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  1. It takes energy from temperature in the atmosphere and cools it down, very slowly.
  2. Except THEIR ModUtils method broke with that change and they didn't notice. Whatever direction they go with that. Nobody is whining, just informing. Your attitude towards modders is pretty horrible. Given Klei is known for NOT wanting to shaft the entire workshop at once, I'm pretty sure they want to know if that occurs.
  3. Just disable mods - we modders usually do not provide updates for test branches, it's too much work. And the error is mod related
  4. @kinorunner there is a toggle. Just press ESC and it's in the menu.
  5. Make sure you save the time with UTF-8 no BOM encoding. BOM breaks it.
  6. A few days ago we updated the guide for the mergedown changes, including descriptions of changes to the metadata files, and updated the mod template. Now with things calming down a bit hopefully we'll be adding more detailed content.
  7. Very likely. That mod is by far the most reliable way of forcing the steam to give you the newest version
  8. @Fipplaren try using a mod called "Mod Updater". Steam is really horrible at serving new mod versions to players. This way you'll at least actually get new versions of mods that already updated
  9. The post literally said to be patient. Steam won't give you any updates until we provide them
  10. I'd rather not load at all - if the live version is, say, 10, and testing is at 11, and testing has new stuff that does not exist/would make no sense in the live version, live version should not load that. Some modders are very eager to release new mods when testing hits and there's some exciting stuff. And people don't really read descriptions in the workshop :P Everything is broken anyway
  11. It's been brought up on discord that being able to specify maxV in addition to minV would allow for mod deprecating if needed (in your approach a blank mod could be uploaded instead). I can get behind both proposals at the moment. I feel like a range is more explicit and intuitive, but other folks should chime in. I'll try to get some more opinions from newer modders on discord. Personally, I think I prefer the approach you suggested now.
  12. I think I like the idea. More of a visual person though, so attempted to draw it: Does that match what you have in mind? With this approach "lastWorkingBuild" would need to be renamed to something like "minimumGameVersion"
  13. Wouldn't it be less complicated if we could specify version range? Not gonna lie, analyzing the above took me a moment