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  1. This all seems pretty straight forward and obvious to me. Not sure what you think is a bug here. The dupes have to go through an animation, in doing so their speed is restricted. More dupes/sweepers is more simultaneous animations = faster. Have I missed your point ? *edit* Completely missed the point here, after looking over the vids above/below again its clearly some janky shenanigans afoot
  2. No idea, always had to use steel doors in the past. Very sneaky change.
  3. When corner locks fail it's nearly always caused by flash boiling/flash freezing/sublimation displacement. I only use corner locks for temporary access for those reasons, they're super convenient but have too many derpy things that can break them (for me, it's nearly always a dupe carrying a bottle of water or a tiny blob of ice...). I don't think viscosity really comes into the equation much, but I could be wrong. From my observations it's generally a flash boil that buggers them.
  4. Don't forget - lead can be 9970kg per tile (hence "huge pool of lead") Same with molten gold - iron/aluminium being 7870kg pet tile. In extreme heat builds you can make some ridiculously small exchangers using molten metals.
  5. Depending on what you're moving, a huge pool of liquid lead works quite nicely too
  6. Quick question - what happens if/when a critter lays an egg here :
  7. or it can become trapped if there is a trapped packet of gas to stop it. Same old rules apply - one element per tile, 1g of oil will stop infinite tons of water, etc etc. Likewise 1g of a trapped gas can do the same.
  8. What in the world did I just spend 5 seconds watching 2 minutes of :P
  9. The easiest way to do what you want is to connect a clock sensor to each machine, and set each one to be active at a different portion of your recreation time. I.e. coffee before 9pm, arcade 9-10pm, juicer 10-11pm. It'll heavily restrict your dupes options, but will avoid frying your wire if that's what you're trying to do.
  10. Hey let's be clear here, we have no forced reason to agree, this is a FORUM - people often forget where that word originates from : "a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged." I wasn't being harsh, I was being straight with you and explaining my point. I don't see anywhere where I was harsh with you, I provided an absurd analogy for comedic effect, but other than that I don't feel I was violent/mean towards you. Harsh would be "You're an idiot, now get out!" with no further explanation/expansion/justification I'm British, we don't mince words for fear of unnecessary over-sensitivity. The main difference between my views and a lot of peoples views around here is that i'm willing to have mine changed by opposing facts. Had you come back with an official stance from Klei, i'd have been forced to eat my words and do a 180 on my stance. Knowing that this doesn't exist, I decided to share with you my opinions. Disregard them if you want, that's entirely your choice/right. Me personally, I prefer to be informed and not go around spreading other peoples nonsense - I think we could do with more of that in the world right now.
  11. Hah, I share your feelings on this one, I always groan at the concept of "Alright, I suppose we do actually need to start ranching now!" but the rewards are always invaluable. Again, just to be clear - In no way was I trying to tear your build apart, I was genuinely looking for understanding. Efficiency is always something that people strive for around here so I very much get where you're coming from. My focus is normally to strive for efficiency only in the areas with the biggest payoffs, i.e. material handling, dupe logistics, etc as I personally do play every colony well into the 1000cycles mark. Knowing that the end of the colony is inevitably being caused by poor game optimisation and is inescapable makes me cherry pick where I focus my efforts. It might be insightful for you to try a ~1500 cycle playthrough so that you can see how some of these builds behave in the late game though, it might shock you how things start coming apart at the seams, it may also give some insight in to why some people handle game mechanics the way they do. I only wish the Klei devs would do the same
  12. Not really, what I was saying (and was maybe badly worded) is that unless you're monitoring your coal production/meat supply to the exact required amounts, it really doesn't matter all that much if you occasionally aren't running with 8 mature critters. If you were to run a base whereby you needed the exact amount of resources, i'd still advise a buffer of an additional stable for additional coal (i.e. ceramic/refined carbon manufacturing) or additional meat (rotting/dropped/stem cells/whatever). At which point it's irrelevant. You and I both know the biggest hit to ranching time isn't dupe travel time, but critter reaction/travel time. A very visual and painful example being the drecko. This confuses me - your build is 36 tiles larger than a standard full size hatch ranch, due entirely to the fact you manage the population outside of the stable. Makes no sense to me. If you're talking compact, you can't get smaller than the build I've already explained above. Mines 5 tiles larger. This isn't entirely true - or rather it's only partly true. Yes - if you build 20 loaders in each ranch it would cost you more metal - but in terms of power, it would be the exact same usage. In terms of materials - Loaders/sweepers aren't expensive, neither are conveyor rails. Regardless, your build costs more in materials than any i've seen, again due to the fact that each stable requires an additional loader/sweeper for population management. You could achieve the exact same with some automation wire and an element sensor connected to a chute. In terms of power - Loaders/sweepers only consume power when they're active. Doesn't matter if you have 1 or 100, it'd use the same amount of power to move the same resources. I'm really not trying to take your build apart bud, you should know my mindset/manner from stream - i'm just confused by what you've offered here based on your reasons for offering it (if that makes sense?). If your focus is cost in terms of space/power/materials - you've missed the mark entirely. The kcal min/maxing is something that really doesn't interest me, so i'm probably not the best to discuss that with. Historically @wachunga was never a fan of tinkering with critter builds - I suspect like me he hates the fact that debug refining them is a pain in the backside due to hatching times/maturity etc. I'm sure if he's got the bug though he'll be a worthy ally for you to figure this out With you only playing to cycle 300ish, maybe you don't experience this all that much - play to cycle 800+ then see how you feel. Play to cycle 1200+ and then come buy me a beer I'm not saying that yours or wachungas builds aren't perfect by the way, I understand that it saves ~5 cycles per critter in terms of maturity but as stated above unless you're minmaxing your coal/food it really is a non-issue to begin with. I agree, but I think you can do it much easier.
  13. Again, it's utter nonsense. Regularly we've posed questions to the devs on twitch, and regularly they get answered by someone who *thinks* they know the answer, and respond with any old answer to appease twitch chat. 9 times out of 10 it's wrong, misleading or *subject to change*. Just like when we were told "nobody knows how voids were added to the game" or "morbs will totally be ranch-able in the future" or "yeah, we've totally fixed (insert any ancient bug here)".These are just farcical things that get fed to twitch chat by people who are already out of their comfort zone. Basing your facts off a vod that you can't find, from a stream you don't remember, at a time you can't recall is not exactly citing your source. I'm aware, doesn't change a thing. If enough people told you the earth was made of biscuit, would you believe them?
  14. Seems you can build it either way, door first then feeder or feeder first then door. Looks odd, but works fine.