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  1. I was thinking what if Winnie comes as next character from the list where Wortox was on the uniplememented characters from DS. Like she was told to be as Wigfrid at first then they said wigfrid sister.and in the end she got scrapped away. So would be cool to have a wigfirds twin sister who is like mainly like house keeping you base, working on like farms and crops and animals. And as i was thinking her sister is only meat eater i was thinking if she could be only veggie eater. And maybe her unique skill to be like koalphants, rabbits dont run away from her and tallbirds, frogs dont attack her. maybe give her stick that has ability when she holds it every mob will follow her like volt goats, koalas and every other. And would be cool if she was only character if she gets bitten or attacked by hounds or monsters. The mobs that dont attack her can be viewed on your screene come defend you. And maybe give her new building item like crop thing that can grow crops in winter and maybe give her the hoe thing from gorge that she can just pull the land and put crops down that she dosnt need to use farms but minus the will be they gonna grow slower than on farms. And - would be if she kills animals will hurt her sanity. So you need people to do it if they want meat and maybe make her vegie eater only too.
  2. What if Winnie comes?

    She could be sister but when you look wortox old version and this new you see they changed him kinda if they do same even for winnie change her looks more. Then the look of her wont be problem but what will be importand is her different survival play style and strategy what would take peoples intrest in her and some sisterly connection to each other. Bec wigfrid hasnt got her update yet maybe they update even maybe her quotes like sisterly connections.
  3. Hey i was thinking lately about some Wortox quotes and maybe what they could tell us maybe what we could see in new world what comes to game and new enemies. Like maybe we been spoiled little already by not thinking of it. So we have seen how in Trailer he consumed Krampus soul and he turned into Krampus him self So there are 2 other skins as Minotaurus and Goblin (survival) as i was thinking if he ate their souls he took their looks like if there soemkind of level difference if the souls are more powerful than Krampus one he may could take their looks like here. i bet Goblins could be like raiding parties like hounds, imagine horn blows somewhere in distance as it come slowly close and louder. and maybe Minotaur is somekind new anicest cafe defender like in puzzel maze places. So maybe these 2 skin maybe could be like small spoiler of what we might meet in new world. like when you look setpieces around the map like these Roman and Greek architect and marble statues. the one was very intresting the knight one. it face has broken but we can mostly imagine that it could be like one ancient civilization too like the ancient bugman who are like ancient mayas we view as like their weapon as we see is like ancient aztec used. yea but i think the another ancient race were Horse people having like Roman and Greek like world around them. Rook couldve been their like tamed Rhinos something like pulling chariot or something as im imagening. but Bishop looks like weird Squid face bec when i looked close at it it looks like almost like squid and its mouth is like bird mouth peak, what squids have too. and i was thinking maybe they could be related with minotaurs like Greek mythology says. the ancient Greek or Roman Horse people. and last i was thinking of Wortex quoting on the Florid Postern. As we can use it as coming in and out from it as we want. like saw the new update where you can upgrade it like change characters and that. what if we get the SAME KEY. like we use to Ancient Portal to get other world like Gorge and Forge. Florid right now has 2 more empty slots of 4 that we can use in future maybe put and Key in that can teleport us to the new world klei will give us that maybe all playiers will interact with it to go different world. give your thought what ya think to expect
  4. What if?

    Idk havent found anything related with the minotaur and ancient guardian.
  5. Console Wortox.

    You mean L2 what never is used like hold it and movearound with slot using R3 to movearound freely where to jump.
  6. In DS with the maxwell survival chapters where you go everyworld trough wormholes that time was a nightmare where i had unfair moment i jumped in wormhole and every side was killer bees that came and killed me instant with that annoying broken range of theirs. So yeah... i was pissed bec it was 3th chapter first 2 were already nightmarish hard.
  7. [Game Update] - 141

    Hey. There is bug right now going on in PS4 every time i go play Wortox in sombodys server i play 30 second after that kicks a warning thing front of screene and i cant move or do anything than just close game. Even when i try to join friend server from sessions. It crashes the game.
  8. Where the hell you took it from? Lmao. Or you thought? They said one time before they gonna bring forge and gorge back other time with more content in them.
  9. I remember one thing in Gorge said. They may go back the world where they came or may they? The quote was intresting meaning if they go next to new world or back to their world. Maybe thats what happened wigfrid, willow and wolfgang. They may got sooner back to their own world or went to another world like it quoted in gorge. Wicker willson and wendy got kicked in to gorge world. But i think maybe Wolfgang, willow and wigfrid got sooner straight to the what ment “New world” the new content maybe thats the 3th world. The survivors gonna meet up again.
  10. Wortox Has Arrived!

    Update post they made is by 10.99$ not €. I bought it in dst in game store 8.99€ too
  11. Thats what i ment dude read again. I ment like he isnt part of others.
  12. That what i said. He is noncanon bec he isnt like other suvivors who were pullen to this world. But he could might give some lore understanding like ancient stuff in dungeons.
  13. Like Wortox as Klei mentioned. He could be like creature who already existed in that worl and was born maybe his lore gonna be but the other main characters were taken to the world.
  14. The normal skin of wortoxwe right now see is corupted version. They mentioned thet wortox will have skin noncorupted version maybe we see his real idenitity as who he was before goat people, maybe dog people, or he was in another worl where was another kind of coruption. Bec goats had gnaw in their world who turned them into merm men and the gnaw even maybe existed in the world where we play right now bec when maxwell came to the world he said they were already there before him
  15. 1 thing i hate in this world are Furries and Furry comunities. Pls dont ruin him by calling him furry. Thx.
  16. Funny how His nose looks like Klaus. That dog kind of shape nose. Bec Klaus is blind his ability is track playiers with smell. like dogs and wolfs are known really good at smelling their prey. Even hunter usualy told us thet wolf can smell gunpowder of the huntsmen so they move more far away from it when they smell it. Like look at their jaw and nose area and how the neck hair goes like same way even horns are similar but klaus has like red white color instead
  17. Remember winona had the abilty to make fire burn longer in gorge maybe thats really useful when she makes campfires burn longer when she put fire in or normal campfire. Would be cool she could craft molotoves like fire spreading items like she drops it down it has like fire circle on ground like 8-10 second damaging and burning everything in it. And maybe give her special item she can craft firecream out of aloe you get from oasis to make fire cream when you use it would be cool to see new effect how they cream over them selves and it defends them from fire and heath. When she uses molotoves so you team mates can be in it so wont get damaged by fire but would be cool for it a timer too when the firecream comes off you like maybe 20-30 second effect.
  18. Damn the guy on right side looks like young wilson. Like the head shape so similar. Maybe explains why he had wagstaff factory radio in his house.
  19. So orher guy is gonna look like that spanish or portugal adventurer on the right, and some ainstine with crazy hair is on left. What people think is vagstaff
  20. Suggestion: chocolate

    I hope they add like milk in the game too, like pig shop got like fridge back there and like 4 milks and gets filled next day again the “electric goat milk” so i was thinking would be cool to have 3 chocolate recepies like all 4 cacao beans is Dark chocolate, like in real life its not really enjoyable taste but very healthy so it gives little food, decreases sanity and gives lot HP, so second is 3,2 - cacao beans and 1-2 electric milk. Is milk chocolate that gives all like little hunger, and 50/50 HP and sanity from last dark chocolate. And last one White milk chocolate what is really enjoyable. Like you get it from putting 3 milk and cacao bean. Gives little food and lot sanity and decreases HP is its minus. And maybe some recepies more with cacao too i was thinking. Cave banana you can buy there maybe if they add milk. Like one cool food gives little hunger and alot hp and sanity would be like sliced ice cream with chocolate cream and sliced cave bananas desert something. Or maybe other cool ideas.
  21. I love the way how characters wear the cowboy straw hat is like covers their eyes like all cowboys did alot back the they pulled the tip of the hat down more so for them it was like hidding them selves from rivals and sherifs.
  22. Lol i thought he has 3 arms but noticed there is second one behind him too
  23. About the upcoming update

    I hope we gonna get use the underground updated celestial portal too. Bec it always asks for moon other words. Indecent gem will be use for it bec it staff is name moon cell. Moon light?
  24. Maybe more crafting thing for Science?? Like i was actually thinking of Painting table. Like if they going to add more skins like for Krampus sack, or like tomesticated beefalo, like these items that bosses or mini bosses drop, like tamo and that if you got skin for it you go stand close to the painting station and its crafting list pops down side like anyother like statue maker, the cave search pyramid gives on left down side, and it would pop out only then if you have skin of the item you have right now hold, you can redecorate it, and uf you go on beefalo or you have like beefalo skin you go close the painting station and decorate beefalo into something cool like magmaskin where hes like flaming fur, or halloween costume, where beefalo has like fluffy koala nose and big ears sticked on his face, victorian beefalo like he has that big one glasses on like wilson and that long smoking pipe on mouth that has like bubbles effect comming from it. xD like so many cool ideas.