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  1. Going to NYC for the first time next week. So excited! also hitting

    1. Crapplejacks


      hitting up D.C.*

  2. Gee. Don't starve coming to Wiiu. How exciting!

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    2. Crapplejacks
    3. Zomsabra


      U-uh...I didn't mean anything about that...hehe...oohh...I'll see myself out...

    4. Auth
  3. GOD WAS WILLING AND I AM BACK! And this time, with a key. DST here I come!!

    1. Auth


      *right next to you*

      i missed you

  4. Well, alas, my time hath arrived. T'was a great great run guys. I have lost most of my time for the Klei Forums. If there is a chance of me returning, it probably won't be for a while. Most importantly, remember to not starve. Auf Weidersehen.

  5. Brenda and Eddie had had it already by the Summer of '75...

  6. FNAF 2 is really spooky...

  7. But there were bees near him at the time. Either way, it's still cool.
  8. Kinda pointless, but I saw that when WX-78 caught a bee no other bees came after him. That is another new factor apparently.
  9. Going as Doctor 11 to school. Yus.

  10. Dat tf2 carnival though...

  11. Please don't even go there. Anyways, congrats on your key! Please have fun.
  12. I have somewhat been gone and now I somewhat kinda return.