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  1. ding dong I'm back on the forums

    Having used some subpar game forums as of late, i forgot how great the Klei ones are.

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    2. minespatch


      No idea what you're talking about man.

    3. goldfish911


      yeah, i realize I may have been wrong


    4. goldfish911


      I think you started following me first in that case


  2. [DST] Buried Treasure

    Have you considered having it mark the map with an X clientside so you can find the stash a bit easier?
  3. I should probably change my name to Lord Hiatus at this rate

  4. Yee! I get to be a colorist for the trailer for Invader Zim:The Doom Movie!

  5. The one artist I found hasn't responded to me in several weeks. Fiddlesticks.

  6. Mod Manager

    YES! Thanks so much, this is AWESOME! Can't wait to try it out!
  7. Of course, after I end up losing my only mod artist,I can't find another one because "Creeps in the Deeps" is stealing the show.

    1. InaneDugong


      :< I'd offer my services if I had anything to offer. Best of luck finding a new artist, fish.

    2. goldfish911


      I think I found one...but he hasn't gotten back to me yet...after I told him to get back to me and he'd be in on the project :p

  8. The one day I actually end up managing to put my mind up to modding, turns out Don't Starve on steam is broken. Ugh.

  9. What's the best way to accumulate a food surplus in DST? I've been playing on a server with some friends, and we tried several strategies that rapidly depleted: 6 farms of dragonfruit near a frog field -supposedly after I left the server that day winter hit, and two out of 4 people who originally set up the base barely made it through winter. 2 beeboxes and about 8 berry bushes -beeboxes took too long to set up, due to difficulties getting silk. -berrybushes...aren't that useful, we had more, but they were unfertilized. Koalefant hunting-with someone constantly hunting koalefants, we got a fairly decent rate of meat coming in...that soon stopped because the hunter left. most of the meat was converted to jerky. Any ideas? Tips? Strategies for food rationing?
  10. It looks like your mod tools may be broken then? Try verifying tool cache. It seem's it's trying to run a folder name as a program.
  11. I am running windows 8 as well... here is a tip to try and fix your problem. You can rename the file "hat_bee_bw_swap.scml"(from the example hat mod) , open it in spriter, change swap_hat_bee_bw in the menu on the right to "swap_youritem", and then put it in any subfolder in "yourmod/exported". Make sure that the folder "swap_hat" and all files in it are moved to that same directory. DO NOT RENAME THE PICTURE FILES OR THE FOLDER "swap_hat" HOLDING THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE REFERENCED IN THE SCML FILE. I made this mistake and broke the compiler, as I think the game was finding the scml file but it couldn't find the directory or pictures the .scml file was telling it to use.