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  1. been in the game files for over 18 months, been waiting for this little burrowing hog for some time myself
  2. Space artifacts/junk

    @Denisetwin Sadly though it's a very small inclusion rate in a very expensive recipe, that realistically only has very little real use. In short, abyssalite isn't the bottleneck of the recipe, so we ideally need some more things to use it in/for. My suggestion has always been to give us "Abyssalite infused pumps" and things of that sort for extreme temperatures, and now more than ever it'd make sense considering theres bugger all else we can use it for
  3. The reddit thread is nothing to do with Sam, you'll have to check reddit to speak to the OP.
  4. Yes, of course it is. Doesn't matter what the outcome is - if you've found a way to exploit or glitch the game, then chances are that you've found an exploit or glitch And let's be clear - I'm not against them, I regularly build over pressurised tanks for my gasses/liquids - and generally advise others to do so as well. Where I've always chosen to draw the line is with the old hydra builds (and variants of) that force additional materials to be produced for no increase in cost - which is exactly what your bugged electrolyzer is doing. Now, if in the in-game description it said "You can potentially bug the hell out of this electrolyzer by covering it with liquid, or creating momentary vacuums that will yield you greater output for no additional input cost" - then hell, happy days. It doesn't though. It says a fixed output as the screenshot above clearly shows. Put in X, get out Y. Just like the current transformer bug is breaking the game by giving free power, I'd argue that bugging electrolyzers is no less "exploity" - even moreso, as you're intentionally doing it.
  5. No no, let's be clear here - it's a glitch/exploit/bug (or whatever other term you choose) - plain and simple, and there's nothing wrong with that - just don't try and dress it up as something else Talk of phenomenons and physical concepts don't counter the fact that this exists : Putting wheels on a horse doesn't make it a car... It makes it a horsemobile
  6. Hah! When the game states the exact output of a building, and you force it to output more than those stated values, i'm fairly sure that's a glitch Just like when we used to be able to build tiles over the top of geysers (or when world gen overlapped geysers) to force them to over produce. They're the very definition of glitches/bugs/exploits - at least own them, don't try and lie to yourself
  7. [Game Update] - 311694

    Yes, I do get what you're saying. Mine seem to work just fine from what I've observed. That being said, I do tend to save/load at least once every few hours. To show the point I was making - I currently don't care a single bit about this bug as I haven't experienced it yet Give me a week and i'll be waving my pitchfork along side you...
  8. Space artifacts/junk

    Been talking about this more and more recently on stream. We need some sort of "advanced material recycler" or something - maybe some machine that can melt down rare space resources/artifacts/abyssalite/etc, and allow you to build awesome stuff for your base - or maybe serve as currency for the printing pod, or something like that. Trading 100kg of abyssalite for 1kg of wolframite would suit me down to the ground So much crap becomes a nuisance late game - whether it be the 4000 tons of abyssalite, or 20,000 excess seeds, etc etc. I know seeds can be composted, but i'd much rather trade them for space cookies...
  9. The little balls (worst term ever!) are purely visual If you hover over the green port of your pump, you can easily see the pipe contents of that single piece of pipe connected to the pump. Watch it. The pump will be dormant until that packet depletes to zero, at which point it'll pulse and refill.
  10. Sounds like you're lacking inspiration more than lacking things to do Sour gas boiler? Every farm? Luxury space base? Must be something left for you to derp around with
  11. Lots of conjecture in this thread, but the tl;dr - ceramic insulated pipe is absolutely fine for transporting lox/lh You may lose a couple of degrees between pump -> rocket for example, so I always cool to the coldest temps possible to accommodate that (so liquid hydrogen should be near solid temps, lox has a more generous margin) You may get a few pieces of damage from the first few uses, but shouldn't realistically break the pipe. More importantly however : Ensure that your pump isn't delivering directly to the consumer, whether that be a rocket or a vent. In case you're unaware, pumps have a tenancy to move partial packets on the first pulse, and a 2kg partial packet of liquid hydrogen will much more likely boil in your pipe. To mitigate this, feed your pump to a reservoir, then use the reservoir to feed the consumer. Worth nothing that you will need to either disable the reservoir with a door, or use some timed automation between pump/shutoff to allow the reservoir to build up a buffer, otherwise it'll just work as a straight through feed.
  12. [Game Update] - 311694

    I'd say everybody values different bugs/exploits at different priorities - depending on playstyle most likely. Personally I nearly sacked the game off altogether when it took so long to fix the animation bug on bunker doors, but hey - 5 months later it was finally fixed Sometimes a seemingly trivial bug that seems like it should be so simple to fix, can quite possibly be a deep rooted nightmare for the devs. I ***** and whine like the best of them when something frustrating plagues my bases (#ruinsdeletionwhen?) but it's worth considering that what's maybe high priority for us is really not much of a consideration in the development process. Also, don't forget - one persons exploit is another persons feature
  13. Extra? O.o Solar is my primary power source, but I always need additional power gen by the time my bases are near complete @Vampyre_by Couple of choices for you : dense puft farm for the heck of it store it all in a big ol' tank (or "exploity tank" if your morals allow) liquefy and store in bottles/tank solidify and store in a dropper room delete it with a door chomper Thats all I got
  14. [Game Update] - 311694

    When the status of both of the posted bug reports is still : " Status: Pending This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet. " I think it's reasonable to ask directly There are bug reports from 18 months ago that are already known by the devs, doesn't mean they're actively working on fixing them right now.
  15. I love the bottle emptier one, however it seems less "gym" and more "eternal damnation"