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  1. For DST you won't need to unlock any character so Woodie will be available right away when Klei will include him to the game. Then, Klei is actually working on Woodie. There are several problems with him: in solo, the night vision of Woodie is actually illuminating all the world for the player but you don't want that in multiplayer. They also don't want Woodie to be the character that can destroy everything in a few seconds so he will probably be different than what he is in solo. As always no promise but they said a few weeks. You can actually play with him using a specific mod. Just search "Woodie" . Most of the mods are, in my opinion, making the game easier. The only interest in modding is to create a new experience of the game but with them you will be more distant from the original experience created by the devs. Modders aren't making the game at the place of the devs, they are only bringing new things that the devs may not want to implement. If you appreciate the game with mods there is no problem, Klei is after all working to make the mods easier to create and work for players. But, when you think about it, to display the seasons for example makes things a bit easier, as well as displaying your personal temperature: you don't always have a thermometer in your mouth ... and all this is simply reducing your need to be aware of the condition of your character and of the world he is living in !
  2. Burned tree often give 2 charcoals. One even drop a charcoal (like it would have done with a pine cone) and 2 more when I cut it, which makes 3 charcoal for one tree.
  3. I strongly agree. It's not because a minority is creating what are considered problems (whereas it's only annoying for you) than there must be something to prevent their actions. After all, you can play on a dark side if you want . Or you can be a troll, if you want. According to the fact that it is possible to play with people you know or people who won't grief, there shouldn't be any gameplay restrictions because of the other players. We only need tweaks to create balance, not to prevent possible griefing.
  4. I don't know for you but I don't have many blue gems in my games ! Do you farm blue hounds in winter ?
  5. Maybe there will be new features for the ice in the next update ! And after all, if you want to stop fires in summer or refile your ice cube you could need many ice, and it's great to don't have the obligation to cross all the map to find the last penguins which would only have one mini glacier !
  6. You are right saying that walls are useless for your base and don't have any other function that aesthetic. But here is an example of what I mean when I say to "play with them": For naughtiness it was only an example and I agree with yours.
  7. I think he was a bit extreme for some points for example the walls: it can just be something to make your base more beautiful or to create a panic room for hound attack. It's just cool to get them only to play with them and give you the feeling to really build your base. Finally, I only agree with the question of the naughtiness: I don't know what was the first version which seem to don't exist anymore but I think too that there should be more consequences to your choices. For example, killing innocent creatures will increase the chances to encounter treeguards, spider queens, and maybe the upcoming giants ! I really think that naughtiness consequences should be increased.
  8. Yeah tornadoes could be a good idea. Maybe the wind could move some kind of items on the ground very slowly (traps wouldn't move for example) but it will be something really difficult to managed. An other idea could be that the wind go in a specific direction an so you could win a speed bonus or penalty depending on your moving direction. There could be a wind meter and so you can know when there would be a day of wind
  9. Haha, there is a bug with the crow at the end. Teleportation activated !
  10. No ! She is losing sanity only during the dusk or near a monster; not during the day. But we can see that when she wear the melon she is losing sanity while it is the day so whackthecat was right
  11. If the bell allow the player to summon the giant of the current season, I hope that each character will be able to obtain it ! EDIT: it seems that it will because she doesn't start with it !
  12. This is just a perfect trailer as always, so many questions are fighting each other in my head now !!!
  13. It's not the bear: there is no legs ! The dragonfly is gonna be terrible !!!
  14. I think the most important is to implemente unforeseeable events in the idea of the Deerclop ! In fact, after 100 days, it's too easy to survive because of the amount of ressources collected. Events like the Deerclop could be ways to make important disruptions in the game and forced you to change your habits. Else, I expect we will get the four seasons, the possibility to write on the signs ! For the rest, I have confidence in you guys