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  1. I spend way too much time on this, but I'm learning a lot and having fun. The Zelda A Link to the Past shrub in 3D, "hand-made" :  lttpcomparisonshrub.thumb.jpg.b087b96919bf4d4e316bee2448a446cf.jpg

  2. lookie


    1. ImDaMisterL


      I love your map for Prop Hunt.

    2. jbeetle


      Well the purpose of this pic is to show I'm remaking it...more to scale. aka it'll be much smaller. maybe for the better, maybe for the worse.

  3. I've heard that. In this case, it was just getting him to look like he's facing the right direction. perspective is tough.
  4. other than the lack of the little details, i'd say the arms are the wonkiest :S
  5. Gonna start making ONI art 


  6. So I've been wanting to get better at Adobe Illustrator, so I just looked at the original duplicant and did my best to recreate him as practice. The shading is missing, but I did learn a few tricks, so it was worth it either way.
  7. Streaming Monster Slayers on http://youtube.com/jbeetle/live . Come hang out!

  8. How do you tag people in posts nowadays?

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    2. ImDaMisterL


      DISCLAIMER: Does not actually need the "<>" before/after the name.

    3. jbeetle


      Thanks. I tried that before in a post and it didn't work :S I see the popup now on this status when I try, but before it didn't work.

    4. ImDaMisterL


      Yeah, it can be a bit buggy at times

  9. Dullard's Dupe Dump

    Great idea. Keep making more of them!
  10. Lego Don't Starve.

    I love your chester.
  11. Anyone interested in making a thumbnail for Starbound for my youtube channel, please? :3

    1. Mobbstar


      lol if you take photoedits of existing images sure XD

      (my "art" doesn't meet the quality requirements, not even if you commission me)

  12. Hey guys, I'm in the Roguelands 1.0 trailer :D 


    1. Mr.P


      And well deserved might I add ^^

      Considering the amount of Community interaction Shaun had during the Roguelands development this might be the best type of trailer I could have made to show that.

  13. I've enjoyed every Klei game I've played. I'm so glad that Klei is such a rock-solid success and that you guys can seemingly so effortlessly put out great game after great game. Here's to the next Don't Starve!
  14. boobies. boobies are on my mind. also, georgia. 

    1. GiddyGuy


      This booby?