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Rhymes With Play Dev Cast - Share your DST Skin Idea for a Live-Drawing on Twitch!

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Chocolate covered webber cuz he got into the cookie jar! and people like chocolate coated bugs

doctor wilson to heal peoples with his brain

famous wes (black tux and sunglasses because he's rich)

burnt willow (the realistic effect of what willow's been through!)

white tux maxwell

wendy the unlucky (spilt salt broken mirror walked under a ladder all that stuff!)

ultra mustache wolfgang! his entire body is a mustache

young wickerbottom (back when dinosaurs reigned the earth)

wx75 the lost model (broken and withered)

wigfrid the snow warrior (give some cool lookin arctic wear)


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Ran out of likes... so quoting the ones I liked. :grin:



Wigfrid is an actress, so she could cosplay many fiction female warriors, like Xena, Wonder woman, Merida from Brave, Mulan...



Wickerbottom as the wicked witch of the west

But make it South. Because Wickedbottom.



Any of the characters in strait jackets. Maybe? No?..Just me?....ok.



white tux maxwell
young wickerbottom (back when dinosaurs reigned the earth)

I laughed too much at dinosaurs.


Willow in a Dragonfly Snuggie.


I know that I already made a suggestion, but another one would be a Gollum Webber(since he reffers to himself as we all the time)


So many funny suggestions, I wish I could see Kelly draw them live, but my timezone is opposite to Klei's. :(

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So, I found this too late, I suppose, but let's go, list mode! With commentary! Cause I blabber!

  • Wilson(Generic overall skin type, I think. You can apply anything from other characters on to him, except maybe Wolfgang and Wickerbottom skins)
  • Generic hero with a cape and a mask in spite of Wilson's ordinariness 
  • Steampunk pilot it just seems fitting like Snoopy
  • WIZARD!!!!!! *beard grown separately
  • Willow(I don't really know, she doesn't seem as flexible as other characters.. You can only have so much firey ideas till they burn out, but here goes an attempt)
  • Some kind of snuggie, though that's already been mentioned
  • Leather jacket willow, cause flame retardantness fits
  • Devil Jammies. Cause willows are evil.....
  • Wendy(She seems to have as much potential as Wilson)
  • Emo, and if you take that offensively.. it's a culture, I guess, but... she's pretty dark, but I can't imagine her as a goth, so, emo
  • Ghost hunter, in all irony
  • Detective sleuth! She would seem cute in that. -cough- excuse my wavering manliness. But yeah, a Holmes portrayed get up. It could work for Wilson too, as I had mentioned before
  • WX-78(Boy oh boy, a robot, android, cyborg ordeal... I can't think of much not already menetioned)
  • Cyberman, copyrights aside, he already seems to have all those traits common to a cyberman.. except for being gray and the handle on top
  • Cyclops robot. Is that a skin? I dunno, but him with one eye would be cool. Why does he need two? He's a robot.. or cyborg.... Klei.... I get the reason for no back story.. but still.. <-< Having all of us making our own canons....
  • X man. No, not Marvel's. Just WX being all black and red X's everywhere. Would just look cool.
  • Wolfgang(Strong skins!! Cause.. that's him...)
  • A certain HULK of a character.. how are you guys on copyrights?...
  • Wrestler, US type or Nacho Libre style. This could work quite hilariously with Wilson too, especially as a masked wrestler
  • Pajamas, cause nyctophobia 
  • Wickerbottom(Librarian.. I dunno.... I don't wanna take cracks at her being old..)
  • Cult leader, because she's smart enough for it
  • Young Wickerbottom... cause..... she's old.... like Maxwell.. Maxwell is old too... so, logically, next idea is young Maxwell. Which I'll put here.
  • Maxwell(This man is his own skin)
  • Someone already mentioned his pre-imprisonment persona, Carter. I second that.
  • Polka dot suit, since stripes are so last millenia.. or century.. KLEI!! A LITTLE MORE CANON WOULD BE NICE!.. ahem...
  • Wes(The... challenged... that is all)
  • Puppet, in spite of him being nothing like Chucky... more like Jigsaw.. but.. not as murderous.. well.. he doesn't talk.. so who knows?
  • Strait Jacket, cause I know that all the characters could be considered crazy at some point, but he was trapped in an invisible box.. so I mean... Well, what if he's the red herring of the cast. What if he was imprisoned as an immortal from whatever happened in the ruins, and he just can't talk about it, cause shadows stole his sound.... off on a tangent.
  • Webber(How do you suggest a skin for a kid who already has a skin... a spider skin.... heh...)
  • Bat Webber, because a boy in a spider got eaten by a bat. Or just a boy in a bat, who knows
  • Runed, where he has symbols all over his body. He got a message from the spider mind that has taken him. He is shown the signs. Another Marker. One for spiders. (Dead Space reference)
  • Wigfrid(Potential for an actress. She could viably be any character and you can argue any portrayal to be parody and not be covered by copyright... -cough-)
  • Any female from any nerdy thing ever.... seriously
  • Roman warrior, not far from her vikingness already
  • Wild Warrior, so a bearskin around her, and maybe bunnies as her shoes.... brutal...
  • Something not a warrior, maybe a prob comedy Wigfrid, however you'd like to interpret prop comedy.. I woudl go with funny nose glasses and flower that squirts water, and pun related things
  • THEMATIC SKINS(For every character, just some skins generic enough to have them all fit, hile different enough to have them all look different)
  • Zombies, such a default, but it always works
  • A sports team of some sort.. maybe a jersey or shirt for any sports you choose and have any of the characters as positions you'd like, example being maybe, pitcher Wilson, batter Wendy, if baseball, or quarterback Wolfgang and Coach Wickerbottom if American not-rugby-or-soccer and maybe their jerseys would have the name of something.. canon.. related... -nudge-
  • Astronauts. They can all be astronauts. So can we. But no, really.
  • Gender swap.. is... a curious thing, it has that curiosity appeal, but, as far as the game goes, it's just weird.. except for WX.. cause.. WX... is genderless.... or maybe not.. CANON!!!!


I have learned ho hard skin ideas are without being unoriginal or breaking copyrights, but anyway, I blabbed enough.

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I had some ideas for skins.


1. An 'experienced' Wes, since he's most loved by Don't Starve vets and people who love a challenge. Why not give Wes a more worn out look? Instead of blush make up, make it war paint (like the two lines across both cheeks), a bandana around his forehead (not messing with his adorable hair) made of cloth or even old balloons, a sash of blowdarts, torn up shirt. 


2. Doughgirl Wigfrid, I'm tired of the Winnie suggestions, it just doesn't fit her. Why not give her combat boots, a military coat with a tight belt, a spear jury-rigged from a bayonett off an old musket, and the classic doughboy helmet with a unicorn sticker.


But these are just ideas to just hopefully spark ideas, hope they help. ‹3

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