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  1. Well...

    That must be such a fun part of development - making assets that are just fake versions of real life items.
  2. Masked Pig

    right. but there's a difference between running away and letting him attempt to hit you once. they don't always acknowledge him as a bad guy before he tries to swipe at you
  3. Masked Pig

    Yea, make sure they take a swipe at you in front of the guard.
  4. In Link's Awakening, you could juke the shopkeeper and run out with items. The next time you returned, he'd zap you, and you'd be labeled thief the rest of the game. Perhaps once you got enough speed and timing, it could be a fun little easter egg in Hamlet.
  5. Gnats...

    I got rid of poop in my inventory. After a couple of swipes with the machete they went away. It might've been a coincidence though.
  6. Instructions

    My problem was I entered the code but didn't select the beta once it appeared. That's what I mean.
  7. In some, maybe all, the stores, if an item is in a display case in the back of the room it has placeholder names with underscores.
  8. Instructions

    Yea, I had to close Steam before I saw it. And you have to choose the beta after you enter the code. If you close the window before you do that, you have to redo the code then select it.
  9. No, but it felt like it was released more suddenly, more quickly after announcement. Regardless, I'm stoked.
  10. I've started and stopped this seemingly simple project a dozen times. I finally finished it.
  11. [Game Update] - 271672

    Just want to say good job, devs. I love the casualness of pogo jumping (really, I do), and I like all the changes made. Especially, I like marveling at the school layout/level without lava (it's easier to notice without lava). I love the attention to detail and the fact that it feels like a real school. I don't know, I just like looking at level design. oh, and surfing is SO FUN.