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  1. Hey. Sorry for unresolved problems with the fervine -- currently on a bit of a modding hiatus, but I'll try to tackle github issues soon. Other mods are up to date, with some now deprecated due to being included in the main game
  2. Back up to almost 80k maps! Huge thanks to all folks who upload On the bright side, the server was upgraded a few months ago and all stability problems seem to be gone
  3. Uploaded updates for the automation upgrade. @Bethrezhen the easiest way would be discord - modders, myself included, hang out there and we can help
  4. All mods work on the live branch, a few don't work on the testing branch (a few being <5). Wallpapers certainly work on both, only automation related stuff got shafted. Anims were changed LONG ago and there should not be any errors regarding them.
  5. Updated Bigger Building Menu and Fervine for the current live version. Made Windows from Buildable POI Props stop space exposure. It still says space exposure in the tooltip, but actually blocks it. Keep in mind, if you mix drywall and windows together on one tile and deconstruct either, it'll break the seal.( @Junksteel) Steam will probably take its sweet time to properly update. Direct download:
  6. Yes, you don't have to tell me that, lol I'm up to date with all changes, less up to date with finding time for updates. Due to irl I can't promise any specific dates as of now.
  7. Hey, that mod works fine as of the live version. Expect many building-related mods to be broken on the testing branch. I will be investigating during the weekend.
  8. Oops, logging the json is something I forgot to disable. I can see unity being unhappy about the way the game is being restarted now, but given that I'm using unity's restart method I'm not sure I can make it stop throwing a fit :/ As to algorithm, I can see it. But verifying and maintaining it between every change and update is something I'm not willing to do. Generation is resource heavy and people would murder the server quite quickly, even though that was the initial idea.
  9. @Junksteel I'll look into it when I have some time, but unfortunately recently it's been a rare commodity. I foresee problems with the implementation though, most likely transparent drywall pieces would be easier.
  10. The map is fine. If you modded your world gen or for some reason have outdated game version, things won't be the same.
  11. Instructions here:
  12. I chose the stack I like Everyone has a different idea for that, I'll just end it at "my project, my stack". That doesn't fix the disk space issue either. That stuff doesn't come for free.
  13. @n_t_p The db was at 10gb - some stuff, especially the map biomes info, takes a lot of space. With free sql server license I'm limited to 10gb so the wipe was actually welcome on my side. The ssd on the server isn't particularly spacious either.
  14. Experiencing issues with database, might need to get it down for a while more.