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  1. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    Haha, I forgot some of the promo images were like that. I just thought it'd make a fun image, actually having it come out of Wilson's shadow. And yeah... Woodie might not be allowed near any Tell Tale Hearts anymore.
  2. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    These are Woodie's last known moments
  3. IMO it should work like the Compass mod. After you craft it, it becomes a part of your HUD, not your inventory. Unlike the mod, you have to craft it before it shows up obviously. I always thought they should work similar to Maxwell's Lights in Adventure Mode, igniting when you come within certain range of them. However unlike Maxwell's Lights, you'd have to keep them fueled.
  4. Wilton's my pick honestly. Mostly because this mod actually did a very good spin on him and found a way to work around the whole "skeletons don't/wouldn't be able to eat" thing while keeping it interesting and fleshing him out as a unique character.
  5. i'm not dead

    1. minespatch



    2. The Letter W

      The Letter W


    3. DragonMage156


      I saw the animated wallpaper and recognized it straight away XD

  6. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    hey long time no see guys
  7. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    did don't starve for inktober day 4
  8. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    my natural style is weird as heck
  9. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    the giant mouths prolly
  10. *bangs fists on table*


    1. minespatch


      58003789b65b3_Arielshoujoweebie.png.a68c0181ffdf7001704102c4f1e7a9d1.pngDid someone say Wilton?!

    2. The Letter W

      The Letter W

      that mod on the workshop is a hella good start and still makes him interesting to play despite not needing to eat... 

  11. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    hot fresh and toasty wilsons
  12. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    chester don't give a HECK
  13. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    BOY DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU, THIS IS THE RECORD I WAS PLAYING what was that about Ragtime now And yes, I was making stuff for cosplay! I would've touched up my Maxwell one from before but my old roommate took all the FX makeup we had and since I moved back into a bunghole town there's no FX shops.
  14. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    so I got a record player so like y know (I will post drawings again soon... I'm no longer constructing costumes so..)