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  1. Grass Drop Radius

    Just use the spacebar.
  2. My feedback about the beta.

    Not sure if it's true as I haven't tested it myself, but I read that spider monkeys will actually create new silk trees as you chop down the old ones.
  3. Hamlet Update - October 29

    I think this is like the third or fourth game I'm getting for free from Klei.
  4. Death

    Well, if limited dupe lifespans were added, they could also add a way to stop aging somewhere high up on the tech tree.
  5. The Fog Season

    Tne fog isn't always present and there's a hat that removes the slowing effect.
  6. That ruin always has the pheromone thing in it that lets you understand what the mants are saying.
  7. Whats the point of boats?

    It'd be cool if there were areas that can only be accessed with boats.
  8. Usually if you run from them they're not able to hit you, but when there's this many of them they seem to push each other towards you, which makes it impossible to escape. I think that part may not be intentional because it's just completely unfair.
  9. Gold is kinda rare in Hamlet, six gold for two iron and a hammer seems pretty good to me.
  10. They don't "consume" heat, real power plants with turbines need cooling. You can't destroy heat in real life.
  11. Since fog season has a lot of lightning, players are required to have built at least one lightning rod by day 11 if they don't want to risk their entire base burning down. Because gold is much harder to find in Hamlet than it is in RoG, it's pretty difficult to do this, assuming that you also want to build an alchemy engine. Due to that I think it would be more reasonable if lightning rods required iron ore instead of gold in Hamlet.
  12. Unlike a real steam turbine, the one in the game deletes heat.
  13. 2 Suggestions

    Same thing with scales, deerclops eyeballs and thick fur.
  14. I tried leaving one of the ruins and the game crashed. Here's the log, I briefly opened the file again without saving after the crash, I hope that didn't overwrite anything: log.txt
  15. Yes there was just a neutronium roof.