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  1. I also find the new system quite annoying, at least before you could leave it on while you sleep but now you have to be active and accept first two rewards so you can leave the pc on and accept the third one later. I prefer playing the game or spending my time elsewhere, i also have a full time job and i don't really want to waste my free time. The issue i have with twitch streams is that most of the time you watch them, you won't be getting information about the game that you want, while if i am wondering about some information about DST, i can easily watch it on youtube video in its edited and condensed format in 10-15 minutes so that i don't waste my time.
  2. Yeah, its weird how so many players just can't see how strong Wolfgang is. Some may say that now with so many new characters and reworks, that he isn't played as much but that is because other characters are more "fun" and have more abilities. No one likes to play a stat character that much. At day 1 of the server, he has 2x damage and a speed boost as if you started with a walking cane (25%), hunger is never difficult to maintain to an average player who has some experience and killing bosses as twice the speed and half the resources needed when calculated that hunger drain is nothing and you actually profit by a lot. I am not saying here that he needs to be nerfed but he is still the strongest character if you just consider first 30-50 days of the world and is quite decent in late game/megabasing too, until you have all the setups at boss locations that you want to farm, whether that be bunnymen,tentacles,catapults or anything else, even if you don't need his damage for bosses after that, you'd still be able to use his speed boost, when you have beeboxes and have infinite food and can stay mighty all the time. As a solo character he is even more effective considering how long it would take to someone to just build setups at boss locations, that's even assuming that the goal is megabasing and that the world will last that long. Now imagine a veteran player that has 1000+ hours in DS/DST, who knows how strong Wolfgang is and wants to megabase and play on a world solo, he will start with Wolfgang and switch characters later depending on what he needs, picking him first will allow him to spend much less time killing bosses early which would allow him to get items of his choice from bosses as soon as they are available to be killed and require the least time to get to the end game gear.
  3. wildfires are just a nuisance for megabasing, i just turn it off at day 200-300 but if i am not megabasing i keep it on, as it is part of the game difficulty and summer is easy anyway, all you have to do is go to caves but at least you are forced to stay down there or go to oasis if you want to preserve your world, otherwise there's not much difference from winter.
  4. -20 sanity to use it, and you get like 25 per min from star that you summoned, so how do you end up losing sanity? Also 15-33 sanity is restored per shadow creature you kill. Im talking about nightmare fuel farming because you said that you don't want to use nightmare fuel to craft star caller staff as you felt that it was a waste while you also talked about late game and if we are considering that you are in "late" game, you have options to have a lot of nightmare fuel without fighting shadow creatures. Well i never said that you should just use it to only warm thermal stone, its a possibility but its not the best use for it, nothing wrong with doing that because one star caller staff will easily last you almost 3-4 winter seasons, if you just stay close to the star you summoned, which is often not the case but that's just how far you can stretch it if you want. Also its fine to burn trees too, but its not that much different from using star caller staff in late game. How are you going to say that it doesn't warm that much when it is similar to third tier fire which is 180 degrees (70/120/180/220). Will not get extinquished for 3.5 days and never changes temperature, you don't need to keep adding wood. Sanity is not wasted, often enough you'll profit in sanity from using the star caller staff, especially if you stay whole night close to the star. It would feel weird to me if it only warmed up the thermal stone for 40 degrees when it is like third tier fire of 180 degrees from star. I don't really use thermal stone as much on its own, usually its beefalo hat.
  5. Why do you need to fight nightmare creatures as you do when you are on day 1 if you are talking about late game? Instead just kill 50 shadow pieces by using a boat and get tons of shadow atrium/nightmarefuel/swords/armor or if that is a bit too cheaty for you, another option is to make a splumonkey farm. I also didn't emphasize much on 166.5 days of light and not just heating and cooling that the staff gives you. How is it a bad solution for late game unless it is super late and you have the new Enlightened crown from celestial champion that takes so long to get to, even at that point i'll be using star caller staff for heating situations if i am not close to my base or locations where i have furnaces built. I often kill dragonfly on cooldown and just killing dragonfly is enough for me to have so many yellow gems that i can never use on anything else. Farming living logs has never been easier with Mush Gnomes or using wormwood with wortox combo or even using jellybeans that i have literal stacks of in chest in late game, with the splumonkey farm in caves and i have all the resources in abundance that i don't even know what to do with. I forgot to mention that i don't like burning trees and ruining the environment of my world if i plan to play on it for a long time, i know that this is a good option for heating in winter and i've survived on public servers that i joined in winter without any help by just burning trees with a torch easily.
  6. Star caller staff and moon caller staff are the best temperature management items in the game. If you use star caller staff 19 times and leave it at 5% you'll have heating for 66.5 ingame days and if you turn it into a moon caller staff, you'll have additional 100 days of cooling, that's 166.5 days of temperature management in one item, so even with the "high" cost you guys talk about, how is it comparable to the use time? There's a situation where most would argue that they have wildfires enabled go in caves during summer but there's also a lot of players who either have that option disabled or just stay without a care. Even if you go in caves and don't want moon called staff, its 70 days of heating. That is a single item with a crafting cost of 4 nightmare, 2 living logs and 2 yellow gems, only expensive item here that i see is a living log, nightmare fuel isn't that difficult to farm or obtain in larger quantities and yellow gems don't have many uses, only one other useful item is crafted with them and that is Magiluminescence, so you'll have plenty of yellow gems if you clear caves or kill some bosses that drop them. Its not really a good excuse that it is stationary temperature management like a fire, when in most cases people use logs or burn trees to heat up in winter once in a while when they use thermal stones anyway. Fighting bosses for 2 ingame days, you can count how many resources you are using to stay warm or cold, while just one usage of this item will manage your temperature so you don't have problems until the fight is usually over. I am not saying that some other items like beefalo hat or thermal stones are useless, they are great when paired up with star caller staff, its just that star caller staff outclasses all other items, except maybe furnace and lava pool that are permanent heating sources without resource investment but they can't be moved and lava pool don't provide light for you to survive. Worth mentioning that having a base in dragonfly desert, there's that perk too of having a place to heat up thermal stones and yourself close to overheating without using wood until you kill dragonfly.
  7. Where i am going with my logic is that it would be great if new players had servers to get introduced to the game. Most people often leave when it reaches summer, do you really think that 200-300 day cap is bad, or even if that is a low number of days maybe a cap by 500 days would be more reasonable? I just think that official klei servers shouldn't be seen as normal servers where you are supposed to progress for 5000-10000 days for a world record of holding the server hostage. It is not everyone's duty to teach new players but its not really nice to see most veteran players focus on themselves and just trying to be a complete nomad, killing bosses/cave rush/lunar island rush and so on. Why not play on a private/your own hosted server if you are going to play solo without any interactions with other players? Not everyone has the same playstyle, if a new player has decided to join public klei server it probably means that he doesn't want to be figuring everything out on his own, and if someone is willing to take their time and help them learn the game,for example dropping them items like thulecite crowns won't teach them how to obtain them and i often see people doing this.
  8. So you are assuming i never played on public servers and was never active just because you are a newer player compared to me or you didn't play when i did, i literally own DST since beta and i was never too active on pubs but there was a time when i played regularly and taught new players. Give a totally new player a bone armor, thulecite crown and stacks of healing food and they'll not learn much, most mobs in the game are tankable with end-game gear. Also it is not a genuine experience, imagine a new player joining at day 2000 on a server and everyone just gives him everything, all bosses are killed, so many boss traps made, so that he doesn't ever need to kill them in a normal battle, at least that's what i am guessing you have as i haven't joined the pubs at all when i see a high day number and there would not be much to do if you aren't building and making setups. After that he joins a public server that is on day 5 for example and it is a completely different game, how is he expected to survive or even know what to do. Why do you need to use public klei servers to kill the last boss with such a long quest line? Do you think that just because you and 5-10 people that decide that you want to keep a public klei server to day 2000, is a good enough reson to hold it hostage? You need to understand that most players are casual, that's general knowledge for all games, some have more some have less casual players but overall most of the players of any game you pick will be casual, yes i am just pulling a number, but even in the best case scenario a few percent of players are megabasers. Most players probably have not survived beyond day 300 ever. Just looking at steam page and seeing how many hours people have played, should give you some information on how far they went into the game. Only the most dedicated players are into megabasing and spending thousands of ingame days on a world. Why is it so hard for you to accept that majority of the playerbase isn't into megabasing and get a dedicated server where you'll be able to control everything that goes on, there'll be no griefers in any form and you'll decide the rules and who plays there.
  9. That's so insensitive to new players and other veteran players that don't megabase, you need to understand that only like 1% of the players megabase. Majority don't enjoy it so why are you sitting afk on an official klei server and forcing it down their throats, just gather all the friends that megabase and pay for a server host like if you split it between 4-5 people, you can pay like 5$ each a month, or host it on your own machine. Sitting afk on a server every night and day like that will probably cost you more, electricity bills, pc components have life expectancy and having pc on 24/7 isn't good.
  10. There's this weird logic with people wanting to one up eachother and keep official Klei servers up for 2000 days, which i really don't agree with. Not that i think griefers should be allowed to do this but public klei servers need to have a cap and auto reset after like 200-300 days.These servers are quite useful to new players so that they can get introduced to the game and learn while playing with other people since it will be easier. I am a megabase player but i still believe that holding public server hostage for 2000 plus day is bad for 99% of the players that don't want to megabase and find it boring when you have end game gear and have killed all the bosses. I didn't play on klei official servers recently but a year or two ago, i used to play regularly and help new players learn to kite and what their priorities should be and i noticed that most veterans just don't allow new players to learn, they gather all the stuff and kill all the bosses, some rush caves at start others go to lunar island and then there's the ones that just build base how they want to. One thing in common that can be noticed is that veterans just ignore everyone else and do their own thing. Some think they are doing good and helping when they drop cave loot in the base or to new players while the new player won't ever be able to do caves by day 12-15, he didn't learn anything and just got items, needless to say that this doesn't help new players at all.
  11. Have to give you props for trying to convince so many of these young people on the forums that don't believe that Klei has no authonomy anymore. So many of them don't even realize what "Majority stake" means. So many of them don't even care that Tencent is partially owned by CCP and how big power imbalance is in China between CCP and private sector, they literally have to submit to everything CCP says, no matter the percentage of ownership. They also don't understand what atrocities China is committing in this day and age and are bringing back what other countries did in the past, instead of trying to not support something that is happening currently. Honestly i've read like first 28 pages of this thread and i only wrote my thoughts at page 12 or somewhere around there. There's literally no point in this topic being open anymore. In the first 10 pages you will know what are community's thoughts. I can see why everyone wants to repeat what has been said just because they don't like this decision like many of us do, to express their disappointment in Klei's decision, there's also like 10-20 pages of people not understanding the situation. I still believe that Klei Enterntaintment developers would not go around and start massively changing the game or monetization. What needs to be understood is that this decision is no longer in their hands, that's the most important sentence that has been repeated countlessly in this thread and denied by many. I am in no way here to deny people being optimistic about the game though, i think that Klei Entertainment is probably going to do well with Tencent as they usually just buy companies and let the current devs work on their games, they may influence the decision in which the development will go but i think that game will overall be fine. I am mostly not supporting the decision because of CCP and what is currently happening in China. Honestly even if this wasn't the case, we all loved Klei for always being there for the consumer, so it doesn't matter which company buys them out, we know that they won't have control anymore and there's no company that will be as nice to us like Klei has been over the years.
  12. I am mostly disappointed because it is Klei Entertainment we are talking about here, out of all the game developers, there are only a couple of them as good as Klei has been to us over the years. Over 4000 hours played on DS/DST, and i'll still continue playing until or if i am forced by Tencent decisions to stop. I have not played league of legends in the last couple of years but i did pay attention and Tencent hasn't ruined that game and they can't be compared to Activision in that sense, just look at Blizzard and how they treated their core fanbase with Warcraft 3 reforged, but on the other hand we have moral issues with supporting Tencent. There are many naive people with their ideas and even believing that Klei has any real power in what goes on anymore. They only have a say until Tencent says otherwise, you need to understand what majority shareholder means, now they own over 50% of Klei Entertainment. We can see from how they treated League of legends and many other companies they bought that they like to take hands off approach as long as they make them enough money, that is the only saving grace of this situation. Do you really believe that Tencent would out of their goodwill advertise DST to Chinense players? I am sure you have already noticed that DST was on Tencent WeGame platform in like 2016 or 2017 if i remember correctly? Also a controlling company like Tencent making DS newhome, did you really believe that would happen without them getting controlling stake of Klei? There are many options and with the power Tencent holds, they can basically pick from thousands of games or companies with their resources.
  13. The change to Horticulture is good,now at least people can complain less about one character feeding 10 players, which was valid. Silviculture is everything we need, especially in late game. If you are having trouble gathering living logs, try switching to wormwood once you have stacked up on jellybeans from farming bee queen, you can get a good amount of living logs like this. There's another option, after like 71 days, Poison Birchnut trees spawn rate in autumn is 16.8% so only in this season is it worth farming them on large scale. You can befriend pigs but i don't do this, i use weather pains. Drop rate is 1-2 living logs and you can dig it up for 1 more, on average 2.2 living logs and 20% chance of nightmare fuel. Using weather pain may sound expensive but it kills poison birchnut trees in one use and you are supposed to deconstruct it when it is at 7% you'll get gear, volt goat horn and a down feather, so you'll only need 9 down feathers to construct it again. Each weather pain should get you like 30 living logs using this method. Silviculture book has no range so with good positioning you can get too many resources, 1 book can probably give you enough grass/twigs for over an ingame year worth depending on how you use it.
  14. Will this allow us to disable caves at any moment and enable them later? Or is it just a one time thing to enable caves. Could be helpful with megabase worlds to reduce lag, disabling caves once you have stocked up on resources you can obtain from them.
  15. She was dead the whole time, Wendy is either imagining her or its her ghost taking form.