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  1. You know what when you hold Lucy in your slot you can use other axes still then xD
  2. So the island make literally stuff alive when dead or some fruits and vegetables.
  3. Hey. There is bug right now going on in PS4 every time i go play Wortox in sombodys server i play 30 second after that kicks a warning thing front of screene and i cant move or do anything than just close game. Even when i try to join friend server from sessions. It crashes the game.
  4. So orher guy is gonna look like that spanish or portugal adventurer on the right, and some ainstine with crazy hair is on left. What people think is vagstaff
  5. I love the way how characters wear the cowboy straw hat is like covers their eyes like all cowboys did alot back the they pulled the tip of the hat down more so for them it was like hidding them selves from rivals and sherifs.
  6. I made that kind of post in DST Eu discord group about the dark line running next to 5th island. And i actually think its an upcomming island too. Bec i made my base and some pig houses in 5th island. When i killed thief that spawned from behind pig house killed him the map i got it showed the treasure loaction for me on the dark lined island. Would be cool actually if the island like next to 5th had like bridge that crosses over to the island and have like pig guard who guards the bridge to the island where maybe would be pig king or duke with the second palace. And if you want to cross the bridge you have to pay oincs to get there.
  7. Would be cool if there was third village like enemies of the queen. Imagine if they had connection with pugna who actually told he left their lands bec of their leader and have like other rebelions.
  8. Ooo. I knew hes gonna be one of the playable characters. He will probaply have same ways as webber like put the skull in the right place to unlock him like maybe we have to find his body somewhere in ruins. Imagine if his trait is he comes back alive in his first death and after 1 year like all 4 season go around but i noticed that in hamlet 1 year is 6 seasons. If they give like next to his health like meeter that shows if you are safe when you die and come back alive and when you died it goes down and slowly every day goes up like woody has it.
  9. I hope the skeleton character will be like talkin head on ground his words will tell you where you can find his whole body parts like random locations like in dungeons, islands and all that...
  10. I noticed image there was showed new characters, one was that farmer girl, second was skeleton and 3th was Krampus character. And so others followed like wilba and the old guy and last one wasnt revealed..
  11. Thats the royal pig quards flag around pig queen castle these 4 golden like looking castles around the her castle they have pink flag not purple like others and these 4 golden towers around her wil have different looking pig guards like this
  12. Right now we cant go into caves at all in the game. Crashes all time
  13. Can ya pls remove the bug where. Like joining match where was like playied one round after it, it dosnt exist on the server list. Same when you make server and one playier leave like there dosnt come new playiers at all.