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  1. Tomorrow the closed beta shall begin, and all will be happy, except the ones who did not obtain a beta key, those people may rage.

    1. Auth


      *throws mac against wall* IT WOULDN'T WORK EVEN IF I WON

  2. "Wes is a mime, and will stay that way." Said on one of the streams, in other words, he will just not talk.
  3. I congratulate myself on becoming a member, Happy Membership to Me, *Starts singing*

    1. Auth



      (For some reason, I got member on my first day being here. Odd.)

    2. Palpetinus


      Well, Bob, what can I say.. You're weird.

  4. I know you're playing DST right now, DON'T (Starve) LIE TO ME!

    1. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      Just noticed this. I'm not.

  5. Shiny new nametag, I WANT IT! But seriously, congratulations.

  6. Watched on 0.25 and then on 2, best part of the video. Watched on 0.25 and then on 2, best part of the video.
  7. Until I randomly spam "The End is Nigh" and "On Tentacles" while proceeding to shoot you with rather annoying sleep darts , but I'm with you with killing everyone that says those cursed words of death and destruction.
  8. I don't know if it's where I live, but most people in the state spell it color, probably one of those things that are pronounced/spelled differently in different countries.
  9. No twigs in a savanna, and the beefalo are angry....
  10. 1. What would a fat Tallbird look like? 2. What are their nests made from? 3. Why do Tallbirds only have one eye? 4. Now tell me their real IQ.
  11. 1. What is the IQ of a tallbird? 2. Why do tallbirds not drop feathers, I haven't killed any I promise 3. How many smallbirds does it take to kill a dragonfly? 4. Why doesn't it hurt the tallbird when they smash their face on the ground? 5. Why did smallbirds become less interactive in the RoG Dlc?
  12. Let it come to you, then smash it to dust.
  13. My base usually looks like a science machine, fire pit, two drying racks, and some chests.