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Memories thread

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Hello, this is the thread where you can feel nostslgic and share stories of your 1st times in Don't Starve or other experiences.

Here are some of mine

-Enemy cannot be stunlocked=unkillable

-What's that sound?


-The only way to burn trees is to wait for lightning to hit them

-What are crockpots useful for?

-Building fire pit day 6=this is my base now

-Caves were an instant nope for me.

-Being surprised by Winter and staying next to the fire untill I've burned everything

-Hey why is this beehive red?

-Drying racks are awesome!

-I know how to beat winter- I'll just sleep through it! I've ran out of grass... and food...


-Why is it raining so much in autumn? Oh it's 50/50 if you start with spring or autumn. Screw that.

-Wait, what do you mean I should explore the map b4 creating a base?

-Shipwrecked is awesome! Why isn't my torch working?!

-How was I supposed to know that lightning rod is a must?!


-Hamlet is awesome! Why isn't there any flint or grass lying around? (didn't notice machete right next to me). Oh you have to flip these stones


-Hello BFB let me just run between ur legs. Oh your head is follo- *squish*

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The first time I followed animal tracks to spawn a Koalefant (back in the days of vanilla DS), it wandered into a Tallbird Fort and got itself killed. I thought Tallbirds were carnivorous like hounds and would eat all the meat, so I charged in there - without armor - to rescue my precious food. RIP Wilson.


Anyone remember MacTusk Villages? They were only around a short time in vanilla DS. Instead of 1 igloo, there were between 3 and 9 in a small cluster. One of my first winters, I was out exploring only to come upon a huge swarm of blue hounds and multiple MacTusks all traveling in a pack. RIP Wilson. 


When caves were first added to DS, I was still too noob to go down in them, so I'd just mine the sinkhole for rocks. Coincidentally, around that same time, I finally survived long enough for a Lureplant to spawn. It spawned right next to the sinkhole entrance, and by the time I found it, it already had eyeplants. I assumed it must be some new monster that came up from the depths of the caves, and didn't mine a sinkhole again for MONTHS. 


Lastly, I leave you with the tale of my first Deerclops (again, vanilla DS). I still remember my base and what my world was like. I thought I was so smart camping near a couple pigs, since they helped take care of hounds while I was building up my base. It was small and meager, but sustainable, and finally something I felt proud of. I was even experimenting with decorating with walls, I felt so fancy and accomplished! And then... I hear the breathing. PANIC! Before I knew it, this giant blue beast was stomping around the screen and annihilated my beautiful base. I got a few hits off with my spear, but I knew nothing about kiting, so took damage like crazy. I managed to run him to the pigs, but forgot that several houses had been burned by an earlier wave of fire hounds, and I hadn't rebuilt yet. Those 2 pigs did what they could, but ultimately, they and their houses were destroyed. A few moments later, so was I.



1 hour ago, Szczuku said:

-Building fire pit day 6=this is my base now

That reminds me of something else I used to do! Whenever I would be on a road, and it had an intersection with another road, I would build a fire pit there as a way station.


1 hour ago, Szczuku said:

I know how to beat winter- I'll just sleep through it! I've ran out of grass... and food...

"I know how to beat winter - I'll play as Woodie and be a werebeaver the whole time!"

I mean, it worked, but have you ever tried being in werebeaver form for 2 straight hours? That was the last time I ever played Woodie, LOL

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First ever game: "oh, it's getting dark now, that is fine..hm.. Huh? It's getting pitch black, wow, how am I supposed to do stuff" *weird whooshing noise* "What was that?" *another whooshing noise* "Something is attacking me and I can't even see it, how unfair" *dies*

back when beefalo left their first territory and I didn't find them. Friend told me he thinks the spiders eat the beefalo.. *disies burning down an entire forest along with the spiders*



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Well i started and i saw mi first pig and i just atack him and i didn't know nothing and i tried to kill him with a axe, my first death


A year ago i was in my first times of surviving the winter, so i thought the black deercloops appear in every game his laser left me a trauma

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-I didn't understand that rabbit traps would go over the rabbit holes, and i'd try chasing them in.
-I didn't make an actual fire until day 23ish, and I only relied on jack-o-lanterns
-should I eat this? or this? or this? will red mushrooms make my stomach explode?
-The crockpot was a magical device and nothing could go wrong if i had it in my clutch
-No, Sydney, it's beefalo. Not boofalo.
-failed winter absolutely miserably 
-opened a sinkhole right near my base. oops.
-I shouldn't have stepped near that merm.
-hoW dO I MAkE A sCIeNcE MaChiNE?
-Refused to ever play as Wes for a bit. Oops, I main him now.
-refusing to turn on any of the bosses 
-*looks up tutorials*
-never left base and only ate berries and carrots
-chester hunting 24/7

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1. collecting food in to chester and never share to anybody. Until all rot~. 2. Trying Killing pengus when hungry got gangbangd.   3. When pass the road all time so it went still straight trough dragonfly and i still ran by her and thought nothing happe..... 4. Destroyed all tier 1 spider nests or goat herds in oasis. 5.Used rocky turfs as fuel for fire. 6. In Shipwrecked, “notices cute kitties running around” goes close to them for better vief “are you kitten me?” And there jumps out of nowhere big angry mama. 6. Shipwrecked died by poisen by swamp toxic. 

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8 hours ago, imsomony said:

Anyone remember MacTusk Villages? They were only around a short time in vanilla DS. Instead of 1 igloo, there were between 3 and 9 in a small cluster. One of my first winters, I was out exploring only to come upon a huge swarm of blue hounds and multiple MacTusks all traveling in a pack. RIP Wilson. 

Those were only around a limited time?  That explains why I've seen them mentioned in the wiki but never seen them in game.

Pretty sure I've said this all before a couple times.  Reed trap looked like an obvious trap, but I was greedy.  Beefalo in heat the next day.  Five deaths in six days in eternal dusk with too many clockworks and tallbirds, but I managed to gather the things and escape.  120-some days with Willow accidentally burning down the forests.  I built crock pots just to store food forever but didn't want to eat it just in case I need it later (Vanilla DS).  Prioritizing hoarding and zero-waste rather than increasing production capacity.  Trying to drop multiple stacks of bees as a weapon (and no, I didn't spawn them with the console, I caught every one of those bees with a net).  Never letting my sanity drop low enough to fight shadows.

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I have memories of my very early days of DS, wherein I believed that the only way to cook food involved a crockpot. I was also blissfully unaware of the fact that you could burn trees with a torch, and I remember chopping naturally-occuring dead trees in forests believing that they would drop charcoal. Of course they didn't, and this led me to believe that charcoal was a rare item. 
Reading through this now makes it seem as though I barely possessed any common sense at all a couple years ago lmao.

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Hmmm...this is a cool topic, but I'm not sure if I have anything that interesting or funny to add.  See, I watched JackSepticEye's old Don't Starve playthrough and some of Sips's before I decided I definitely wanted to play the game for myself, and got my own copy.  That means I skipped past a whole lot of typical formative newbie experiences, including:

Being killed by darkness, surprised that hounds exist or expecting them to just "lose me" if I ran fast enough, not knowing how important lightning rods are, the fact that winter exists and the cold can and will kill you, how to get charcoal, how awesome crockpots are, cooked green mushrooms for sanity, tents and grass rolls, how important grass, twigs, flint and logs are, what happens if your sanity goes too low, beefalo ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS WHEN THEY HAVE RED BUTTS, sinkholes opened too close to base = bats every.  single.  night, attacking spiders ON the webs is what makes the entire nest come out to get you at once, spider queens can happen when the nest gets too big and torches don't keep you warm.

(takes a deep breath) Pigs turn out their lights the second you get too close, the JERKS, don't feed one pig four monster meat, rabbit traps over holes are the way to go--chasing them is a waste of time, berry bushes will NEVER grow berries again--they're not being slow, they're being _broken_--unless fertilized after being replanted, so DON'T DO THAT UNTIL YOU HAVE A SOURCE OF POOP, tree guards can be pacified with pine cones, and there _is_ no day or time of day that makes them more or less likely to spawn, pig skins can be gotten from those pig heads on spikes from the touchstones, so murder is _not_ required to make a helmet, thermal stones are important, ALWAYS have materials to make a fire or at least torch with you on hand _at all times_, and warrior spiders jump.  Oh, also tooth traps.

Etc.  So, yeah, I missed out on a lot of the comedic "Tee hee, let's see how THIS newbie reacts to (obvious death thing A)!" stuff, because I already knew all of the above.  However, I _did_ get to discover some stuff on my own when I switched to Reign of Giants, such as:

--Wait, foods spoil on the crockpot now?  DAMMIT!  I mean, makes more sense, but DAMMIT!

--Wow, the rabbits I left in the traps during that long exploring expedition _died_.  And...rotted?!

--Lightning can now set EVERYTHING IN YOUR BASE on fire, not just the plants, anymore?  Holy BEEP I gotta get me a lightning rod _now_!

--Frog rain.

--Wait, the rabbit holes close up in the spring.  And I'm Wigfrid.  How am I supposed to eat enough to live NOW?  (I briefly went around seeking out goat enclaves, when they didn't run away from you.  Also a lot of molerats lost their lives in my early nights.)

--Oooh, those kitties are ADORA--hey!  wait!  why are you attacking me?  I didn't do anything!  (Immediately stops playing as Webber forever.  Also because his uber-low max sanity is A PAIN IN THE MOTHERBEEPING _BUTT_.)

--Wow, the beefalo are _still_ red butt?  I'll check back later.  (does so)  Still?  Okay.  Later.  (checks again)  Wait, are they actually going to be red-butt for THE ENTIRE FREAKING _SPRING_?!  Is mating "season" now actually mating _season_?  WOW!

--Rain makes you crazy _that fast_?!

--But it's good for the crops

--Wait, with the wetness thing, I can now freeze to death when it's NOT winter?!

--Oh, mygod, fishsticks and froggle bunwiches are amazing in the spring when you're Wigfrid.  (Found out both those recipes without a wiki.  :))

--Holy CRAP I roast fast in the summer!  I knew it was gonna be bad, but _man_!

--Wasting time and resources with all sorts of elaborate (and only partly successful) ways to combat the heat, such as making an ice-cube hat, a fashion melon (both make you crazy from constant moisture and the ice thing requires _gold_) and even a chilled amulet!  Now I just keep my umbrella from spring on me, have materials to make an endo fire halfway through the day, and stay in the shade whenever practical.

--Fire can't start at your base if you're not there?  FIRE CAN'T START AT YOUR BASE IF YOU'RE NOT THERE!

--Oh, hi Dragonfly AAAAAA!!!!

--I'm Wigfrid, the mighty warrior!  I can take out this stupid Bearger!  (dies instantly)

To this day I _still_ make random firepits around the place, but on purpose, because they're helpful to have when travelling later, and I do _use_  farms to SUPPLEMENT my food.  And crock pots are a near necessity.  But, considering I have played through entire Reign of Giants years without even a _base_ multiple times...

However, I DON'T try that as Wigfrid.  : P

Shipwrecked and Hamlet?  Oh, man, I suck at those SO bad we'd be here all day.  : P


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This is a DS experience but I remember when I unlocked Willow I never made any fire and I got saved by the grue because Willow used to be immune, also I used to use walls a lot, like if I was making a house in Minecraft.

I remember when I tried to sleep at night but I didnt knew that it required an item.

Also I thougth that Abigail (When she used to spawn at dusk) was an enemy and I started to run away, and Abby was bugged in that time so whenever I made contact with her she would hit the poor Wendy.

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- First Time Opening the game, I Had a modded character. (It was the only reason i got DST, kind of dumb imo but hey, now it's my most played game. I'm not gonna complain.)

"Okay, Let's see." 

I Walked around and got a lot of twigs. I Started with luxury tools so i also got logs. No grass.

"How do i find grass...?"

It started becoming dark, and i was really afraid. Then i heard a swoosh and just alt + f4d. After that, i started playing around with the characters and chose Wendy. Proceeded to literally use abigail as if she was another player and just a maid, i made her fight everything. 

Made my way to the first winter after 20 deaths to hounds, because abigail always died before the hounds came (i should probably not hunt beefalo with abby.)

I Used to NEVER go to the swamps or the caves, even if i enabled them, because i REFUSE to go into such danger with barely any equipment! How would i survive? 

I Proceeded to die to freezing in winter because i never hunted spiders, so i had no silk and didn't know how to use a thermal stone.

Never made it past winter alone until i managed to do it with some friends. Abigail is the way of living and there's no other option besides letting her do every fight for me. Kiting? what's that? like a kite?


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Most of my early days of Don't starve were spent either dying to spiders, or spawning in a megabase, only to see it go up in flames due to having forgotten a Lightning Rod. I played Willow at this point. Also, i kept Teleporting to Maxwell's Door and rushing Adventure mode with the use of the trusty console.

When i finally got bored of that and began to wish for the true challenge Don't Starve presented, I decided to go play without the console. Firstly as Maxwell, where i kept dying to assorted threats, while thinking that the Nightmare Armor would infallibly protect me from them. Then i picked Webber next, but being targeted by Bunnymen and Pigs immediately was a big drag for me.

Then I started to play Wendy, and hoo boy did my survival rate skyrocket. We made it all the way to 100+ days before dying to hounds/birchnutters/sea hounds/meteors.

Now I currently play Wendy, Wolfgang and Wicker, and looking back at how far I've come, I feel a vague sense of accomplishment.

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I remember some of old lessons.

- dying from boomerang :C. You actually supposed to catch it;

- dying to seasonal hazards after resurrection at touch stone. Make survival stashes...

- deerclops can freeze you!?

- don't fight hounds at base! Especially at summer!

- cool, armor made of rare resource! It sets hound on fire, and now hounds set random stuff on fire! D:

First time I saw stagehand it made me run. It's actually the spookiest of all things in DS to me. Even now, when I know, what it is, it still gives me creeps.

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- "Hey that shadowy looking hedgehog thing looks pretty passive, give wilson some cand- OWCH"

> tfw didn't go to caves after having DS/T since 2014/2015, and quickly went back up cos scawy. when i found the ruins i quickly went back up before being shredded by depth worms. the first time i elaborately played in the caves was in January 2018

- hey why did the screen turn blue? whats this weird crackling stuff all around my screen?

- i'ma just put on summer e x t r a l o n g and turn off winter. maybe even put autumn and spring on very long too

- hey what is that growling? why does my character say that there are dogs coming?

- hey, summer and winter suck, guess its only autumn and spring forever

- why is there an autumn or spring option? *switches to autumn*

- i remember a base in a klei server that was at spawn was overtaken by fire hounds because some IDIOT thought it was funny to kill us all. no-one knew how to deal with then and we were all running away from them and then died

- *rog makes game  harder message* *still puts on*. wait, what are these mechanical things next to spa- oh heck oh frick?? why does rog make the game harde- oh wait

- man, i really wanna try out adventure mode

- "MAXWELL SUCKS, HE HAS LIKE, 75 HEALTH!!!!" (i main him now)

- i love these backpacks, i'm going to leave them ALL around base, what are chests? they look to expensive. meh, nothing can beat my backpacksss

- *me as webber* i'm going to set these spider dens ALL around my base, with chester in the middle. nOthING cAN gO wROng *all dens turn into spider queens*

- wow, thats alot of grass in one small area, this game is supposed to be ha- WHATFORE THESE BEES?

- how am i supposed to get rocks to make a pickaxe if i need a pickaxe to get rocks?

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1 hour ago, DatShadowJK said:

- *me as webber* i'm going to set these spider dens ALL around my base, with chester in the middle. nOthING cAN gO wROng *all dens turn into spider queens*

The Queens Gathering!

Seriously, there is a setpiece trap that has tier 3 dens in a circle called

The Queens Gathering!

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10 hours ago, DatShadowJK said:

I obtained that once

but I literally placed all my dens around my base

I do wish there was an "amazed" on the react things. 

-I once found the 5 fire/ice hounds guarding the fire/ice staff and i kited all of them to get the staff, making it rain

-When i first played SW, I didn't know how to get the sand or magma piles, as i was still new-ish/ didn't play alot to discover.

-When i first played RoG, i disabled all of the hounds, spiders, leifs, poison birches, tentacles, bosses and more because i was new to the game at the time. Also never made it past autumn because of darkness or pigs?

-I lost a ton of worlds in RoG due to the whole autumn or spring mechanic (When i started in spring, all the bees were killer bees despite me restarting the world and doing the whole thing again while i had wasp hives at none. I do still regret all those lost worlds

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