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  1. No, I think she's a natural.
  2. I just thought it'd be cute. >.< ' "Pipistrelle/Pipistrello" means "Bat". The "a" makes it sound femalisticoidally, that's probably why you couldn't find it.
  3. It is @DragonMage156's birthday The shading is weird, I know. I blame my arm eventhough most of this has been drawn before day X.
  4. forum game

    This is really easy so difficult, the next guy will have to answer it.
  5. Are you trying to discuss serious politics under the cover of a game entirely unrelated to the topic you desire?
  6. Oh, I love this "what you want"!
  7. You posted Donovan kicking aas. I live once again. These new posters are bloody amazing, I'd probably hang some of these on my walls (and that means a lot!).
  8. CPU reminds me of Malco from Cave Story, but that's probably just because there was CS fanart in the same batch.
  9. It's weird but 'licious, just like ketchup on hotdogs. I'm more of a sardines lover, though. *equips safety helmet and takes cover*
  10. Pirate ninja, even!
  11. forum game

    ? use this
  12. It's over, isn't it? Why can't we move on?
  13. Mobbstar comes by on a space-DPV, but due to the lack of activity assumes everybody to be dead or unconcious or gone away and thus moves on.
  14. There's something oddly appealing about his villian-y looks