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  1. Will this allow us to disable caves at any moment and enable them later? Or is it just a one time thing to enable caves. Could be helpful with megabase worlds to reduce lag, disabling caves once you have stocked up on resources you can obtain from them.
  2. I disagree,i think you are forgetting how useful her abilities would be if used on multiple people. Her Heartrending Ballad song, literally allows all her allies to heal by hitting creatures and plus it works well for her solo play too, she can easily kill deerclops with minimal health loss with just battle helm and ham bat, and literally she can just start fighting any mob that has a lot of health or spiders where there are multiple dens and she'll heal to full health in no time. Also as long as Klei keeps releasing hard to kill bosses like fuelweaver (as long as you don't use any setups but just kill him normally) in any big boss fights when there are multiple people, she's great. Bel canto of courage halves sanity drain, fuelweaver has 400 sanity drain per minute, so how do you not think this is useful for these boss fights? Clear minded cadenza allows her to regain her sanity whenever she wants, giving 1 sanity per hit, basically if you use heartrending ballad and this song after you kill a strong boss and you are low on health and sanity, you can recover them really fast for no cost outside of durability but this is actually wrong way to use weapons with high damage, you should be using walking cane on creatures to regain health and sanity because these songs have on-hit effects. This allows you to fight creatures for longer and hit them more so you can regain sanity, its useful if you are not fighting something with a lot of health.
  3. I am assuming that they won't buff Wolfgang/Wicker, i think they are only buffing characters that aren't as strong as these two are, i mean will there be a point of them buffing all these characters if they make Wolfgang/Wicker even stronger? Wx is a different story, i feel like even though he is strong on his own on DST with how many gears you can gather, but later on in game if you have Wicker you'll easily have healing food either way, only reason he is so good is because he can be charged by Wicker. You can do ruins pretty fast with quite a few characters, yes Wx is the one you speedrun it with but i wouldn't pick him just for that. So i feel like Wx is in a weird spot, i don't think he needs buffs but on his own i wouldn't put him on the same tier as Wicker/Wolfgang but if he is charged he is there with them.
  4. She actually has quite a few threads and youtube discussions about her being too strong which seems a bit too much. What i'd like to start with is that mostly new players play her and they won't manage to make many songs and i am sure like 95% of people will never make all her songs as less then 5% people actually do caves content. Before this rework DST veterans compared her to Wolfgang and basically called her a weaker version of him which was quite true, i understand that not all characters should be equal as this isn't a game where that matters but if there are two similar characters who are supposed to be doing the same thing and one is stronger then the other, then there's not much of a point in not changing the direction of said character, which actually happened with how Wigfrid is similar to bard/buff like character in games, yes she kept her abilities from before but if she was supposed to get nerfed, i'd say songs should've been available and free from start. Don't forget the other reworks, all of them have buffed said characters and i think Klei is doing this well, from what i understand they are trying to get all characters to A or S tier (quite a few people made lists on characters and rating them), so that no one will get asked why is he playing that character if he plays with other people and they don't want to play with him. Klei is trying to make all characters relevant and playable and they should all have unique abilities that will make them useful in one way or another so that they are playable without making yourself worse off just by picking said character. I really enjoy Wigfrid's lore and her as a character, i spent hundreds of hours playing her just because i like her even though she is not my main character, it feels nice to see her finally have something unique that can't be done by other characters except her battle helms. Some of her songs should be changed or fine tuned so that they are all equally as useful or as close as that can be, only song i really have issues with is Fireproof Falsetto as 33% fire resistance doesn't seem appealing in any way, even if it was at 100% only time it would be used is if you fight Dragonfly. I don't want to go in depth about this as i didn't make this thread for discussing her abilities but i had talk about that song. Last thing i want to mention is that i don't mind if Klei makes the game harder, i'd actually enjoy that as the game is too easy for me and i can only die if i don't play seriously but i don't think this should be done with nerfing all the characters, there's already Wes for people who want to put themselves at a disadvantage by picking a character.
  5. I unraveled Wickerbottom Triumphant because i dislike the lipstick and the way her glasses look, I regretted it later as literally i don't need spools so there was no reason to.
  6. I'll say i just got home and i am about to try her out but i don't think she needs downsides, she was a much worse version of Wolfgang. Now she has a more defined identity of a buff/bard like character.
  7. Game has grown so much since then, i remember we didn't even have caves and it took a while for them to be added. At least we have bottomless firepit to show for it, supporting DST so early.
  8. I don't really want to get too deep into this topic, i could go over your whole thread and every thing that is stopping this from happening but i think you should be able to realize this yourself, so i'll just mention the main points. DS and DST are two completely different games, code is too different and there's no possibility of merging or anything similar being done like updates ported to DS. This is the biggest reason nothing can be done about this. The reason we all play DST over DS is because of the updates, there's tons of stuff that DS is missing and devs will not take the time to port everything as there's no point anymore as DST is just getting more and more updates, at some point DS will be completely obsolete and there shouldn't be a reason to play it, i feel like DLCs should be ported to DST, not for free, i'd be fine paying for them, that way i could stop playing DS completely. Only argument is DLCs as i mentioned, i can partially understand why they are not ported currently, but give it a couple of years and DST will just have even more content over DS, at that point i really hope it is ported to DST. Also i don't see why you wouldn't want DLCs to be available to multiplayer, a lot of content from DLCs would need to be balanced but i think it is just tweaking the numbers to fit more players better, shouldn't be too complicated. There's really no reason for klei to port DS to DST, especially considering how big of an undertaking would this be.
  9. Only thing i am concerned about is now that she is getting aoe abilities/buffs, how strong will she be solo? Yes, playing with 5-6 people and having Wigfrid in this group will make her insanely valuable depending on how strong her songs are but most of the time you are going to be on your own, people usually group to fight bosses and just do their own thing normally. Would be great if she had song or two focused entirely on her, that way klei can give it more power, as aoe song will probably not be useful for solo play. She is my favorite character lore-wise, the strong will required to not eat anything but meat even when you know you are going to die, we may all say it is completely an act but i believe she knows what happened to her and she just put everything into her act so that she doesn't go insane or just not have control over her emotions when she needs to be in control, she just adapted to her role of being a real warrior. Also i used to play her a lot on any server with a lot of players that i played on because i really think her helmets are invaluable, honestly even if you are the only player on the server, its much easier to get gold for helmets then pig skin. Literally just get stone fruit bushes = unlimited stone after that just do ruins, you'll have trinkets that will give you easily tons of gold, this is often done in the first year.
  10. Technically all of the methods below can be seen as "cheesing", if you plan to play the game without using these, you can but i don't see a reason on why not to. If it exists in the game, i don't see it as cheating even if it can feel a bit like an exploit using lureplants to trap a boss for example, but still no reason not to use it. Once you have all the gear and royal honey from these methods you will be able to spend them to actually learn fighting these bosses and their kiting patterns if that is your goal but after you learn you can still go back to using these. I know how to kill every boss in the game without using them but i use them because it is easier and more efficient, i don't need to waste resources on regeneration or armor and weapons. I still can't see anyone mentioning Wickerbottom setup with tentacles. I can basically kill beequeen,dragonfly while using one hand and letting my tentacles do all the work, i just need to put dragonfly to sleep when it is enraged. Just search "dragonfly vs tentacles" on youtube and help your mom set it up, you'll still be able to feel excitement of getting these items without frustration and dying. This works for bee queen as well and its really good to have it made there too. I suggest using 5-6 on tentacle books on dragonfly and 6-7 on bee queen. In general the more tentacles you have the less they'll die and you'll be able to kill the bosses multiple times. For next method you need to explore moon island, but you should probably do that earlier in the game for stone fruit bushes.You just dig them and plant them in your base, will take a long process to obtain sprouting stone fruit as it has 1% chance to drop from them, you'll need to fertilize them for a long time until you can get enough of these, once they are planted they don't need to be fertilized and won't get disease, but you should have disease turned off in the game if you plan to play on a long term world. This basically helps you have unlimited stone quite easily without destroying rocks that will make your world barren or caves. Ancient guardian can easily be killed, just go to the location he is standing at, make him charge at you and then run to his spawn spot he was before he charged, place Anenemy(that's why i mentioned moon island) and leave. If you come a couple of ingame days later, he'll be dead as it seems that anenemy resets on top of him and keeps dealing damage even if you are not near. It is also very easy to kill fuelweaver really hard boss to fight in the game by placing lureplants around his skeleton and building houndius shootius outside of his arena, since he can't destroy lureplants he won't be able to walk out of the range if you build his skeleton close enough and wall one side off with it, you just need to use lazy explorer to escape his cage/arena and then use a ranged weapon or anything that can be used from range to deal damage to aggro the shootius onto the boss. Takes a really long time to kill with one, but after you kill him once you'll be able to reset caves and get another one there. These are not the only ones you can use, i just mentioned the ones for important and harder bosses that give good loot like unlimited gems from bee queen and dragonfly and royal honey, so you can actually have unlimited thulecite without even resetting caves or bothering with gathering it after each reset, all you need is construction amulet and deconstruction staff and keep crafting thulecite armor with construction amulet and then deconstructing it later and you get more thulecite back, the only issue are green gems that you can easily get if you use these methods to farm them. Some other comments talked about easier bosses and how to kill them, so i didn't want to go into that. I still find it weird how they are saying just dodge or learn patterns for your mother. I know for sure that my mother would not be able to learn or have reflexes to do that, its not as easy for people who are not into games that much and then you give them don't starve together and expect them to actually learn fast or even have the reflexes for it.
  11. I understand what you are saying but if you read my whole post, you'd see the farm setups i named and its usually better to use catapults or tentacles in long term worlds for bee queen and dragonfly as it requires less effort. I have unlimited thulecite and with that unlimited crowns, heck can even use unlmited shadow swords or just ham bat for bosses. Beefalo taming requires 20 days, lets say we ignore this as this is not the main issue i don't get one, just keeping the beefalo tamed over 1000 days and plus, makes me not want to do it because i can't just set up 20 salt licks and never touch him for 50-100 days and come back to fully tamed beefalo. If this was possible, i'd see value in it. Depending on what you are setting up in your world, maybe you are not killing any bosses for a while you still need to take time to manage the tameness of the beefalo, if this was removed or at least made possible for a long period of time with only salt licks, i'd be fine with it. I just don't like being forced into doing something repetitive in DST, me making a megabase is usually because you cut down time you spend on mundane tasks, its also really fun having a big base with every worthwhile farm/setup made on a world so i don't have to care about anything, basically can go watch a movie on my second monitor while casually doing things on DST with my unlimited food/armor. The whole idea of the megabase for me is not having to care about anything and the contrast from the first ingame year where you are forced to spend such a long time gathering food/staying warm in the winter, a lot of your time is wasted in keeping yourself alive by spending resources required to do so. I am not saying that surviving in DST is hard, i've done challanges starting in winter and summer before without any help, the idea is just that you spend a lot of time managing your temperature/food that you don't have enough time to gather resources to make farms/setups. Once you have unlimited food setup or big wood farm, is the point where you cut the time required of gathering said resources and can put it into something else.
  12. I've only ever tamed a beefalo when the update came out to have fun with it. I knew when i read the patch notes that it would be something i'd never use. Lets talk about long term worlds, even on my main world i don't have beefalo tamed because i don't like being forced to keep them from going wild, salt lick won't cut it from what i've heard it won't keep beefalo permanently tamed. That's one of the biggest issues with such a long taming process and it is not even permanent and you have no way of making it permanent without putting permanent effort into crafting salt licks and even riding them/feeding. 20 ingame days to tame a beefalo? Do you know what you can do in 20 ingame days? Also put into consideration that this will all be lost if it dies or if you don't put permanent effort into keeping it tamed. We can all agree that taming a beefalo on a world you won't put quite a few ingame years in, isn't worth doing at all considering it takes a quarter of the ingame year to fully tame it and permanent resource usage for maintenance. Considering long term worlds income from farms//setups you can make like dragonfly setup with catapults so you can farm green gems without any big cost. Varg setup to fuel your catapults so you only use cheap gem while you get the rarest gems from dragonfly or the other option of using tentacles which is even easier to setup without requiring varg farm in the long term worlds, can kill bee queen/dragonfly with no issues, only sometimes needing maintenance to replace the dead tentacles. Using these green gems you can have unlimited thulecite crowns for armor. Nightmare fuel farm/ birch tree farm setup for stacks of nightmare fuel and lots of living logs for dark swords, or in quite a few cases you can just use ham bat for bosses with thulecite crown and unlimited durability on ham bat makes it so cheap. Can you explain how tamed beefalo would bring much more value then this with less effort? Yes, all of these farms/setups i named usually are quite painful to setup but once you do, they require little or no effort on your part to using them to their fullest permanent benefits.
  13. She was dead the whole time, Wendy is either imagining her or its her ghost taking form.
  14. Well i just summed up how it is for new and veteran players, the way DS/T is designed to be so fun and punishing to new players and this causes a rift between new and veteran players. Veteran players don't like wasting time or want to engage with people who'll waste their resources so that's why public servers are usually a really bad experience. About Helping players, the idea is to not waste your own time either, so finding someone who is really focused on learning the game while being new. I wouldn't waste my time trying to help someone who isn't putting enough effort on their own and just sits at base eating food someone else brought. Its okay for them to go out and die instead of trying to be safe while consuming food in base doing nothing and not learning anything.