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  1. I really wish the scheduling screen showed traits. Specifically early bird and night owl...
  2. That’s interesting. If that is true I can’t think of a way to use that as an advantage with both types of wire having the same capacity.
  3. [Game Update] - 357226

    @SakuraKoi do you mind putting the code in a spoiler
  4. Help with math

    @TheEvilMango try using this
  5. @f4rtux huge shoutout for this resource. It’s truly a masterpiece, beautifully put together. Thank you so much for your time.
  6. I thought this day would never come!!! Well done Klei, you guys have done an amazing job. Well done community, you guys are almost as great as this game!
  7. Water troubles

    F12 works great for screen shots Another important question to ask is, where did all your water go? What is your major consumer? It’s important to have your water consumption vs water sources balanced to the best of your abilities. **haha yes like @Oozinator said
  8. What’s a gallon?!
  9. Oil Well

    Here is some more information on it. ONI-DB
  10. Do you mind posting a few of the overlays for this one. Looks like a great design.
  11. I know RNG can be frustrating at times but in this case I think it’s better for the game. I don’t think being able to “game”’the system into giving you things you want adds value. Just my opinion though.
  12. Reading this just changed my mind on this vote. You make a good point.
  13. Do you have the tank in vacuum sitting on mesh tiles?
  14. [Game Update] - 351082

    I learn so much more stuff then i really should from this forum
  15. Geyser Output Balance

    I agree they need some work as far a balance goes but for the sake of this discussion should the numbers being used not be the average output min/max? Like someone above said about the oil fissure it’s on all the time so the average output is higher in comparison to the others on the list.