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  1. I think I'm just gonna slip off these forums considering I don't do a whole lot except sit in the Offtopic subforum and sometimes come back out to say 1 thing.

    If I come back, I come back, if I don't then I'll still be on the boof server for those there.

    If it's not obvious, I'm not the same person I was in back in 2014 and '13.

    1. DragonMage156


      Not a lot of people are sadly. I joined the party a lil late -_-

      Well good luck to ya.

  2. Ban Xedlord because they need special sunglasses. Everybody knows you can't just pick up a pair of pixelated sunglasses, cmon.
  3. This is true, but people views on comedy change, what was once funny may not be anymore, memes becomes stale, they can be taken and turned into something else, sounds good on paper in most cases but as it is, it's not very good. Again, I believe my comparison of 'tainting the water' is accurate, as the memes lose their value, their punchline. This is true, pretty much all opinions are purely based on people. Just like how your belief that memes are equatable to comedy is true to a degree. How is it a non-sequitur? I was used an analogy. Also, if you're going to use Google and research, I may as well. Hyperbolic in the context is exaggerated. And a non-squitur basically translated from latin means "it does not follow" which is true, the analogy technically falls under the terms because it is made to be ridiculous, it does not take place in the real world, there may be events similar as described but the event has no correlation to my point. Which I believe is direct. Ban watermelen because the only reason I use Google is to help me do my research and look at definitions, especially to check for my words. This is all I have to say on the subject, as this conversation will go on for hours and no conclusions will be drawn, call me weak, but 'least I don't hide myself behind a """"persona"""". P.S Yes, I meant to use 4 quotation marks, because no matter how thin-masked the persona is, it's just that, not you. You can fake yourself all you want and nobody can you know who you truly are, which is like putting on sunscreen while wearing a trench coat during nighttime, as ridiculous as it sounds.
  4. This sounds like a Ninja but isn't because it addresses both the person above and the other that I want to mention, therefore, no ninja's have happened here. Ban Xedlord because Google isn't well-known for making good choices, the best example is the adpocalypse works on the Youtube platform. Also ban Watermelen because of the bold-faced lie(s). Just because you filled the water radioactive sludge doesn't mean it's drinkable. Opinions can be lies, they can be rooted in fact or are fact (this is usually basic stuff or stuff that either is or isn't, the only exception is scientific data)
  5. Ban watermelen for not defending Xedlord. It's not exactly their fault you used stale or dead memes. (I'd call them Facebook tier memes but it isn't exactly 100%)
  6. ban watermelen for assuming somebody hates a certain individual because of their taste in memes.
  7. Ban Xedlord because MLG sunglasses went out of style. Also ban watermelen for getting around Klei censors by using nicknames.
  8. What is your favorite game?

    Obviously the best game, Garfield Cart.
  9. Ban Watermelen because >Yes, yes I did. >'Least I used it.
  10. Ban Xedlord because I wouldn't be suprised if anyone posessed the forums, but alas, Halloween has passed.
  11. Ban watermelen because no. no. n o .
  12. Ban Xedlord because ow. I got a 2nd hand burn. it hurt
  13. I may as well throw my dusty hat into the ring. From what I know about programming (which ranges from surface level to Amateur), it mainly has to do with the differences made between DS and DST. This can be worlds supporting multiple players (which when I remember was one of the difficulties initially stated why DST wasn't made from the get-go), the scenario of players dying (which was worked on heavily if my memory is correct) and other stuff like combat, or difficulty (take into account DST enemies tend to be tankier, my information may be faulty so apologies if this is false). Not to mention the likely engine changes when Klei converted DS to DST. The point is, the differences from making Don't Starve Together a Multiplayer game from Don't Starve are numerous and the explanation of why the two are separate games could be easily summarized with heavy changes in the programming.
  14. back to normal.

    Also, just as my own joke, I did technically have a Halloween avatar.



    I just didn't put it up on here because I wanted to see if I could confuse people.

    It didn't.

    1. Pyromailmann


      Oh, I just realized it looks like the "You know I had to do it to 'em" pose.


      the original tweet by LuckyLUcianok17 that started the You Know I Have To Do It To Em meme

      Pic for reference


  15. Chris1488's Forum Thread of Spooky Times

    Oh wow it's finally Halloween.
  16. Ban xedlord because the joke wooshed over me.
  17. Ban watermelen for forgetting that they can always step away from a screen. Seriously, in the last post, you said it was ~2AM ("2'clock in the morning") meaning by your next post it would be ~3AM. Meaning if you have been awake for more than all night, it's a good idea to go to bed. Also no, I didn't, because I didn't need to. P.S I am not responding after this so you could say anything about me, you could say something so vile that it could get you banned, and I will not care. Because in the grand scheme of things, I have finish homework.
  18. Ban 77 61 74 65 72 6d 65 6c 65 6e 36 37 31 >I made while I was delirious at 2 o'clock in the morning. Go to bed, then. Sleep is vital to your growth and your body repairs itself of any damage it can repair (if you have any, of course). Unless you sleep durring the day and stay up all night. Not commenting on lifestyle. >Jeez dude, you're really one to have something linger with you, you could've just brushed it off and moved on like I did, but nope! That was literally the last post you made... also moving on is a skill I am inept at. >Here we are, 50 or so pages later and you're STILL going on about it! This is a different scenario. In this situation, I am simply making a comment that isn't necessarily related to the reason why I wanted to ban you but is more about letting people dictate who you are online (cutting it short, be yourself, and the exception is taking necessary criticism when needed and advice when you have to).
  19. Ban watermelen for letting people who like getting offended control them. The laws of the internet are a different story... (because half of them don't exactly exist)
  20. Ban Xedlord because the universe repeats itself. Temp-ban Asp for thinking I actually believe any of the wacky conspiracy theories (celebrities/imporant figures faking deaths, faked moon landing, etc.)
  21. Ban watermelen because they've said that they themselves use a persona on the forums so calling me fake is hypocritical since they too, are a hypocrite. And the only thing more real than your comeback is the conspiracy of a faked moon landing.
  22. Ban watermelen for not thinking memes can die/become old. Because that's what a normie would say.
  23. Ban Dorozco because just not saying it is a better replacement for "bagel" or "bish".
  24. Ban watermelen because curiosity or not, you still fell for it.