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  1. alright! After installing and activitng I waited untill first time setup is done and it works! Thank you soo much zillvr and sorry for the necro klei you can lock this now
  2. Ok so turns out i never activated my windows 10. Silly me. And turns out i have enterprise instead of home. So excuse me while i go and change it
  3. After rebooting into safe mode and out, i was able to run vcredist and get it to install. The vrcedist is x86 and im using x64. Either way it didn't seem to fix it either. Steam does acknolage the fact im launching a game, as looking in task manager the program cpu spikes from 0.1 to 3.1 for about 1-2 seconds then slowly climbs down from it. This isan't just with dont starve, so many its a problem on my end? idk this is really wierd
  4. @ZillvrI dont know if u noticed. But I have no other installer running. But yet it says one is? its being wierd Game still doesn't launch at all. EDIT: this is what is under the "another launcher in progress" error. The installer seems to hang here
  5. Ok so the first link didnt work. second link did work and i replaced the old dxr vcredist is being wierd however... it refuses to work and gives this error, even after a fresh restart It seems to hang when vadilading a file. Pressing yes only causes it to pop up again, pressing no cancels the installation
  6. Thanks, but do i replaces the old directx file with it,and how do i reinstall the vcredist?
  7. Ive ran the dxsetup in the folder, still doens't launch. Mind telling me how to redownload both of these things, or point me to an article? Thanks!
  8. So i've own dst since beta and i recenly changed pc. after redownloading it i quit during the first time setup as i had no internet. Now whenever i launch it it gives me the preparing to launch windows for 1 second, then closes. The dst process doesn't even get launched. My steam boarder(the one near the icon) changes green for a couple of seconds before going back to blue. Trying to launch the .exe gives me a bad image error and this window. I dont think any log is generated as the game/process doesn't even launch note, this also happens on the regular dont starve ive reinstalled dst about 2 times and it still happens any help is welcomed
  9. You know what really grinds my gears? When someone takes make gears from a chest and grinds them No but really, hate people who expect you togo to their death point, wait for them to grab everything, die, and want you to make a heart for them
  10. So yea... I came out of the statue made of meat,wood, and beard hair Wierdest thing Ive said on skype
  11. Can it have a 50/50 chance of instanly freezing/spewing fire everywhere?
  12. "Whats the snorting sound" hounds come "oh hey doggie how you- OH MY LEG GET BACK OVER HERE Anything esle:" are u nice?" If nice then:"yay buddies" Esle:"sh*t sh*t sh*t GET AWAY FROM ME"
  13. got a DST key! add me on steam: Malk