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  1. a strange request... would that be possible to locate all shove vole on map,i seem to loose a few ,need to kill it....somewhere...
  2. i did reconnected the "bridge" like this the problem fixed as long as i not using any bridge,i just need to make a long wire around my base ,it is the base running now without any overload and 3k-4k consumer no problem. how i going to burn a wire with 2 ST as output?
  3. there something wrong with new update..i have been stuck @2119 kj for super sustain....over 10 cycle not moving ,using both mod to track...... update:the mod work now.........steam mess up too much recently...
  4. really not working for some reason(unsubscribe and everything,seem very moody lol),it might fix itself later.
  5. i was using both lol,i need to delete it and reinstall?is not that thing auto update?
  6. the new update seem to stop Super Sustainable tracking completely...i get the data from mod tho,maybe the update break the mod
  7. my whole base only have 3 wheel and 1 H2 generator (doing super sustain) how the hell I going to get overload damage on the output side of 2 transformer .... my only 2 Smart battery was before transformer. consumer is more then 2kw,but I have only 2 small transformer support them....remove the bridge will fix it for now.This was the time bug in QoL1 when I first time play the game,but at that time I was using a tons of smart battery switch etc.So I could not clearly say it was a game using a lot of mod but it should not affect it since non of them change how energy work. I like to play with those pipe and wire a lot,forbidden to use bridge really hurt... New home 30 overload.sav
  8. I suggest the overlay display only display a fix area ,like fog of war ,right now it change the whole map,it mostly unnecessary to have that large of overlay view.
  9. i don't really want to cheat it if they don't add a time limited on those,and separate achievement in each complete the achievement i have to do every strange thing in a single save....... and that super sustain is bugged as hell(cannot use coal @ cycle 100....)I already got the number of energy generated.... if I make a coal generator now and they later come back fix the achievement ....suxxh
  10. any plan to cheat the achievements?some of them being time limited is so annoying,eye sore....
  11. is everything working now except clone? it seem to work with modded game save ?am i correct?
  12. yeah i was waiting for the editor....hard to increase my work force without good roll lol
  13. am I need to unsubscribe from mod or just disable them?it going to be a bit hard to finding them later on.
  14. if i am not mistake we have to save and edit first b4 using mod right?