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Rhymes With Play Dev Cast - Share your DST Skin Idea for a Live-Drawing on Twitch!

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Wolfgang: Superman, wrestler, gangster, big Russian bully, grumpy old man, Popeye/Pluto, boxer with gloves on, cowboy or Texas ranger

Wilson: a gentleman with a fancy suit and hat like like Maxwell, maybe with a walking cane (different than the one in game), alien with a huge brain case instead of his hair, or a look like Perry the Platypus

Wilson/Webber: ninja or masked thief, crazy rocker, vampire look like Count Dracula, mummy

Webber: in a bunny, beaver or whatever costume in disguise to be neutral towards pigs

WX a wooden puppet with short cut strings attached, Frankenstein/Igor, monkey suit, Darth Wader, Gir in different costumes/looks

Wendy: lamb herder.. the first thing that came into my mind when saw her :grin:

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big Russian bully
umm, I really wonder now, how do you think it should look like? so that people around the world when see it immediately understood that this is not just a big, not just a bully, but precisely something so well known as "big Russian bully"? o_0
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Firefighter Willow!


That line made me immediately think: Grisu!


The little dragon that wanted to become a firefighter, but happened to set fires accidentally. (Children's cartoon from ages ago.)


Come to think of it, a dragon costume for everyone would be nice. And a lot of other carnival costumes. People already mentioned zombies and witch, my wandering mind drifts to Terraria, The Axe, a giant guitar costume -> Every character gets a suit in the shape of the instrument used for their voice. I guess that gives Wes a ghost costume, or the icon for muted sound. ;P


But ghost costumes would be nice too, we already have ghosts.


I'm still wondering what else people use as costumes for carnival or Halloween. Giger's Alien? Trekki? Big doughnut? Teddibear? Medieval ballroom dresses with face masks?


Unrelated (wandering mind again...): Cyclist, with a bicycle replacing the walking cane when in use. (However that could be done.)




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Has anyone officially suggested Girl Scout Wendy yet? I'd like to see that.

Only later I realize I typed "Wendy" instead of my intended "Willow". Then I do a search for Girl Scout Wendy and find nothing. Coupled with my name being mentioned on the stream, am I the reason for the existence of this skin?

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returning to this topic 2 weeks later in an attempt to not be known as that one person who suggested the Woodie thing and also because I got another idea


WX-78 is made of copper right? having a version of them where they're all oxidized and stuff would be kinda cool.

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I would love to see a young WX-78 and maybe a Astronomer that turns into a werewolf at night since you don't have Woodie in DST 


Or in your next stream have a contest and 5 winners get there custom made skins (no powers) that you could put in workshop

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