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  1. I need To Know Something

    No, boulders do not respawn. Once all boulders are mined, the only way to get more rocks is to go into the caves and wait for earthquakes, or mine the ice glaciers that appear during winter. Cave earthquakes can provide rocks, flint, gold, nitre, gems, and marble. Glaciers will give you ice and rocks only. Yes, twigs and grass do respawn after a number of days pass, as long as you did not burn the plants. You may also dig up twig and grass plants, and replant them at your base. Replanted twigs will grow naturally, but replanted grass will require fertilizer: rot, manure, or guano.
  2. If you want both games at once, probably Reddit. Mods and users scour all the various sites (forums, Twitter, Steam, etc) and post at r/dontstarve. There's r/dontstarvetogether for just DST, but most people just use the main sub. Otherwise, check the forums here - DS and DST are separate games. So you have to do some extra clicks.
  3. If you're struggling with RoG, I would recommend making sure your starting season is Autumn, not "default" (which can be Autumn OR Spring). Autumn is the equivalent of Summer for vanilla DS, so you'll have the entire season to prepare for Winter and everything after. The thing about RoG is that you need to always be looking 1-2 seasons ahead of where you are, and preparing for it. So when you start in Spring, you already need to worry about rain and lightning immediately, but your primary concern is actually preparing yourself for Summer. With a Spring start, focus on getting an Umbrella/Straw Hat combo or scouring the swamps for Tentacle Spots to make a Rain Coat. It's usually faster to do Umbrella/Straw Hat though, and all you need is a Science Machine to get either going. Make a Science Machine ASAP, drop it anywhere convenient, and pre-build the basics you'll need later. This is what I try to make/pre-build first: Alchemy Engine, Lightning Rod, Crockpot, Drying Rack, Chest, Spear, Log Suit, Backpack, Endothermic Fire. After that, make sure you find your Pig King and Beefalo for early hound/frog protection (if you aren't good at kiting), and your Desert. Sometimes you'll have two Deserts, so make sure you find one with Cactus plants, and begin setting up a camp nearby or in it - you'll be spending your first Summer there, picking tumbleweeds and cactus plants, etc. Get 3 gears ASAP, and as much ice as you can carry before Spring ends. The gears are for one Ice Flingomatic and one Ice Box. You'll need 15 ice for the Flingo, and any extra is cheap and easy filler for cooked meals. Once you have an Ice Box, make a Thermal Stone (or two), and place them in the Ice Box. You can carry those around to keep you cool for short distances, while you work on making actual Summer clothing. The Summer camp probably won't be your permanent base, it's just there to get you through until Autumn. It won't be pretty, but it will be functional. Don't bother with farms or berry bushes this first year, it's too much effort for too little payout right now. And definitely, don't replant grass/twigs at all - the desert will provide plenty of those. My basic/first year Summer camp is typically: Alchemy Engine, Lightning Rod, Bird Cage, 1-2 Crockpots, Ice Box, 2-4 Drying Racks, Ice Flingomatic, Fire Pit, Endothermic Fire Pit, a couple trees for wood, and a chest or two. You only need one Lightning Rod since your base is dense, it's all within one screen. You should place your one Ice Flingomatic in such a way that it covers everything except for the fire pits. Basically, the Flingo is the center of your base, and you build what you need around it. This thread can give you an idea of the range a Flingo has, or I can recommend a mod if you're on PC: As for Dragonfly, I never fight her the first Summer, she's not worth the trouble. As soon as my character gives the first warning, I run away from my Summer base, deep into the Desert, to a corner or hound mound area. Once she spawns, I run like hell away from her, leave my Summer base and the Desert behind, and live as a nomad for the next few days until the season ends.
  4. custom mod item

    Your best bet is asking the mod maker themselves, by commenting on the mod via Steam. If the mod isn't available on Steam, only via the forums, then try here: Typically, you just have to go to a certain menu to craft, once you have the ingredients prepared. You don't ever have to code yourself.
  5. There's mods for some of these! First and foremost, check out this guy's workshop for several DST ports: And here's a few others that I like: Meteors: (Sometimes that one is buggy for me, and gets rid of all my rocky biomes... it's hit-or-miss. So what I do is disable it during world gen, then quit and re-enable it, and use the commands in the description to manually place my meteor showers in an appropriate place the mosaic biome) Mushroom Farms: Signs for Chests:
  6. According to SteamDB, for the past three months, Don't Starve has averaged about 2,000 people playing it EVERY DAY. It's lowest play-by-date was just before Hamlet went into beta, with slightly above 1,500 players on a Wednesday. Weekends show bigger spikes in activity, with roughly 2,500 people playing pre-Hamlet and anywhere from 3,000-5,000 post-Hamlet. Don't Starve always has huge spikes in activity when DLC is released, which shows there's still an avid player base just patiently waiting in the background for new content. When Reign of Giants was released in 2014, on PC and then ported to PS4 and other consoles during 2014/2015, player counts grew as high as 16,000 at times. When Shipwrecked was released in late 2015 (post-DST release), players were as high as 8,000. It's not exactly a dead game that no one cares about, and there's plenty of us still playing. Sure, DST numbers are higher, but that's expected due to it being multiplayer - the numbers will be double or triple just as a baseline. Plenty of us don't play DST beyond events or a one-off weekend with friends. DST is a totally different experience than Don't Starve, with reworked bosses and characters and world mechanics, and an emphasis on roles within a group. I rarely have interest in multiplayer games, and I have zero desire to play DST alone... if I want to play alone, I'll come back to Don't Starve. Don't Starve is over 5 years old. It was in alpha/beta in 2012, and released to early access in 2013. The game sold over a million copies its first year, basically catapulting Klei into the big leagues of indie game companies. DST wouldn't exist without it. They're not gonna just shove the game to a back shelf somewhere to collect dust. As time goes on and sales drop and they develop new games, sure, it won't be viable to put new development into it and instead it will be "bug fixes only". But that time isn't now. While the active number of players has gone down over time, that's very normal as a game ages - even World of Warcraft, with Blizzard/Activision $billions$ behind it, loses about 10% of their active subscribers each year. Back in 2013 and 2014, pre-RoG, the number of active players of Don't Starve averaged around 3,000 - a 30% loss of players on a 5 year old game is acceptable, LOL. There's still a core group of people playing, and even more come back when Klei adds content, so there's no reason for them to stop working on this game and devote all their resources to another.
  7. I don't mind the raid bosses not being in DS, I've never been much of a fan of them anyway. I think the Moon Stone set piece/quest would be nice to have though. Some other things from DST that I'd like to see in DS: Wall gates/doors (I believe there's a mod for that, but can't verify at the moment - Steam Workshop searching is down) Mushroom planters (mod: Mini-signs for chests (mod: Meteors (mod:
  8. Hamlet Update - October 29

    Thank you so much Jamie, and everyone else at Klei! Not only for giving us beta folks Hamlet for free, that's awesome, but also for all of your hard work on the expansion and keeping Don't Starve alive. 5 years after discovering it, DS is still one of my top favorite games. As always, I'm impressed by your commitment and dedication to your craft and your fans. Much love to you all.
  9. It's been a while since I've seen one of those traps! Yes, Winter will continue for a while instead of your Spring season starting. IIRC, you'll have 10 more days of Winter now, and it will be deep Winter - the coldest and most snow on the ground you can get.
  10. problemas

    I had this problem recently as well. Check to see if you're still opted-in to an old Shipwrecked beta. I was, and opting-out of it fixed the problem for me.
  11. help in game management

    I think this mod is what you're looking for: And if you want it for DST:
  12. My partner was playing a lot of crafting and exploration/world-reform games back in 2013, and picked up DS one day during sale. I figured it would be similar to the others he played so I didn't get it, and just watched him for a while. This was back when DS was in its final phases of development, and we were still getting updates with new content, like winter, the caves, adventure mode, etc. I was intrigued watching him play, it didn't have the same feel as Minecraft or Terarria or games like that, something was different about it. More light-hearted and quirky... I didn't understand at the time, but I now attribute that to the art style, portmanteaus of creature names, and funny character quotes. Also, some things are just really silly or cute, like how our bodies move when punching butterflies, or having pig friends at night and making sure they're not scared by lighting a fire. The music is awesome too! I love swing/big-band style, and find myself tapping my feet and bobbing my head to it. And I really like the care put into the sound effects and how they invoke certain emotions. Even now, 5 years later, the loading screen with its high-pitched scratches still makes me apprehensive. Anyway, after a couple weeks just watching, my partner ended up buying DS for me so we could learn side-by-side and figure out mechanics together. It was really fun to try something new and have no idea of the outcome, like following dirt piles to completion or activating a touch stone, or finding new creatures and having no idea what to do with them, like lureplants or the first time either of us got Deerclops. Neither of us used the Wiki, and I didn't even have an account on the forums here, just browsed at the time to get ideas for creative base-building (one of my favorite parts). With all of that, what also makes it in my top 3 games is that it always forces me to better myself. I've died to darkness and/or starving more times than I care to admit, run away from Deerclops with my "bug out" bag and forgotten winter clothing, and been cornered by killer bees without any protection. I have my preferred method and style of advancement, but that doesn't stop me from getting too bold or confident and killing myself for a silly reason. And each time I'm forced to analyze my mistakes and learn from them. There's no rage-quitting unless I want to rage-quit my own mind, LOL.
  13. Add descriptions for items

    Your best bet will be to try to the mod forums: If you add anything into the main game files themselves, it will be overwritten anytime there's an update or bug fix from Klei.
  14. There are a few errors and crashes that occur when playing both SW and ROG, but especially when you play with mods. They are the most likely culprit. Start a new SW game with none of your mods enabled, use the console to get to the Seaworthy, merge with a new non-mod RoG game, and see what happens. If no crash, you're good. It's one of the mods, you enable one mod at a time until you find it. If you don't find it, you start enabling them in-combination until you find it. If none of the mods are enabled and you still crash, the best thing to do will be to report this in the bug forums: And include: A screenshot of the crash Log.txt DXDiag Here's how to find Log and DXDiag:
  15. Don’t Starve in Predator

    Can you show a clip? Everything I can find on video is the original 1987 version, not the 2018 version.