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  1. Has it been fixed in the closed testing build?
  2. They could also allow dupes to change the settings from farther away, maybe ten tiles and give them a gun that can emit a radio signal so it makes sense
  3. The Outbreak Upgrade will make it possible to enter a value
  4. The dusk caps in the outbreak upgrade will require slime as fertilizer
  5. I'm guessing this isn't quite what you want, but you can select which materials you want to be put into a storage compactor and give it a high priority. So for example if you want your dupes to clean up any polluted dirt as soon as possible, you can build a storage compactor for it, select only polluted dirt and set the priority to 9.
  6. I hope that pipes will be revamped at some point to make something like this possible
  7. Steam Beta Builds

    I would like to be inconvenienced
  8. Steam Beta Builds

    They actually made a public beta for their first update but after that they decided to use closed testing instead
  9. A few questions

    I'm not sure if it's true but I heard that they will move to areas with polluted oxygen if there is none near them
  10. Update date reveal or...well not a riot but I'd be nice to know
  11. I've suggested this before and I was thinking of a pump with a pipe input and pipe output and input vents/vents that can be an input or output as something that has to be unlocked high up on the research tree as a more elegant alternative to current pumps. Yes I want it so there are liquid inputs that only take up one tile and no I don't "actually want pumps that take up one tile". Inputs that take up one tile would allow better and more efficient designs but pumps that are one tile big are not the way to do it. At least for me, a lot of the fun in OnI comes from having to design systems, for example having to plan where I can put which pipes without running out of space for them. If the alternative to pumps was smaller pumps it would cause the exact opposite of that. Pumps with a pipe input and a pipe output would allow players to build more elegant systems just like smaller pumps would, but it would come at the cost of having to set up the pump somewhere and having to transfer the pipes through it. I'm aware that this won't work with the way pipes currently work, but who's to say that it isn't a placeholder or can't be changed? Even if small pumps would work, they don't really seem like something Klei would add, they usually don't just add upgraded versions of things that do the exact same thing.
  12. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    Wait when I posted something in the ONI subforum I had the badge, now it's gone again? (That was my first post since the update)
  13. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    I appear to have the Don't Starve badge now, I don't think it's intended