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  1. This is a good idea, it appeals to both camps of players, the ones who understand logic symbols and those who don’t. As you will always find with opinions, mine was the complete opposite of yours, looking at the tradition logic symbols might as well be hieroglyphics. *most* of the new ones are easier for me to understand.
  2. @SakuraKoi do you mind putting the code in a spoiler
  3. I thought this day would never come!!! Well done Klei, you guys have done an amazing job. Well done community, you guys are almost as great as this game!
  4. I learn so much more stuff then i really should from this forum
  5. I guess that’s the problem with reading tone. I took it as tongue and cheek, in a positive note. As if to say, “yup this kind of thing can happen” maybe i I was wrong.
  6. I am interested to hear more from you on this. My experience here has been lots of people screaming this change needed to be made. I can only assume there may be a few people like myself who thought it was fine but didn’t feel like arguing with people over the merits of it who remained silent. In your mind what exactly has the community requested of heat? Or even fixed output if heat is too broad of a subject?
  7. I have the same issue. See attached save. The Rustic Space Hut.sav
  8. Had a dupe analyzing a geyser when sand above them fell. Looked as if she has stopped and was stuck. After clicking on here i realized it had just interrupted the analyzing animation and she was still working on it. Not a huge deal but thought you should know. Spacecamp.sav
  9. I am experiencing the same thing Regrettable Crashpad.sav
  10. Hatch Critter Feeder set to priority 9 and no one will fill it up, all my hatches are starving! The Impenetrable Dimension.sav
  11. I was finding they went invisible quite often after traveling outside the starting biome. I have not tested to see if this update has fixed the issue.
  12. I just had this bug. A quick reload fixed it for me.
  13. I deconstructed a door made out of Iron and it turned back to solid iron ore. The Super Duper Utopia.sav