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  1. a thread for dev memes

    Minespatch for Klei Artist confirmed?
  2. Alright! Time to be a complete derp and post images that I can do. It's no art thread because nothing makes sense here. And so the madness begins... Always go to the front page for better stuff, please do not try to comment about page-old posts.
  3. I got draws. Comic: The Full Thing All the panels A tree I drew. Something I drew to fill space in my math notebook.
  4. Just a form for references and random things

    You could always upload the videos to Youtube and link them here.
  5. You didn't, that is my bad, I fixed it. Also, rule 11.1 is not applicable currently. There is no majority on either side, considering the overall balance Ban watermelen for using rules that have cannot be acted upon currently due to there not being a metaphorical majority, as this is a discussion between two people and not multiple people. This edited phrase is now underway [/discussion] [/banter]
  6. Ban watermelen for not listening.
  7. Ban watermelen because of internet rules 29 and 82. Also, it might just be me, but I also don't get what you're still saying by you aren't a nerd, are you saying you're better than me or that you're not intellectual, because everyone can be smart, and I don't care what you say next because whatever you or I say from this point over is most likely a lie. Those 2 internet rules I cited.
  8. Ban watermelen because they're still a nerd because I know they like Kingdom Hearts and have corrected me in the past for making a joke about them. Because Nerds and Geeks are synomimous and mean the same thing, so topical or not, you're no better (or worse, whatever boats your float).
  9. Ban watermelen because they think they haven't shown their inner nerd as well. I guess I could say you're heartless.
  10. Ban watermelen because I would rather be a Fallout New Vegas NPC who is also a securitron.
  11. Ban Chris because I agree with them.
  12. Ban Dorozco because I don't care about politics.
  13. Ban watermelen for thinking L would use an avatar somebody made over using random bodyparts of a character's cosmetics straight from the game's files.
  14. Ban watermelen for 1981 references.
  15. Some stuff. Doodles OH, I also made another comic! The entire thing in one picture: Each panel:
  16. Ban watermelen because I blame their constantly useless replies to the thread for the death of it.
  17. Meet Winona!

    No, it's literally against the forum rules to derail m8. Also the character looks intresting, even if I haven't touched DST for a year.
  18. Meet Winona!

    I don't.
  19. The Rumor Thread [Forum Game]

    That wasn't necessary. Like, at all. I hear watermelen likes Kingdom Hearts so much that they'll always correct you when you make a joke about it.
  20. The Horrible Pun Thread

    What do you call a Role-Playing Game where you play as a Pirate? A yarr-PG
  21. The Horrible Pun Thread

    haha let's stop dragon these dragon puns out! (Get it cos because dragon sounds like dragging?)
  22. The Best Waffles Recipe to Have Ever Reached These Forums

    I prefer Belgian Waffles.
  23. The Horrible Pun Thread

    I got another Nintendo ip-related one. What did one inkling say to the other after doing turf wars? It was a Splat-on of fun but I have 2 go.
  24. The Horrible Pun Thread

    I got one, I don't think this one was made in the thread yet. What does Bowser use to go on the internet? A web Bowser.
  25. Hello Ya'll

    Oh hi there, still playing games, but I don't play DS or DST much anymore. I do mediocre art, though.