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    Get a Firestaff too, so you can light the whole thing up from afar. You can even start by lighting that grass to the left of them. My first Deerclops was super scary, my adrenaline was pumping and my hands were shaking. But scarier than that was back when the vanilla game was still being developed. There was a thing for a while called "MacTusk Village", which was a cluster of walrus camps all right next to each other. A smaller version of it exists in Adventure Mode (3 camps), but for a while there, a large version showed up in sandbox - it was 6-9 camps. There I am, walking around exploring the wintery landscape, when all of a sudden I stumble on an army of blue hounds and a whole group of walruses. RIP me.
  2. I suppose I'd consider it like DS2. I do definitely think of them as separate games and experiences, especially as more content gets added and tweaked. I rarely play DST - only here and there with a few close friends where I know our playstyles compliment each other. I remember what it was like to be new, and I'm sympathetic, but I just can't be the person to hand-hold and teach. I remember jumping into a random server once, and the person was super enthusiastic that we were all in there, and wanted us to explore as a group... and I'm like, "no way, we've got stuff to do before winter, divide and conquer!", LOL I prefer DS myself, it's still my go-to. The things that have been added/changed for DST just aren't that interesting to me, and sometimes feel overpowered for just a single player. I like how the lore has evolved, but it doesn't give the same feeling as starting up DS and knowing I'm all alone out there. I can see how DST would be appealing to a group who just discovered the Don't Starve world, and are learning it from scratch together though.
  3. It sounds like you're not preparing yourself well enough for Summer. RoG adding in extra seasons to the game means that we can't just try to survive like we did in vanilla, we also have to be constantly preparing ourselves for the next season and beyond. I like to build 2 bases (unless I find a perfect spot for just one large one): my main base, and a small base in the Desert. That means I'm gonna need double the base resources, however, my initial Desert base just needs to be barely functional. My desert base consists of 1 Alchemy Engine, 1 Fire Pit and 1 Endothermic Fire Pit, 1 Lightning Rod, 1 Ice Box, 1 Crockpot, 2-3 Drying Racks, 1-2 Chests, 1-2 Flingomatics, 8 or so planted trees I also bring an Eyebrella (if Deerclops came during Winter), Tam-o-Shanter, Walking Cane, Thermal Stone, any meals and food from my main base, and some tooth traps for the inevitable hound attacks (unless I'm close enough to my main base to run back to my tooth traps there). I make a Floral Shirt to wear during the Summer - that can only be made once Summer starts though, since it requires Cactus Flowers. If you don't have the ingredients for that (sometimes Silk can be hard to come by), you can make a Luxury Fan from the feathers Goose-Goose dropped in Spring. If you didn't get a Tam during Winter, no worries - cooking Cactus in the Desert will restore sanity. I also bring Glommer with me to the Desert so I can use his gloop for Flingomatic fuel, and Chester in case I need extra storage space. To have all these things, it means I had to prepare for Summer during the prior Winter and Spring. To even build a base in the Desert, I have to explore it to find the ideal spot - sometimes there's carpeted patches in there with Clockworks, which is where I like to build if possible, so I have to clear them out first. Sometimes there are Hound Mounds, so I have to know where they are so I don't build too close. Sometimes it's a tiny Desert with no Cactus or Boulders, so I have to go find the second Desert in my world and explore that. When Summer starts, I turn on Flingomatics in my main base and then leave for the Desert. I spend all Summer there, picking Tumbleweeds and mining rocks, with the occasional jump out to another biome for small resources occasionally. To be honest, Summer is the most boring season, and the first Summer is the worst one. You're just sorta grinding the time away until Autumn begins again. You can get HUGE amounts of grass, sticks, and trinkets (for gold) though, so that's a positive at least. If Dragonfly arrives during the first Summer, I don't bother fighting her. When my character first announces her breathing, I run deep into the Desert, the furthest edge away from everything, and wait for her to spawn. If I have 20 ash, I drop it for her to eat so she falls asleep, then I run away from the Desert back to my main base. Don't worry about what you're leaving behind like Glommer and Chester - they'll be fine for a few days until you can go back and fetch them. Don't forget to check on those Flingomatics at your main base to see if they need more fuel, since you still have another few days of Summer remaining.
  4. I would suggest playing vanilla Don't Starve, without any of the expansions enabled, while you get the hang of gameplay and how to survive. Just learning the crafting menu can take time, let alone what's good to craft and what's rarely ever needed. Once you're able to live through the first Summer and Winter successfully, then consider enabling RoG and work on surviving all 4 seasons. RoG is definitely a tougher experience than the base game, some folks do like to jump right into it though. If you tend to like "hard mode" on games that offer it, you could always start with RoG, and if it feels too difficult to get the hang of, go back to vanilla while you get your bearings. As you play the game and die, you'll earn character XP, and that will allow you to try playing as other characters. Each character will have pros and cons that differentiate them from one another. We all have our favorites, but Wilson is steady and reliable as you're learning. SW and Hamlet are harder than both vanilla and RoG. They're basically entirely new experiences of playing Don't Starve, using mechanics from vanilla/RoG but in entirely different ways (I'm being vague so I don't spoil things for you). If you don't already have a good feel for surviving, crafting, fighting monsters, and resource management, they'll likely feel overwhelming and off-putting. Oh! One last thing. If you find a structure that offers to let you try "A Doorway to Adventure", you can enter without worry of losing your current progress. That's what we call "Adventure Mode", and it's sort of like a side-quest, with extra challenging levels of gameplay. There are 2 "prizes" you can obtain by playing and/or completing Adventure Mode (again, no spoilers ). If you die in Adventure Mode, you'll come right back to your normal game without consequence or penalty.
  5. Wormhole to Island

    Sometimes people build base on them just for the novelty - as you said, they're very rare, so it's just a fun thing to do. If the island is super small though, that doesn't work out so well. I've also seen people make them into their "panic room", or the area where all their toothtraps are.
  6. Yay! I voted for Klei as best developer during the last Steam sale nominations, and am super happy to see they made it. Lets go everyone, rally the troops and make sure everyone votes for Klei! Tell your friends, tell anyone with a Steam account, tell people who never participate in Steam activities at all. Lets get those votes! They're a small indie company with big hearts and big goals, who remain focused on customers and their dreams as well. They're transparent and openly communicative on major forums, and real live employees engage with players regularly. They continue pumping out content, even for games several years old, and are what big name game companies have forgotten how to be. Klei deserves this, lets make it happen!
  7. What are foil cards?

    You obtain drops from playing games on Steams - regular cards, card packs, or foil cards/packs. You use them to create badges to put on your Steam profile. Foil cards sell for more because they're mush more rare to achieve as a drop.
  8. Memories thread

    The first time I followed animal tracks to spawn a Koalefant (back in the days of vanilla DS), it wandered into a Tallbird Fort and got itself killed. I thought Tallbirds were carnivorous like hounds and would eat all the meat, so I charged in there - without armor - to rescue my precious food. RIP Wilson. Anyone remember MacTusk Villages? They were only around a short time in vanilla DS. Instead of 1 igloo, there were between 3 and 9 in a small cluster. One of my first winters, I was out exploring only to come upon a huge swarm of blue hounds and multiple MacTusks all traveling in a pack. RIP Wilson. When caves were first added to DS, I was still too noob to go down in them, so I'd just mine the sinkhole for rocks. Coincidentally, around that same time, I finally survived long enough for a Lureplant to spawn. It spawned right next to the sinkhole entrance, and by the time I found it, it already had eyeplants. I assumed it must be some new monster that came up from the depths of the caves, and didn't mine a sinkhole again for MONTHS. Lastly, I leave you with the tale of my first Deerclops (again, vanilla DS). I still remember my base and what my world was like. I thought I was so smart camping near a couple pigs, since they helped take care of hounds while I was building up my base. It was small and meager, but sustainable, and finally something I felt proud of. I was even experimenting with decorating with walls, I felt so fancy and accomplished! And then... I hear the breathing. PANIC! Before I knew it, this giant blue beast was stomping around the screen and annihilated my beautiful base. I got a few hits off with my spear, but I knew nothing about kiting, so took damage like crazy. I managed to run him to the pigs, but forgot that several houses had been burned by an earlier wave of fire hounds, and I hadn't rebuilt yet. Those 2 pigs did what they could, but ultimately, they and their houses were destroyed. A few moments later, so was I. That reminds me of something else I used to do! Whenever I would be on a road, and it had an intersection with another road, I would build a fire pit there as a way station. "I know how to beat winter - I'll play as Woodie and be a werebeaver the whole time!" I mean, it worked, but have you ever tried being in werebeaver form for 2 straight hours? That was the last time I ever played Woodie, LOL
  9. MODS

    If you're looking for mods that aren't on Steam (DRM-free), you can find them here: Let it be known though, some might not work as most were created back during the vanilla days, or early RoG, and they may not have been updated since or made compatible with Shipwrecked or Hamlet. If you find something on Steam that you'd like, and the person has a Klei account, you could DM them (or leave a message on their mod page on Steam) asking them to upload it here.
  10. I need To Know Something

    No, boulders do not respawn. Once all boulders are mined, the only way to get more rocks is to go into the caves and wait for earthquakes, or mine the ice glaciers that appear during winter. Cave earthquakes can provide rocks, flint, gold, nitre, gems, and marble. Glaciers will give you ice and rocks only. Yes, twigs and grass do respawn after a number of days pass, as long as you did not burn the plants. You may also dig up twig and grass plants, and replant them at your base. Replanted twigs will grow naturally, but replanted grass will require fertilizer: rot, manure, or guano.
  11. If you want both games at once, probably Reddit. Mods and users scour all the various sites (forums, Twitter, Steam, etc) and post at r/dontstarve. There's r/dontstarvetogether for just DST, but most people just use the main sub. Otherwise, check the forums here - DS and DST are separate games. So you have to do some extra clicks.
  12. Killing

    @Naveil LOL, definitely is, the other one was 5 years, this is 5 years and a month. Klei changed forum providers sometime in 2012, I don't know if it can even get any older that this! Reported so a mod can lock it
  13. World's Look Different

    One thing I saw in the past was that the host may have their "My Documents" folder, or the "Klei" folder within it, set to "hidden". Whoever created the server (sounds like it was your friend)... right-click on "My Documents" or the "Klei" folder in it, select "Properties", and see if the "hidden" box is checked. Un-check it if so, click Apply, then OK. Start a new server, and see if the problem persists. @Zillvr I remember seeing you add a number of suggestions to past bug reports of the same thing, but can't find the posts anymore. Do you recall some of the other fixes from back in the day?
  14. Crash because of memory leaks

    They've already fixed it, so you should be fine continuing to use "-threaded_render". I added it back to my game and haven't had any more issues. I hear that "-threaded_physics" no longer works though, so if you're using that also, you should probably delete it.
  15. Thank you @bizziboi and especially @DarkXero for catching this!