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  1. How do I move volcanos?

    ???how to legally heat something that much.....the best you could do is 3.5k....
  2. space oil well is the best oil heat...close to rocket..
  3. good eye....suggest corner build
  4. i still waiting the day sour gas byproduct have a use... if you got 1kg or Nat gas there is no power problem anywhere I never know how to use that cooling calaulator
  5. Drowning this simple?

    you can just lock them in a 1X2 door with water
  6. is that possible to make a cooling loop without steam turbine ...i got too much turbine already....
  7. Regolith clearing

    yes i noticed the return rocket will crush anything..I never brother to setup robo miner ever since
  8. Regolith clearing

    no,it just a bit buggy some time for solar to work
  9. Regolith clearing

    where the regolith drop,if the place is not important just let them sit there,you have laser ,door crush and melting it 3 option
  10. Aquatuner Coolant Bypass

    o **** for unknown reason,my AT always use the rotated version.....
  11. it work on all stuff right? it think some interesting stuff could be made with this solid bypass lol
  12. Lag on every end o cycle

    i just change into 10 cycle,less lag.there was a no report log mod which work great....but no one making a new one so it might get bugged out at some point
  13. the worst case,act like repair drop a small chunk of metal,break many build....