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  1. There are many factors that you should consider before making the game easier or playing the default world. Is she playing just to play with you, without much interest in the game/s? Does she want or is able to put up with the game as it is, does she have the drive to learn DST? Do you have the time to play and teach her or will it be just for fun 30 minutes a day? To be honest, i'd just turn off summer fires, so forest doesn't ignite and this mechanic makes it really annoying burning the world if you stay on the surface. As a really big fan of the caves, i have a second base down there and i spend summer while killing ancient guardian and gathering stuff down there. Problem for newer players is that even the surface takes a really long time to learn and kill everything perfectly, it would be hard to introduce her to caves on her first summer.
  2. We should be able to turn all the effects off or on if they don't impact the game. I even used a mod that removed snow from my screen, it felt a bit cheaty considering you could see roads but it is much prettier to look at the map. Also maybe snow should make you slower depending on how much of it there is, if they introduce some mechanics behind it instead of just keeping it visual. I don't understand why do i need to have a mod to disable insanity turning my whole screen gray, that was the biggest reason i didn't farm nightmare fuel enough, now i can be insane in game without making everything look ugly.
  3. There are always solutions like disabling walls, you don't even need walls in the game, especially on klei servers. Anyway i just mentioned why people shouldn't play on klei or public servers, there's no point either way. Public servers have their own issues and most of them reset too soon, only some are "endless" with 1000-2000 days or more. You need at least that many days considering you won't be playing 24/7, if there is always someone playing and you only play 2-4 hours a day, it is easy for server to have 2000 days while you have like 200-300. For public server to have resources for over 500 days, they need world regrowth mod which basically makes the whole game pointless with how much resources you get. Clockworks respawn meaning you have easy infinite purple gems and gears/mandrakes. I played WX on one server like this and i had over 100 gears, basically i could fight almost anything and always heal and gather gears as much as i wanted, i could just eat gears for hunger. Another issue here is that there's not many servers you'll find with 1000 or more days, there's one for Russian players but i've only found a couple for english, like 1-2. Also they may not have mods to your liking, one has extra equipment slots and others that make game too easy. Only way for you to enjoy don't starve together experience meaning to have friends with you is to pay for host, if you are playing alone you can just host it on your pc as you don't need it online 24/7. Its not visable to host in on your pc 2-6 hours a day as your friends might not be available at that moment or may want to play after, also its not worthwhile to have your pc on 24/7 and damage your computer when hosting isn't that expensive. When i say pay for host, i don't mean have a public server but a private one for your friends, so you don't need to use world regen mod. One of the selling points of DST is that some resources are not easy to manage as there's too few of them.
  4. Klei official servers are not worth it, i am not saying that they shouldn't exist but at least disable fire spread/change it to endless and only restart it once it hits like 1000 days to make it worthwhile, disable hammering structures. These are public servers, they don't need to allow griefing to exist there. If you have no friends, it can be worthwhile to meet people there but you can just as easily meet people on forums without having to waste time on a server where you'll lose your stuff or have it griefed. Why should i spend 5-20 hours to meet 4-6 good people/players when i can just as easily talk to people on the forums who i can read much easier and discover their personalities because of their detailed thoughts on the discussions we have about the game.
  5. Im sorry that this happened to you but let me explain why you shouldn't play on klei official servers or any server that you or your friends aren't hosting. DST is a game where worlds get dried up by players, it was meant as a single player game but when they introduced multiplayer, they couldn't fix this issue, there's many resources that you'll run out if there's a lot of players on a server and there's also no security against griefers. Public klei servers reset daily, there's no one that will actually play on day 80 world when he just joined and can just die to reset and restore the resources. There have been situations where players kept these worlds going for 1000 days or longer but it is just not worth doing that, why put so much effort in having one of your friends online at any given moment and also players can burn it when the player online isn't in the base. When i used to play on public klei servers i rarely made a base on my own for the reason of not getting it griefed. There was even a time where i made base in caves hidden where no griefers would actually come. Your best bet is to either host a server via hosting service or host it on your pc, but if you host it on your pc it is mostly for yourself as sometimes your friends may want to play when you aren't on. Keep the server private and just for friends unless you want to introduce world regen mod which will actually make the game beyond easy, with everything respawning every couple of days including mandrakes, you could destroy all pig houses and they respawn while you gather boards/cut stone. When you want to play don't starve, you usually want to have some control over what is happening, you can't really enjoy the game on public servers because this game doesn't function well as a multiplayer game. If there is 20 active players on a server every day, you'll see how fast it will run out of some of the resources and the mods that people use to protect your buildings make the game not DST anymore, they disable burning so you have no trouble protecting base during summer and the bosses also cannot destroy buildings or people would use them for griefing. You will probably also want to clear the game in a way, there's no end in DST but you make your own goals, i like killing all bosses and making a massive base. I don't actually play 24 hours at one time to do that, i dedicate a few hours every day and that is just not possible on public klei servers that reset if you aren't on and a player just dies. There's nothing much left to say, you either host it if you have a good pc or pay a hosting service if you want it to run 24/7 for friends. If you are in the same timezone you can just use your pc.
  6. Not going to read another thread bashing on the Woodie refresh, i was also supporting Woodie mains when they actually released him in such a bad state but it was just a matter of tweaking numbers and it was fixed in like a day. Woodie was obsolete for years and he finally is S tier and can join the group of strongest three survivors, he deserved this much after how long he was one of the worst characters. Identity can be changed and modified, obviously every one of us that has a main character don't want the identity to change too much but it is still up to klei and there's no point in going against what they have done after they put this much effort into the refresh and all the forms, its too late for them to revert it and that is the reason why it won't happen. Still his three forms are great and he is very versatile now and can make boats obsolete, i also consider him the best early game character now. He can actually play with WG and kill bee queen without pan flute because of his charge clearing out the bees and it is also good for spider and splunkmonkies, this will make him useful in mid/late game as well.
  7. Obviously all players would want a progression system as it gets boring when you are at a point where you can't die unless you make a massive mistake. Problem with what you said is that killing bosses is useless, especially since you mentioned bee queen that drops one of the best items, recipe to wrap and royal honey. If you don't see how useful this is, i don't know what else to say to you, being able to keep food from spoiling permanently allows you to craft healing food in excess without thinking it'll go to waste if you don't use it, having stacks upon stacks of pierogi for example. Which boss doesn't drop anything that useful? the new ocean boss Malbatross but i think they'll change the drops for him,Antlion and Toadstool Im all for them introducing some new drops for these, especially Toadstool but all the other bosses have their uses. Weatherpain can be used to farm nightmare fuel and for fuelweaver, just mentioning so you don't say i forgot about moose goose, it is actually useful to farm. Killing bee queen once for the recipe is a must if you are considering playing for a while, its not that hard to kill especially considering you can use t he new Woodie to clear the bees or you can stick to wolfgang and pan flutes or easier methods like Wickerbottom and Winona. Dragonfly is really useful to kill over and over, until you have a lot of gems for construction amulets and deconstruction staffs, permanent thulecite and everything else you can craft out of them. Scales can be used for armor too once you don't know what to do with how many you have. I actually think that some content like thulecite/ancient station could be locked behind fuelweaver to make people actually fight him and to have some sort of progression,after killing him they could make it like terraria and turn up the difficulty for players. New biomes or locations being locked behind bosses is an interesting idea.
  8. He didn't play DST when it was in early access and probably has no idea how coding works, they can't just copy the code from single player game to multiplayer game. We didn't have caves or anything when DST was released compared to back then, now there is quite a lot of content.
  9. I decided to reply to you as you seemed more logical then OP, putting all veterans in his "letter" is quite bad especially when you know that a lot of people will disagree with you. I've played don't starve together since early access and DS before that and i don't agree with a lot of what he said. It is obvious that just veterans shouldn't decide what should be made harder or not but generally game has gotten too easy over the years,most players that have invested some time into DST want in general the to be harder, or for there to be progression system. I dislike how whenever i reach day 100-200 on a world, i actually feel compelled to start a new world just to have stuff to kill that i haven't killed and redo everything, the building and killing all bosses/creatures so that i farm materials that i need, that is what i find the most interesting. Exploring the world and caves can also be seen as interesting, every world is different, sometimes you have a good map generation and sometimes not and you see some unique patterns or stuff generating next to each other. Firstly, overall the game shouldn't be made too hard which is why i would agree with some people suggesting difficulty to be introduced when creating a new world with special items dropped from boss that wouldn't in normal game to make it interesting for veterans and newer players so once they learn the game, they decide to ramp up their difficulty. There just needs to be stuff that will keep players going in the world where they killed everything, what should they do? i've farmed dragonfly for deconstruction staff and construction amulet so that i can have unlimited thulecite, when i have walls around my beeboxes out of thulecite, that's when you realize that there's nothing much for me to do, when im actually rebuilding walls with the rarest material in the game. Honestly, why don't we have some boss limiting access to thulecite/ancient stations and once you kill him, the game would overall get harder like how Terraria works, that's a good way to add progression as by the point you want to get thulecite and access to ancient station, you should be pretty geared up. Ancient guardian in the caves is a complete joke and he is in the location after all the rewards, the whole caves and chests that lead up to him, you don't even have to fight him unless you want to kill fuelweaver at some point and don't forget that he can easily be blocked on any pillars or graves there, meaning you don't actually have to fight him, you just stand in spot and kill him while he can't reach you, and even if you actually need to fight him, he's basically a rook clockwork, not that difficult. I'd be up for it if the game only spawned thulecite and ancient stations once you kill fuelweaver and when you do, game gets much harder but not in the annoying sense, creatures won't have more health but more damage and it doesn't need to be set for all creatures, as long as you kite like you usually do, you won't have problems, maybe introduce new bosses raiding player like deerclops once you kill fuelweaver. Up until the Woodie update, i've been fine with all the reworks, there haven't been many changes requested by people on the forums for other characters, so i am kinda split here. Woodie has turned out really bad when he came out and i thought that devs may have not even play tested him with how awfully short and unusable his forms turned out, just staying as Woodie and not transforming was always a better option to pick, maybe they just didn't put enough time into playtesting but artwise he has turned out great and he has great versatility, fits right up my alley as a Wickerbottom player. I don't think there should be a veteran beta as everything there will be leaked, klei gains publicity and there's usually big hype when a refresh or new character or content update gets released and giving veterans the options to explore this first would ruin the experience for other players, they'll have the info or even videos on how to play a new character before it is even out. The only way this could work is if klei required you to sign a non disclosure contract which i doubt they'd bother doing just to have veteran beta. There's not much left that i want to say, overall progression is required so that we don't get bored after x number of days and finish everything, game needs more content/bosses that get progressively harder, this wouldn't punish new players until they at least have idea on what they should be doing, you don't see new players on day 100-200 without them using 20 mods to make game easier and this won't be gatekeeped by the number of days but by the boss or bosses you kill.
  10. 25 health nerf may not sound big and there's many ways to gain health, problem here is if you haven't ever played Maxwell you won't understand how much staying above a certain amount of health is valuable, sometimes you may get killed easily just because your armor broke at that moment, as Maxwell you may as well always want to be above 60 health which isn't practical as there's quite a lot of food that heal for more and he can't use these foods fully to his advantage if the excess healing goes to waste. Do note that i am not comparing 125 to 75 health, im just saying that 25 health nerf isn't as weak as you think. I'd be fine if that was all you suggested for her nerfs though. How is Wendy in any good spot currently? she may actually be the weakest character right now, 0.75% damage modifier is a big thing considering almost everything in the game is kiteable, how hard is this to understand? try killing dragonfly with Wendy and after that use Wolfgang or heck even use any character that has normal damage modifier and you'll see the difference. Everything you fight in DST will take longer because of that modifier and you'll have more chance of getting hit because of it, most players don't know how to kite every creature perfectly. Wes was made to be a challange character, you shouldn't compare him to other characters and discuss why others should be changed based on him. It has nothing with people doing good or bad, it is obvious that Wes players usually do good because only good players will actually play him, i wouldn't want a new friend that starts playing DST with me to actually pick Wes and i'd suggest WX to them and feed him gears. Don't compare Wes to Wilson when one is made as a challange character and the other is a normal character that was made for beginners. Wilson can make meat effigy and his beard is helpful for winter, he has really solid stats as well. Wes has 0.75% damage modifier and 1.25% hunger modifier, just stop comparing him to other characters. You mentioned nerfs? its hardly considered nerf as more of a tweak after the release of Winona, people complained about her being too strong, so they nerfed her early game with that hunger penalty for crafting. Which is logical for them to do like they buffed Woodie as countless players including me have discussed about it on forums. Overall Winona has been buffed and you can't deny that by mentioning tweak done after a refresh which can barely be considered a nerf, honestly compared to what you are suggesting to be done to Wickerbottom, 5 hunger per craft doesn't sound bad. Wickerbottom's books are situational, just because tentacles are strong doesn't mean they replace weapons or any use she has for melee combat, you aren't supposed to use books 24/7 for every situation you encounter with her. The reason she is strong is the number of books and all of their effects combined but why should she be nerfed when she has stayed that way for years plus klei keeps buffing refreshed characters. I want to ask if you played Woodie, if you actually have over 500 hours on DST, you'll probably agree that he is the best starting character currently. If klei is making refreshed characters that strong, i don't see what excuse they'll have for majorly nerfing any character. Griefers have already done that on public klei servers just so no one can grief them or they wanted to play alone on the server. It is rare as not many people will actually put in such effort but you spawning in the mass of tentacles plus if they find any touchstone, there'll probably be more. Its rare considering how much effort it requires but after you set it up, you basically hold the whole server hostage. I don't consider it common place as it is rarely seen but that doesn't exclude it and allowing Wickerbottom to target a certain location with end is nigh would just allow her to use it without any lightning protection for better griefing experience, what other reason would any Wicker player have? Using it once to power up WX or goats is all you use this book anyway and that won't kill you even without lightning protection like eyebrella.
  11. Ideas for Wolfgang's rework

    Which other characters? most of the really weak ones have been refreshed. Wendy is the only legit one that i actually think is in a big need of a buff, i'd like her to keep the current theme and not become an occult character or pull other ghosts, just want her to stay the way she is. Buff Abigail or Wendy's stats. Wilson is left but i don't think he'll be any good considering klei will probably want to make him overall okay character for new players but that's the reason he can't be better then other characters in one specific area. Wes is a hard mode character for testing yourself, not really sure if there will be any changes to make him stronger, maybe there'll be more cool stuff that he can do like balloons. Only Maxwell is a possible situation that i'd see above the three i'll speak below. WX/Wicker/Wolfgang three of the strongest characters that now include Woodie in this group, they are the only ones left after Maxwell, im not really sure how they'll change them, im all for keeping them the same as they are in a good spot, there could be some minor tweaks but i don't see them nerfing these three too much considering they are making other characters able to compete with them like Woodie.
  12. So nerfing her HP, disabling her from reading books at 0 sanity and 0.75% damage modifier isn't nerfing her to the ground? can you at least use logic and understand how each of these nerfs are big, hard to think that you'd come with a logical answer considering the reason you stated that she should be nerfed because she is old while wolfgang isn't and shouldn't be nerfed.. Is anyone even supposed to take you seriously when you compare Wes to other characters? Wes is supposed to be hard mode character that you pick to test yourself and how good you are at the game if you actually are a masochist enough to want to go though that. Look at all the servers online whenever you can connect and tell me how many wes players are there, i'd be surprised if you find 2-3 in all the online servers at any moment you decide to check. The idea is not that i want to restore her sanity, i want to stay insane while using books and permanent nightmare fuel, i can easily restore sanity but when i want to use 10 or more books i don't feel like going though that and also i won't be able to stay insane most of the time i actually do for gathering countless nightmare fuel needed to maintain my dark sword usage. Look at the changes done to Woodie currently, do you actually think that he isn't S tier character right now? he is probably best to pick when you start a new world and is really good for Bee queen and killing splumonkies. He actually makes boats useless and you are going to say that he doesn't bring any utility or benefits to the team? Don't forget he has 50% of getting treeguards to spawn compared to other characters. If klei is buffing characters like that up to S tier, i don't see them nerfing Wickerbottom nowhere near as hard as you suggest. 0.75% damage modifier is insanely big thing, you'd be forced to change her to wolfgang any time you didn't or couldn't use tentacles to fight a boss, also you want her to have 125 hp and not be able to read books while insane, at this point i'd be happier if they nerfed her hp to 75 and make her frail like Maxwell but leave the damage alone. Just because she can use tentacles it doesn't mean that it is consistent damage that she can just use anywhere, especially considering you'd want her to not be able to use it while insane and most players that play Wickerbottom don't want to be forced to place tentacles over the whole map when they fight anything, other players will just kick Wickerbottom from the server as they'll die to them. We want consistent damage and the best consistent damage is using a weapon, most creatures are kiteable, meaning you don't need to take any damage fighting them, you don't want to waste time hitting a boss for a full day because of 0.75% damage modifier. Now you are talking about Winona nerf? You realize they nerfed her after they did her refresh and she was overall buffed, that nerf isn't as strong as you make it out to be, her faster crafting in late game is more useful then 5 hunger cost, when i say late game i have unlimited food by day 40 or so with basically any character if i decide to base. Also considering her catapults are even better then Wickerbottom's tentacles overall is because they'll be permanent, only issue is that it is too expensive to set up but if you are planning on playing up to day 200-500 world, it is much better to set that up for bosses like dragon fly and bee queen as you'll be killing them often. Tentacles die overall but her catapults if placed correctly, won't get destroyed by bosses, you can use it to permanently farm them. Problem with griefing with the end is nigh is that even on servers with ownership or other mods to stop griefers from destroying your base, they can kill you and disable you from participating in the game in any way with this book, and you can also read 10 on tentacles books near portal, lets see if there's any other character who can grief as well as her. There used to be a really big pvp server at some point 2-3 years ago with 20-30 players online at least most of the day, but there's no pvp scene for DST anymore. That's not the point and i never mentioned PVP, the bigger problem is using Wickerbottom to grief on non pvp servers.
  13. No matter how strong the buffs you listed can be, if you nerf her to the ground, how strong her books are won't matter. Unable to use books without sanity, i completely disagree on this one, reading book once is 33-50 sanity, i mostly end up reading them when im insane because i read a couple of the books at once, up to 10. No one is going to set a fire to kill one mob or two, nerfing her health and damage at the same time while you nerf her books in the way that she can't read them without sanity.. Basically will make her a useless character unless you abuse the game and make a sanity farm with bee queen hat, that way you'll get 5-10 sanity per second so you'd be able to spam books. All characters that have been refreshed have been buffed, at least i don't want Wickerbottom to be nerfed hard, damage nerf is much bigger then you realize. Health can be dealt with but both at the same time is a really big stretch plus you want her to not be able to read books while insane. I'd be fine with a health nerf and disabling her from eating any kind of stale food, not with damage nerf and not able to read books while insane. The buff you suggested of her being able to control the area of end is nigh will just make her perfect grief character. You'd need to be lightning resistant to kill other players on non pvp worlds, Eyebrella works but that's quite a while down the road, people will just pick her to troll.
  14. I don't want her to be locked behind sanity before being able to cast book, she uses like 33-50 sanity per cast, now calculate how much it would take to cast 10 on tentacles books that you usually need for the setup. We want to go insane when we play Wicker with books because we can cast them without limit while insane and also can farm nightmare fuel. I wouldn't mind if they made books harder to craft require specific things to be done but it would suck considering depending on the situation i change characters with the portal, i use WX for exploring caves for example. New books would actually make her even more OP, do you know why she is currently strong? Versatility, she just has so many specific situations she can be good at. Lichen farming, Krampus sack/feather farming, On tentacles allow her to kill bee queen and dragonfly which i am fine with considering bee queen was designed as a boss to take on as a team, i don't like when klei makes bosses like that considering i mostly kill bosses solo. Don't forget that this requires a big investment on tentacles books, yes it is easier compared to other characters and especially good on laggy servers as you won't be able to do it in any other way except tentacles or winona's catapults. Don't take me as if i am solely complaining without killing bee queen solo, i can with Wolfgang, pretty fast actually but requires pan flutes if i don't want to spend countless resources on it which makes no sense in doing when i can just pick Wickerbottom or Winona and just build the trap that can be used for multiple kills. What i dislike is how it is really hard to kill bee queen but not in a good way as she keeps summoning bees and her honey slows you down, really annoying for a solo player. Don't forget the ability to power up WX, makes these two such a great combo. Applied Horticulture can also be used on massive berry bush field. Sleepytime stories are good replacement for pan flute even though pan flute is permanent with deconstruction staff but it requires to farm for it while this book is much easier to obtain. There's probably more that i can't think on top of my head. The more books they add the stronger she is, no matter what kind of nerf she gets i am sure her books will still be able to do the same with maybe some additions, they wouldn't destroy her playstyle that was kept over such a long time and what made her as a character.
  15. Completely agree with you, all the refreshed characters are getting buffed.. Yet people want to see Wickerbottom and Wolfgang nerfed? I wouldn't mind a small nerf to her if they really want to go ahead and do it, but not anything big like not allowing her to read books while insane.. That's the whole point because we want to go insane to hunt for nightmare fuel while we also want to set up tentacle traps, go ahead and try reading 10 books of on tentacles now without letting your sanity go below 60 and tell me how much effort it takes.. What i want to see is all characters playable with their strength excelling over other characters in specific situations. She is already a griefing machine with the end is nigh, i've killed a player with it before on a non pvp server when they stole loot from a boss that i killed.