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  1. Miss ya a lot man, how ya doing?

  2. is America great yet? Canada sure as heck is getting some possible new Klei employees/Lumberjacks, though. And Dollar value will hopefully drop enough for me to buy more (Klei) vidya games.

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    2. RalphKastro


      Doing great. Will try to figure out how to use skype on linux later this week.

      Also, can somebody sum up what changed since I left?

    3. Asparagus


      Charlie's doing major redecorating... literally and figuratively... shadow creatures posing as end tables that chase after light and even puts out fires done to by things to itself... marble... marble everywhere... moonrocks, moon rocks everywhere... new queen-based insect boss/miniboss... the Queen Bee.. and ofcourse PETS!!!(THAT YOU CRAFT) and also doors/gates and fences!!

      Scarecrows... Underground Giant: Toadstool... mushroom based lighting, fashion and interior decorating... no roofs as of yet...

    4. RalphKastro


      wow, sounds really interesting. Once I'm done with this RailsGirls event I'll be doing, I'll probably binge on Don't Starve again.

  3. that moment when an entire PvP scene dies in a matter of days due to the fear of being softbanned just by interacting with certain hackers... Just saw one of the fuckers, almost got me.

    1. Asparagus



      details pls O__O

    2. RalphKastro


      apparently some hackers can really mess with your game in dark souls 3, making you get billions of souls on one hit and stuff like that. because it has a softban system on invalid data, people are terrifyed of going online in case they meet these bastards until it's fixed.

  4. why do I feel like this video will become relevant soon? 

     BOLSONARO and/or CUNHA 2018!!11!!!*sarcasm*

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    2. Asparagus


      *is not in US*


      *has own country's election coming with candidates who include an embezzler, a thief, a murderer, and someone who just isn't ready to run...

      yep, it's going to be relevant soon <.<

    3. RalphKastro


      wait, so this is happening everywhere? are we getting a facism second wave or something?

    4. Pyromailmann


      If Trump's elected? Yes.

      If Hilary is elected, the first female president will be the one with least emotion. 

  5. should be studying for tests tomorrow... but we have ENEM every year, while Dark Souls 3 only happens once in a lifetime.

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    2. RalphKastro


      it has partial admission. the lowest enem grades are around my yesteryear's range, so I could probably do it. The problem is affording to go and live there.

    3. ImDaMisterL


      You could come live in my house, let's do a SUPER SLUMBER PARTY!

    4. RalphKastro


      *Super Melon Slumber Party

  6. POING!

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    2. ImDaMisterL


      @T4T3RGR3NAD3R *gets 20 notifications in an hour* Yeap.

    3. RalphKastro


      it went from happy surprise to possibly fun nuisance to me. Guess I'm kinda imune to these dopamine adictions(or Civ 5 is just that good of a game)

    4. T4T3RGR3NAD3R


      Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh habibi pls

  7. silently gone and noisily back. I'M BACK, Y'ALL

    1. ImDaMisterL


      I was actually just thinking about your absence...

      What is this witchcraft?

    2. RalphKastro


      I think your spirit animal was communicating with my totem.

  8. someone quick, make a Dress-Up-Wilson mod!
  9. time to unban all my 255 fake accounts and lock all the important threads in order to take over the Klei forums.

  10. Everything that humanity needed: https://insaneintherainmusic.bandcamp.com/releases

    1. Mobbstar


      As a general Jazz lover, I want to kiss you for sharing this.

  11. Indeed. we may be going a bit too far off topic. But I'm afraid referring to the topic again will only create rage.
  12. 475379_1285024901819_200_181.jpg


    I might finally be able to join your stream again tomorrow. I'll try not to break Twitch with the sudden attack of my huge count of fangirls(0).

  13. why bother? 15 pages, mate. I've got stuff to do. I'd much rather just skim some posts and make a random joke or comment on non-specific matters that don't benefit to the thread at all. Like this one. oh, I remember the last guy here with attitude problems and hated when somebody forgot one letter of his name. It's always sad to see them go...