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  1. This is a really big surprise. You know I was reading articles about how the video game industry is slowly transforming into a big gambling machine with only money in mind through psychological exploits and the likes, I hope you guys realise that you're at the other end of this sad spectrum.
  2. See you at PAX!

    Do you guys think we can reasonably expect a video from this PAX's demo ?
  3. They did it ! The absolute madmen ! Thank you for the vote changes ! Does it mean we can now ask for plenty of quality of life changes ?
  4. Final boss, Charlie fused with Them, in order to get rid of Them for good and free Charlie Maybe
  5. I had this problem too, I think it's wiser to wait for it to be more stable, besides we're still unsure about the shadow letters translations.
  6. Imagine if he tried semi-random things and can't remember now ^^ That's totally something that could occur to me.
  7. @azukun There's a clickable arrow at the right, what's the second priiiiiiiiiize
  8. So now we have to figure out what shadow letter corresponds to what in-game item right ?
  9. So we have a puzzle that requires cooperation and in-game actions, it was the best we could ask for right ? At least it's exactly what I was hoping to have. Should be a standard for video games.
  10. @Escaped Damn I've lost my two gold dots, I have no idea why. Did you make it ?
  11. I'm at this stage, who wants to cooperate ?
  12. Wait, do some people have access to the right panel ? I only have the left side.
  13. Maybe people who don't have a tragic torch will have the right side ?
  14. Now this is the same excitement as the last one. I entered a password that I grabbed from here and indeed it seems that half of the main piece lit.