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  1. I don't get why people think this is OP and out of the world, only reason i don't like it is because everything is based on melee fights in DST, there's only boomerang that can only be used for bird farming and blowdarts that are too expensive to use. So there will be situations where he is probably really good. Farming marble trees to kill deerclops that i can kill so easily with no resource investment? Why would i even go for something like that. Also his DPS shouldn't be compared to melee fighters, he is supposed to have lower dps by a lot otherwise there'd be no point in ever picking anyone other then him.
  2. That's one game mechanic that most players actually turn off for every new world they make, at least all of them that plan to play on that world for 300-500 days or more. Actually can't be countered, making a good looking base isn't possible either, they aren't renewable so once your grass/berry bushes die out, they are gone forever.
  3. There are countless items in the game that are never used and they will never be able to be used. Lets say pigman farming is nerfed, people may not use football helmet if there's something easier to obtain. There will always be this issue because once you nerf football helmets or pig skin, people will not use them anymore. There will always be this cycle, you could take MOBA games for example that are in constant change and item balance is changed regularly which doesn't really make the game better, just rotates the items and heroes. I also don't think that there'll be such big changes just for cookie cutter helmets for example, if there was something on land to replace the football helmets, it could be fine. But i see no reason to nerf current objects to force people into the water and boats, it may be just me but playing solo i find it much harder to pilot it and i can barely get to moon island, i've died more on water then fighting all the bosses in dst. I am sure that there's quite a few people that don't want to deal with water and boats as much. Also i don't think that football helmet is easily accessible, at least in the early game and depending on how you play, i usually don't focus on making big farm, firstly to make a big farm you need to farm pig skins and taking down houses at ping king may actually be a bad idea as usually it is better to farm pig skins first. Touch stone seems much better pig skin source early on, if for example you want it nerfed, you could just nerf that. Only time when pig skin is a viable resource to make farm for is for megabase world, i often end up making farms for everything else and ignore football helmets, i have almost unlimited thulecite and use the crowns and log suits instead, big tree farms are used for living logs, so i am usually stocked up on so much wood that i don't know what to do with it.
  4. Ruins aren't that hard to deal with if you don't get caught in the splumonkies and get chased down though the whole caves map. You should pay attention to phases and check wiki page on it so it doesn't happen to you. After that you can get as many gears as you want, you don't need to clear whole ruins in one run, take 10 gears from clockworks there and some thulecite, go back for now. After that you'll have a better understanding of caves and be able to prepare better next time. I don't really see a reason of going for tumbleweeds and hoping there's a gear, its not a high chance of drop while ruins have unlimited supply of gears once you can kill fuelweaver, even before that you'll have at least a stack of gears from the first ruins clear and lots of thulecite/gems. Another reason i am suggesting you go to the caves isn't just ruins, you should set up a secondary base there for summer, as you won't overheat and nothing will burn. Staying in the world above and running around the map will get your whole forests burned down and anything at random can catch fire if there's no ice flingomatic, also fueling it drains your resources. Ruins aren't hard at all once you get used to them,most of the players who have experience can clear out ruins in day 12-14 and carry almost everything of worth to surface, with most characters there won't be issue if you have any food cooked for sanity and health, or just go to caves and cut down blue mushtrees for both.
  5. I personally don't think that making a schedule would work for me, i don't like being restricted and i've never used one irl either. What i am saying is that by the slots you choose before you start the game, hp of the bosses could be adjusted so to make it fair for any number of players within a limit. The thing i do in DST is cheese my way though the bosses. For example i may kill them once if i am starting a long term world or i'd join public klei servers and rush some bosses but on my long term worlds i use cataputs for bee queen/dragonfly and houndius shootius for fuelweaver, on my main world i have 3 houndius down there just to cut the time i need to sit and wait for him to die. I am kinda conflicted, i feel like i'd pve more if these bosses didn't have so much hp and weren't draining so many resources if you want to fight them alone. Currently it is all about setting up catapults or tentacles as soon as possible, killing them once in a while so i don't get rusty on my fighting skills. Fighting them is really fun, gathering resources for it, isn't so much.
  6. I never doubted that, the issue is that they are made really hard for solo players. Imagine soloing bee queen without using any setup like tentacles,catapults or wolfgang/wendy, it is possible but it drains your resources really badly. Compare reign of giants to DST dragonfly, basically 2750 to 27500 hp, one you can kill so easily and the other is 10x harder for solo player, obviously DST is made for multiplayer but with the way klei updates the game, most of us never go back to single player, there's just so much in DST that even if you want to play solo, you'll stick to DST. Then look at fuelweaver and how hard he is to kill solo while how much easier it is to kill it with a friend.
  7. What is the issue with using lureplant? i have one lurepant setup in my base next to fireput with only 1 eyeplant spawning based on positioning floor that way, so i just collect trash in a chests next to it and the night i decide to empty the chests, i just drop items one by one. Only issue is that this is not automatic, i'd be fine if rot disappeared if left on floor as this is the most annoying to clean up as it is everywhere.
  8. It is really amazing that it can be killed so easily, i've not even tried yet as there doesn't seem to be a point yet as it doesn't drop anything good. Still it is really amazing how it can be killed with such low investment, hopefully klei won't change this as i really dislike bosses that are made for multiple people to fight.
  9. I understand what you are saying but if you read my whole post, you'd see the farm setups i named and its usually better to use catapults or tentacles in long term worlds for bee queen and dragonfly as it requires less effort. I have unlimited thulecite and with that unlimited crowns, heck can even use unlmited shadow swords or just ham bat for bosses. Beefalo taming requires 20 days, lets say we ignore this as this is not the main issue i don't get one, just keeping the beefalo tamed over 1000 days and plus, makes me not want to do it because i can't just set up 20 salt licks and never touch him for 50-100 days and come back to fully tamed beefalo. If this was possible, i'd see value in it. Depending on what you are setting up in your world, maybe you are not killing any bosses for a while you still need to take time to manage the tameness of the beefalo, if this was removed or at least made possible for a long period of time with only salt licks, i'd be fine with it. I just don't like being forced into doing something repetitive in DST, me making a megabase is usually because you cut down time you spend on mundane tasks, its also really fun having a big base with every worthwhile farm/setup made on a world so i don't have to care about anything, basically can go watch a movie on my second monitor while casually doing things on DST with my unlimited food/armor. The whole idea of the megabase for me is not having to care about anything and the contrast from the first ingame year where you are forced to spend such a long time gathering food/staying warm in the winter, a lot of your time is wasted in keeping yourself alive by spending resources required to do so. I am not saying that surviving in DST is hard, i've done challanges starting in winter and summer before without any help, the idea is just that you spend a lot of time managing your temperature/food that you don't have enough time to gather resources to make farms/setups. Once you have unlimited food setup or big wood farm, is the point where you cut the time required of gathering said resources and can put it into something else.
  10. I've only ever tamed a beefalo when the update came out to have fun with it. I knew when i read the patch notes that it would be something i'd never use. Lets talk about long term worlds, even on my main world i don't have beefalo tamed because i don't like being forced to keep them from going wild, salt lick won't cut it from what i've heard it won't keep beefalo permanently tamed. That's one of the biggest issues with such a long taming process and it is not even permanent and you have no way of making it permanent without putting permanent effort into crafting salt licks and even riding them/feeding. 20 ingame days to tame a beefalo? Do you know what you can do in 20 ingame days? Also put into consideration that this will all be lost if it dies or if you don't put permanent effort into keeping it tamed. We can all agree that taming a beefalo on a world you won't put quite a few ingame years in, isn't worth doing at all considering it takes a quarter of the ingame year to fully tame it and permanent resource usage for maintenance. Considering long term worlds income from farms//setups you can make like dragonfly setup with catapults so you can farm green gems without any big cost. Varg setup to fuel your catapults so you only use cheap gem while you get the rarest gems from dragonfly or the other option of using tentacles which is even easier to setup without requiring varg farm in the long term worlds, can kill bee queen/dragonfly with no issues, only sometimes needing maintenance to replace the dead tentacles. Using these green gems you can have unlimited thulecite crowns for armor. Nightmare fuel farm/ birch tree farm setup for stacks of nightmare fuel and lots of living logs for dark swords, or in quite a few cases you can just use ham bat for bosses with thulecite crown and unlimited durability on ham bat makes it so cheap. Can you explain how tamed beefalo would bring much more value then this with less effort? Yes, all of these farms/setups i named usually are quite painful to setup but once you do, they require little or no effort on your part to using them to their fullest permanent benefits.
  11. Anyone who made a megabase probably could check everything on the list. Well except the diseased plantation, i only run into it when i play with people who don't turn it off, so very rarely.
  12. She was dead the whole time, Wendy is either imagining her or its her ghost taking form.
  13. Well i just summed up how it is for new and veteran players, the way DS/T is designed to be so fun and punishing to new players and this causes a rift between new and veteran players. Veteran players don't like wasting time or want to engage with people who'll waste their resources so that's why public servers are usually a really bad experience. About Helping players, the idea is to not waste your own time either, so finding someone who is really focused on learning the game while being new. I wouldn't waste my time trying to help someone who isn't putting enough effort on their own and just sits at base eating food someone else brought. Its okay for them to go out and die instead of trying to be safe while consuming food in base doing nothing and not learning anything.
  14. I still don't understand why so many players keep coming back to public servers when they can't handle how people are inherently greedy, especially the kids and this game is also really punishing on new players, meaning any veteran player won't appreciate what a new player can do to help them with the base, in most cases it will be destroyed or they'll do what other people mentioned above, making monster meat into lasagna or using all the stone. I always felt like i had to play more and more and not log out as it will all be gone/reset by the time i am back, so the only times i even played on public servers i was stressed into playing much longer, i had 10-15 hour sessions. It just doesn't feels nice to play and not be able to log out and continue later, you can't make a perfect base or kill all the bosses, well killing all the bosses is possible as i've done it quite fast in my speed runs but it just doesn't feel worth it knowing it will all be gone when i log out. Now if i ever decide to connect to public server i do it to see if there's any new players that actually want to learn the game and i try to help them learn and i don't spend most of my time on building a big base or killing bosses, i may do a 10-12 day ruin rush if i feel like focusing a bit but i don't just share the items when i come back,i also stay in the base and help when it is needed and share my knowledge. Its actually fun watching new players fail and learn on their own, reminds me of when i started playing DS. I think it is really exaggerated to expect everyone to be nice to eachother, most new players don't know if what they are doing is wrong/right/rude/nice and most veteran players are plain selfish and rarely do much to help, at most they'll drop a football helmet if they are one of the nicest ones, what new players need isn't the items but knowledge on how to obtain it themselves in a reasonable amount of time. Most veteran players just focus on rushing caves or moon island and when they come back they may give the items to the biggest base made and just go off on their own again and come back with loot from bosses, they usually play that nomadic lifestyle and don't teach anything to new players.