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  1. The best is Game Maker, but it isn't really a language, so i'll go with Python for the most fun language

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    2. Auth
    3. Flare2V


      youll never be be prepared enough for ME

    4. Kokojo


      I still have no key. Keyless :-(

  3. I'm back! Now throw your DST keys at me, Ayy lmao!

    1. Auth


      *throws air at*

    2. Mobbstar


      Here it comes! ugh, ugh, oh yeah

      But not really, since... you do not deserve a key. I definitely have several DST keys and am not a scrub for not signing up instantly.

  4. Guys, Miss you, i'm working for my future, so i don't have much time for the pc, but i really, sincerely, miss you all. (But not Flare, Flare sux)

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    2. Auth


      Oh wait, that flare. Hi flare!

    3. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      Hide in Chester?

      ...I got nuttin. My tricks usually only work if I get to people before they see something :p

    4. Flare2V
  5. 15 Years in the Don't Starve World, still not escaped.

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    2. Palpetinus


      Well now that I think about it, isn't reallife lots of standing around idle aswell? :p

    3. the truthseeker
    4. Problematicr
  6. I Just thought that making videos about don't starve mods was fun to do... so yeah, here's my first video, about The Screecher.
  7. That's so well done! I love to see something that isn't just a drawing, and those plates are really good! I'm not an artist so i don't know what to say... BUT i have a suggestion! You should check those awesome recipes, so you have some Don't Starve food to put in the Don't Starve plates! Here's the full playlist: And here's my favourite Video
  8. Linked from a twitch user while watching a stream!
  9. Someone should test this with RoG enabled (I'm too lazy) But yeah, that's the best bug ever. And what if overworld don't change but caves do? That would mean rewanable hondious shootious and gems, that would be awesome! Someone please test this!
  10. Hey, Yo! I'm studying python and i'll be the king of all the programmers and do a game better than don't starve and klei is gonna say "Wow! this guy is really a badass!" But that's not the point... The point is that i just finished my first game, and is a don't starve fangame! (Yeah, that's not really a game, is just some shitty code that is trying to be a game as hard as he can... but he can't :'c) This game i made is written in python (Lua is better, but i'm stupid) and is Text-Based because i'm too good to make a graphical game, and is hangman-like because... because yes. So... The only thing you need to play my little game (And other Don't Starve fangames i'll do) is Python 3.something, you can download it at this link: (You'll need it for everything written in python... so it's not just for my shitty fangames) And you'll of course need my game! That you can download at this link: Ok, so.. nothing more to say, you should just open the .py file i made using python and tell me if you like my little fangame :L (YEAH I MADE THIS TOPIC IN THE ART SUBFORUM, BECAUSE GAMES ARE ART! AND CAPS-LOCK IS AWESOMENESS)
  11. Roses are red, violets are blue. Winter is easy, Summer should be too.

    1. Auth


      In your dreams! (Unless not using RoG)

  12. I'm actually working on a Wx-Mansion, It's gonna be the Shittiest Best Don't starve building you've ever seen.