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wigfrids hat    5213
53 minutes ago, Szczuku said:

it's time

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ngl, aside from the abomination on the far left these all are cuties XD look at dem big ol' eyes<3

1 hour ago, Mooagain said:

This took way too long to make


wilson is best bae for a reason

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DarkPulse91    1578

Happy page 666 everyone! So is this where JoeW posts his plans on how Charlie is actually the devil? :wilson_evil:


Fine, this space is also reserved for my future meme once I'm not on mobile :wilson_sneaky:



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Falkenpelz    3284

Remember the character team-names from Mario Party? I did it for DST characters + Willow:


Willow & Wilson: DST Cover-Couple

Willow & Wolfgang: Paranoia Pals

Wendy & Willow: Grief and Griefer

Willow & WX-78: Cynical Synergy

W. & Wickerbottom: Hasting on Heels

W. & Woodie: Team Deforestation

W. & Wortox: Pyromaniac Pranksters

W. & Warly: Team Toasty Tendencies

W. & Wormwood: Match and Tinder

Feel free to add to those cursed ideas

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