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  1. That's fine, man! After all, you shouldn't draw to impress others, but rather for your own joy and relaxation, as well as maybe having fun with friends. If you can't enjoy drawing at all right now, then you shouldn't do it.
  2. I can imagine the text boldness to become hard to notice on mobile devices. That's what you are using, I suppose?
  3. I see Pyro as a mechadragon assembled from train parts now tho.
  4. The search function doesn't "change" the words you give it (e.g. "wanting" to "wanted"). It searches for those specific words. If using quotation marks ("), the entire phrase is taken. It doesn't have complex popularity algorhythms or anything like that either, but sorts by date (after word count). The most annoying thing is that you can't even go to the second page of results without triggering the cooldown.
  5. Yeah, for some reason they have nobody below 20yo. That's a grave mistake imo. Also, you missed LadyD and MisterL
  6. Eventhough they are largely inactive, you should include some older crew, like Simplex, Debugman, Willette, MilleniumCount, does Jim have a title?
  7. you thoughts and concerns and favorite pizza toppings.
  8. There's a lot of new servers and topic popping up, though. You will keep making friends this way. And the people you stop talking to, you can, statistically speaking, consider to be "alright". In my experience, the ones who need online chatting won't go away willingly anyways and would happily get a new chat programme (e.g. Discord) to keep in touch. The ones who leave usually do so in order to focus on more important things, and that's good! They even come back on occasion! (Like you, Symmage!)
  9. What's the difference between this mod changing HP and an official patch changing HP? The only difference I see is that when using the mod, the user is trusted to tweak the mod configuration only when necessary, while game updates usually do not allow for such fine-tuning and force the player into exactly the kind of situation which spawned this thread to begin with. I understand that mods are not an option to PS4, but that doesn't justify "mods should never be the recommended solution to the games problems" Don't point fingers at people for things you do as well.
  10. Black eyes on black background are not very visible, the Dragonfly looks a lot scarier like this. It's not really the enraged state because the scales aren't 10.000°F knives yet, nor do the eyes have yellow sparkle in them. It's an unusual specimen we like to call Bob.
  11. Give Lui the "sanityaura" component. If other.prefab == "mario" then --> Lui gives sanity only to Mario (and Mario needs to be near) --> Mario recovers sanity when next to Lui
  12. A "character" or a specific "player"? inst:AddComponent("sanityaura") inst.components.sanityaura.aurafn = function(inst, other) if other.prefab == "wilson" then return TUNING.SANITYAURA_HUGE else return 0 end end
  13. The yellow amulet can be restored with nightmare fuel, so this is a reasonable suggestion. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=730146231
  14. It would be better if you report your problems with the forums here. Btw, preview is an option. If you mean "thread preview", hover over the thread. If you mean "text preview", use the symbol to the far left (it's not actually much different from the normal view, only in regards to spoilers n stuff) @EffThat ID I recommend you "follow" your threads. There's an option to do that automatically, or you can do it manually.
  15. Ban Maslak for that "shall-see" gif