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  1. That doesn't make characters good, that's just gear and items and if you give Wolfgang the same, he'll be much better at combat. That's literally like saying here's Wilson with end game gear with all the boosts and here's Wolfgang on day 1 and saying Wilson is better at combat. You have to have something to work towards otherwise you'll get bored, having 100 merm huts with a good setup will give you unlimited fish and frog legs without any work. Its mostly about megabasing at that point if you are planning to build a large amount of them. All characters should have a part of the game they are best at and surpass every other character and most of them do, we are still waiting on a couple of reworks but i think every updated character has value even outside of you just liking them and playing them for their story. As i said all characters are playable but that doesn't make them equal or the best at all stages of the game, it can make the game really easy but i'll ask you if i am playing charged WX for 20 days with a walking cane,magiluminescence amulet, how much faster would i be at almost any task compared to you playing any other character that doesn't have speed boost. Its understandable what late game is, say by day 100-200 if you are really fast you can get to late game and kill most bosses, you may not have a big base or all setups made but the time frame from early to late isn't that long. Its weird to say all characters are good when it is items and your setups that make them stronger, characters are the same as they are from day 1. They are stronger with better gear but that doesn't change what their basic abilities are, except some specific situations like WX requiring gears that actually changes his stats. When considering what is the best character, i thought about it for a while when i first asked myself that question and i came to conclusion that it is WX just based on what i said above. Most other characters can be swapped to like Winona or Wurt but they are pretty much not a permanent character but something you'll use to build their buildings and switch to another later. Once you are done with most of the buildings, you may swap your character for Warly once in a while if you want his food items but a character that is overall best for late game is WX as long as you have someone to charge you. It still kind of depends on what you are planning to do, majority of the players don't megabase but i'd still say that the permanent speed boost and light on WX is good for any type of playstyle. I just used a specific day, 1500 as a really late game world with megabase as i don't really think there are many players on day 1500 with small base and not much built. Doesn't matter if its 1500,1000,2000 worlds that last that long are all really far into the late game.
  2. Why are so many people literally saying every character is good in late game? he asked a question not whether everything is playable but which characters are the best and it is simply not true that all characters are equal in every stage of the game. Woody is one of the strongest early to mid game characters for example but in late game he falls off. Depends on what you are doing but if you are 1500 days in, Wickerbottom is great if you want to keep expanding your base, since you can get more materials like grass/twigs. Winona is great if you switch to her and make your traps/setups and after switch to another character as she doesn't give any benefits to keep playing her once you build her catapults. Wolfgang is only good if you really want to keep fighting bosses without any setups/traps, which i usually have on all of them by day 1500 but it depends on your playstyle. WX-78 is great if you are playing with other people and one of them can swap to Wicker and charge you up for like 20 days at once. Warly can be good for both playing solo and with a team, just depends on how you use him, maybe someone is playing him permanently or you can just bundle wrap tons of food and swap to him and craft it. Wurt can be used to make Merm setups/traps, so it is great to make some in late game and switch character, but remember to make clever disguises and bundle wrap them if you are using King of the Merms, to be able to feed him. Honestly for long term character choice WX is the best if you have someone to charge you and by the 1500 days in, you can literally have 500 gears, A good idea is to have a stack of gears in your inventory and you will never be in a hurry to make food or carry it in wraps and not having much inventory space. Obviously you should try to have food if you can so your gears can last permanently as long as you keep clearing the ruins. All characters are playable and even i have a character that i enjoy playing just because i really like their story and every character has something that makes someone want to play them, Most of the characters have benefits where they overshadow all other characters at certain parts of the game and that is what is great but not every character is that useful in late game compared to some.
  3. You are dealing with summer by going to caves, you are kind of forced to do so because wildfires are impossible to manage if you want to preserve the world, quite a lot of things can burn and if you can play on a world for 500 days and each summer you spend without going to caves and tallbird nests are just one of the resources you may endanger. How is it not the player's fault if they stay above ground? Wildfires were designed in such a way, really don't see a point in you arguing this.
  4. I often play on long term worlds and never in all of my runs with over 500 days did i lose beefalo to bosses, there are multiple herds and i don't go there when i fight deerclops and i usually lead bearger to my tree farm location, its really rare for them to get caught up in any fight if you are careful. catcoon dens i can understand as they can usually die to pengulls but hound mounds? what are they needed for except in some specific builds for decoration maybe. If you need hounds, you can just make a Varg farm. How do you lose tallbird nests? Only way i see is wildfires but i always go to caves so i've never lost any. How is it not your fault if they burn if you are near them during summer, that's what i meant when i said consequences for player actions, you don't always need to kill something to extinction, there should be more options for that to happen depending on what a player does. If there are a lot of players on your server and you want to play for a long time and megabase, you should maybe teach them, disable wildfires or play only with experienced players.
  5. I feel like they shouldn't be renewable, its weird volt goats are. There should be consequences to your choices, griefers already have too much power over a normal player, this won't be of much use to them when they can literally burn your base and loot it, so don't play on random servers. There should be more things like these that aren't renewable if you literally kill them to extinction but with how bunnymen and pigman spawning with houses works it doen't seem possible as they can't breed.
  6. Skins shouldn't be exclusive ever except bottomless firepit. I feel bad that xbox players missed out but it is there for us that played during the beta and supported the development before everyone else did, DST has gone a long way from beta and this allows people to show that they were there. In DST now there's just so much content that it can't even compare to DS anymore while during beta, DS had much more content. This can't be a defense used for skin exclusivity today when game has so much content. .There's even less of a reason to keep skins exclusive when megabasing is the only way to play into real lategame and decoration matters a lot there. If you don't megabase you may play 100-300 days at most and restart, while megabasing the only thing that keeps you going is decorating a big part of your world.
  7. Have to give you props for trying to convince so many of these young people on the forums that don't believe that Klei has no authonomy anymore. So many of them don't even realize what "Majority stake" means. So many of them don't even care that Tencent is partially owned by CCP and how big power imbalance is in China between CCP and private sector, they literally have to submit to everything CCP says, no matter the percentage of ownership. They also don't understand what atrocities China is committing in this day and age and are bringing back what other countries did in the past, instead of trying to not support something that is happening currently. Honestly i've read like first 28 pages of this thread and i only wrote my thoughts at page 12 or somewhere around there. There's literally no point in this topic being open anymore. In the first 10 pages you will know what are community's thoughts. I can see why everyone wants to repeat what has been said just because they don't like this decision like many of us do, to express their disappointment in Klei's decision, there's also like 10-20 pages of people not understanding the situation. I still believe that Klei Enterntaintment developers would not go around and start massively changing the game or monetization. What needs to be understood is that this decision is no longer in their hands, that's the most important sentence that has been repeated countlessly in this thread and denied by many. I am in no way here to deny people being optimistic about the game though, i think that Klei Entertainment is probably going to do well with Tencent as they usually just buy companies and let the current devs work on their games, they may influence the decision in which the development will go but i think that game will overall be fine. I am mostly not supporting the decision because of CCP and what is currently happening in China. Honestly even if this wasn't the case, we all loved Klei for always being there for the consumer, so it doesn't matter which company buys them out, we know that they won't have control anymore and there's no company that will be as nice to us like Klei has been over the years.
  8. I am mostly disappointed because it is Klei Entertainment we are talking about here, out of all the game developers, there are only a couple of them as good as Klei has been to us over the years. Over 4000 hours played on DS/DST, and i'll still continue playing until or if i am forced by Tencent decisions to stop. I have not played league of legends in the last couple of years but i did pay attention and Tencent hasn't ruined that game and they can't be compared to Activision in that sense, just look at Blizzard and how they treated their core fanbase with Warcraft 3 reforged, but on the other hand we have moral issues with supporting Tencent. There are many naive people with their ideas and even believing that Klei has any real power in what goes on anymore. They only have a say until Tencent says otherwise, you need to understand what majority shareholder means, now they own over 50% of Klei Entertainment. We can see from how they treated League of legends and many other companies they bought that they like to take hands off approach as long as they make them enough money, that is the only saving grace of this situation. Do you really believe that Tencent would out of their goodwill advertise DST to Chinense players? I am sure you have already noticed that DST was on Tencent WeGame platform in like 2016 or 2017 if i remember correctly? Also a controlling company like Tencent making DS newhome, did you really believe that would happen without them getting controlling stake of Klei? There are many options and with the power Tencent holds, they can basically pick from thousands of games or companies with their resources.
  9. Farming shouldn't be nerfed with the amount of knowledge and attention required, let people that want to farm all day, have that option to do so. It is not the best food source in the game or even close to it, any veterans or megabasers won't even use farms unless it is for Warly.
  10. I think you are misunderstanding the point of Klaus, he was made to have a chance to drop loot from many different bosses, it was never supposed to be more efficient or faster compared to killing bosses that actually drop such item. Players will kill him just for Krampus sack chance anyway.
  11. Yeah, it sucks out all the fun out of fighting the bosses but my whole point is that difficulty is completely arbitrary and up to the player to decide, the game gives you many options with how well geared you are, do you use thulecite crowns or football helmets, dark swords or ham bats, what type of healing or you can just cheese them. What i wanted to say here is that you can kill these bosses and farm 20-30 horns easily if you want to cheese it. There's really no reason to not add horn to klaus drops, it would be quite rare anyway. If it was given to some other boss with 100% drop rate, i'd be against it but having 1/6 chance of getting it for each klaus kill that only spawns once a winter, how is this bad? It literally gives another drop to klaus that players can be happy to get.
  12. You can cheese fuelweaver with first houndius shootius you make, basically just need to sit for 2 days or so for him to die to it. I don't see why people are against horn being added to klaus when it will have a low chance of dropping anyway. You can also cheese shadow pieces with catapults on a boat, you can literally kill as many shadow pieces as you want for dark swords, night armors and shadow atrium. Having 50-100 shadow atriums in base chests is not a problem at all and killing fuelweaver a few times you just build 3-4 houndius shootius outside his arena and block him with lureplants, the more houndius shootius you add the less time you have to wait as with one it is quite slow but its still much better then fighting him yourself as you won't use any resources except lazy explorer to teleport out when you start the battle.
  13. I don't understand how Action Queue is questionable but okay mod, to me this is the most broken and cheaty mod out of all that you mentioned, just based on how much effort you need to put into playing the game and this mod does it all for you, if i remember correctly what i heard it even auto clicks on rocks/trees to cut them at the fastest possible speed, and this is much faster then normal if you ever tried doing it, i usually only do that for first few ingame days when i don't want to waste much time. It can literally automate quite a big part of your game, its like having a bot play the game for you like they already made for minecraft, except it is a bit less advanced in a way that it can't play the game completely on its own and you need to give an input in what you want it to do, for example just select a big pile of trees that you planted close together and wait a full day and only stop the mod when night comes and now do the same without the mod and see how faster the mod has cut the trees and how many compared to player that actually had to play the game. The other mods you mentioned except item info,craft pot,farm plant needs only require knowledge from what i know, i didn't experiment with plants that deep as i have beeboxes. I'd say these are only an issue if a new player uses them, once you figure out the game you pretty much don't need them but if they want to ruin their experience it is up to them. My most memorable experiences are when i was a new DS player and figuring out the game. Snapping tills and Gemetric placement, i really don't see why you have an issue with these mods, i use Geometric placement and i'd say probably all megabasers use it. There's just no way around it, i just like everything in my base to be arranged perfectly. Nightvision mod is quite a few tiers below acton queue but its still cheat-like mod. I really don't like this mod but i can ignore it as it still requires a light source and player is still playing the game.
  14. First thing i'd say is props to @gaymime for doing something like this. I just woke up and noticed this thread, it is a bit sad that only one person completed it and 17 hours have passed, if it was saturday or sunday it would for sure be more people.
  15. Difference between 80% and 90% protection is huge, if you look at the damage daken, you take double the damage with football helmet. There's also thulectite crown ability to consider, at least it can save you when nothing else can. Why do you kill fuelweaver when you want green gems? In my megabasing worlds, i have winona catapults set at dragonfly and i kill it every 20 days. If you don't want to megabase or waste a lot of resources, its not hard to use Wickerbottom's tentacles, they are much cheaper to set up or you can use Wolfgang but it may require much more resources unless you know how to kite it well. I only kill Fuelweaver like once every 100-250 ingame days, depending on how fast i spend resources gathered from caves. That is for me as a solo player. Obviously you shouldn't be using thulecite crown on weak enemies and allow them to hit you and damage the crown. The best option is usually to just switch between crown and football helmet for efficiency. It is possible for you to always use crown, but if that is what you want, you need to kite everything to the best of your ability, so you don't get hit by spiders or anything that isn't a boss.