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Rhymes With Play Dev Cast - Share your DST Skin Idea for a Live-Drawing on Twitch!

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If you've caught the last couple of Rhymes with Play Dev Casts on Twitch, we've shown a number of unique skin ideas for Don't Starve Together. This Thursday, we'd like to do something different!


Tell us what skin ideas you would like to see Kelly draw live during the next Rhymes With Play Dev Cast, and from there we'll choose one or more to be drawn on-air this Thursday - March 26th at 3:30 PM PDT.


So if you have a Don't Starve Together skin idea that you'd love to see on a live-drawing on Twitch, now's the time to let us know!

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I made a thread for skin suggestions like a month ago.
Here are all the suggestions that were made in it:

General Suggestions Suggestions from movies etc.

Wilson: Know-It-All-Student, Aristocrat, Bald, Gandalf, Wilbur Robinson, Doc Brown

Willow: Orphan, Firefighter, Girl Scout, Witch, Evil-Looking, Rin

Wolfgang: Sailor, Chef, Butcher, Cossack, Farmer

Wendy: Emo, Amish, Shaman, Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Twin("The Shining")

WX-78: Broken, Overcharged, C3-PO-78, Bender, Pinocchio, Soldier-Bot(TF2), Wheatly-78, HAL-7800, Iron Giant

Wickerbottom: Schoolteacher, Academic, Paleontologist, Witch, Hippie

Woodie: Hockey Player, Different clothing colours, Monthy Python Lumberjack

Wes: Jester, Clown, Prisoner, One-Man-Army, Scarf, No Make-Up, Cicero(Skyrim), Clown Murderer, Ballon Boy(fnaf2)

Maxwell: Tallbird, Puppeteer, Shadow, William Carter, White tux, James Bond

Wigfrid: Winnie, Knight, Aztec, Samurai, Warrior, Non-Acting, Silver Valkyrie, Little Orphan Annie

Webber: Frog, Warrior, Spider King, Cave, Spitter, Albino, Black Widow, Human, Web-Covered, Spider Man, Daddy Long Legs

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War paints/savage skins for everyone/anyone (with earrings, one or two feathers, moccasins, maybe huge  nosebones?)

Masked/Ninja skins for everyone/anyone (more like "japan-esque": kimono with wide sleeves which would be seen with any armor, eye-mask or headwrap, wooden sandals etc)

(I start to think about " Indian tribe vs ninja clan" teamplays, like "red vs blue" in many games)





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I would love bee skin for Webber, call him Beeber. Huehuehue

Webber - spider warrior skin

Not very original, plus I think there is already a mod with that design on the workshop. It's called Wislow I believe.


EDIT: Looked up Beeber on google and this came up. Lmao


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Wes as Charlie Chaplin and Webber as Buster Keaton (or just some dandy suits in theme with early part of 20th century)

Wes as WW1 soldier or sailor

some ideas that's totally wrong in relations with time-line (well, if they will say "Have no idea what it means" at start):

Wickerbottom as princess Leia

Wickerbottom as Roman patrician 

Wickerbottom as NASA astronaut (without space helmet)

Wolfgang as Elvis Presley

Wolfgang as Mad Max (well, shoulder pad and leather jacket with one sleeve, maybe like 190x drivers? or one-sleeved aviator jacket?)

Woody as prisoner's cameo from "Invisible, inc" and Webber as Eets)

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Wigfrid as Hamlet.

Put a skull on top of her weapon.

Now she can make speeches to it and call it Shakespear.


(Edit for disclaimer: I know shat about plays so if the references were wrong... sorry. Also added reverse Webber skin.)


Webber as Spider Inside Boy.

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