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Item Slogans

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I figured this could be fun, and it doesn't have to be limited to just the One Man Band, but it was the honourary starting point. 

As suggested in the title, create silly marketing slogans for the game's items! 



"The Dark Sword: Slay your daydreams with nightmares! Sanity boost not included." 


I want to see what you guys can come up with! :D

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"the krampus sack: not only display your victory, display your items."


"The all new, fifth generation smallbird. Let it's eye stare into your heart."


"New summer shades,* don't just keep the sun at bay, keep the sun far inland!"


"The all new @Mobbstar, he sure can't rhyme but makes a good steam friend"


"Try the new deerclops demolition co., they get the job done every winter!"


"Looking for a little pizzaz*? Craving real fun*? Want to make tallbirds do whatever the hell you want them to*?

 NOW YOU CAN, with the all new, TALLHAT! What's that? Read the above, idiot."



*Suddenly, extreme language happens* (If you really, truly, want to REALLY see some true swearing, click the link. Viewer Discretion is Extremely advised.)



all items marked with * are only available in the weirdobob mod(s)

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Introducing Woodie, your friendly lumberjack canadian, with his super axe Lucy! 

*side affects may include Lucy telling you to chop trees and horrible curses*


yes this wasnt supposed to be a comercial but hey :P

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The Walking Cane!

Need to move quickly but still want to do so in Style?

Well, look for further!

Simply kill a MacTusk and harvest his Tusk,

and you'll be running while looking like you're chilling!

The Walking Cane!


The Bush Hat!

Hide from your enemies while still stylin'!

The Bush Hat:

It's not a Rock!



Walking Cane and Bush Hat each Crafted Separately.


The Walking cane tusks may or may not be "simple" to harvest as Mactusk drops vary. "Chilling" is used in its descriptive and not literal sense. Seek fire if exposed to extended actual chilling and it is not Summer.

Wearing The Bush Hat and Walking Cane at the same time may cause an unexpected stylin' increase  Rare cases have reported the onset of Pimptitude Side Effects may occur from thks condition, such as:

  • Bein' a playa'
  • Mack, Daddyin'
  • Slapping Tallbirds screaming "Beaoch, where's my gold?!")

If you have further questions, Please contact your local Maxwell via: 

Don't Starve

Adventure Mode

Epilogue Chapter

Nightmare Throne



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