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  1. There's really no reason for this to be added, sanity doesn't really matter the lower it is, the better for you usually as you'll get more nightmare fuel. It would be strong in boss fights but i don't think i want Wickerbottom to have this, i prefer having my recipes learned so i am able to craft something when i need it. I guess we need a Wickerbottom buff with all the people taking about Wortox. Needless to say that this was a joke. Wickerbottom is the strongest character.
  2. There's no need to re-release it just because you want to have it. The point of special skins is that they are not available anymore or what is the point of them existing? Any skin that isn't possible to acquire anymore should stay that way. I don't have most of the skins and i don't mind it. I only play two characters and even if a player doesn't ever use a skin, there are players like this, they are fine too.
  3. Gift Drops.

    Took me like 500 hours for first elegant. But i am not focusing on gifts, i may play for a month every day then not play for next few months. So what im saying is i opened low amount of gifts compared to others.
  4. Did Winona powercrept Wicker?

    I don't understand, i am not a Winona expert but Wickerbottom is my favorite characters to play as. From what i've seen on youtube they always use like 30-40 catapults or more for bee queen which seems really expensive compared to Wickerbottom. Let's compare, i'll use 7 On tentacles books if i want to kill her multiple times without all my tentacles dying out on the first kill. It is much easier to gather 7 spots, is there a need to talk about reeds? just find an area with a lot of them and keep regrowing. TheBeard777 youtuber actually used 77 catapults.. It is the top video on youtube if you search for it.That's so bad.. Dragonfly is much easier to deal with as Wickerbottom, you use sleepytime stories when dragonfly is enraged so she doesn't destroy your tentacles with the aoe attack, you'll be able to kill her multiple times with 6 on tentacles books, can kill her with 5, possibly with 4 but i never tried as i want to keep as many tentacles alive to keep killing her for gems. Wickerbottom is still the strongest character in my opinion, requires the least resources to kill most bosses. Winona's catapults are more of a permanent solution, doesn't require much to keep them going and killing the same boss but with Wickerbottom you can kill anything you like with enough tentacles and it requires much less to set up. What i want to say is you need to know how to kite tentacles and kill them quickly. I often use ham bat and spend a few days in swamp and i have more then i need to kill bee queen and dragonfly if i spent 2-3 days there, 1 day is often fine if you get a bit lucky if you want to kill one of them. Also don't ignore all the other benefits Wickerbottom has: Killing Bee Queen/Dragon Fly faster then any other character, if someone is going to argue this point im willing to play a speedrun with them on the same server while they play Winona. Gathering 12 spots to kill both bosses is much easier then building that many catapults. Only character that actually has the option to farm Krampus sack so easily.How nice is it that we Wickerbottom players are the only ones who can farm krampus sack and azure feathers for the best blow dart at the same time. She is good to start with but this doesn't matter much to any decent player, you should be able to survive with any character no matter how bad their first days are but i guess this is still a benefit. Wickerbottom is better at gathering grass/twigs/wood/berries/morsels then any other character. You may say that Maxwell is best for gathering wood which he is until Bearger spawns.This requires a specific situation but, you use applied horticulture in a full field of planted cones next to Bearger.You'll have tons of wood. It requires to wait for Bearger but it only needs to be set up once for you to have so much wood and it is repeatable as long as you don't kill him or wait for him to respawn. Its a decent argument saying how it takes a while for him to spawn but you can't argue that at that point she is better then Maxwell at gathering wood and this game is all about convenience, you are trying to make it easier on yourself from gathering and repeating the same boring tasks like gathering grass/wood/twigs/berries, this is why Wicker is so good and fun to play. One of the biggest benefits is Lichen farming with agriculture, you know that youtuber that always talks about Lichen, well he is talking about it for a reason. Best food source in the game, you can kill bee queen pretty fast so you'll be able to wrap up the Lichen that spoils in 2 days, hammer a few Bunnyman hutches, 8 on DST and build them near your base with a spider nest and there's your food permanently solved. Even if you don't make this farm, there's usually a lot of monster meat around and is quite easy to gather by killing spiders, use tentacle book near a few spider nests and just pick up the meat in the morning. Just have a ton of crockpots in your base and wrap up stacks of Pierogi, can any other character do this? Beeboxes are good food source too but require more preparation, they are usually better for any other character because most of them can't kill bee queen so fast and none of them can farm Lichen as fast as she does. I can keep on writing on how good Wickerbottom is, she has countless benefits and hardly any negatives, Food spoilage is this an issue for Wickerbottom? you'll have Bundling Wrap as soon as you want to get it. So she only has one negative which is not being able to sleep. Sanity is the least of your worries in this game and actually having it low is useful for farming nightmare fuel, only time you should sleep is when you want to regen hp but have a lot of food that is going to spoil, you see where im going with this? as Wicker you won't have any food spoiling with Bundling wrap so sleeping isn't worth doing. Sanity is easily managable if you keep exploring the map to gather mushrooms on the way and bundling wrap should be used on cooked cactus or hop into caves and chop some mushrooms, otherwise just stay insane, get nightmare fuel for magiluminescence. So downsides are pretty negligible and they don't even come close to positives. You are talking about Winona being able to cheese bosses with boats? honestly i don't know much as i didn't play on the beta branch, waiting for public release, what i can say is that i've never seen dragonfly spawn close to water, same with Bee Queen. She should be able to cheese bearger and deerclops? but do these bosses even matter? They are actually so easy to kill and where will you get your logs and living logs if you don't use them?