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  1. Can we please just stop talking about TrueAlphaOmega's macro? I don't think it's technically against the rules, but it's definitely unsportsmanlike, and I think it's telling that Klei tried to patch it (hint: that means they don't want it in the game). Also, every thread TAO started about it got locked down within a few days.
  2. Hmm. Looks like the minecraft community is working on a crazy puzzle from one of the devs too. It's puzzle season!
  3. Warning: the following post is kinda long and rambly. It's basically just me taking notes as I work on the puzzle. A quick ctrl + f job shows this pattern: Slap - 1458 times Ker-pow - 54 times Kapow - 27 times Crunch - 27 times Whap - 27 times Crack - 27 times Biff - 27 times Bang - 27 times Clank - 27 times 54 = 27*2 and 1458 = 27*54. I'm guessing the number 27 is important. Slap appears 6 times in a row followed by a different word, each of which appears 27 times in total, except for ker-pow which appears twice as often. So I'm fairly confident that we'll have to wait until 6/27 to know the full meaning of this puzzle. 6/27 is a Saturday, btw. Why is Ker-pow so important that it shows up twice as often? A mistake? I've tried and but nothing happens. Also, this is the order the non-slap words recur in: KaPOW! CRUnCH! KeR-POW! wHAP! CrACK! KeR-POW! BiFF! BANg! CLAnK!Removing the uppercase letters gives: anewreign I realize most of the information in this post has been stated before. Hopefully someone else notices a pattern I didn't.
  4. *friend watching over shoulder* Friend: "what is that thing?" "It's chester!" "That's a stupid name." He's a walking, sentient chest. What else would you call him?" "Craig." So now we always call him Craig
  5. I think it was an honest mistake. Not his fault. Don't let it get to you.
  6. Mods, can we close this thread? OP's concerns have been addressed, and it's going to turn into troll-feeding pretty soon.
  7. Maybe Slipstor is a moon based creature? Maybe there's a low chance a landing meteorite can drop a Slipstor egg, and then you can hatch it into the little worm thing, and then maybe you can feed it to evolve it into the big thing
  8. I just really hope the devs read this thread and make their own decision based on the arguments made.
  9. @ Doctor H. Derp, your solution removes any difficulty. Let me make myself clear: PERMADEATH WOULD STILL BE IN THE GAME. But it would apply more to the team as a whole rather than individuals.
  10. Another aspect of easy respawn is the effect it would have on the overall community. If a noob player dies repeatedly and uses up all the touchstones on a server, more experienced players would probably get angry and possibly kick them. It would make it so that only elite players would want to play and noobs would stick to single player where they don't get yelled at every time they die. People would only play with friends near their skill level, and no one would ever play with a stranger.
  11. It's also interesting that everyone arguing for easy respawning is using concepts like "gameplay" and "fun-ness" while everyone arguing against easy respawning is using the "no true scotsman" logical fallacy.
  12. Permadeath would of course still be in DS, but it would be more team oriented. If one person dies, their team can resurrect them, but it would lose valuable time. If two or three people died, the last person would have to frantically try to resurrect their teammates. If everyone died, game over. That's it. The fat lady has sung (Wigfrid).