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  1. Epic game store exclusivity? Whelp I guess I'm out again.
  2. [Game Update] - 290043

    Build Slanty Shanty 1. Build Slanty Shanty 2 inside Slanty Shanty 1. Enter Slanty Shanty 2. Get out of Slanty Shanty 2 and step into the void which so happens to be a corner of the world map.
  3. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    Now this is something that would be nice to know by now.
  4. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Happy to see the Forge Items as non marketable.
  5. [Game Update] - 183426

    Now this is more like it, great job on the performance fixes and good job on the beefalo buffs!
  6. I found a number in the down left thorn:
  7. Not at the moment. That's kind of you, I appreciate it. I wish Klei would do the same for the entirety of their players. Do note, my previous post was hypothetical, the me wanting wolfgang that is, not the rest. My opinion about the DST community has always been a good one.
  8. Wolfgang GoH is $12 on the steam market. *smh* I'm the unluckiest bastard yet after 5 months of playing the game I get my first elegant drop, a Webber GoH. Webber GoH is $6 on the steam market. I really want to trade my Webber GoH for Wolfgang GoH because I never play webber however I love playing Wolfgang. The skins have been marketable for a few months now so people have an idea for how much items are listed, prices which are worthless in my eyes for I have opposed marketability since the beginning. I make a post on the trading subforum or on steam trading discussion. [H] Webber GoH [W] Wolfgang GoH, thinking I will just find someone who loves webber and has a wolfgang goh. A few minutes later I get some posts: "Bruh u mad do u check the market Wolfgang is worth double!" "No offense, but you're a noob at trading for thinking you'll get a 12 dollar item for your 6 bucks webber goh" "2015 wants his oldman back 1:1 days are long over mate, I'll trade you a wolfgang goh if you add 5 keyz" "Your webber gof + 1 dst copy for my duplicate wolfgang goh? I need another copy of dst to farm some more for my fam you know" The few people who were willing to do a 1:1 elegant with me read the comments and check the market only to realize they can sell their Wolfgang GoH, buy a Webber GoH and still have some cash left, while I'm left with my Webber GoH gaining dust in my inventory unless I sell it for 5-6 bucks and add the same amount from my steam wallet to afford a Wolfgang GoH, which I'm never willing to do, because paying real money for just one piece of virtual clothing that has a higher price tag than the game itself is freaking crazy in my books. Seeing the situation I check my steam friend list for my good ol' dst traders. I send a couple of trade offers, they all get refused, cause my goh is worth less on the steam market -> I'm a cheapskate for even daring to offer 1:1 trade on same rarity. I give up and go back monkeying around in the game only to swear whenever I see a spider for it reminds me how poorly the skins chapter has been managed.
  9. I'm just going to say it because I can't hold it in any longer: that number right there, that fictional yet likely price of $3 for 1 dst skin, is absolute bonkers in my opinion. Just like trading a ton of those keys for any dst skin is. I would never buy a piece of dst skin from the market if they were available there, because I consider features that simply change visual content not quite worthy of my bucks, no matter how cool they might be or how badly I'd want them and at the same time I don't want to pay money to some random user for an item anyone could get for free at any point. I'd rather channel my money straight to the developer, Klei Entertainment in this case, even though the feeling has started to fade away this week. From all the unreasonable options that involve spending real money on skins the one that I consider the most reasonable of them all and the one which I would be willing to pay for is a skin package released by Klei, containing all the skin items collection, all the rarities, and even then, even then, it would be the least desirable purchase of a Klei product I'd ever make and that because I have this deeply rooted view that I'm being stolen if I'd ever pay money for nothing more than a visual option in a videogame, unless it is part of the game from the beginning, even if "hidden" under a higher price tag of the videogame product. It automatically leaves a taste of pay2win in my mouth even though it would never be the case in this situation. I don't care if everybody would be wearing a tuxedo on a server, because we would at least look quite different than before (not common level different), which is one of the results I keep waiting for from the skin system. The thing that made me jump on the "I'm done with the game" bandwagon was this part which I'm guessing represents the view of @klei concerning the topic: Why even allow such a thing to happen? At the moment the value of anything above spiffy in tf2 or cs:go keys is way too high. The prices will stabilize but at what number, and how long will it take? A simple projection: it will even out at around $1 per distinguished, in a couple of months or whenever a batch of new skin pieces gets released? My dear Klei, you have charged $5 for Shipwrecked, and now you are expecting me to pay about the same amount for a single elegant, money which doesn't even go in your pocket but rather to a random steam user? But of course you're not the one setting the prices, at least not directly, so it shouldn't be you, my dear Klei, that I should be disappointed in, it's the community because we, the community, have the liberty to set up our own prices on skins. The free dst copy everyone received if they registered for the beta before June 2015 and the low price tag of $5 for Shipwrecked are starting to get points which I cannot use anymore to defend bad decisions (even if it's just to myself) such as the handling of the skins and dst pvp.
  10. My dear Klei Entertainment, I embarked the Don't Starve boat ever since it started sailing. It's been almost 4 years ever since, and I want to keep enjoying the voyage despite the forecasted tumultuous weather. The latest information dropped in this thread by Cpt. JoeW brought me to the point of putting a life vest on. I'm about to take a leap of faith off the boat. I made sure to leave my 2 cents on the deck.
  11. 420 posts BLAZE IT!

  12. If I create an "offline" server will I keep getting gift drops while playing on it?
  13. After placing a signpost I hit cancel to leave it blank. After I clicked it again to write something I got this crash: And I got this second one as well at world generation, though I've had a few mods enabled but the error doesn't trace it back to any of them so I thought I'd post it as well just in case.
  14. Uh, RIP leaks. File hunting will continue nevertheless! Those backpacks... man I'm hyped as hell. Where did you find those Rezecib? I will have a look at the game files as well later today, haven't done it for quite some time now.