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  1. The Polydupe Potion does not work on cats!
  2. Saw the ONI stream.

    It's beautiful.

  3. Turned off status update notifs. Please pm or @/ if you wanna talk.

  4. ayyyyy you are alive

    1. applebottom


      Hehe I am! I check forum everyday. But notifs are mostly weirdobob's status updates (which I don't understand, sorry!)

  5. How did your signature happen?

    1. TemporaryMan


      I picked a rose with 1 health.

    2. applebottom
  6. This looks like you can now control a whole bunch of chars and force them to work together instead of hoping that Wigfrid stops chopping trees and starts getting more meat. DST FOR DICTATORS. YES. GIVE ME.
  7. "Everyone is doing it so it must be right"


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    2. Mobbstar
    3. Michi01


      are you talking about idling for skins?

    4. applebottom


      Yep. I've been reading the arguments for it but I still don't understand. They're all some form of fallacy or other. Like "idling has brought down market prices", "you must be a rich kid and you're just bitter that everyone can get skins for cheap now", "there will be RIOTS", "what's wrong with you why do you hate us doing it? then do it too", "all of us are doing it and Klei isn't saying anything", etc.

      None of the arguments answer the question: is it wrong to subvert Klei's intended way of getting skins?

      The answer is "Yes", of course. Any justification for a wrongdoing doesn't make it right. People should acknowledge that it's cheating. Regardless of how many of them are doing it.

  8. You're a dev now! Is that new? If so, congrats! If not, err... keep up the good work!

    1. Ipsquiggle


      Always have been a dev. :) But thanks nonetheless. ;) 

  9. What's happening?

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Forum update! *o*

    2. applebottom


      I'm getting notifs from Nov 2015 :o

    3. ImDaMisterL
  10. I feel bad for Invisible Inc when Don't Starve bugs end up in their forum :<