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  1. Woah a new DLC? Yes please.

  2. Probably the only thing I'm looking forward to this summer.
    1. Auth
    2. Mobbstar


      Hehe, have fun with spontanous combustion!

      In the meantime, it's winter here. Time to hassle some camps!

  3. Feels good to not be in Year 12 anymore.

  4. Kinda wish I could watch the stream today.

  5. Clockwork Monsters

    I'm not sure what's worse, only a chance of getting an icebox, or too many clockworks. At least WX-78 will have a field day. Or does he not quite work yet?
  6. October 16; still no signs of key. Rationing hype.

  7. You know what really grinds my gears? People who leave their rubbish on the ground TWO METRES FROM THE TRASH.

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    2. Monkey_BBZ


      This is why I want a desk job.

    3. Mobbstar


      Not to mention the ones that play on their mobiles and listen to music while eating with others... Argh!

    4. Auth


      Amen to that, Mobbie.

  8. I sure wish I had a key, but I sure wish I didn't have exams in two weeks more.

  9. I think I'm over-hyping DST in my head because I had an epiphany last night that made me realise that my family sucks and my friends wouldn't play DS anyway. In other news, being 18 is cool.

    1. Auth


      I remember hating 18.

  10. THE HYPENING 2014

    I couldn't be bothered attaching the toupee thing.
  11. Five Night's At Freddy's 2: Grand Reopening

    I always thought the idea of being trapped in one room was ingenious - it gives the player a sense of helplessness. The whole jumpscaring... I could have just done with them coming into the room, maybe some ambient crackling or creaking, but no screeching..
  12. Nice Ushanka there! Also the server browser looks amazing!
  13. Is this guy the best mod, or is this guy the best mod?
  14. Yup, and also the Ruins, Adventure Mode and Reign of Giants (which is being figured out as to how to be implemented, what with people not owning it).
  15. Actually, yes, and this also relates to the anti-cheat system they have in place. All the files will be managed by the server, meaning no downloads from anywhere else is neccesary, also meaning no-one can join with edited files to screw things up.
  16. Language, even if it's bleeped, please. You've got to remember that in larger servers, people can and will join willy-nilly, meaning that a leveling sort of aspect would make people want to only play in certain servers, would make people not want to join new servers and would make people even more upset when they died.
  17. bunny wabbits: what's wrong with them?

    What's a rabbit? I can only seem to find Jackalopes in my build.
  18. Well I guess you could technically give him the key, but that means you won't be able to get a second key for yourself (unless if you create two entries I guess, you sneaky beaky). But everyone who applies will eventually get to play the beta as discussed in the FAQ, so it doesn't really matter. Just tell him to sign up.
  19. Well, now I'm just waiting I guess. The hype burned quickly, like a dumb baby candle or something. stupid dumb baby candles In the meantime, good luck and have fun/too bad if you got to/didn't get to playtest Together.
  20. Ghostly's Art Stream

    It's a video of art, so yes, this is the right forum. If it was art of a video though...
  21. "It was a night like any other, until..."

    1. Auth


      A copycat spawned! Stunned by this odd occurrence, you then praised the original author of such a status update for being so genius as to not let even the slightest replica of his wonderful artistic style slip by unnoticed.

  22. More "art" for the bored

    Is it just a coincidence that some friends of mine got back into Terraria just a few days ago?
  23. The only thing on my mind besides DST and E3 games is exams. I'm going to suffer, very slowly.