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  1. The mod wasn't updated for a very long time simply because it didn't need to be - not every update warrants a mod update. I'm sorry DLC updates are taking so long, but my life is currently a very busy mess so I cannot make any promises.
  2. Move them from Mods\steam to Mods\local to stop the mod from re-validating against steam.
  3. That was a comment to your statement: "The key phrase there is "without prior written approval". They've already granted that for decompiling the C# code, which is the only reason that modding thus far isn't against the TOS." We haven't received any written "it's okay to publish decompiled code online". We obviously need to decompile it for modding, and nobody's going to go after people for posting snippets in relation to modding. Nobody asked whether we can post the entire code online, we've always assumed that to be not okay. Replacing simdll with c# lib would probably hurt performance a lot, and allowing people to mod that would most likely have tragic effects - most modders are absolute newbies, and modifying such critical code would lead to people unknowingly installing mods that butcher their performance even further.
  4. Nobody has gotten permission to post entire decompiled assembly and when we see people in the modding discord who are doing that we advise them to take it down. There hasn't been any official "you can post decompiled sources" anywhere. I wouldn't expect that for legal reasons. They'd be opening themselves to people abusing that if it was ever officially permitted.
  5. Yeeep, that was my "I'm blind" moment of the day, sorry :P
  6. Hey @Ipsquiggle, thanks for the update. Have you guys thought about adding a workshop 'requires <insert dlc name>' thingy? It shows up when filtering mods, and steam would tell players that they do not have the required DLC to make use of the mod. Would be very useful for mods that are DLC-specific.
  7. ...if there was an API you could write wrappers... but there isn't, what you're saying isn't possible for patching purposes like harmony does.
  8. 99% of fps drop in ONI is caused by more calculations that are tied to frames, not by rendering 2d sprites that an incredibly low-budget gpu is dealing with perfectly. The difference is so small that calling it lowering fps doesn't really do it justice.
  9. Guys, sit back and chill, don't throw poop at one another over a video game Folks at Klei - has it been decided, whether the DLC will stay as a 'reinstall the game to access a separate mode' thing, or will it be eventually be an actual expansion - i.e. DLC will enable more buildings and more game modes with clusters? If it's just for now/EA, but if it isn't, please reconsider - it's really awful for the end user in its current form, and with mods it'll add even more chaos. I think most people expected the DLC to add on more maps and content to the base game and I 100% agree with that. I may sound like a broken record, but completely blocking mods like that feels like a bad idea. You could state that people should expect them to break often due to updates, just like we had it in early access before you added harmony to the game and introduced official support. People were fine using the silly mod loader injector every single time the game updated and hunting for mod updates outside of steam. I know you may not want to publicly endorse it, but do you mind if community modders release a workaround to load mods in the DLC? I'm incredibly conflicted not wanting to go 'against' your wishes and at the same time entirely agreeing with people who don't want to play the game without seemingly simplest things - such as bigger camera zoom, build over plants or bigger capacity with over 100 000 active subscribers. I'm a bit heartbroken that you haven't reached out to modders with some more info. Most modders were incredibly hyped for the DLC, but now some of us have decided wait on buying the DLC. Some modders are already writing mods for the DLC without knowing when they will actually get to release new content, and some just feel disappointed. We love your game, but we also put a lot of heart into what we do.
  10. @chemie It wasn't me, although I was around at that time. People who know their way around modding in a more-than-basic way know how to do it. There are issues with some mods loading right now, more specifically with anims. It's more than 'unsupported', there is code that straight turns off all enabled mods. Yes, it is possible to go around the 'b'an. I rambled pretty bad on discord last night as I am really unhappy about no mods right now, but I understand that Klei wants more feedback on actual bugs without people attempting to load the game with outdated mods, or mods that appear to be compatible but break the game. Workshop hasn't received an update with a flag that an item requires DLC. It'd be hell, and I know for a fact that most users won't read warnings and will spam reports from modded playthrough. We (modders) had a chat last night about the situation, mostly because we were getting spammed with "tell us how to enable mods!!!!!111" and we refused to do so. We don't want to show middle finger to Klei, but at the same time we hope it's a very temporary solution. @Ipsquiggle @fatheroctopus Could we get some info from you guys? If there's any way we can help you with modding related stuff, please let me know. I can give you access to the modding channel. People are pushing pretty hard, and if not for us, I'm sure someone else will release a 'how-to'. How long is the mod-off period planned to last? Unless you don't mind us sharing a workaround - just please tell us *something*. We also have questions about architecture plans for the basegame-dlc switching we'd love to get answers to. Would it be possible for me to send you a list of our questions?
  11. As unhappy as we are about the state of mods, let klei sort out the release first. Hoping they won't keep us in the dark for too long.
  12. The guide is very much a work in progress, however what you're expecting is extremely unrealistic. As you already know, there is no API and it's not feasible to document every single class and "how to find font X" or "how to find image Y". I'd be writing a book. There will be more examples of common template-able things as well as contributions, however real life took over and it had to be put on hold. At current, the guide serves as a starting point and directs people to our modding discord where we have linked repos of more advanced modders for examples as well and more resources. While possibly useless to you, it's been doing its job helping people to get started (both professionals and not). More will come, but I won't promise a timeline. We have a very long TODO list (and yes, contributions from folks like Aki are on it) but decided to release the starting point when it was ready, since people were using outdated/incorrect guides and encountering problems before they even started. Do you know what TNI is? It's not a modding tool. TLDR: There will be more, but life comes first and it's been busy. But it'll never be a complete documentation of every single class in the game.
  13. That's something we won't know for certain until it hits live. If there are absolutely no changes then I'll get to migrate the current data, but a lot of world-handling code changed, I wouldn't be surprised if there were side effects - although I haven't tested that so no clue. Rather short on time these days so waiting for more concrete data before I start working on it and with such substantial changes I probably won't be done any soon. It's going to have to be 'dual' either way - noncluster and cluster maps, that'll take a lot of work to adjust, both backend (....a lot) and frontend.
  14. @captainflint The engine change did not invalidate map generation. As of current live version the maps on TNI are valid. The upcoming DLC release changes worldgen significantly and will require major rework of the website. The site is currently in maintenance mode and what happens next will depend on state of both the base game and the DLC when DLC is released, but most likely that will be a full wipe.