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  1. Tallbird nests are destructible and you can literally burn them with a torch so meteor shower can remove them too. Live mandrakes and bee/killer bee hives are not needed, once you make beeboxes you can just kill the bees from there for stingers and there is a lot of bee hives around the world and if you need more honeycomb just kill bee queen on respawn, this is worth doing just for jellybeans anyway but if you are playing Wanda it depends since you can't use jellybeans yourself. bee hives and killer bee hives while they can be used for decoration i much prefer the beeboxes we can craft because of the skins. There are some very specific uses for it that it would kind of be needed but there's usually too much unless you have one greedy guy take all of them when he doesn't have a use for that many. They are not renewable and i agree they look nice and it would be great if we could have them for decoration. Same with spiky trees, they can be used for decoration.
  2. @Milordo This happened to me like 30 minutes ago so i don't know much about it. From what i can tell i can just play like normal but who knows when or if it will happen again. I was on over 5000 day world and i lost most of my stuff since it had a mod that increased inventory space. I don't think we are able to get the character and items back.
  3. This happened to me too but i am not hosting the server so i don't have access to logs. Except it was technically an old world but we played on it regularly before the update went live and even after the update it was fine, it just happened from what i can tell at random. Basically it sends you to character select and you lose your inventory.
  4. @Iino You should probably stop playing on klei public servers unless you want to fight griefers regularly wtih rollbacks. When you go to sleep or leave the server for a number of hours, there's a good chance that it will be reset as anyone can just die on purpose if they are alone to start from day 1. My suggestion is to move to community servers that are not going to reset for thousands of days, they can deal with griefers or they have mods that stop griefing. For example Ownership or Myhome, if you type name of a mod in search bar, it will only show servers that have that mod on. Some community servers have password and you can only find it on their discord or you can join private server where only a number of people will play.
  5. @Mysterious box When Walter was first introduced, i knew that it would be bad for the game. Either the ranged weapon is too weak or too strong with how safe you can be. Turns out they made his slingshot weak and now people that play him, don't pick him for his slingshot and don't use it as much. I don't think there should exist ranged character in DST with how the combat is currently. If klei wanted to change combat it would be a huge undertaking and they would need to stop with these new content updates for quite a long time since majority of creatures don't have any range attacks or interactions, bosses would need a lot of work too. Also it isn't a good idea to put that much effort just because of one character unless ranged combat is going to be major part of the game like how melee combat is currently. The point i am trying to make is that improving ranged combat isn't a simple decision to make and it would require a lot of work.
  6. That's assuming you play public servers and get surprised when panflute is wasted, i don't think characters should be balanced around public servers playing with random people when DST was meant to be a team game. Decent players on a private server and you can use panflute and mandrakes efficiently and never run out, plus as i said you can get more from Klaus if it is a long running world. These daily uses you mentioned aren't a necessity and can easily be solved without it. While this book could be seen as quite powerful to a new player, someone with experience can pick another character that has higher damage modifier or better utility and solve the problem faster. The only time i farm is when i plan to swap or have someone play Warly and make spices, RWYS made farming better but i still prefer beeboxes. The book has been made more expensive and split into two, i would have preferred if that didn't happen and Wickerbottom just lost the ability to grow plants in soil turf with the book, there would still be uses like for berries,lichen or stone fruit trees having limitless range was so much better and same can be said for silviculture. I am not saying that horticulture abridged isn't useful when it comes to soil turf farming but that the nerfs to the book trump the value you got from RWYS. Amassing seeds early on is great for combination farming. I don't know why people think that this book is the peak of Wickerbottom power, not saying that you meant that but i see majority or at least the vocal minority put this book with sleepytime stories above everything else she can do for some reason. Instead of crafting books, why not make a different meat farm that will not require any resource input and bring you meat instead of morsels. Krampus sack while good, is overrated considering the drop chances and the best option is to just kill Klaus since you can still get other loot. The most useful book Wickerbottom has, can be used for dragonfly and bee queen setups most often but you need to be careful when it comes to enraged dragonfly since she can slam the ground and deal aoe damage to tentacles. It is really easy to rush early bee queen kill without using many resources and you'll still be able to repeat kill on respawn. There are other uses like splumonkey farming and possibly the moon quay monkies too if you can use the book on the dock turf, haven't tried it yet. The imagination is the limit here, this book has countless uses and even in the future updates people will discover new setups. Wickerbottom was one of the strongest characters with the most versatility, now that we have gotten so many updates that change how game works and character refreshes/releases, she is in the middle of the cast when it comes to power. I don't need Wickerbottom to be the strongest character why i mentioned this was because she was that strong at one point even with the changes to the game and nerfs she got, she is still strong enough, so you won't encounter people that would tell you that she is weak. Why Wickerbottom was my favorite character is her having access to that many books/powers that other characters didn't have at that time. Now a lot of the characters have received many different abilities when they were refreshed or released the most notable ones are Woodie, WX-78 and Wanda. What i hope for this refresh to accomplish is change/remove "The end is nigh!" other books are fine as they are but they could get some changes like that Wickerbottom mod that allowed you to choose the spot where tentacles spawned. The most important thing for this refresh is to add more versatility, i would want to see Wickerbottom still be the character with most situational powers/books. This may be asking for too much but i would love to see the number of books doubled in the refresh.
  7. This happened to me too, maybe because of the mods i use.
  8. What does "Sleepytime stories" even do that you can't use panflute for? You can always get 2+ panflutes in every world depending on your luck and killing Klaus gives you more mandrakes, deconstructing the paflute you get mandrake back, you literally can't run out and it isn't that expensive. What does "The end is nigh" do? While it was a good change to remove charging WX-78 from Wickerbottom, now that book has no valid use except to grief other players. Food and resources have became much more accessible as with each new update we get more. New food sources, now in the moon quay the latest update we get plantable reeds. With lureplants and good setup, you'll have as much resources as you need without using Wickerbottom's books. I agree with you that Willow is a bit underwhelming but why should she get a second refresh before Wickerbottom can have her first? I would be much more open to the idea of klei doing small changes to her like they did to Wurt and Wormwood during WX-78 beta. They can tweak her numbers and make her stronger, refresh isn't the only option. It doesn't matter which character is better in the current state. The issue is that Wickerbottom has hardly received any changes except nerfs that came along with updates. The point is that she isn't in a good spot right now. Walter is a character that shouldn't have ever been made for DST because of how combat was made, Klei obviously won't rework combat just for one character, most creatures/mobs in the game don't have ranged attacks or aren't made to be able to fight against ranged characters, so i don't think Walter's slingshot will ever be made strong unless there are changes to combat.
  9. Why do these characters deserve refresh before Wickerbottom? Winona and Walter were released after and Willow was already refreshed. Only Maxwell can be used as argument here but it shouldn't matter since he will be next. With how the game has changed, Wickerbottom doesn't nearly do as much as she used to, food has became much more accessible as with each new big content update we get different foods introduced into the game along with recipes. Her books were nerfed with RWYS update, she desperately a change. While that was a good change as characters shouldn't rely on each other that much when it comes to their core power, it was still an indirect nerf. While some people would play with their friends and pick Wickerbottom because the deciding factor was the ability to charge WX-78. Its great to have synergy between characters but this was too much as WX-78 was literally half a character without Wickerbottom.
  10. Ocean has many problems and i don't even know if it is possible to make it a place you want to stay without developers investing too much time into it. I'd rather see then work on another large land mass (caves) that are also quite lacking but nowhere near the current problems ocean has. As many have mentioned, you need to sail around the land that covers the middle of the map, so you require luck to find what you want to find on ocean, astral detector helps but sailing still takes a lot of time for what you get and just adds another requirement, you need to explore caves first and locate Ancient Archives. That still doesn't fix the problem of how everything is so accessible on land while ocean is a circle around that land, what i would suggest to be done here is remove the ocean edges and just let the player sail/teleport to the other side of the map, that would make exploring Ocean much better. Boats are another issue, why is using a sail so difficult to control while using a driftwood oar is so fast. I understand that this was made so multiple people are on the boat but i would still want to see shipwrecked boats that are easier to control for solo players. Wavey Jones is another reason to turn people away from ocean, i understand wanting difficulty to be amped up but this is just plain annoying to deal with because of high sanity requirement and ocean doesn't need anything else to make players not want to explore it. I can probably write a 10+ page document on what can be done about the ocean an what is really difficult in the current state and turns players away from it but what it all comes down to is what do you think players are supposed to do? Make boat bases or stay on ocean for a long period of time for what reason? Boats,buildable space and storage will always limit players that want to survive just in the ocean. Majority of the players that explore caves and ocean just get what they want and don't go back. While i think that caves can be made accessible to players and if they receive content updates to match mainland, it is a possibility but i don't think that ocean will be able to compete as it doesn't have its own shard and is limited in space, even if developers really populated it with as many different biomes and creatures it could hold, there will be a limit.
  11. Anything that makes the game have more stuff to do in your playthrough. I enjoy games that i can play for thousands of hours and still have new things to discover. I think that Celestial Champion questline is really great for the game as they give direction to players that don't want to play just sandbox and in multiplayer everyone can join in on the boss fights and have fun. I would love to see caves receive more updates geared towards populating them and giving reason for players to go down there and even build their base.
  12. I don't see the point of people saying that it should be just a punishment, if no one ever fights enraged Klaus apart from a new player that doesn't know. While it would be fun if there was a reward for killing enraged Klaus where you get the krampus sack 100% of the time. It would still be a punishment for new/unprepared players that just killed the deer for first time. Why can't it be a punishment for some people and reward others for overcoming it at the same time.
  13. Meatballs are fine, players need to be encouraged to gather meat because you usually fight creatures for it. I don't see why players would need to think too much about what to cook, majority just cook the same few food recipes as the crockpot system is not that interesting for anyone except Warly, its just about managing your stats.
  14. If it lags for console player even if they play solo, at that point that game is unplayable on that console, its not DST problem or the difficulty. You can just place an empty boat and put your boat close by out of the range of crab king's attacks, fighting like this is better because you don't risk your fully set up boat.