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  1. You're not stubborn, you just have your favorite, and that's OK I would recommend trying to beat Adventure Mode in Vanilla, not RoG, and with the easiest character: WX-78 WX is the easiest because gears are abundant throughout Adventure Mode. You can save up stacks-upon-stacks of them while you traverse each level, and buff him up to maximum stats and still carry over a full stack for the final Darkness level. In the Darkness level, you need a light source (wear a Miner's Hat), so you'll need something to work out sanity issues instead the ol' reliable Tam. Gears will do that, and they also mean you don't have to worry about health or hunger. Once you have a feel for beating it with WX, then try the other characters. Adventure Mode is meant to be tough, and I say take advantage of anything you can to get through it the first time, and challenge yourself after that by using the other characters. As for tips: If your first world is King of Winter: Take your time on A Cold Reception and/or The Game Is Afoot. Before you move onto the Darkness level (World 5): Another tip for Darkness:
  2. Current essential/best mods?

    I use these ones for quality of life: Combined Status: Minimap HUD: Geometric Placement: Wormhole Marks: Ice Flingomatic Range Check: Fixed Tooth Traps: And I use these ones to bring over DST content: Meteors: Mushroom Farms: Also, in case you didn't know, in January they added these things to Don't Starve (previously DST-only): Beefalo taming and riding Ewecus Fences/gates/walls Wax bundles Mini signs/feather pen
  3. Are you still opted-in to the beta through Steam? Right-click on the game in your library, and select "Properties". Go to the "Betas" tab, and make sure the drop-down shows: NONE - Opt out of all beta programs Save/close. Right-click on the game again and select "Properties". Go to the "Local Files" tab, and select "Verify Integrity of Game Files". Close the menu. You can try to play the game again, but typically I recommend shutting down Steam and restarting it before doing so, just to make sure nothing is being cached in the background. You may even need to restart your computer.
  4. Totally, but what I'm saying is that it's not about that. "Fair" is a personal goal, which the game designers allowed the room for, but purposely didn't design for. Your question is about regulating the game against a community of players to ensure they're conforming to certain rulesets... but this game was made to allow players to NOT conform to the rules of others. So the community of players who wants or needs conforming would be best to reach out to. Yes, the mod forums here would also be good because they're the most experienced in how to tweak the game work for your needs. I haven't checked if you already cross-posted, but the mod forums for DS are here: That wasn't what I said, and I'm not laughing or snarking at you. I offered DST as an alternative because it's more readily made for your needs due to the way it was coded, so it would be a simpler way to achieve your goal. Don't Starve is coded differently because it was the original and not meant for networking or multiple people interacting with it. It's going to be a lot more difficult, if not impossible, because it was made to NOT be the purpose you're looking for. The other thing you quoted and responded to wasn't me, it was @CarlZalph. But yes, leaning in to seeding would help accomplish what you're going for. And DST would be a million times easier to do so because it allows you to create your own servers (and maps and mods and rules) to do so, while DS does not. You can even create your own mod for randomized Teleportato worlds in DST. As far as I understand, creating your own original Don't Starve server and allowing people to play on it would be violating the TOS, because you would be seeding your own game to others, and there would be no way for Klei to officially verify that those other people own the game as well and can legitimately play it. Maybe @PeterA can clarify further though, as he's very familiar with the differences between DS and DST coding.
  5. If there's a community focused on making rules and regulations around speedrunning games, and who wants to do it to this game, it seems like this question should be posed to them specifically. This game isn't really about speedruns or completionism... it's sandbox, and wide-open to modding and users manipulating the files to their hearts content. It was developed in such as way as to purposely NOT force rules or regulations that people had to follow, and instead allow them to create their own. You all creating speedruns is an example of how Klei let you make your own rules, rather than imposing them on you. I just don't know that you're going to find answers here, given that the game wasn't created for the purpose you're seeking answers for. It was meant to be a unique single player experience, which could be modified by that single player according to their desires. The only way to truly make sure other people aren't cheating would be to generate tons of your own seed maps and force speedrunners to use them at random, or host the game on your own server and have others doing their speed runs play ONLY on that server. But as far as I know, the latter isn't even possible with Don't Starve because it's not using networking other than between one player and the game platform (Klei, DRM-free, Steam. etc). You could try making Don't Starve Together dedicated servers, allowing only a single player in at a time, and making speedrun goals for that. You'd have to look at the DST modding forums for more details about randomizing worlds and ensuring data integrity though. You also wouldn't be able to have speedruns for the Teleportato since that doesn't exist in DST, you'd either have to make a mod specifically for that purpose (along with randomizing worldgen), or make the speedrun goal raid bosses.

    Get a Firestaff too, so you can light the whole thing up from afar. You can even start by lighting that grass to the left of them. My first Deerclops was super scary, my adrenaline was pumping and my hands were shaking. But scarier than that was back when the vanilla game was still being developed. There was a thing for a while called "MacTusk Village", which was a cluster of walrus camps all right next to each other. A smaller version of it exists in Adventure Mode (3 camps), but for a while there, a large version showed up in sandbox - it was 6-9 camps. There I am, walking around exploring the wintery landscape, when all of a sudden I stumble on an army of blue hounds and a whole group of walruses. RIP me.
  7. I suppose I'd consider it like DS2. I do definitely think of them as separate games and experiences, especially as more content gets added and tweaked. I rarely play DST - only here and there with a few close friends where I know our playstyles compliment each other. I remember what it was like to be new, and I'm sympathetic, but I just can't be the person to hand-hold and teach. I remember jumping into a random server once, and the person was super enthusiastic that we were all in there, and wanted us to explore as a group... and I'm like, "no way, we've got stuff to do before winter, divide and conquer!", LOL I prefer DS myself, it's still my go-to. The things that have been added/changed for DST just aren't that interesting to me, and sometimes feel overpowered for just a single player. I like how the lore has evolved, but it doesn't give the same feeling as starting up DS and knowing I'm all alone out there. I can see how DST would be appealing to a group who just discovered the Don't Starve world, and are learning it from scratch together though.
  8. It sounds like you're not preparing yourself well enough for Summer. RoG adding in extra seasons to the game means that we can't just try to survive like we did in vanilla, we also have to be constantly preparing ourselves for the next season and beyond. I like to build 2 bases (unless I find a perfect spot for just one large one): my main base, and a small base in the Desert. That means I'm gonna need double the base resources, however, my initial Desert base just needs to be barely functional. My desert base consists of 1 Alchemy Engine, 1 Fire Pit and 1 Endothermic Fire Pit, 1 Lightning Rod, 1 Ice Box, 1 Crockpot, 2-3 Drying Racks, 1-2 Chests, 1-2 Flingomatics, 8 or so planted trees I also bring an Eyebrella (if Deerclops came during Winter), Tam-o-Shanter, Walking Cane, Thermal Stone, any meals and food from my main base, and some tooth traps for the inevitable hound attacks (unless I'm close enough to my main base to run back to my tooth traps there). I make a Floral Shirt to wear during the Summer - that can only be made once Summer starts though, since it requires Cactus Flowers. If you don't have the ingredients for that (sometimes Silk can be hard to come by), you can make a Luxury Fan from the feathers Goose-Goose dropped in Spring. If you didn't get a Tam during Winter, no worries - cooking Cactus in the Desert will restore sanity. I also bring Glommer with me to the Desert so I can use his gloop for Flingomatic fuel, and Chester in case I need extra storage space. To have all these things, it means I had to prepare for Summer during the prior Winter and Spring. To even build a base in the Desert, I have to explore it to find the ideal spot - sometimes there's carpeted patches in there with Clockworks, which is where I like to build if possible, so I have to clear them out first. Sometimes there are Hound Mounds, so I have to know where they are so I don't build too close. Sometimes it's a tiny Desert with no Cactus or Boulders, so I have to go find the second Desert in my world and explore that. When Summer starts, I turn on Flingomatics in my main base and then leave for the Desert. I spend all Summer there, picking Tumbleweeds and mining rocks, with the occasional jump out to another biome for small resources occasionally. To be honest, Summer is the most boring season, and the first Summer is the worst one. You're just sorta grinding the time away until Autumn begins again. You can get HUGE amounts of grass, sticks, and trinkets (for gold) though, so that's a positive at least. If Dragonfly arrives during the first Summer, I don't bother fighting her. When my character first announces her breathing, I run deep into the Desert, the furthest edge away from everything, and wait for her to spawn. If I have 20 ash, I drop it for her to eat so she falls asleep, then I run away from the Desert back to my main base. Don't worry about what you're leaving behind like Glommer and Chester - they'll be fine for a few days until you can go back and fetch them. Don't forget to check on those Flingomatics at your main base to see if they need more fuel, since you still have another few days of Summer remaining.
  9. Killing

    @Naveil LOL, definitely is, the other one was 5 years, this is 5 years and a month. Klei changed forum providers sometime in 2012, I don't know if it can even get any older that this! Reported so a mod can lock it
  10. World's Look Different

    One thing I saw in the past was that the host may have their "My Documents" folder, or the "Klei" folder within it, set to "hidden". Whoever created the server (sounds like it was your friend)... right-click on "My Documents" or the "Klei" folder in it, select "Properties", and see if the "hidden" box is checked. Un-check it if so, click Apply, then OK. Start a new server, and see if the problem persists. @Zillvr I remember seeing you add a number of suggestions to past bug reports of the same thing, but can't find the posts anymore. Do you recall some of the other fixes from back in the day?
  11. Crash because of memory leaks

    They've already fixed it, so you should be fine continuing to use "-threaded_render". I added it back to my game and haven't had any more issues. I hear that "-threaded_physics" no longer works though, so if you're using that also, you should probably delete it.
  12. Thank you @bizziboi and especially @DarkXero for catching this!
  13. Crash because of memory leaks

    My game was crashing due to lack of memory also, another user discovered it was because I had set " -threaded_render" in my game launch options. Can you check to see if it's the cause for you? If so, the gang at Klei is aware and working on a fix. Go to your Steam library, right-click on Don't Starve Together, and select "Properties". On the General tab, click on "Set Launch Options" and see if " -threaded_render" is listed there. Another place you could look is in the client.ini file, which is located at: Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether. See if there's a line that states "use_threaded_renderer = true".
  14. Memory leak? DST

    My game was crashing due to lack of memory also, another user discovered it was because I had set " -threaded_render" in my game launch options. Can you check to see if it's the cause for you? If so, the gang at Klei is aware and working on a fix. Go to your Steam library, right-click on Don't Starve Together, and select "Properties". On the General tab, click on "Set Launch Options" and see if " -threaded_render" is listed there. Another place you could look is in the client.ini file, which is located at: Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether. See if there's a line that states "use_threaded_renderer = true".
  15. Nice catch @DarkXero, you're awesome! I set that up so long ago I completely forgot about it! I removed " -threaded_physics -threaded_render" from my launch options, and now there's no more crashes or running out of memory.