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  1. How much wood could Wilson chop if Wilson could chop wood?
  2. I've never tried PS4, but from what I've seen PC is much better. PC is what they update first, and always has first priority. This means you'll get things first on pc(Reign of Giants, Don't Starve Together). Also the controls are better. You can use the mouse to target a specific enemy, rather than hoping the controller will automatically target for you.
  3. I don't use the mods. So much to do in regular game, I wouldn't want more. I also don't want to make the game any easier on myself.
  4. The last two birds must be the ones that give the next two blanks.
  5. From google, it shows that there are greek symbols on the clock. Sarcosuchus pointed out that the numbers correspond to greek letters.
  6. Can you unlock him in the vanilla game, if you own and are playing on the DLC?
  7. Guys, let's look at this logically: In the winter teaser, we saw Webber. I think it's safe to say that that character's confirmed At the end of the Summer trailer, we say a viking hat land on one of the letters. They said there would be two new characters, so I'm guessing Webber and the Viking man. I think the Pyro is just an easter egg hidden in the code, or it will be a mod much like the screecher.
  8. I hope it's a joke as well. All the characters have something that seems to tie them all together; Can't quite figure out what it is. The pyro doesn't seem to have this quirky characteristic that I am talking about.