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  1. Woah a new DLC? Yes please.

  2. Probably the only thing I'm looking forward to this summer.
    1. Auth
    2. Mobbstar


      Hehe, have fun with spontanous combustion!

      In the meantime, it's winter here. Time to hassle some camps!

  3. Feels good to not be in Year 12 anymore.

  4. Kinda wish I could watch the stream today.

  5. I'm not sure what's worse, only a chance of getting an icebox, or too many clockworks. At least WX-78 will have a field day. Or does he not quite work yet?
  6. October 16; still no signs of key. Rationing hype.

  7. You know what really grinds my gears? People who leave their rubbish on the ground TWO METRES FROM THE TRASH.

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    2. Monkey_BBZ


      This is why I want a desk job.

    3. Mobbstar


      Not to mention the ones that play on their mobiles and listen to music while eating with others... Argh!

    4. Auth


      Amen to that, Mobbie.

  8. I sure wish I had a key, but I sure wish I didn't have exams in two weeks more.

  9. I think I'm over-hyping DST in my head because I had an epiphany last night that made me realise that my family sucks and my friends wouldn't play DS anyway. In other news, being 18 is cool.

    1. Auth


      I remember hating 18.

  10. I always thought the idea of being trapped in one room was ingenious - it gives the player a sense of helplessness. The whole jumpscaring... I could have just done with them coming into the room, maybe some ambient crackling or creaking, but no screeching..
  11. You look like the kind of guy that should make another status update.

    1. Monkey_BBZ


      Maybe, *sniff*, maybe.

  12. Nice Ushanka there! Also the server browser looks amazing!