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  1. I agree! There are enough ranching related buildings to justify a category and I always feel weird going to 'food' for that
  2. We need wifi

  3. We need wifi

    There is indeed a mod like that, Wireless Automation by me -- I'm in progress of updating it to QoL3, should be ready and on steam this weekend!
  4. I've uploaded a few more mods with a couple still left to go. @badgamer123 I can ping Etiam about it, but I won't poach his mods
  5. Save File Editor

    The only thing the debug-doesnt-discover-map does is to stop actual backspace button from uncovering the map and spawning everything in game - there should be zero correlation. I'd rather consider a new save/loaded save problem here
  6. Looking for modding partner

    This is great and I'd gladly cooperate in the future, but (not to shoot you down) right now we don't have a clear way to add new anims to the game - might need to wait a moment for Klei to boost that side of modding.
  7. Can I make my own mod?

    @Nightinggale I agree - but I believe it's a good balance between having templates for the non-coding folks to still be able to do some stuff, and give the folks that are enthusiastic to learn coding (or are programmers) the potential to write more advanced stuff. I'm very excited for the release, until now I wasn't sure where harmony would stand when we get mod support but personally I'm 100% pleased and can go ahead nolife some more
  8. Can I make my own mod?

    I urge you to look harder then However it's not common because most of the folks aren't programmers. For mod examples in general, my repo is quite big and and reading existing mods code surely can help figuring out how to do stuff: Small changes are usually very easy with harmony. It's got big potential because you can patch the actual code and not just be limited to some certain APIs, but for anything more advanced you *need* some programming knowledge - ;level depending on how complicated stuff you want to do.
  9. It sure has been, but preparing a public preview build also takes time It's not as simple as 'let's just upload whatever compiles right now' sort of thing
  10. I think there is virtually no time between the release of QoL 3 and the end of May to squeeze in another another public preview, preparing such would take time that they otherwise will use on polishing the actual release.
  11. I agree - like I said, I simply forgot about it. It will be on steam
  12. Well, I am porting all the other mods already, just this one is specific. I usually enable and forget about em, so forgot you could disable them in game.
  13. I.. did not think about that Yep, going that way then
  14. Hey guys, a small update: I've started working on improvements and some new stuff to be ready for the game release. Per your requests, stuff that will certainly appear: - locations of AETNs - locations of neuro chairs Of course with the new biomes the world gen will change and all the existing seeds will be unusable - the database will be wiped to make space for new uploads. (they will all rest in pieces somewhere in the database backups :P) Right now, the site is hosting over 45 000 seeds and is visited by over 500 unique users daily. Huge thanks for all contributions, both manual and to the folks going ham by leaving the seed uploader overnight, awesome to have such community If this keeps going I'll have to upgrade the server (again) Huge shout out to everyone who have donated to help me with the server costs and support the development - you guys rock, thank you! Since the addition of the world map feature I've had some trouble with site crashes - sorry for those - the thing is resource heavy. I've made some improvements while working on the release preparations and hopefully there will be less downtime. The site will go down for maintenance before the release in May - if we don't get a preview build I might need a day to get things running with new additions, but I'm aiming to have it up as quickly as possible. On the side I've also been working on the long-ago mentioned additional tools although work has been nasty and I've never had the time to finish them. Some stuff similar to what I've been working on appeared on other sites, as much as I'll try to not do the same again, I'm at least going to finish what I've started. Regarding the seed upload mods: I need some feedback here. Over 90% of submissions have been made by the automatic seed uploader. I've thought about uploading it to steam, but since it would be a pain in the butt to subscribe/unsubscribe each time I'm thinking it'd be best to keep it local - but without modloader (using the built in mod support, just without steam). I'm not quite sure what to do with the manual mod. I could keep a version that doesn't upload but only displays the map contents to the user and upload that to steam (basically turn it into check-what-this-map-has). Most problems have come from the manual mod, since it changes one small thing in the world generation file and some people have their game installed in a way Windows doesn't allow that, then the server rejects the seed and the person is confused... Whatchu think?
  15. I am aware - it has not been updated yet (and is not the only one that doesn't work). I haven't managed to update all of them last weekend, but I should be able to do so this week. Mods on github are currently not updated. As I update, I upload them to steam now -those are up to date. Some person tried to be "helpful" and uploaded some of my not updated mods without my permission -please ignore those, I'm not responsible for whatever it is they uploaded.