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  1. My improved Maxwell's Inkwell.


  2. In some, maybe all, the stores, if an item is in a display case in the back of the room it has placeholder names with underscores.
  3. No, but it felt like it was released more suddenly, more quickly after announcement. Regardless, I'm stoked.
  4. I've started and stopped this seemingly simple project a dozen times. I finally finished it.
  5. [Game Update] - 271672

    Just want to say good job, devs. I love the casualness of pogo jumping (really, I do), and I like all the changes made. Especially, I like marveling at the school layout/level without lava (it's easier to notice without lava). I love the attention to detail and the fact that it feels like a real school. I don't know, I just like looking at level design. oh, and surfing is SO FUN.
  6. Make a knock-off version of Don't Starve yourself!
  7. Because 670 people thought of the name "watermelen" before this watermelen!
  8. [Game Update] - 243469

    nothing new since tuesday
  9. Thanks for continuing to update. I'm just getting back into it again and didn't play the beta of the most recent update at all. Loved being scared to death by the cute little crocs.
  10. I'm having so much fun lately in Shipwrecked. Follow me on twitch.tv/jbeetle if you ever feel like watching instead of playing yourself :)

  11. JBeetle's Learning to Art

    Don't know why he would have ever locked it in the first place. I just like spreading my art far and wide.
  12. JBeetle's Learning to Art

    You never know where you're going to find my latest creation! (here. here is where you found it. in a 4 year old thread.)