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  1. Never carved a pumpkin before. First year I've ever have. Here was my first go with the stencil from the rewards page
  2. If you save the game any time prior to the printer pod printing if you don't like your three choices you can just reload and print three new choices. You can do this forever until you find the perfect print you're looking for
  3. I was in food store and there was an item in the cold box labelled "missing name" so NATURALLY I clicked it and game crashed. log.txt
  4. Went to the general store and tried to buy egg. Crashed. Logged back on and could. log.txt
  5. I don't know what really caused the crash... was smashing pots and it happened. Got a crash window log.txt
  6. If you mine and Idol inside the ruins and log out, when you log back in a new one will be there in its place allowing for easy duping.
  7. At night time if you're low on sanity inside your house and the nightmare hands appear they get stuck on the walls and cannot reach the fire or be dimissed
  8. I too have encountered this. you can see the black shadow they make but they completely disappear
  9. I can 2nd this sound from the vampire bats
  10. Was in ruins, entered a room game crashed. Log attached log.txt
  11. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUhhhhh........NOPE. I exited the game and started it again couple times. Haven't received anything yet. Hopefully when I awake this will not be the case
  12. So uh people have been telling me all through the gorge on my stream and people who have joined my games and that I have joined, that I have a star next to my name. I just thought it meant I was the host but I have the star in parties I join as well. Soooooooooooo since the gorge is reaching the end I figured I'd give it a whirl and yeah I can use the console and everything. Im an admin. I didn't even realize this the whole time. Just an FYI ps- i know its cause he's not in the gorge and Im not really reporting it just sharing for kicks for anyone who reads this, Deerclops is invisible
  13. What happens to our leadboard entries that didn't make the leaderboard? I mean Im not in first but I should be higher than I am
  14. Soooooo the leader board stopped updating or at least appears so because it says last updated 10-20-30 mins ago but my highest score of the day still hasn't posted to it. Its been 4hrs at the time of reporting. Here is a screen shot to verify and my log thegorges_stats 07-11-18.csv