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  1. It's just very plausible to me. Pretty much one of the first things that came to my mind when playing with the Outbreak Upgrade was using geyser water for my lavatories to automatically kill the germs it produced, so I'm quite certain during the many weeks during which both the devs and experienced players tested the preview, someone must've had the same idea and the devs must've taken notice and since geyser water is most of the time the only thing that people will be using for their lavatories once they have access to a geyser, it would make sense for them to change how the output temperature works to prevent this from partially making a feature that they'd been working on for weeks obsolete. I'm not certain if this was ever confirmed to be intended by the developers, but perhaps one of the people that were testing the preview knows more. If this was unintended, how would it come to be anyway? Why would it only affect two buildings related to germs but nothing else?
  2. It was introduced with the Outbreak Upgrade and I am very certain that it was a completely intentional change to prevent geyser water to instantly kill germs when used for lavatories and showers. I'm not saying that I think it's good, but it's highly likely intended.
  3. The tube access point is still using temp art
  4. Actually it only works like that for the priority tool. I reported this as soon as the update that added it was released, but it seems like no one saw it.
  5. That depends on how cold you want it to be.
  6. As you can see on the screenshot below, transit tubes and the transit tube pieces from tube tile bridges are on different layers, making it look like they are not connected when a dupe walks through.
  7. With its new artwork, the tube tile bridge definitely looks like a plastic structure, since its even using the plastic tile's texture. Despite this, it still requires raw metal to build. I'm assuming that this might be an oversight that happened when the artwork and possibly some code from the heavy watt joint plate was copied for it, as that building also requires raw metal.
  8. lockers

    I think they should add a building that functions as a storage container and checkpoint for the clothing items at the same time, similar to the exosuit buildings, maybe a changing room with an arrow. For example if you are letting your dupes work in an ice biome, you could build a changing room at it's entrance, fill it with sweaters and point the arrow towards the ice biome and then the dupes will put on a sweater when entering the ice biome and put it off again when leaving.
  9. Refined metals have benefits that one might also want to have for their low tier buildings. For example, players might want to rebuild all of the low tier buildings and tiles in their base with ones made from gold to improve the decor. It also a bit ridiculous that we have to use gold amalgam to for example build a pump or thermo regulator with temperature resistance even when refined metals like copper with the same benefits are available.
  10. Judging by how they look, I would assume that the only consume power until they're charged for three usages (which they don't, as pointed out).
  11. Nevermind, I think I just made the exit wrong, I got this to work "Access points are required for duplicants to enter tubes, but are not required to exit them."
  12. @Ipsquiggle Here's all setups that I tried that look like they make sense (I'm assuming the third one is how it's supposed to work)
  13. I've been trying to set up a tube with a tube access for about ten minutes now and I just can't get it to work, no matter what I try.
  14. So far they've always released the update preview before the stream, so there's a good chance that they'll do it again this time.
  15. You can use a door and manually select the dupes with the required digging skill.