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  1. Banter lines you written in 2015, I finally added them to combo version of agent mod!

  2. @Cyberboy2000 I have both extracted, with build xmls, you sure was using "-e anims" in KWADTool?
  3. I'll stop to be "that guy" then. Really really really wish to see this game on next devstream.
  4. I'll be "that guy", why is there "puppy eyes and blocky faces" style, it's so Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theateresque >_>
  5. Hey, @Jason I've got another modding question/request: when I trying to make female enemy it's always looks like for dragging this enemy male animation used: doesn't matter if I use Banks kanim or use .adef from grp_name.anim, she always get male proportions when an agent drag her =/ Is it possible to override somehow?
  6. That's why I use Akelpad - optional lua syntax highlight. In 1st case It was extra pair of square brackets that ruined everything: But second looks more like modinit that should work. Did you tried it without sequential modloader part? I have feeling that you didn't add it properly: in his thread Lemonymous write to add "include( scriptPath .. "/lib_sequentialModLoader" )( modApi )" and I didn't see it in your file.
  7. In this case go to your \Documents\Klei\InvisibleInc\logs\ folder and investigate game log for information what was wrong Take an working mod as a base and change it as you need, add things one by one, remove things one by one to not miss moment/reason of failure.
  8. @Miderre in by path scripts/sim/unitdefs you can find itemdefs.lua with all default game items. For DLC's items itemdefs in DLC's To make your mod mounted strictly after DLC (either way your mod will have a big chance to not work, if you want change DLC items) there's a solution by Lemonymous: I didn't tested it, so if you'll have a problems ask him
  9. @JackTheReaper, it could be done much faster if you'll create thread about your ideas, tell/show what you interested to achieve and what part you need from a possible collaborator with 64-bit system.
  10. Ah, yes, it was about that if I play without gray overlays archive Decker have a transparent hat sometimes, so I "rebuild" him with KWADTool extracted sprites but it gives a quite dark seams on his cloak, like KWADTool extract pngs with bits of transparency and that works not always great over old Decker's sprite (slight seams on regular Decker can be seen too but eyes not catches it much). Not so 100% needed but lead to some perfectionism issue. Here's my trouble: But I must admit that I forgot how it was looking by default (yet I guess I'd remebered if it had seams like that)
  11. I just posted link to youtube, better leave kind comment on page with it for guy who record it, and thumb up)
  12. But he 100% solver of "No flint! Gimme a flint!" problem, sound like pretty useful team-member. Not fighter but great runner with night vision: couple of fast bites and running away. Avoiding terrorbeaks so easy for beaver, stuff for sanity recovering after transforming stays with him. How could it be a burden? I suppose I feel him very useful because almost never played him in single so doesn't feel nerf too much.
  13. I always thought that it supposed to be his curse, not a super-power, so it makes big sense for me. Drawback for fastest wood-cutting that should be avoided if possible. And maybe for night-survival without fire in rare cases.
  14. I'd recommend AkelPad for Windows: it's free with lot of customization options, many useful official plug-ins for different programming languages, localizations etc and can be used instead of notepad by default. Lua syntax highlighting theme, code-folding, string numbers: I use Notepad++ mostly as support unit to search through files (I dunno is AkelPad can't do it or I just don't know how to do it)
  15. No, there definitely no problems with Notepad++ But I don't like it (it's too complicated and overwhelm me by functions)