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  1. Yea she use light magic to activate it. Like i said light magic goes in it some nasty stuff happens. She even had that evil smile in her Holly i might know why she got possesed by the evil things in her. So it can use light magic to activage the portals. Omgjwjnekala
  2. when you watch this trailer it makes you ask many question who was charlie before and where she came from? Maxwell ruled over world what was influenced with shadows and dark magic but who ruled Charlie? When you notice in the cinematic shes like using her own magic with white color shadow comes when she changed the flowers and stairs with light magic (good) and dark magic made evil stuff was black color and somebody possessed her over who is with the dark magic (bad). And i think the one who was that used maxwell as puppet on the throne but then when maxwell was lost it went possessed charlie if it has somekind of aim on light magic. like on this image somebody before mentioned too like it has mix of dark magic and light. And it said they tried to get power over the dark magic. And i think the light magic that is on every corner is that the portal maybe sucks in that light magic and give out the dark magic. When i started to think how charlie got there i was thinking something happened with her on moon world like there sculpture shows that moon has some of it piece off from right top side. That it fell down to maxwell world where and she came to shadow throne place. Like when i look at it the moon island has that positive input like everything came to life and even these who died have like second chance in life when you look at hound who comes back alive still same personality as hounds have and penguins who still come out in winter to breed though they dead still have these same instincts in them. And like carrots, dragonfruits become alive and innocent creatures. So now we have 2 different land nightmare influenced with (dark magic) and anti nightmare with (light magic).
  3. Would be cool like jungle island that if you on that island it has huge trees that block sun away from there you go in there will be that really dark to see anything so you need to equip lighters, torches or miner hats to go on that island. And maybe make that island invinsible on map so you dont know where you walking on that island and Signs will be very helpful there on your way. When you swin around the island it will only make the edge of island on map to see but when you go in it will be still all dark on map.
  4. He would be like cool hiding like in the punch of sea weed forgot how they were called in dst. But would love see them too
  5. Holly where you found it? :0 in klei stream or what?
  6. So the island make literally stuff alive when dead or some fruits and vegetables.
  7. Maybe give wigfrid to make banners that she can drop and buff everybody around her like the crocommandos did in forge droping banner by buffing everybody. And now we got like sailing thing maybe give wigfrid that same multyple playier ship but like that long ship shape,like viking sailed with and little faster but turn slower if its front point needs to turn
  8. Sound like close to tiger shark and quaken. From Shipwrecked
  9. Yea sry didnt notice, i remember it had like resemble with dog. But yea if its sea Zerbant it could make same sounds like dragons do and maybe make some weird little zebra sound there somewhere
  10. Bugalisk - Basilisk x Pug It dosnt bark too xD
  11. I was thinking of. I heard lot people wanted boss something alike to Pugalisk from Hamlet so i got this idea if to fight Sea Serpant! They look like snake alike dragons on sea so i was thinking klei loves to make like mixed creatures. Was thinking like Sea Zebrant like that head shape of horse, have teeth same sharp like dragons and eyes totally red make it look terrifing and that and have that cool white and black like scales make it look close resemble to zebra. Give your ideas on types monster on sea to see in future.
  12. Havent you accetently turned off RoG? Bec thats where the Twiggy trees came to game in first place
  13. Now we know why these gloves are called (Non-protective)
  14. mhm. makes me wonder like they dont want us make suspect something.