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  1. It was weird too yeah. When i playied wilson he quoted on the Gorge ornamnets “they make me hungry somewhy?” made me think he remembered of the tasty food they cooked there and the question mark made me think did they lose their memories when they came back to their world? And somewhy makes them kinda think that they were there, and forge one Wilson said “I should hang them over fire” something close that.
  2. Lol. Deerclops scared of the fireworks as hell, reminds me kind of in childhood how i was afraid of them.
  3. Dude says they going bankrupt, and klri givez almost 10000 free hamlet copies.
  4. 7th January

    Ohhh. Thank you wasnt so sure before like i remember it would be soon.
  5. 7th January

    Didnt Klei mention before that maybe in 7th Januray we get new stuff to Dont starve, like others though of demosticating beefalos, fences, gates and stuff.
  6. We usually have longest events but this time winter feast came same day as pc in console. I play in both ps4 and pc the game i can confirm that.
  7. I was thinking of really fun event like you notice halloween has like table where you make elixirs and christmas event where you can make christmas trees and decotate them. So when i playied one day Hamlet i noticed you can make blunderbus and put like gunpowder in it and shoot everything. And i was like thinking like imagine if this was in thanks giving event if it was thing. So new skins would be like for 6 characters as we have seen they do for every character like who of them have more the thanks giving vibe in. Like wigfrid would look cool as native american. Wickerbottom as old lady with that canadian farmer dress with white pad on head. Dont hate me but i was thinking of Event skins for that only can be made in this event like farmer top hat skin and native american feather hat. If people vote “YES or NO” ill make list who want it as normal elegant skin. And i was thinking only EVENT items you can make is Blunderbus in weapon list using gunbowder to shoot with it. And i was thinking it would be one fun way to hunt gobblers in that season xD. And second EVENT item was maybe thinking of Hunter hat. That gives a more bigger chance for gobblers to spawn like the feather hand gives more spawn rate for birds around you. And thrid item or thing i would call it. only EVENT!! “ A FAKE GOBBLER” like you make sign alike thing but just a same size like gobbler made of boards and baddly drawn gobbler on it, that attracts other gobblers like they stand watch it when they close it. xd And i was thinking like some normal skins for items for weapons or items or hats. One weapon i was thinking Wigfrid spear maybe pls like wickerbottom got book skin but i was thking wigfrid battlespear skin that is like native american style with feathers and weird drawings on the wood section of spear like yellow, red and white lines. and second skin i was thinking too for her battlehelmet xd i was thinking that her viking pride is still in her that she has that normal helmet look of her still but would be cool the helmet has like native american drawing on it like the spear and have like lot feathers around and the old horse on front her too sill but just lot feathers around helmet. bec i was thinking of Historically that Viking were actually first people who were in North America and have actually met the tribes too. So thats why xD Whats funny i was even thinking maybe we could get in that update like maybe new bird for cage not for event but for content. I was thinking of an “OWL” no joke an Owl. Like he would be like half hat and half egg giver, like you put her in cage and give food and she will have that same domestication ratio, you feed it like 30 days. No joke 30 days and you will get her for ever domesticated and what. What would she do? You can take her on and she first will be in you pockets but you can move her on hat slot and boom she sits on your head. When you die she flews away up and goes back to bird cage if you have more bird cage she will choose witch one she goes but she can still die if nobody comes for her. Her domestication ends when she dies like when out side she flyes awa but when in cage she cant get out just dies in there. And one help with her would be hunting bunnies when you take her put on your head and when you are in view on screene with her she goes automatically hunt the bunny down and comes back you and see you got free food in you pocket. EDIT: I forgot one thing i wanted to mention how to get the Owl. Put like 1% of getting him from choped tree and she will be on ground jumping on back like all other birds when they on ground. Plus shegives eggs in dusk and night time only at day time she sleeps.
  8. Ohhh. :0. Thats news for me. Thx for telling.
  9. @ricardopinto Ooo. :0 you new guy in Klei? Never seen you before.
  10. Had to do it if you notice Ox horn in full size and turn it up side down you get look alike to the forge boss helmets
  11. Wolfgang is proud now “the ex circus worker”
  12. You had one job only one job to look like circus clown wes
  13. I would love they made map mode where is like you go game you have map but... the map is empty you only see on map of the circle you see like always but when you run trough place it wont keep be revealed. And compas in that place would be really useful and the map table, when you stand next the map table it reveals you map where you want run if you away from it it wont reveal your map and when you make compas the compas is showing you like on the corners of the map witch side is base if you made the map table only then it shows.
  14. About the upcoming update

    I hope we gonna get use the underground updated celestial portal too. Bec it always asks for moon other words. Indecent gem will be use for it bec it staff is name moon cell. Moon light?
  15. He meant the stream circus gifts i think. By “enabled” down streams