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  1. Oops, logging the json is something I forgot to disable. I can see unity being unhappy about the way the game is being restarted now, but given that I'm using unity's restart method I'm not sure I can make it stop throwing a fit :/ As to algorithm, I can see it. But verifying and maintaining it between every change and update is something I'm not willing to do. Generation is resource heavy and people would murder the server quite quickly, even though that was the initial idea.
  2. I'm also a professional, but not sure how does that matter here... Sometimes think whether you should, not whether you could. This case is one of them. If you're so mad about a few geysers changing just use the save editor to change them back.
  3. @Junksteel I'll look into it when I have some time, but unfortunately recently it's been a rare commodity. I foresee problems with the implementation though, most likely transparent drywall pieces would be easier.
  4. Every update? Calm down, man. TNI was wiped only twice in a year and a half, one of them being when the game was launched out of early access and all the new asteroid types and biomes were added and the other time now. This time Klei needed to upgrade Unity version and with that, the .NET Framework version, to ensure the game will still work fine on all platforms. The new framework version has a different implementation of Random(). It's not like they purposely decided 'lol let's mess them up'. They've really been careful about not messing up world gen even when slight changes were added in the past, but sometimes you just can't avoid it. And I'm pretty sure you couldn't program it yourself in less than an afternoon. Is it annoying? Yes. Does it happen often? No. No need to be so angry about it.
  5. [Mod Request] Balanced Pacu

    As much as we usually help pretty much everyone, you sound really entitled. Nobody here will teach you C# from scratch because that's not something you just teach someone in a day (and don't try to compare html to this because it has nothing in common). Heck, we recently released a quite detailed guide how to get your first mod running. If you're unwilling to go through the resources we've prepared, then I'm afraid nobody will be willing to help more. If you don't put in the effort, then why should we?
  6. The map is fine. If you modded your world gen or for some reason have outdated game version, things won't be the same.
  7. TNI was wiped when the patch hit. Geyser types are specified on their spawn, so if world gen changes mid-play (and it did), you're going to get a different results.
  8. Instructions here:
  9. I chose the stack I like Everyone has a different idea for that, I'll just end it at "my project, my stack". That doesn't fix the disk space issue either. That stuff doesn't come for free.
  10. @n_t_p The db was at 10gb - some stuff, especially the map biomes info, takes a lot of space. With free sql server license I'm limited to 10gb so the wipe was actually welcome on my side. The ssd on the server isn't particularly spacious either.
  11. Alright, let's try this again Should be stable now.
  12. Experiencing issues with database, might need to get it down for a while more.
  13. The site's up! Database completely wiped so uploads very needed. You need to update mods. World trait finder and starmap generator are currently available. edit: trying to resolve a server hiccup.
  14. Currently on the list to fix, post-update: Bigger Building Menu (disable for now, crashes the game) Fervine (works incorrectly) Some parts of Lights Out (a few config settings broke) I'll be reuploading all mods this weekend, I'll let you know when it's done.
  15. Our "complaint" was specifically about not knowing the specific date. Ever since the testing branch went live I've been in contact with @Ipsquiggle and @fatheroctopus who've worked on fixing modding related issues very promptly, so kudos to them for that. <3 The active modders in the discord server were also being notified by me with info I got from Klei, so we weren't in the dark and knew what was going on. Most of us has resolved the issues on our end, but then again, when we don't know if (or when) more changes are coming to the preview we tend to hold off with preparing final releases so that we don't have to do things twice. It's usually not as much of an issue, but the framework change was significant enough that besides uploading ~40 mods I have to wipe the seed browser and make adjustments, so a *surprise patch* just made me groan and go to sleep