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  1. Yay! Its my birthday!!

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    2. Halved


      happy rebirth

    3. Sporb


      Happy birthday. Or am I late?

    4. Watcha


      Eh at this point I dont know... Time zones :p thanks everyone!

  2. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    I just beat Mega Stanley with an super OP run with sacred heart and money equals power Petrified poop carried me!! I gotta say the ending was pretty dissapointing...
  3. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    Ok so I accidentally deleted the My Games folder and I didnt know it had the Rebirth saves and now I have no saves. I deleted it from the recycle bin. Anyone knows how to recover it?!
  4. How does one recover a deleted file from the recycle bin?

    1. greenglacier


      With programs such as Advanced System Care's Bin Recovery. I use that since 2010.

    2. Watcha


      I'll take a look


    3. greenglacier


      No problem buddy.

  5. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    Whats the most annoying boss? Mine is probably Mama Gurdy and The Nicholas Cage
  6. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    Theres some hiden gems like the music used when you die, which is goodish
  7. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    Beginers' luck I guess, I did it first try... But guppy's head helped out a lot so I cant say I ruined the challenge a little
  8. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    Solar system... The most intense mom's heart battle I've ever done. Thanks Bob's Brain and Rotten Baby, the unsung heroes of an every day run!
  9. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    Can someone help me with this? I didnt understand the part about creating the folder with the "content"
  10. Summer break <3

  11. Congrats @jbeetle

  12. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    Just saw this stream with an awesome seed: Mom's knife- triple shot- homing shots. 2FN14MTT
  13. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    Why the hate poor Lazarus, he seems pretty ok...
  14. WTF
    1. greenglacier


      The shiet xD I laughed so hard!

    2. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      I wanna build a meth lab....

  15. If only I could get some DST keys to sell to get Ribirth XD