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  1. has there ever been a pain randomizer for DST or nah

    1. minespatch


      You and another modder could make it?

    2. The Letter W

      The Letter W

      all I can do is visual assets... I know nothing about coding :(

  2. oxygen not included but there's an imposter

    1. minespatch


      Probably the "Battle royale" mode.:wilson_sneaky:

    2. DragonMage156


      Idk, Meep kinda sus tho...

  3. don't ask questions if you aren't prepared to see the answer
  4. i have a fist full of creativity and a head full of empty, topped with a schedule without time

  5. Title. Alright so awhile back I made Elec Man for DST (with the lovely help of our dear Mobbstar) and he worked fine for quite awhile. However at some point his lightning cast decided it was going to crash servers sometimes, and I'm not really particularly savvy with coding so I need a little bit of help figuring it out. We've ran the mod isolated and it doesn't necessarily happen every crash, but it happens frequently enough it's a problem. I'll attach the client log from the last crash as well as the lines I THINK it's referring to. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated! If further information is needed, please let me know, I'd love to get this mod to be less of a ticking time bomb. I'm an artsy sort so I'm pretty much dependent on other people for the coding aspects of mods *sobs* client_log.txt
  6. I always thought they should have a sanity boost at least since it's your little friend you're taking care of. That being said, GlomGlom's would have to be higher to compensate should that be its perk.
  7. probably that time the Bearger spawned in the middle of my very, very overpopulated Beefalo herd and I only had to hit him like twice and he died what he killed wasn't even a quarter of it hilariously, I still have that file and it's just as overpopulated as ever I had more Meaty Stews and Jerky and Eggs than I could eat before they started spoiling
  8. Thing is what Wilson lacks in abilities he can make up in tools. Don't Starve is full of all sorts of weird items and creatures such as the Ham Bat that could serve in place of magical abilities. His Final Smash could be calling forth something like the Deerclops to smack the others around, or maybe he just has a nap in a tent. Has a small % chance to respawn with a different beard length.
  9. is the nintendo switch version of don't starve still getting updates or is it gone with the wind

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    2. The Letter W

      The Letter W

      Yeah apparently it is but it's missing Hamlet at the very least? Lowkey interested in getting it so I can be lazy and play it in bed. (Don't use a laptop)

    3. Not_Wilson


      man sometimes pocket edition won't play right for me and I've wanted to say something but I also know they have their hands full

    4. The Letter W
  10. the muted colour palette has always been very interesting to see
  11. idk I just wanted a sharper contrast between the light source and the shadows and blue/orange served that purpose incredibly well

    what does this MEAN

    we're tryign to fix Elec Man's lightning strike?