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  1. XD Yeah, We have many of these same thoughts. When the Trade Inn is added, you will be able to trade 9 of an item for an item the next tier above it, up to Spiffy -- You will not be able to trade for distinguished or elegant items. Elegant and Distinguished items are meant to be rare and special and we aim to keep it that way. In addition to that, we will be turning on marketability for items so that you can choose to sell them on the steam market rather than use them to trade up through the Trade Inn. At first, some people are going to sell too high, and some people are going to sell too low, but then things will even out as the community decides what the items are worth to them. This will allow people to better understand the value of the items that they have and let's players have more choices for how they can get different items. wigfridism in action for real though itll sort itself out
  2. Horribly misquoted. I said seeded runs in Don't Starve should have their own speedrun category as a seeded run is quite different from a randomly generated run. By no means is your run illegitimate; it's just in a seperate speedrun category.
  3. Near everything in DST is calculated server-side. It wouldn't be all too hard to have a character "left behind" on a server after a player disconnects, through force-closing the game or not. This would also break any mods that try to circumvent this. Players griefing by slowly damaging someone? Why not just kill that person? If they are getting close enough to damage you, it can't be all that hard to return fire every once in a while. Players dying because they have to leave in a hurry is a worthwhile trade-off in my opinion. Even then this happens fairly rarely. Either hope your team can pick off whatever is picking you off or they have methods of revival handy. Exceptions can be made for freezing/overheating/wetness damage, as stated by others. DOTs (damage over time) can be pretty much excluded from this altogether. Of course, this system does have it's issues but I do believe it is the best solution to a big problem.
  4. You could always generate another shard and insert a portal into your world if you're concerned about missing out on a permanent cave world. I understand what you're saying about his maximum health, though. He does die relatively quickly. I see challenge in getting there with enough people to MAKE him die quickly, but a health boost of 200%-250% wouldn't be entirely unfair.
  5. If you're playing on a survival, multi-level server you can kill yourself in the caves and revive yourself on the surface to regenerate the cave world and allow you to fight the guardian/raid the ruins multiple times. Personally not too sure how I feel about the guardian getting a buff so soon. Finding him and escaping the caves have proven brutal enough in the past, mostly because of where and how the ruins generate. Maybe add a road to the ruins that runs throughout the caves to help one find and reach the ruins more easily?
  6. What if this person burned your stuff, ate your food, stole from you or could pose a threat to you in the future? When they disconnect you have no choice but to resume playing normally which potentially gives them a fresh start to build themselves back up and come at you again. edit: 2potentially