played them briefly on both launch release and testing release - i'd argue the testing release actively feels worse. Brassy Blue Balls With FastSave.sav Stream Base for Ipsquiggle.sav
  7. Load times feel worse than using the Fast Save mod. Maybe a slight improvement over the game without mods, however things definitely loaded faster with the mod. @Ipsquiggle / @fatheroctopus Were any changes made re: the excessive logging entries detailed here :
  8. Hate to say it, but I feel I may have a case of performance patch anxiety.... Good to know you're working on things though, much love!
  9. @JarrettM @Ipsquiggle Was the save I sent you ever looked at? I see another update with more bandaid fixes and tweaks to previous bugs, but no real mention of performance fixes. Is it possible we can get some sort of insight into when we'll get some real performance fixes. As someone who is interacting with potential new players on a daily basis - it's very hard for me to answer the question "Should I buy this game?" when the base they're watching is running like stuttery laggy crap. I speak only for myself but at this point I couldn't give a toss about wiring changes, nor any additional content. Fix the game in it's current state or your player base simply won't be here for any future DLC you have planned.
  10. @Ipsquiggle Dupes "pondering" for 5 seconds between jobs. Various overlays (harvest, liquid piping, gas piping are the worst offenders) taking 5-10 seconds to open/close. FPS dive-bombing into the dirt during pan/zoom. And just general all round low FPS/game stuttering on a gaming rig that's twiddling its thumbs. These aren't new complaints/issues - they've been mentioned repeatedly since pre-launch patches. PM me for a save.
  11. @Ipsquiggle @CheerioThe most recent update still feels laggier, and with more input delay when selecting overlays/tools than before QoL Mk 1... Memory usage is still tanking through the roof shortly after loading a save. Something is/has been fundamentally broken here. I understand you've addressed : Any chance of more information about late game optimisation in general? The rocket lag was a very particular problem, but the constant game hangs, overlay stutters, interaction delay, panning lag - it's something most players will experience, and it is horrendous to play. I'm currently at cycle ~900 of a playthrough, and at this point the game is so uncomfortable to play, i'm on the verge of binning off the game entirely until this is fixed. Some sort of update/information regarding this would be genuinely helpful please.
  12. Huzzah! Launch trailer looks brilliant, hope everything goes swimmingly. Much love you glorious Klei Bast..... employees! xoxoxoxoxoxox
  13. That is exactly why i'm trying to clarify now - otherwise we may have the same fix in the future without considering/checking the full implications again.