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  1. @GiddyGuy is a good pal but a better fam and the best silkrobe wickerfu. @LadyD keeps making nice threads unasked. @Mr.P maintains law and order while also being a fun, sexy beard.
  2. I honestly didn't expect you to kick yourself to say goodbye properly, but I am glad you did. Though I don't like to admit it, you got me to chuckle more often than was healthy. Best of luck, dear!
  3. After all that running, the madman's limping became very apparent. This moment of rest was very welcome. While contemplating the recent events, Maurice scratched his beard and kept looking out for Sunrider, occasionally flinching at the sight of nothing at all.
  4. Woah its all flashy at first and then really dusty. So like a real explosion!
  5. The red and brown make it look less like a potion shop and more like a "potion shop"...
  6. No not another incidious monster in the party (because Mez is the kind of person who would totally be a weird monster if given the chance).
  7. The Adventures of Bishop Niklas and the Cursed Crusader Island?
  8. I fixed it guys
  9. Warning: graphic
  10. It's fine, I have W(N)IPs galore too. But if you want to use them anyways, maybe you could let others draw with them? I need to do more fanart anyways, for I am a big fan of Donovan.
  11. Zed is "Oh, I died. I guess."
  12. Clearly, because this is literally not the guy I am talking about. Mike doesn't have two eyes.
  13. I suggest when deleting items, you first test if they have the "irreplacable" tag. Doing so lets you prevent the eyebone and fishbone from getting destroyed, alongside some other items that shouldn't be deleted.