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  1. co2 is hard to keep at liquid in game actually around 5 degree. and no one would let chlorine free float in their base
  2. I rather we got more type of AETN....RNG like geyser mean we going to more picky with map seed. like AETN normal version:normal like we have now, AETN O2 +H2 version:remove heat and give out small amount of snow(we cannot make snow atm,maybe we can make snowman with this). AETN energy version:consume energy and heat but give out some element i.e H2 or CO2 AETN steel version. give out a lot of heat around liquid H2 basically a heat machine until you melt it... another thing i want to pacu eat meat and blue pacu give something when turning PH2o to O2
  3. i take my time on my old base that nothing to do,open some slime area that I lock up for 2000 cycle...dig out everything....13 dupe got 3 sicked in the end of a week of digging with nothing protecting them(no suit etc,breathing pure PO2 with XXX amount of slime... I got bored to wait out the slimelung and slowly build a doctor place and make pills to heal them. doing the same in another large pocket of slime block.....nothing need to look at until it finish. well the base is old and running fine even in old setting there maybe 1 guy get sick in slimelung and take that dupe off me a few day.the new dupe just move a bit slower for some time....very uninteresting
  4. with how bad the attack commend work on dupe right now,I doubt we got major combat focus change....
  5. so the thing is fill every spot of the map not need with some tiles?
  6. new building to stop CPU calculating stuff.filler up all unused space seem to help up wood PC user(me).but removing them for new project is a pain....a simple way to help fill in the void (and stop calcualting temp exchange gas exchange etc)and deconstruct later would be helpful.
  7. tube is too slow in most case.they should buff it a bit,if you got a few coner it could slower than walking
  8. could you test viso gel and oil too? they seem to much better breaking wall
  9. a bit not happy too,waiting for a mod to change the moral and skill to the old way,disease?I just ignore it I guess....spam more deodorizer ?
  10. better Air Deodorizer

    not that good in larger base....they like to group up to the top of the base,where there is pure O2(I did some free range puft farm b4,took so much time kill all of them) it also lagging really fast i did have a small puft farm to just debug move it to suck the gas...they not doing their job too well and starve to dead often(with PO2 in other room) I think their path finding is bad when the game went late
  11. Mining Perk

    10% is way too little to worth anything...(you have to control only that guy to dig tho slow you down already mere 10% gain is not worth it. While every job tier could have something unique about it is very nice to have,i think some hard to give a perk job could simple increase the+2 to +4 or +6. like building and cooking(giving more food benefit seem too OP,faster cook more free time is quite good) something like Art or tinker could have special perk I really want a faster power tuning up when you got max tinkering.....right not it almost useless
  12. should be more noob trap like like aquetuner will help you cold down water,but costly a lot power use wisely H2 is clear energy should be the late game source of power
  13. there should be a upgrade version that finish the small 500 mcg PH2O inside Deodorizer. every time I clear up a place from PH2O and I went to deconstruct those ,a small pocket Deodorizer spawn. prefect ruining the mood or force a debug mode.... it also killing the OCD inside me...
  14. -Several buildings and machines now have insulated storage to prevent stored materials from exchanging heat with the world. The only buildings I found was Oil well ,so no more steam coming from it.... what are the other insulated storage?
  15. .......I still don't quit understand those matter converter and phrase change mass... it does explain why my ice maker(AETN) have a lot CO2 around.....,I always think to just freezz those CO2 anyway,the AETN on top of mesh tile never stop freezing COZ while i got so few dupe walk around that location....