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  1. @StaypuftMMM, It's not possible to get birds in lights out unless you're playing as Wickerbottom (not sure about that one), I suggest making the cage and spawn the bird since playing without it really sucks. EDIT: It is, sorry about that. Check below post.
  2. There is a story that a man and not a man Saw and did not see a bird and not a bird Perched on a branch and not a branch And hit him and did not hit him with a rock and not a rock. How is this possible?
  3. Here's what I call "Home": Drying Racks: Where are your flingos ? Inb4 base burnt
  4. Tried coloring the Frogger picture they showed during the stream, it looks horrible... At least my profile picture isn't stolen from tumblr anymore.

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      Came here to comment on your profile pic. Ended up laughing at your profile background. :D *adds friend*

  5. Can you find the Webber?

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      Waldo was ripped? Apart?!


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      Ripped in pepperonis

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      ripped in pepororonis waldo

      2016 - 1420

      u will always be reminbered :,,((((((

  6. Mmm... I love smelly bacon... with century egg on the side O__O

  7. Awesome drawings, even if Im not a fan of shipping I still loved to read these comics! Keep doing awesome work!
  8. Salt is an open world, procedurally generated, exploration, and adventure game where you are stranded on an island with nothing. Hunger, and pirates threaten you along the way. This sounds like a great game with great reviews! It even won the "Best Exploration Game Award" in 2014. Glad to see you're sharing your interest in survival games with us Ill be sure to try it out.
  9. @XirmiX, When you have it off you might have some issues with your character studdering a bit and mini rubber-banding. It can get quite annoying which is why I only use it to pvp and to kite Deerclops (or other hard mobs). EDIT: Here's an example from a video Noob posted
  10. You know how when you try to kite a pig they manage to hit you from 200m away? Well that's because the location where your character appears onscreen isn't actually where your character is, because the game is trying to predict where you are going to attempt to make the gameplay more fluid. You can turn prediction off to be able to dodge and attack in real time which is what people do for pvp. You can do so by opening the console and typing: ThePlayer:EnableMovementPrediction(false)
  11. Here is the complete chaos that is/was my base. I took this screenshot a while back, I am at around day 150 now, might take some screenies later.
  12. NOONE in the tournament had their script changed. They almost all had prediction off and the host recommened to do that at the start of the game, you should have done the same. As ClownBaby said, this allows you to dodge and attack in real time.
  13. I became salty after you started changing your script to kill everyone, because you couldn't bear the fact that you got owned first round.
  14. Maybe the bonesaw will be used to cut Wilson's beard? Kind of sounds like overkill but Wilson is an overkill guy.