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  1. Any point aiming to roll out a DLC before all the current bugs are cleanly addressed/squished?
  2. Are you sure? Have you done any of your own testing? It seems to me that @wachunga's point is that this isn't necessarily solely down to SHC difference, and is in part down to the fact that rapid pressure changes/condensation is still not entirely predictable in this *simulation*
  3. [Game Update] - 389761

    As already posted above, some of these bugs have been around for over 2 years and still havn't been fixed - keeping them on the devs respective radars is surely how to get them resolved? I'm sure they don't need the pitchfork brigade to breakout as soon as someone tries to highlight certain issues. I know lots of people that have stopped playing entirely due to bugs within the game - these people often drop the game for a while with a view to return in a few months when things are hopefully fixed. The problem is a lot of these issues are not being resolved, and so players return - start a fresh playthrough, encounter the same crap, uninstall. Overly dramatic? No. Concerned about the future of the game? Yes. Your opinion of game breaking may differ from mine, however let's try and meet in the middle - theres an entire bug tracker thread of "realistic feedback" - go check how many of them have been fixed. Go check how many have been "acknowledged" a very long time ago and yet to be fixed. Should we just continue to post recycled bug reports to add to the archive? Surely it'd be smarter to ask the devs genuine questions directly when the opportunity arises.
  4. [Game Update] - 389761

    Any news on the off-screen temperature bugs? @Ipsquiggle I know a lot of players, myself included, have sort of given up on the game until you work through the plethora of game breaking bugs we have currently. Conveyor rail interactions, 1kg pipe packets, thermal rounding errors, etc etc. The major bugs that actually balls up the simulation. Not worth running fresh playthroughs when you know you're going to be confronted by age-old bugs that still havn't been remedied.
  5. Vindication. Don't expect any further responses.
  6. I only just saw this now else I'd have posted a damned sight sooner - I didn't say anything negative about your build, I even went as far as to offer some pointers and take my time to find you pictures of reference builds once you had asked me. I wasn't negative in the slightest, nor did I say any of the things you've stated I said. In all actuality it was one of the only threads i'd even been bothered to post on in some time as it actually piqued my interest that somebody else was going down the rabbit hole of sour gas boilers (something i've tinkered with a lot); and I even said this to you in my initial post. I @'ed mathmanican and some others whom I'd thought would also find it interesting, and to bring their attention to the thread. Then you hid your thread. Then you proceeded to contact me directly : The tone of which made me think you were somewhat of a nutjob, so I ignored it. Now I see the above quote and see that my detailed response to you was worth absolutely nothing. I suggest you grow up and learn not to spit your dummy out quite so quickly at the first sign of helpful feedback - and certainly then don't go out of your way to libel someone who had actively tried to help you. Great work on the build though - nice to see you took everybody's advice and implemented it for your refined version without thanking them. Shatting on the shoulders of giants you might say...
  7. Red Dwarf

    Stoke me a clipper!
  8. This was my take a while back - this was with algae, but it's virtually identical with fertilizer. It still has mass loss, but is way more hands-off than using compost heaps.
  9. You may also have to reconsider your loader/sweeper placement to prevent overheating. I normally opt for a 3 wide lip - inverted loader, and sweeper sitting in a small layer of naptha with a bit of radiant piping behind to keep things cooled.
  10. Ranching vertically.

    Anyone that is ranching horizontally is simply doing it wrong when it comes to critters that can't climb walls. Unless you have a kink for dupes slapping their knees all day that is... Straight routes for critters is key, the shorter the path, the quicker they get groomed/sheared/wrangled etc. Personally I opt for hands-off ranches whenever I can get away with it, with just a spot of grooming being the only dupe interaction necessary. This is from the current stream playthrough : And my new favourite, the abyssalite deleting boys (diamond hatches) :
  11. Turn-flip bug

    Commonly referred to as "cycle lag" - happens whenever you're doing something during an autosave. You can lower the autosave frequency in options, or wait for a paid dlc update fix in the future sometime maybe hopefully gawd only knows...
  12. Have you tried to put a mesh tile directly beneath your vents and run the tests again? I touched on this a while back in a few threads where people were having issues with deletion/odd behaviours in temperature loss. The mesh tile changes how the liquid falls and so also how it interacts with the surroundings. (see mathmans bead pump threads for more explanation) You may have to move the vent further from the turbine as it will impact the localised temperature much quicker as it instantly boils off in the atmosphere, rather than falling until contact with a surface.
  13. Anyone done any testing with pipe element sensors/shutoffs? they seem to be completely broken for me - i.e. randomly letting the wrong packets through. Also it doesn't seem to allow you to roll your save back to the previous build : @Ipsquiggle / @fatheroctopus / @klei.ruby
  14. Beautiful thank you. Will do some more tinkering and see how it plays out. Honestly though, for the last 10 cycles I've ran in my old colony, it feels no different performance wise. *Edit* for context - here are a couple of saves to play with, I loaded and played them briefly on both launch release and testing release - i'd argue the testing release actively feels worse. Brassy Blue Balls With FastSave.sav Stream Base for Ipsquiggle.sav
  15. Load times feel worse than using the Fast Save mod. Maybe a slight improvement over the game without mods, however things definitely loaded faster with the mod. @Ipsquiggle / @fatheroctopus Were any changes made re: the excessive logging entries detailed here :