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      UPDATED - Studio Note & Rhymes with Play Streams Temporarily Canceled.   03/06/2020

      UPDATE (3/19/20): Just a quick note regarding the team at Klei Entertainment. As noted previously, everybody at Klei Entertainment is working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many of us have been working especially hard to help maintain operations as we all move out of the office and into our homes and with everything being done online, extra time must be spent in organizing conversations and trying to maintain communication. As some of you may know, we have a very open office and we are almost always in contact with each other as we go about our days. Some of us work across multiple teams and that work has become a bit more challenging for everybody.   That being said, at this time the transition has not caused any major disruption in our operations, but it would be overly optimistic to expect that we won't have any delays at all. We're going to have to be especially mindful about this in the coming weeks and make sure we don't take on too much work so we can keep things running smoothly.  We will let you know as we see how these changes affect our timelines.  Thanks UPDATE (3/10/20):
      The test yesterday went well. We got the whole office (mostly) to work from home without significant issue. As a result, Klei Staff that can work from home have been asked to do so until further notice.  This means that we will have to cancel the Rhymes with Play stream until we are all back in the office. This shouldn't affect anything else at least in the short term, but if things change I will update you all here.  Original Post: Hey everybody,  This Tuesday March 10th, 2020 the entire staff at Klei will be working remotely for 1 day in an effort to prepare the studio to work remotely for a little while if the need arises.  Klei is already set up pretty well to allow for working remotely, however we are going to have a one day "dry run" with the whole studio so that we can identify and avoid any issues or downtime that may arise should choose to implement a work from home policy due to COVID-19 outbreak concerns. Unfortunately this does mean that we will be canceling the “Rhymes with Play” Art stream this coming Tuesday, however unless the situation changes we expect everything at the studio to be back to normal Wednesday and we’ll continue our regular stream schedule Thursday March 12th. If the situation changes at all, we'll let you know. Thanks for your understanding.


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  1. Disease Rework

    I don't think you understand that DS is based around as you'd call them "annoyances". It is in the end time management game to the fullest, as any veteran player should know that you are making big food setups/bases is to cut down on the supply gathering that is wasting your time. Killing bosses and obtaining good loot to cut the troubles seasons bring to you, you'd also call temperature management "annoyance" with the way you think. Everything that takes your time so you can't focus on expanding the base would be an annoyance to you. Darkness is literally prevented by using x item, temperature is the same just different items for different seasons. Is it fun having to make a torch every time? How much time do you spend gathering twigs/grass? Is it fun? Disease is a really bad unmanagable mechanic for big bases, it is not possible to manage unless you make a small base and not making big farms, also players don't want to be limited in the amount of stuff they can plant when they want to make the base look pretty.
  2. Yes but if it is something expensive while easily managable, there's no reason to change it if some people still decide to build it. Also if you have noticed Klei has already decided on their stance for switching characters, they aren't chnging or nerfing. It is easily done, if for example there's no winona, why not disable all the catapults?Klei isn't doing this and It will stay the way it is,if all the other characters are like that, there's no reason for Wendy to be an exception. I am all for characters having their own unique abilities and i think every character should have a reason to be played outside of you liking their lore/skillset. It is sad to see if some characters are just used like that for permanent benefit while you don't pick them up again, that's why they need enough fun and powerful traits/abilities on their own to make it worthwhile playing them.
  3. Bernie takes damage though and needs to be repaired, stay insane 24/7 and see how you fare with it. It is still a restriction that Wendy doesn't have and as people mentioned, you can't command bernie like you do with abigail. If bernie is destroyed, you need to craft another one while with Wendy you just need to wait like 1 day or so with sisturn to be able to respawn abigail which is completely free and she also regens on her own if she doesn't die while you need to repair bernie. Bernie instant heals require items while abigail heals for free, why are you comparing the free heal to a heal that has a cost?
  4. Wickerbottom - Just because she is so versatile and can do so many things, if i play almost any other character it feels like there's just so much less that you can do, once i gave her a try, i just couldn't leave her. Woody is a character i started playing a lot after rework, he is also really versatile now. I don't really pick characters for their lore as to me it seems they are all unique and have interesting enough story, i try to pick them for their abilities in game, if they are suitable for my playstyle or i find them interesting.
  5. Willow needs to be insane and also needs to repair bernie with sewing kit, how is that comparable to abigail that can follow you around everywhere and has no restrictions while also regenerating on its own? I quite agree with you that Abigail's damage shouldn't be decreased by 8 when fighting group enemies and i also believe the defense elixir should be of more use. I am not against buffs to Wendy but i just don't see why you have to compare abigail to bernie and think that bernie is too strong while still having such restrictions. To me it feels like bernie is in a good spot and abigail should get buffs, as there's no reason for her damage to be cut when fighting multiple enemies, that is a big part of her identity.
  6. How is sanity station ridiculous? Sanity was never an issue in the game or something to fear. There are many things in the game that are considered OP and are really convenient but never changed. The only reason sanity station was nerfed is because it was tied to abigail's flowers, if you could place normal flowers closer, it wouldn't be changed. Klei doesn't balance the game the way you think otherwise there's no way that the 3 strongest characters would stay strongest so long and you should also consider beeboxes/stone fruit trees. Bundling wrap is only for convenience and bee queen is one of the strongest bosses to kill solo unless you do it with Wicker/Winona or build a lot of bunny houses. Often times by the time you are ready to kill bee queen, you'll have endless food supply setup unless you are rushing the boss. You realize how much effort it took to build sanity station in survival mode without mods? It was not a cheap process that could be done on a new world and there was also requirement of killing bee queen. So i'd say it was pretty okay and i just enjoyed having something like that to do on all my long time worlds. Its not like for example stone fruit trees that you could obtain in first 10 days and have unlimited vegetable and stone. I am not complaining here about sanity stations being removed, i don't have trouble managing sanity.The issue is it is one of big projects being gone from late game, i think having more stuff i need to do on long term worlds is something that is really important.This took a big enough effort and gave a big enough reason to make it.
  7. I agree that Webber is in a worse situation but Maxwell isn't that much better, there's no real reason for you to ever pick either one of them.
  8. I don't know why you say Maxwell is in a much better spot compared to Webber? Woody rework made him quite obsolete. Honestly i think stone fruits also put him in a bad spot as you'll still gather a lot of stone from it and usually you have farms in late game that will give you enough possibilities to trade with pig king for gold so you can have golden tools.So Only option is if you stock up on them and use Maxwell as a swap character to mine them. Maxwell was supposed to be a go to character when you want to gather big amount of basic resources like wood/stone/gold, now he doesn't have that value any more. I think that both Webber and Maxwell are in similar spot.
  9. Sisturns are too easy to build and are much nerfed version of sanity station. Killing Bee Queen early on actually had a big purpose, now not so much anymore. Still worth having an elaborate setup done for healing but half the reason behind killing her is gone. The sanity station had its value but it was weirdly built from abigail's flowers, i think the change should be made to planting butterflies so you can actually plant them a bit closer to still make it possible for people to make sanity stations. You can have unlimited stone and food from stone fruit trees, big bee box farms, varg trap with unlimited monster meat/gems, klei doesn't nerf such things and there was never an issue, some people complaining but usually setting these required a lot of effort. Its more for the sake of convenience and cutting down time you spend on mindless repeatable tasks like gathering food the hard way when you can invest time into a farm setup so you can solve the issue for good and free more time to build base or kill bosses, its the same with sanity station, having low sanity is usually really good so you can farm nightmare fuel and using sanity station to manipulate your sanity for your convenience, it really shouldn't be something people complain about being in the game.
  10. She was dead the whole time, Wendy is either imagining her or its her ghost taking form.
  11. Finally its here, thanks for all the hard work.
  12. I am really excited for it because two of my friends always play Wendy. Also she's a character that really deserved more like Woody, they've been stuck there as one of arguably the weakest characters in the game for such a long time. I hope they make her more unique and more impactful and useful pick in some situations like they did with Woody that's the least Wendy deserves. Usually it doesn't matter that much what the exact changes are as long as they are fun and interesting, the numbers behind them is the issue as Woody was buffed really fast after his character refresh because we all discussed the state he was in after the release on the forums. So we just need to be as vocal as we were with Woody about the state Wendy is in after release, i really want to have a reason to play her more.
  13. Well i just summed up how it is for new and veteran players, the way DS/T is designed to be so fun and punishing to new players and this causes a rift between new and veteran players. Veteran players don't like wasting time or want to engage with people who'll waste their resources so that's why public servers are usually a really bad experience. About Helping players, the idea is to not waste your own time either, so finding someone who is really focused on learning the game while being new. I wouldn't waste my time trying to help someone who isn't putting enough effort on their own and just sits at base eating food someone else brought. Its okay for them to go out and die instead of trying to be safe while consuming food in base doing nothing and not learning anything.
  14. I still don't understand why so many players keep coming back to public servers when they can't handle how people are inherently greedy, especially the kids and this game is also really punishing on new players, meaning any veteran player won't appreciate what a new player can do to help them with the base, in most cases it will be destroyed or they'll do what other people mentioned above, making monster meat into lasagna or using all the stone. I always felt like i had to play more and more and not log out as it will all be gone/reset by the time i am back, so the only times i even played on public servers i was stressed into playing much longer, i had 10-15 hour sessions. It just doesn't feels nice to play and not be able to log out and continue later, you can't make a perfect base or kill all the bosses, well killing all the bosses is possible as i've done it quite fast in my speed runs but it just doesn't feel worth it knowing it will all be gone when i log out. Now if i ever decide to connect to public server i do it to see if there's any new players that actually want to learn the game and i try to help them learn and i don't spend most of my time on building a big base or killing bosses, i may do a 10-12 day ruin rush if i feel like focusing a bit but i don't just share the items when i come back,i also stay in the base and help when it is needed and share my knowledge. Its actually fun watching new players fail and learn on their own, reminds me of when i started playing DS. I think it is really exaggerated to expect everyone to be nice to eachother, most new players don't know if what they are doing is wrong/right/rude/nice and most veteran players are plain selfish and rarely do much to help, at most they'll drop a football helmet if they are one of the nicest ones, what new players need isn't the items but knowledge on how to obtain it themselves in a reasonable amount of time. Most veteran players just focus on rushing caves or moon island and when they come back they may give the items to the biggest base made and just go off on their own again and come back with loot from bosses, they usually play that nomadic lifestyle and don't teach anything to new players.
  15. Glad we finally get a beebox skin.
  16. Potatoes are the Best

    You shouldn't really value crops that much, they are not the best food source overall and they require constant maintenance because of spoilage and if you want to keep them going, not really worth the effort. Just get rock trees from moon island/kelp or build beeboxes. There's even the option of making a meat farm but i usually do beeboxes and rock trees and just use lure plants for meat, every year you get a few that you can place for meat. Lure plants are actually one of the most useful items in the game you can get.
  17. There's really no need for such a big rant about oasis bases on public servers. There are so many new players that would actually burn the base and not having to refuel flingomatics is a big plus. Not a good spot if you aren't on a public server and i find the best spot to be in areas with roads/wormholes, preferably closest to all the resources you need. Its fine to make a minibase if that is what you want to do, if i am planning a to play on a world for 500-1000 days, i usually have a minibase there. Overall first two summers can be spent in caves without any troubles and actually big profit. Yes, you can clear ruins on day 12-13 with any character but there's no need to rush, when i play on my long term worlds i always leave ruins for first summer, at the second summer i look for atrium.
  18. Looks interesting from what i skimmed though, i may read it all later. Props for the effort either way.
  19. My take on all the items you talked about. Im kind of drunk so after i finished writing i noticed how long it is. Blow Darts - A really good suggestion about getting 3 for each time you craft them, i wouldn't really care if there are no other changes, as long as we get 3 for the current cost, it would be useful and there'd be potential to use them. Breezy Vest - Obsolete item like most other heating equipment, they are pretty much all a joke considering how strong thermal stone is in DST compared to DS, You can survive on thermal stone and torch, burn one tree when you need to heat up and you're set. I've had games when i started in winter and had no issues surviving alone, even in the middle of winter. Usually you get beefalo hat to go with this and you'll have more time on your hands to do other stuff, basically winter is like autumn with beefalo hat and thermal stone. Rabbit Earmuffs - are in a weird spot, i am not sure how they could be adjusted, making rabbits not run away from you, would be too strong i think, as all you'd need is a spear and endless morsel is there for you. Tam O' Shanter - is it really too strong? the idea is to stay insane so that you can farm nightmare fuel, it is pretty much only useful in winter and spring of the first year for me, after that i have my sanity station with evil flowers and bee queen's crown, meaning my sanity is anything i want it to be. Tentacle Spike - is subpar weapon, has low durability and i only use it because i play wickerbottom and even then i craft ham bat pretty often as it has no durability and when i decide to fight endlessly its much more efficient.It has a good amount of damage over spear so it is useful in the early days. It is easy to kite when you have really low ping but any higher ping then normal and you'll basically have no use for tentacle spikes as you won't be a ble to kill them fast enough to warrant obtaining the spike if you aren't able to kite it efficiently. I am a Wickerbottom main so i'd agree with tentacles respawning, that would really be too strong though if you have Wickerbottom on your server, just bring bearger there every time he spawns and you'll have so many tantacle spots. Ham Bat - i'd agree with a small damage nerf but not anything over the top, it can be said to be easy to craft but often you'd prefer using the meat for cooking so it is quite annoying. The problem here is the durability, often it is used when you want to fight without stopping for a day while if you used any other weapon, you'd need multiple of them and that could be expensive. Bat Bat - this item basically doesn't exist in my brain, i have thousands of hours on DS and i've never crafted it in my life, even when i found it in game randomly, i'd just stash it in chest and forget about it, im thinking of leaving it the next time i see it in ruins. This item really needs a big buff. Tail o' Three Cats - Nothing much to say here, any change to buff it would be good as it is another obsolete item, your ideas are good. Cat Cap - I disagree about it providing more insulation then winter hat as it gives sanity. Also considering how many cat tails i have, i wouldn't want this becoming stronger. This can usually replace Tam O' Shanter if you only have one MacTusk location in your world or have been unlucky with obtaining it. I usually kill Catcoons when i farm meat as there's possibility to get the backpack from Krampus, i've been somewhat lucky getting the best backpack before first winter a couple of times, without even needing to kill klaus. Rain Hat - just needs lower crafting cost. Moggles - I'll have to disagree with you here, these last quite long, i usually carry 2 when i go to caves and i only use them in ruins or when i am fighting ancient guardian,but they are quite strong, you shouldn't have access to something that will allow you to see full screen in caves for cheap anyway. Otherwise you use Lantern as it is practically free to fuel, you have endless source of light bulbs, its one of my first go to items when i start the game, so cheap to craft and use even when you are not in caves. Night Armor - It is in a pretty good spot, it shouldn't be buffed as it has 95% damage reduction and 750 durability, i don't really see why they should increase it. Drains a lot of sanity but there should be a penalty when using such a good item and often when you are using it you have endless supply of food items that restore sanity. Thulecite Crown - in a really good spot, if you are going to use thulecite armor item, this is it, much better then suit. Thulecite Suit - should be made stronger as there's currently no reason to use it over the crown because force field is just that strong and sanity isn't really that appealing late in the game when you compare it to the force field you get when you use crown. Thulecite Pick/Axe should have a much higher durability or i'd be fine if klei removed it from the game, its just a trap for players who decide to craft it. Usually when you are in situation to craft it, you have endless gold, why'd you spend your thulecite on this is a wonder even though i have around 5-6 stacks of it at this point, i've never once used it on pick/axe. This also goes in to how easily obtainable thulecite is in DST, i don't think they should make these items stronger as there is endless supply if you can keep killing dragonfly and obtain green gems, you use deconstruction staff and construction amulet and just craft and deconstruct the thulecite suit. Scalemail - A very situational item, i don't think that it should be changed much, i'd like to see more game mechanics itroduced with fire where this item will be useful, usually there's endless supply of scales if you are farming green gems so you can have infinite thulecite but this item is still annoying to craft because it also takes 3 pig skin on top of that. Scaled flooring - A nice idea, but people usually don't stay above when it is summer, you hide in caves so your forests don't burn down, even if this cuts down the cost of refueling flingomatic, i don't think i'll be above ground either way, unless im able to floor a piece of the world so my forests don't burn down but this would be such an undertaking. Flooring in general - I don't ever plant stuff on the flooring it looks ugly to see on, not being able to plant stuff on some floors is something that should already be in the game. Also having a specific grass floor that you can craft that doesn't allow random things to grow on it would be nice as i really like to build my base in grassy area but i usually don't as i hate when stuff grows on it and i don't really like much of other flooring for my base. Snelmet - Snurtle Shell Armor - Firstly Snelmet is basically almost as strong as thulecite crown without the effect, it must be rare but Snurtle Shell Armor is so good and actually has a decent drop rate and is worth aquiring, especially considering you can get the Smelmet while you farming shell armor. Belt of Hunger - The problem with DS is that gathering food is a pain once you have over 1000 hours, you just want to cut the boring tasks like gathering grass/twigs/food as much as possible and focus on the fun tasks like killing bosses. I always use this item and this is something i really love to have when i play Wolfgang. Basically cuts your hunger loss by 40%, how great is this in the early game when you don't have a big beebox area or spider farm setup. Straw Hat - We talked about Rain hat earlier, i think they should just change that, this hat is fine as it is but there's pretty much no reason to make it, maybe some change is required. Night Light - Not much to say here, a big buff is pretty much needed for it to be useful. Pumpkin Lantern - I think that it is fine as it is, considering that you build it for halloween it is just there to be cute. Top Hat - Is fine as it is, if it provided more sanity then Tam O' Shanter it would be too strong, it is there for you to make Prestihatitator, i think it should be changed to make it more viable to make, maybe a completely different effect. Basic Farm/Advanced Farm - Really a trap for newer players to build, a bad food source if we are going to be hones, the whole farming system needs a complete overhaul. Morning Star - Its fine as it is to me, its a pretty niche item even though it is expensive, there's not much use to get out of making this. Either needs a complete change or just reduce crafting materials required. Boomerang - No reason to exist, i don't think even if there is double the durability that people would craft it unless they are going to use it for birds. Still it would be weird if boomerang put people to sleep, there's no way to justify it doing that, maybe knockback effect if the target isn't a boss or anything big. Monster Meat - It is fine as it is, what would be the point of it existing if there was no use. It also requires for you to farm and it spoils. I'd be fine if they changed some recipes to disallow usage of it but its my pretty much go to food as i make a spider farm and use lichen and its endless pierogi. Basically it is comparable to beeboxes except it requires much less effort to make.(Wickerbottom main only :D) Ice - It is quite strong, its so easy to use in so many recipes in crockpot, i don't think that it should have such value but it is not really that good for late game, early and mid game it is too good. Dapper Vest - Just needs some weird unique ability, i think there's enough items providing sanity or insulation, this item should keep these values the same and have an ability or be completely changed. Feather Hat - Weird how expensive this item is yet there's such cheap alternative to using Wickerbottom's book. Should be much much cheaper. Ice Cube and Fashion Melon - I feel like these items are there in case you need a quick fix for summer, maybe you joined late and it is much more likely for someone to give this to you, so there's value to keeping them as it is. Backpacks - Obviously they are the meta, considering how few inventory slots you have and how long do you want to stay away from the base, caves or anything else it is much better to have backpack as you'll be able to gather much more stuff before going back, why would you use anything else. The problem with speed decrease per item in backpack is that people may find it annoying considering how many inventory slots you have without backpack, will you be able to fight normal creatures with the kiting methods with full backpack or not? It would just make it boring having to drop the backpack for every fight and pick it back up after. Straw Roll/Fur Roll - These feel like situational items that you can use when you are away from your base, i think they are fine as they are. Siesta Lean-to - I think that it has its role as it can be useful in summer for regenerating sanity and just keeping yourself away from heat. How would you use a tent in summer when day lasts so long? Its understandable that most players will go to caves but some players may actually want to stay above when it is summer. Rain-o-Meter/Thermal Measurer - They are just there and i see it more as decoration. Maybe examining them could grant you random recipe from alchemy engine that you haven't crafted yet, there could be a chance each day, really low though just something to look forward to seeing it. Like becoming smarter by understanding how it works and figuring out a recipe, could be a nice surprise. Grass Suit - I feel like if it was 5 grass to craft, people would use it for fire and just make big grass farms instead of trees, just removing it from the game would be fine, there's really no use to it currently outside of using it as fuel if you find it randomly. One-man Band - This could be a balancing nightmare, if it is stronger it could be a problem, currently it is quite weak. Octuvigil - It already has many uses, showing on the map and you can basically monitor anything going on there plus allowing the crafting of maps, any more effects like showing the location to lunar island would make it too over the top. Fire/Ice Staff - They are quite cheap so i am not sure if it would be good if they were stronger. The Lazy Deserter - It should be usable solo with the math done on how much sanity the two players use currently and just use these numbers for one player. Telelocator Staff/Telelocator Focus - Basically Varg farm maker, there's literally no point in using it anywhere else considering how expensive it is and i don't think it should be made cheaper as it would just make bosses much easier to kill. Walls - There are some uses like Splumonkey/beebox farms, so that you can avoid bees in spring if they are close to your base. At least this is quite great for nightmare fuel farming. Bee Mine - Big damage increase would be great, i'd love to find uses for something like that in the game but currently there's no point. Napsack - considering Toadstool is pretty much pointless to kill outside of the Mushlight that is broken every winter because of the festive lights, there's no point in making this item though, much more efficient to make a mushlight. Whirly Fan/Parasol - Another group of cheap items that players may give newer players on server, i don't think that these should be changed. Weather Pain - It is currently great as you use it for Fuelweaver fight and also great for farming living logs because of poison birchnut trees spawn rate of 33% per tree chopped down at day 70, weather pain one use takes it down. So yeah i always run out of weather pains and they are quite a "pain" to farm. End Table - I feel like this was supposed to be used as decoration yet people found weird ways to use it for specific setups. Luxury Fan - I think that this item is quite weird, lowering your temperature instantly compared to any other equipment or item that is used to keep you from overheating or freezing, it would be quite weird if you can use this too much even though i never craft it as i use all the resources on weather pain. Honey Poultice - Why are you even making this? just make Honey Nuggets? requires any morsel or monster meat and i just put 3 honey as usually by the time i start making bee farm, i have endless honey and i'd rather use that then any other resource for crockpot. Just 10 less health yet it takes 1 morsel compared to 1 papyrus, yes it does spoil but much better to craft, by this point you'll have bundle wrap from bee queen so it would be the same to you if it spoils or not, i usually craft them in packs of 20-30 and bundle, then unwrap it when i get 20-30 more and until i fill the whole bundle wrap(4 stacks), after that its just a question of what you want to fight with so much healing. Bee Queen Crown - Pretty much the only normal use is fuelweaver fight, the weird way players often use it is sanity station, just make evil flower area where you'll have 10 sanity regen per second with the crown on, that way you can control your sanity permanently, if you want it lowered, you take the hat off. Hibernation Vest - I think that it is fine as it is, lowering hunger loss and has the same insulation compared to puffy vest. "Obscure" Crockpot Recipes - I feel like the only reason they are obscure is that they are not good enough, it would be hard to balance if there were so many recipes that were similar to the current strong ones, outside of making them the same, what else can be done? some items are just much easier to aquire so that is why it is so popular with the players. It is just impossible for them to balance if you want all recipes to be used equally by all the players, for example it is much more efficient to make bee box farm then advanced farms and making melonsicle with ice/twig/melon. That's the problem that can't be solved, there will never be a point in a game where you'll lose 80% of the items, there's no game out there that has a player use 80% of its items when they are all pretty much so similar and some are much easier to obtain yet the ones that are easier will always be put above the ones that are harder. If for example Klei saw this thread and decided to balance items, nothing much would change, you'll still be using the same amount of items yet they'll be different to current ones. The only way for them to actually make it worthwhile is for there to be specific item effects and more niche uses for each item, if there is a specific instance you want to use an item in and it is a significant and it is done often, you'll have that item. Like how i am using Weather pain so much to farm living logs. I don't know if you played a game like League where meta changes constantly, there's not much there except players get bored out of having to relearn everything each season. I don't want to see something similar in DS, obviously such a thing won't happen as klei hasn't done any item changes in but when they release new content there are situations where obsolete items become useful, maybe they could change obsolete items but not touch the currently strong ones, that way players won't be mad if they craft an item and realize it is weaker.
  20. I feel like i'd be more okay with Klaus cap if i actually liked it but the lock goes over one eye when you put it on so i don't like it very much. Walking cane i think only Goatshead Cane is actually really good the other one is winter theme and the metheus one is okay but nothing special. I think we need one more that is as good as Goatshead Cane. But i do understand that there are many other items or buildings that really would be great if they get a skin. Lantern is also not a bad idea as i said earlier that it would be a good option. How would it not devalue the loyal skins if there was an option to get those skins if you are late? that seems contradictory. I never said that they should give it for free but it all depends on how rewards system works and how you will be able to obtain points for it. My suggestion is that it should be based on twitch same as the drops but it should be disabled for you while you are getting twitch drops, as soon as you get the twitch drops it should start giving points.
  21. Seriously i think they should work on klei rewards program and introduce skins that they gave away like that, the loyal skins, even though i have all of them i'd want for others to have a chance if they missed them, especially the bottomless firepit that was from the beta if i remember. More skins for lanterns would be good but i'd prefer one for walking cane or beebox, these are often used yet there's almost no skins for them.There's one for walking cane from the metheus puzzle that i still haven't finished, now that i think about it i should think of doing it. I also don't see why we get another beefalo hat skin instead of something else when there's already a skin for it. The klaus cap also looks a bit weird with the lock on it when you put it on.
  22. [Game Update] - 386795

    Thanks for the bugfix patch.
  23. Could be nice if these points were earned like how we earn items by watching streamers. Also would love to see more use for them as i have everything and have nowhere to spend them on.