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  1. And how is that self-powered..? Because Fradow's is.
  2. I'd rather not load at all - if the live version is, say, 10, and testing is at 11, and testing has new stuff that does not exist/would make no sense in the live version, live version should not load that. Some modders are very eager to release new mods when testing hits and there's some exciting stuff. And people don't really read descriptions in the workshop :P Everything is broken anyway
  3. It's been brought up on discord that being able to specify maxV in addition to minV would allow for mod deprecating if needed (in your approach a blank mod could be uploaded instead). I can get behind both proposals at the moment. I feel like a range is more explicit and intuitive, but other folks should chime in. I'll try to get some more opinions from newer modders on discord. Personally, I think I prefer the approach you suggested now.
  4. I think I like the idea. More of a visual person though, so attempted to draw it: Does that match what you have in mind? With this approach "lastWorkingBuild" would need to be renamed to something like "minimumGameVersion"
  5. @crazy_xyr am not actually sure, but I don't think so. The game will try to pick the correct version, your 0 was the error there
  6. @crazy_xyr the game is loading newer version of the mod. you're basically telling the game that you have something newer than that, you need to give your beta version the beta build number
  7. Aye, makes sense. I think you've never mentioned that before though, no :P
  8. @Ipsquiggle out of curiosity, why a separate file instead of adding it to mod_info? not to duplicate it between versions? (I think I answered my own question here, typing faster than thinking.. might be bed time)
  9. Oh, you sneaky! Just looked at the workshop.
  10. Wishes do come true after all. Thanks a lot!
  11. Wouldn't it be less complicated if we could specify version range? Not gonna lie, analyzing the above took me a moment
  12. It'll come to vanilla when the merge hits vanilla, which is TBD, but not next week edit: i apparently snoozed too long before hitting send :P
  13. Well, I'd trade my age for the story about UserMod Regarding your question @pether, if you didn't use any hooks like onload and just relied on the auto patch then skipping UserMod wont hurt you
  14. Can't speak for DS, but I've completed ONI with no help. Believe it or not, I wasn't seeking external help, and on discord I am usually very against bombing newbies with youtube videos or ready-made builds for every occassion because it really kills creativity. I really enjoy experimenting. Although I grew up when there were no internet guides, all people got were some booklets with instructions that the publisher decided to add. Failing and trying again is alright in my book. And I wouldn't call myself a great player, I am clueless about most advanced builds described on the forums. Those super optimal and advanced builds are absolutely not necessary to finish/enjoy the game, but props to people who figure it all out. I am glad Klei isn't dumbing the content down (even though I have some very strong feelings about how germs were nerfed and are meaningless as of now, I was worried it'd continue in the direction of making the game just... too easy ). If ONI was a game like a ton of others that require no thinking and are very simple.. you wouldn't see a bunch of people with 1000hrs+ clocked. The game would be just boring, people would beat it and move on. I played World of Warcraft for years. The game was luring in more and more casuals who kept complaining they don't want to or can't participate in raids because they were "too hardcore". Long story short, there are so many easy modes now that you can get into an easy mode raid and... hit the boss once and leech, or have absolutely no idea what your skills do, and still get the loot.