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  1. Glad we finally get a beebox skin.
  2. Potatoes are the Best

    You shouldn't really value crops that much, they are not the best food source overall and they require constant maintenance because of spoilage and if you want to keep them going, not really worth the effort. Just get rock trees from moon island/kelp or build beeboxes. There's even the option of making a meat farm but i usually do beeboxes and rock trees and just use lure plants for meat, every year you get a few that you can place for meat. Lure plants are actually one of the most useful items in the game you can get.
  3. There's really no need for such a big rant about oasis bases on public servers. There are so many new players that would actually burn the base and not having to refuel flingomatics is a big plus. Not a good spot if you aren't on a public server and i find the best spot to be in areas with roads/wormholes, preferably closest to all the resources you need. Its fine to make a minibase if that is what you want to do, if i am planning a to play on a world for 500-1000 days, i usually have a minibase there. Overall first two summers can be spent in caves without any troubles and actually big profit. Yes, you can clear ruins on day 12-13 with any character but there's no need to rush, when i play on my long term worlds i always leave ruins for first summer, at the second summer i look for atrium.
  4. Turn of tides was the most interesting, i also was considering Woodie update but i thought that overall its better to not pick a character update as favorite update. Woodie update hits the right spot with how interesting and versatile he became, even though most of us dislike the change to his lore.
  5. I was explaining it to someone who was actually playing on public servers, i don't do that, maybe read the thread.
  6. reflexion about some mobs

    The question is, is it still an exploit if you use the terrain? You didn't answer this yet, as i don't think you can say that it is.
  7. reflexion about some mobs

    You may not have read what i added as i edited my post. It is possible to do without building but using terrain like 2 rocks close to eachother, will you consider it an exploit as well? How do you find killing Dragonfly with 2750 hp comparable to one with 27500.
  8. reflexion about some mobs

    Why do you think it is possible to do DS and not DST? Klei could've easily fixed it. That doesn't require any resources and easiest way to kill, not as if it is hard to kill her with the bell. Anyway, anything that is possible to do in the game, people will do it and i use the most efficient ways to do it. Nothing wrong with it. Also you may reconsider if it is exploiting as you can use 2 rocks as well and you aren't placing anything but using terrain to your advantage in this case. I just said firepits because that is what came to my mind as i used to do that instead of rocks.
  9. reflexion about some mobs

    Just place 2 firepits and she won't be able to walk to you and you'll also be able to dodge her enrage fire damage and normal attacks, easily without getting hit once.
  10. reflexion about some mobs

    Don't starve ROG Dragonfly has 2750 health but DST is 27500 health, maybe think about that for a second before making such a reply? Also DST Dragonfly deals double damage when enraged. Anyone can kill ROG Dragonfly easily by tanking it, most players don't ever kill it in DST.
  11. reflexion about some mobs

    Bosses like Antlion and Deerclops are not what i actually think are good for the game. New players getting killed by Deerclops and not knowing what they did wrong, i have a friend who lost base two times and restarted the world both times as there's no info in the game on when he spawns and he didn't associate it with the day/night cycle after he died to it the first time. He is not dumb, not using the wiki is the way i think this game is supposed to be played, its just so much easier once you know what to do and learning and getting there on your own is what is fun. Obviously after you can survive 150-200 days, you can look up on wiki or youtube guides for most efficient ways. Antlion is a boss that doesn't give you any useful items for solo players, only a building that can be useful if you actually have a reasonable group of players, this is why such a boss should never interact with player on its own, and i never kill him. Dragonfly is infinitely more fun boss to kill and learning how to kite and do it correctly without taking damage is so intuitive compared to other bosses that are easy to dodge or you just tank. Bee Queen is another boss i dislike, i can solo it with wolfgang by spending quite a lot of resources as it was made for teamplay, otherwise you just use tentacles or catapults like any normal person that wants to farm her for jellybeans and honeycomb for more bundle wraps.
  12. The boat is really hard to control solo(even with 2 players it is a pain without voice comms) and we can't really use boats from shipwrecked because you don't have the same dangers and waves wouldn't work with the current boats. The boats are fine overall as long as there is no new mechanic like freezing water introduced into the game, you only need to go and gather resources from lunar island and often times don't need to go back there unless you are going to base on the island. I am not against this being added, i am against it being so cheap to do.
  13. They seem too cheap to make, why would i even bother with boats if i only need 1 blue gem and can run around in the ocean without trouble of sinking and losing items. Boats are already quite slow and annoying to use, if this was added i don't think people will keep using the boats.
  14. Looks interesting from what i skimmed though, i may read it all later. Props for the effort either way.
  15. Dude you are basically ignoring what i am saying. They can't balance it around the griefers as if they did do that, you'd have unlimited gears as there's no other way to do it. How would the game figure out if gears were efficiently used or wasted? The difficulty in the game is to efficiently use items that are not renewable or hard to obtain after they are used. I played on servers where there is a mod called regrowth that respawns everything. For example clockworks and pig houses and you know what players did? Just killed the clockworks for purple gems and hammered pig houses for resources to build just because they respawn in the next few days and you're able to gather unlimited cut stone,boards,pig skin,gears,purple gems. That isn't fun to play at all. There are just so many things griefers can do to ruin your game and there's no way to stop them unless the game is completely changed. Players dropping inventory or not doesn't matter, if someone wants to grief he'll go to caves and drop it in a corner where you'll never find it or feed lure plant.. There are so many ways to get rid of items if you actually want to do it. You being in caves during summer doesn't mean that other players will be in caves and most players that join public/servers without a password, they don't care if your stuff burns or not, they are not invested in your world so they will not really put that much effort. I never said to you to play DS instead of DST just because of other players, i just told you to compare the games and see how different DS and DST are and how they balanced DST around multiplayer. I play DST even when i play solo just because there is so much more content in the game. What i was saying is XBOX and PC griefers are the same, public servers will never be playable and there will always be griefers on them. Just find a group of players either here on forums or in the game and put a password on a server and you'll have a great time.Playing alone with a password is really fun and much better then playing on public servers. Anyway im not going to reply about this anymore, as Mrklli said, this thread wasn't made to discuss this, make another thread if you still feel that there is more that we can say about this, i think i explained it pretty well.