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  1. [Game Update] - 253538

    I think athletics might've been the only stat that needed to be reverted to the old system.
  2. On one hand I like this idea, but on the other it would, perhaps even more than the current system, encourage players to constantly micromanage and switch the jobs of dupes.
  3. I think perhaps there should be a certain amount of permanent experience that a dupe acquires when mastering a job that is lower than the amount of experience that they get when staying in the job.
  4. I experimented a big with it and it seems to output the steam at its input temperature (or a temperature that is only a little bit lower), which means that even if it wouldn't produce power forever once it got started, you would be able to loop it back into itself for endless power. Also it seems like the liquid input and output were removed, so maybe they scrapped the idea of making it require a coolant.
  5. I'm hoping that they're just waiting until the steam turbine has no more bugs or until they've added more ways to produce heat for it (like nuclear reactors).
  6. (This is probably what you meant) More precisely I wish it was safety goggles.
  7. It could be decorative plastic fruit.
  8. U N H I N G E D https://clips.twitch.tv/DoubtfulStormyOpossumSoonerLater
  9. It outputs whichever liquid you pump into it. If you pump clean water into it you'll get hot clean water and if you pump polluted water into it you'll get hot polluted water.
  10. If you have multiple buildings in a row like this, the second version will be just as good as the first one while costing a lot less to build. However, wires have negative decor, so in areas where you don't have a lot of buildings directly next to each other, it makes more sense to run the wire through the floor and only let it stick out when you're connecting it to a building,
  11. Now that tube tile bridges are no longer transparent, dupes aren't visible when they go through them anymore. However, if they are wearing an exosuit, the helmet will be in front of the tile bridge while the duplicant is inside:
  12. That is @KrisRF's job and I'm not sure if I could compete with her.
  13. I want to hear a caroling canon.
  14. The tube access point is still using temp art