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  1. (Oh, it's only been down 60 days, I was worrying about necroing for no reason.) Who can say how the Holiday season inspires, but this is what it did for me: (And a real-life happy new year all!)
  2. Taste, Watch These Merry Sacks-esses (Sung to the tune of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen) Taste, watch these merry Sacks-esses, there are one here each day, which totals twelve in the season, to Blessing or Dismay! To try and help us from Judgment, while living in the 'Neath, with Buckets of the Lacred Snow, So-Called-Snow! With Buckets of the Lacred So-Called Snow! In London, in the vast 'Neath we live after we die. So here we must stray from the Stars, and aberrations hide for this breaks the Chain, should we be seen; we're lost to nothing more (near Buckets of the Lacred Snow, So-Called-Snow! Near Buckets of the Lacred So-Called Snow!) If when the Dragons find the 'Neath and find her where she lay Seven cities will rise and fall (or so the Fates will say.) And the System will be Destroyed, not here a-nother day (lost Buckets of the Lacred Snow, So-Called-Snow! Lost Buckets of the Lacred So-Called Snow!) Shepherds would simply Not-Be, or burned while still "alive." The Sprifters would meet the same dark Fate; from this they could not hide! But the Masters only cared about, the Stone Pigs they abide with Buckets of the Lacred Snow, So-Called-Snow! With Buckets of the Lacred So-Called Snow! For the Bazaar, (her mission stopped,) she loves our Sun, a Star. The only way to advert Doom, she searches Near and Far for Touching Love Stories to show, this need not be Bizzare causing Buckets of the Lacred Snow, So-Called-Snow! Causing Buckets of the Lacred So-Called Snow! So before they come out 'Neath (the city there that day) she hopes to find that one Story the condemnation stayed and show the Universe can live, without the perceived Chain! Without Buckets of the Lacred Snow, So-Called-Snow! Without Buckets of the Lacred So-Called Snow! Now to the Bazaar sing praises, all You within this place. And with true love and brotherhood Each other now embrace! This holy tide of 'Neathtmas (All Masters doth deface!) Without Buckets of the Lacred Snow, So-Called-Snow! Without Buckets of the Lacred So-Called Snow! (And yes, it was fated I write this, for the original full song lyrics show, it has SEVEN verses ) Merry 'Neathmass everybody! And a Nightmare New Fear!
  3. Technical;y this is in Status Updates, but is there a reason some people can post clickable URL links there and others cannot? I am in the cannot group when using Google Chrome if that helps.
  4. So does the sequel have 20/20, etc (forgot how many there are in 2) as well, and is it better than getting a pinkslip?
  5. Looking forward to more dolphin apocalypse drawings. Something is really wrong with me right now
  6. Uhh, no urge to eat eternal sushi. That gives eternal food poisoning.
  7. Well, glad my computer's working again but sorry to have missed this puzzle. And yes, it's highly likely the puzzle was nothing more than a placeholder message to say the backstory was continuing for Charlie, intermission is now over. That written, I cannot say with certainty this is true, and Klei does not lock threads unless it gets abusive or derailed to the point of unsalvageable. If JoeW feels this is so for this thread, he or Klei Staff can close it. But I do not feel comfortable locking something involved directly with Klei participation, and suspect other Mods also share this sentiment. Since JoeW was hiding off topic threads after this puzzle was "solved," I suspect this is still true as to the thread should stay open.
  8. For your basic "professions" linked to a Stat, you can only get weekly bumps up to (base, not modified) 70 in that stat. Since you need to get to 100 in (modified is OK) all stats to get Person of Some Interest (as well as upgraded Professions no longer giving you stat bumps,) some form of increase needed to be done. Enter mentoring. When you are high enough stats (above 10 in all,) you will eventually get an option in your Lodgings to find one through suggested links you have, or to send out for one to a user (and if not an acquaintance, you need to make them that first as well.) I believe a Patron can also seek out a protege this way as well. Forum threads exist to "find" patrons for your stat. You can use a Free Evening to boost your stat (and get a second chance card) up to 100 base (unmodified.) Patrons to qualify as such must be 200 stat (modified is fine.) It seems at this time that you can only have one Patron at a time (if locks you if you accept one) but if I am wrong on this, please let us know how me can have multiple patrons.
  9. Blah Blah, I vant to suck your flaming responses!
  10. *A shambling drunk of odorous ill repute gives both of you a huge hug at the same time. You pull away in horror and disgust, closing your dusters from fear of further contact.... is only hours later that you realize when you open the coat again to pay for your supper that you no longer have your own clothing and are wearing your friend's clothes somehow...and seem to have lost all your Moon Pearls.* Elsewhere *A drop is made as @Blazingice26 receives a small pouch that would jingle if not muffled. The identity of the person is impossible to detect underneath the Revolting Disguise but the wink identifies the Player to the veteran Master Thief instantly.* "As promised, a cut for you teaching me your Game, and I teaching you my Great one." *Only what seems two weeks ago, did this "newcomer" appear in fallen London, but now, the Watcher (by most people's accounts) suddenly is simply not there as in masterfully vanished! (But it takes some effort for the Master Thief BlazingIce26 not to chuckle at what appears {to him} a still amateurish stealthy exit.)*
  11. Why do people keep coming up to me and saying "or dare?" Oh.. *reads* carry on.
  12. For a few months, I think I pronounced it "Susan." Too derailing? Jaime was trying to be clever with a creative word on a creative game shaping company. Well, that didn't backfire now, did it?
  13. We are all pleebs, even the Masters. (Glares at Fallen London)
  14. I don't understand that ans... oh, do you mean 1010001100110100100? (Back to PCT)
  15. Yes Language: Users are expected to communicate in English while using our services and support. Services include things like our websites, social media pages, support systems, blogs and forums. We're an English based company, and as much as we'd love to help you in Swahili, Klingon or some other language, we work best in English. In the event that additional language services are deemed appropriate, these services will be made available when Klei Entertainment has the ability to offer support in these languages. Язык: Пользователи должны общаться на английском языке , используя наши услуги и поддержку . Услуги включают в себя такие вещи, как наших сайтов , социальные страницы СМИ, системы поддержки , блоги и форумы . Мыкомпания английский, и столько, сколько мы хотели бы помочь вам в суахили, клингона или другом языке , мы работаем лучше на английском языке . В случае, если дополнительные языковые услуги будут признаны необходимыми , эти услуги будут доступны , когда Клей Развлечения имеет возможность предложить поддержку на этих языках .
  16. For those that do want to know about "Nekomimi" (note the spelling there Geni.) And I love cats, but I ask for forgiveness for loving dogs as pets more.
  17. I just had a Taogasm! *was an uncarved block for a while there*
  18. Welcome to Klei forums @Halved! Don't worry, the bizarre people haven't hurt anybody here...yet (And what's wrong with ellipses anyway... hmmm? )